Echoes of Hoaxtead: QC’s cyberstalker jailed

One of the country’s leading criminal barristers, who suffered serious online abuse over the course of a year, has seen his stalker sentenced to five years in prison for harassment, fraud, and failing to comply with a serious crime prevention order.

In January, Jo Sidhu QC, president of the Society of Asian Lawyers, said in this article from the online news site Metro that he was forced to spend £11,000 on a private investigator who helped him identify and track his tormentor, one Jason Place of Gravesend, before the police were able to do anything to help him.

Place was sentenced in December 2015, following a 3-week trial at Inner London crown court.

According to the Evening Standard,

“The websites were malicious, threatening and deeply distressing to me and my family,” said Mr Sidhu. “Some contained death threats, which we took very seriously. It was a nightmare no decent person should have to suffer.”

One site featured sinister Wanted-style posters with a bounty of £1 million on Mr Sidhu’s head. Another showed his name written on a gravestone. They included links to an online petition calling for him to be disbarred.

All of this will have a very familiar ring to families, teachers, clergy, and businesses in Hampstead, who’ve spent the past year and a half being stalked and bombarded with online and in-person death threats, hate mail, and attempts to destroy their livelihoods and reputations.

Mr Sidhu was sharply critical of the major search engines, who he said “sat on their hands and did nothing” to help him have material removed. Noting that the police simply don’t have sufficient resources to battle the current onslaught of cyber-crime, he said, “The response of Google, Yahoo and Bing was utterly inadequate. Even when they knew the police were investigating the internet attacks as a serious crime, their default position was to do nothing until repeatedly pushed to take action to remove the offensive sites.”

Again, this echoes the experience of Hampstead residents, who’ve found that forcing social media platforms, blogging sites, and search engines to act has been a slow and tortuous process.

As Mr Sidhu mentions in the Metro article, not everyone can afford an £11,000 price tag—he’ll never see that money again, and even though his tormentor is now in prison, some of the offending sites remain online, accessible via a simple search.

In the case of Hoaxtead, while sites like YouTube and Facebook have slowly begun to remove harassing and threatening posts and videos, it’s likely that even once the hoax has faded to a bad memory, remnants will be left behind.

All of this speaks to the urgent and growing need for more robust and consistent approaches to police responses to online crime, but that’s only half the equation. Search engines, social media platforms, and blog hosting companies must be held to account as well: while they’re not publishers per se, once they’re notified that they’re hosting illegal or harassing material, they should be obligated to remove it in a timely and conscientious manner.

Until this two-pronged approach is adopted, none of us can consider ourselves safe from online stalking and harassment.

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48 thoughts on “Echoes of Hoaxtead: QC’s cyberstalker jailed

  1. The efforts of Jo Sidhu QC demonstrate just how difficult it is to successfully resolve issues such as this.

    Whilst there is a legal framework in place (to protect in such matters), it remains a fragile framework that the Police and CPS are reluctant to climb, perhaps it moves into the “too difficult” class of cases.

    There are few people with sufficent spare funds to take action against the online abusers.

    One person with the funds and resources to tackle such problems would of course be the Ex Prime Minister Tony Blair.Who is of course a qualified lawyer.

    Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953) (Later known simply as “Tony Blair”) was not the most successful of lawyers, an example of his work can be found here:

    However Tony Blair is married to a very, very good lawyer, Theresa Cara Blair CBE QC, otherwise known as Cherie Blair or professionally as Cherie Booth. He also has an older brother – William, who is a High Court Judge.

    It appears Angie Power Disney has perhaps not made the wisest of decisions about who to attack in her latest Facebook post:

    Now Mr Blair may simply decide that APD is simply not worth the effort of pursuing through the Courts.

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    • It would be so easy to use the internet to plant & repeat seriously horrible libels about the scumbag Angela Power-Disney and within a couple of years it would become established fact. How would she feel if her grandchildren then came across websites that said Granny was a child murdering rapist and worshiper of Beelzebub and had participated in devil worshiping orgies were children’s throats were cut & she drank their blood?

