New video causes Hoaxtead pandemonium

A couple of days ago, our friend Mk Ultra 666 made another imaginative, darkly comic video, titled ‘My Dreams are Getting Darker’. We’re big Radiohead fans here, and the music is a perfect match with the images…another bit of brilliance from our very own Master of the Macabre.

Predictably, the Hoaxtead mob reacted as though he’d lobbed a grenade into their midst. Here’s a bit of the reaction on Facebook:

Kris DaCosta 2016-05-02

In response to Mk’s very clear disclaimer that states his videos contain no threats of any kind, Kris DaCosta rants:

Purely in THE MIND OF THE VIEWER….bitch, please….because YOU put it there!!

So let’s see if we’ve got this straight: Kris thinks Mk Ultra 666 has put things into her mind? (On reflection, we admit that it’s easy to fill an empty space.)

Does she really have so little faith in her ability to think for herself? Or has she simply given up the effort? Does she believe she’s being brainwashed?

Kris continues:

Only the devil will show you a wolf in sheeps (sic) skin and tell you it’s a sheep. And your mind wants to believe this because it’s too scary to see the wolf underneath.

We’re not quite sure we’re following her logic, but it sounds to us as though Kris is saying that Mk’s video is so utterly terrifying to her that her mind, such as it is, is putting up barriers to her seeing it for what it is.

Wow, Mk, that’s some serious power you’re wielding there! Better watch where you point that thing.

Another county heard from…

Another member of the Hoaxtead mob was so distraught by Mk’s video that she went tattling off to Radiohead’s Facebook page:

Mirana Marmoreal 2016-05-02

Mirana says:

“Karma Police” is used in a video to threaten, intimidate and make fun of people who fight against child abuse and satanic ritual abuse.

Um, no.

The video makes fun of people who think it’s possible for a ‘cult’ to exist undetected in a school and church, to repeatedly anally rape dozens of schoolchildren who nonetheless show virtually no symptoms or signs or being so abused, to slaughter and devour thousands of infants courtesy of the deep fryers at the local McDonalds,  and to have the local shoemaker make special slippers from the dead infants’ skins.

The video mocks those who think it’s perfectly acceptable to publicise videos,  photographs, full names, and contact information not just for the two children who have categorically stated that none of the above is true, but for dozens of other children who knew nothing of any ‘cult’, but whose young lives have now been tarnished with allegations that they were victims of the most horrendous sexual abuse.

Mirana claims to have been threatened after posting comments to another of Mk’s videos—we’d dearly love to see even the tiniest shred of evidence of this. We searched through the entire channel, and found nothing resembling a threat…and no comments from anyone named Mirana.

In fact, Mirana turns out not to exist, except in the movie Alice Through the Looking-Glass:

Mirana Marmoreal-White Queen 2016-05-02

How apropos—the White Queen. Wasn’t she the one who made a practice of believing “as many as six impossible things before breakfast”?

Actually, this could explain a great deal.

Sabine-believing impossible things 2016-04-26



43 thoughts on “New video causes Hoaxtead pandemonium

  1. haha the idiot who sent it to radiohead moaning about the bbc being in on it obviously dosent know that johnny greenwood was composer in chief to the bbc for a year! Does that mean radiohead are in on it too?

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      • A successful idiot? Yes indeed they are that… Highly successful in the field of dull-witted ignorance and stupidity. As much as I disliked the video for its puerile approach and nature, it was made by someone acting on the side of right.

        That the idiot in question has been successful in bolstering the endangerment of children is nothing to be pleased or proud of. – It strikes me as the act of the lowest of quasi-human life. That the copyright owner should also apparently endorse this does nothing for their own credibility either – in my opinion.

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        • Kind of ironic that “refuting the scurrilous allegations and supporting the Hampstead community” also means posting links to your friend´s “mk ultra 666” channel. A channel featuring hate filled videos full of Satanic symbolism and threats. To show you are not involved with Satanism and abuse you come along as a Satanist and abuser. Twisted mind logic.
          So i guess that same logic is applied when you say the person who reported the copyright issue and had the video taken down is “bolstering the endagerment of children”.
          Wonder what happened to the video makers fanboys, since there are almost no brownnosing comments for the newest one-trick-pony video so far. What happened?


          • You’re the ones who allege that RD’s children and the children of Hampstead were ‘abused by Satanists’, Tim. We’ve stated all along that that abuse a figment of a criminal’s imagination, propogated online by the criminals, along with the gullible and the superstitious.

            A for the rest of your comment…careful, your bitterness is showing through.


          • The only “twisted mind logic” I see on display here is your own.

            Factually I think you’ll find that ‘Q…’ has never posted links to anything here. They comment only very rarely, less that a handful of times. And the point is made quite clearly there that they did not enjoy the video and don’t have a high opinion of it.

            Q… is personally known to me. And they are not a fan of this blog let alone a “friend” of “mk ultra 666” or anyone else hat manages the blog. Really; quite the reverse!

            There is no evidence that anyone here has ever abused a child, or anyone else for that matter. On the other hand Draper, Christie, McKenzie, McNeill Disney and others? Yes, quite definitely child-abusers. – In some cases that abuse is limited to abusing children for their own sick entertainment, aggrandisement and in the course of conning people out of money. In others – they are clearly evidenced as having indulged in the physical and mental abuse of a child.

            With ONE exception there is no evidence that anyone who posts here is in any way shape or form involved with Satanism.