      Of course sane rational people do not so this and especially because innocent family members should not pay an awful price just because they have a Class One C*nt for a grandmother.

      But she does not mind repeating & linking to the lunatic Aussie ‘Satanic Cult ‘ promoter who has caused so much distress for the family of a deceased Australian politician ( the son had to be moved from a school he loved after bullying) and now a new victim has reached out to me- the daughter of a man this vile creature has accused of being a Nazi Illuminati Devil Cult mastermind.

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      • No one that I know would ever dream of spreading ugly rumours about APD in that way; we leave that kind of thing to the Hoaxtead thugs. As you say, the impact of a child or grandchild running across that kind of post is something most rational people would consider.

        I think one of the problems the Hoaxtead gang has is that they don’t actually think of their victims as real people–to them, everyone they harass is just a ‘cult member’ or ‘baby eater’ or what have you. To the hoaxers, anyone who opposes their deranged world view is sub-human. Yet many many Hoaxtead pushers call themselves Christians. Go figure.


    • It would be nice if he did sue.

      I have come across the story before on several websites of the type that claim Edward Heath used to take little boys onto his boat off the coast of Jersey and drown them later. As I understand it there is a man called Charles Lynton who was prosecuted for cottaging, but he is nothing to do with the ex Prime-minister.

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    • The sad thing is that APD holds this up as some terrible slur, which appears to put the blame right at the door of homosexuals. I personally believe the Lynton referred to is just another guy of that name. However, it shouldn’t matter. The problem is not that homosexual men have codes for cruising or cottaging, it’s that due to societies intolerance, they felt the need to do so. If society was more understanding they wouldn’t have needed to meet up in secret or discreet locations. Angie discusses the time she married a homosexual man. Again, the problem is that societies intolerance pushed gay men to feel the need to hide their sexuality, and go with social norms such as heterosexual marriage.
      In other words, who cares even if it was the ex prime minister.

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      • Indeed this nitwit APD should have seen the film Victim with Dirk Bogarde which courageously addressed this very problem in the 60s. The nasty cow seems to be saying that if Blair were gay or bi-sexual it would be a sin whereas if he was it’s none of her fucking business.

        There is a very large section of the Satanic Illuminati Cult hoaxers who are very homophobic.

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        • Many of them claim they’re homophobic because they’re ‘Christians’. I have the feeling that if Jesus were around today, he’d be doing some very serious rebuking of those followers.

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  2. It should be noted that the story with regards Charles Lynton was never commented on by Mr Blair. It seems a rather tenuous link, and that has now (in the mind of Angie Power Disney) evolved from being simply a rumour (when it was first claimed on the Internet) to becoming a hard fact.

    That seems a process that has now sadly become a way of life with the Internet. Its something that Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie OFTEN exploit to try to further there own objectives, and something people lower in the food chain (such as Angie Power Disney) TRY to exploit.

    Its hard to find any shreds of supporting evidence in anything Angie claims. She seems little more than a bag of tepid disgusting air, a charity scammer and a compulsive liar.

    It must be hard for her second child to think that it only exists in life because mother did not have an abortion – so reassuring for her child….

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    • No fan of Tony Blair but why should he respond to The Hag of Cavan but at least Blair has wealth to cushion the blows. He does have children though. But considering what he has been accused of I suppose some Irish lunatic is at the end of the queue in importance.

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    • Yes, every child loves to be told that they could have been aborted. It’s right up there with “you were an accident, you know” in the List of Things to Tell Your Child.


  3. I think laws in the UK need updating to force the information merchants such as Google and Vimeo to establish a consistent and rapid system of removing abusive content backed with large fines.

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  4. A British judge made a major mistake when he declared that Google etc were not publishers. In other jurisdictions they decided differently- Australia, Italy , France and some others. Google still react slowly in Australia to remove offending web links and blogger sites but eventually they do. A lawyer’s letter sees them spring into action.(by contrast Yahoo act immediately)

    I believe entities like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc and all who host offending & defamatory websites and link to them ARE facilitators of publishers & their defamation’s. In the UK when you sue a newspaper for libel you can sue every entity involved in the process from the author, newspaper, truck drivers who deliver those newspapers and newsagents who sell them. The only reason just newspapers get sued is because they indemnify all the others.

    Politicians have been asleep at the wheel with the advent of the internet but they have had 15-20 bloody years by now to catch up. They can easily pass laws to protect Innocent people from internet harassment such as the revolting Angela Power-Disney and her exampled post above.

    It rubs salt into the wounds to think these ghastly corporations base themselves artificially in tax havens, cherry-pick jurisdictions that suit ( such as the ‘freedom of speech” falsehood in the USA), are crucifying traditional publishing (progress-cannot be stopped) by hoovering up all advertising and putting 100,000s of media & advertising workers out of their jobs and then scrounge off the waged taxpayer by avoiding their fair share of taxes.

    Maybe it will take a catastrophe in the family of a politician to make our do-nothing MPs to see sense. ( I’m reminded here of a former Health Minister in a NSW government who against serious opposition from health professionals, sold of the vast gardened psychiatric centres to rapacious property developers on the claim patients could attend out-patient clinics only to have his own 2 sons who suffered from severe depression commit suicide 10 years later. The man is a reformed advocate for new live-in psychiatric centres but of course there are no properties left)

    I don’t wish harm on anyone or any politician but I think it will take a major tragedy before they act.
    ## After 9/11 the USA & the UK threatened tax havens with dire consequences if they continued hosting funds for terrorist organizations. Caymans, Lichtenstein etc- all caved in within a year.

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    • I agree, GS. I think people by nature are short-sighted, tending to grab the easy pickings without thinking about the long-term benefits of their actions. But at some point, something catastrophic will happen that will wake people up to the fact that the internet cannot remain a Wild West: it needs some kind of regulating, and the rampant neo-libertarianism of the Silicon Valley hotshots must be tamed and brought under some kind of control.

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    • I couldn’t agree more Sam.

      I’ve just heard today that an acquaintance of mine is being newly stalked by a fixated story-teller – I’ve been asked not to give it too much oxygen so can’t get into details. Suffice to say that the stalker now has some very well-known conspretards who my friend has been instrumental in debunking supporting them. The matter has been brought to the attention of the Police – who to be fair are apparently being quite good. But ultimately there is little to be done but take out an interdict if things go much further. – which won’t be cheap! Like APD, this nutter isn’t worth suing either apparently they rarely are of course.

      And sadly I fear you are correct in your closing comments.


  5. This is a message to the people of Hamsptead and anyone abused and harrassed by Satan Hunters. The police are only able to take action if you report the crime to them. If you are a victim of a Satan Hunter, then report this to the police, then they will take action. Sit doing nothing, hoping this hoax will go away will result in no action by the police, and the relentless abuse and harrassment will go on, and find more victims to abuse.

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      • Well that is good to hear because even if they do not take action now it counts in the end.

        Referring back to me (yet again) my solicitor asked me to accompany him to the local plod station 2 years ago to be a witness to report his harasser. The cops said they couldn’t do anything but when the lawyer went to court 3 months ago to apply for an Apprehended Violence Order (similar to an ASBO) this was used as useful evidence and the order was granted immediately. Although a civil matter, if the troll breaches it he is arrested immediately & held without bail.

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        • I’m not privy to every action the Hampstead community takes, but I am reliably informed that they’ve been reporting every violation, and gathering evidence for some time now. I think their rationale is similar to what you describe: it all counts in the end.

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  6. I notice Drif Loud has tweeted parts of a report given to Abe and Ella by police in response to the IPCC complaint. Therefore fulfilling and complying with the complaint. Drif Loud states that Abe and Ella received the response in March 2016. Strangely, Abe has not posted about it on their blog. I wonder if that is because the IPCC have accepted this updated and more thorough police report, and their case dropped?

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    • Dave, would you have a link to these posts? I’ve been checking Drifloud’s Twitter feed (a nausea-inducing experience), and can’t locate them.


      • I hope these come out as I have not tried linking twitter stuff before:

        In this first bit Drif Loud starts by quoting DCI John Foulkes ” The children were placed in Police Protection (pp)…..of the officers were not taken lightly”.

        Then is the next tweet:

        This one describes “You maybe aware that the mother of xxxxxx and xxxxx, Ella, had her appeal against the Metropolitan police’s investigation into her children’s allegations of rape, torture and murder upheld by the IPCC last year. The Met police were required to re-investigate Ella’s complaints and respond by, I believe, the end of October 2015. They finally responded March 26th 2016. The Met police officer assigned as the investigator Detective Chief Inspector John Foulkes.”

        Together, these would suggest that the first part is a quote from DCI Foulkes response, answering the question as to why the children were subject to a PPO, followed by the information that the response came on March 26th.

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        • I’m a bit confused here: why would police or the IPCC respond to complaints by 2 people who fled the country and are wanted by police for child abuse – which the UK High Court found they had done?

          I don’t believe Abella have a “legal team”. They couldn’t get legal aid from abroad and any solicitor would have to be careful dealing with them and ensure he told only the truth. They could not perpetuate Abella’s lies.

          Something is still very odd about the alleged IPCC letter. It’s not listed on their website but perhaps in matters of children they don’t. We only have Abella’s suspect claims there even was a complaint. Anyone can a letter from an entity and doctor it for the internet.

          ## Abella’s continued campaign from abroad shows them to be very disturbed people. They have zilch chance of over-turning the court results and have perpetuated libels and false accusations from abroad. The would be facing some serious charges if they return to the UK. And why hasn’t a European arrest warrant be issued for them?

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      • I didn’t realise it would link the actual tweet, which contain the children’s names. I thought it would just come up as an address to click on. Sorry folks.

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        • Can’t be helped, I’m afraid. It does give a general sense of the loonyness of Drifloud’s tweets. And for those of us whom he’s blocked (anyone who disagrees with him, or whom he fears), it’s the only way to see the tweets.


      • British citizen with a lot of statements of defamation and probable breaches of an injunction or two. So stupid he did not hide his personal details from a whois search:

        Domain Name:
        Registry Domain ID: 1884075910_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
        Registrar WHOIS Server:
        Registrar URL:
        Updated Date: 2015-11-08T07:22:40.000Z
        Creation Date: 2014-11-07T10:58:45.000Z
        Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2016-11-07T10:58:45.000Z
        Registrar: 1&1 Internet SE
        Registrar IANA ID: 83
        Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
        Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.8774612631
        Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
        Registry Registrant ID:
        Registrant Name: Scott Shaw
        Registrant Organization: Green screen mobiles
        Registrant Street: Cheddington Road 113
        Registrant City: London
        Registrant State/Province: LND
        Registrant Postal Code: N18 1LU
        Registrant Country: GB
        Registrant Phone: +44.7762824316
        Registrant Phone Ext:
        Registrant Fax:
        Registrant Fax Ext:
        Registrant Email:
        Registry Admin ID:
        Admin Name: Scott Shaw
        Admin Organization: Green screen mobiles
        Admin Street: Cheddington Road 113
        Admin City: London
        Admin State/Province: LND
        Admin Postal Code: N18 1LU
        Admin Country: GB
        Admin Phone: +44.7762824316
        Admin Phone Ext:
        Admin Fax:
        Admin Fax Ext:
        Admin Email:
        Registry Tech ID:
        Tech Name: Hostmaster ONEANDONE
        Tech Organization: 1&1 Internet Ltd.
        Tech Street: 10-14 Bath Road
        Tech Street: Aquasulis House
        Tech City: Slough
        Tech State/Province: BRK
        Tech Postal Code: SL1 3SA
        Tech Country: GB
        Tech Phone: +44.8716412121
        Tech Phone Ext:
        Tech Fax: +49.72191374215
        Tech Fax Ext:
        Tech Email:
        DNSSEC: Unsigned
        URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:

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  7. Perhaps bait to invite media discussion, crazy to do that, why let them off the hook. Let the authorities deal with it – I’m told they are aware…….

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