            “Bolstering the endagerment of children”? Yes, certainly the idiot in question is as, it would appear are you. I’ll quote from another blog here on the matter of identifying P&Q.


            [quote] ” For the benefit of the stupidly dishonest, bandwagon-jumpers and fame-seekers such as Angela Power-Disney (d’Isigny) – an individual who (laughably) claims among other things to be a “Journalist”; that law does not exist for fear of the footage or material giving public offence…

            It’s there to protect sexual assault victims from further harm…

            By way of example of how such further harm might come about we might explore for a moment the matter of one Mark Gosden of Armadale – who threatened online to “violently rape” a woman who had already, it’s alleged, been raped by a member of his local football team. The offence was compounded by the fact that the local Police – the since disbanded ‘Lothian and Borders’ force – ignored this offence. It was only when the Scottish Sunday Mail stepped in to expose Gosden’s crime that it was investigated. I’m pleased to say Gosden – a former ‘goon’ for The Student Loans Company – was not only prosecuted but fired from his job.

            This was a different and additional case to the abuse suffered by rapist Ched Evans’ victim which, in further to the rape itself, has been quite ruinous to the poor woman’s life; she is left unable – denied the opportunity – to move on.

            Cases like this give one clue and example as to why we do not routinely name sexual assault victims. People need to be free to report such crimes without fear of further humiliation or – as was meted out by Gosden – becoming targets for further threats and abuse. Paedophiles, rapists and other perverts, incredibly enough, do often have their supporters! And often crimes of violent and sexual abuse are associated with what the press coyly call ‘gangland’ – violent vengeful criminals; or others with more prosaic positions of power within the community…

            But there are other dangers…

            Some readers might recall a documentary some years ago where the matter of deviant Catholic priests abusing children was explored, and the church’s protection of them.
            One poor child – A then resident of a tumbledown village in a third-world backwater – had been regularly buggered by a paedophile priest. If that trauma was not enough, when this went public he became known as “the Priest’s little wife” among his peers and the local community… Can you imagine the psychological damage that must have caused? One of the most shameful aspects of abuse within the Catholic Church is that the community behind that church will often rally blindly behind its leaders, ostracising the victim…

            The same is true of ‘leading figures’ within any ‘in group’… Newspaper reports of Gary Glitter’s most recent trial tell us he was supported in court by a number of people who apparently still consider the child abuser ‘the leader’. Jimmy Savile used the threat of career-ruin against people to maintain his grip and there are still people protesting his innocence and labelling his victims in the most vile terms possible…

            Do I really need to ‘join the dots’ for people in pointing out that abusers regularly use the threat of ridicule by peers and community – as well as the threat of being targeted for ‘revenge’ attacks by other perverts – upon their victims as a means of holding power over them? Therefore the law in most civilised countries recognises that sexual assault victims must have the right to move on with their lives and that to do so it might well be necessary for them to keep their terrible experience to themselves.

            Clearly once ‘the cat is out of the bag’ it cannot be put back in. And it is for that reason they are automatically granted lifelong anonymity in law. Again I’ll stress it matters not whether the allegations have any basis in fact… It’s ILLEGAL to ‘expose’ anyone as the victim of a sexual assault. And I’ll add to that it’s also ABUSIVE… It is, as I have pointed out, EXACTLY what paedophiles and other abusers threaten to do to their victims if they speak out – plaster them all over the internet or the papers or even their local area.”[/quote]

            MK Ultra’s video uses satanic symbolism – which in the eyes of most people ( sorry SV) is just a hangover from Hammer Horrors – to take the piss out of people who DO actually bolster the abuse of inncoent children by plastering these sick sordid stories, together with the faces and identities of these innocent kids all over the internet…

            Frankly, what people like YOU are drooling over IS a form of pornography. – It’s YOUR KIND that’s drawing the dirty pictures – not anyone else. And, as I had cause to point out a little earlier, very often when we drill intot he backgrounds of the people promoting these hoaxes we finf a number and type of skeletons in their closets that just aren’t those of a normal person.

            Your post would seem to be another attempt at ‘Deflection and Projection’, something Q… points out is common behaviour among ‘criminal types’. Something similar can be said for the brain-dead-moron and/or child abuser who reported the copyright issue. And, as Q said, the debacle really DOESN’T reflect well on the copyright owner either.

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  2. The video is saturated with the creative juices of dark awesome; I can understand the primal terror of the Satan Hunter to something so vast and intelligent that their minds can not begin to comprehend the satire and wit that overloads the few neurons that exist inside their skulls.

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  3. This is serious and you are cruel to mock Kris DaCosta & the delightfully named Mirana Marmoreal (even if it is with humour)

    I advise Kris & Ms Marmoreal (crazy name) to seek exorcism urgently. This can be done online these days and here is a well known Exorcist with a famous chant that will drive out all devils (and any unwanted household pests). You must sing along with her and copy the eye movements for the process to work:

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  4. I like how Mirana Marmoreal says “They actually try to prove the Father’s innocence..”…eh, no, “Mirana”, we don’t. We have no need to prove ANYONE’S innocence.

    When will the idiots get that simple fact into their empty brains?

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    • Apparently they missed the part of history class about ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Also, they seem to fail to understand: people in this country are tried in court, not by crowds of loonies online, no matter how loudly they scream.


    • I’m sure I saw a Pest Controller advert that said “we will rid your house of all pests including cockroaches, mice , rats & marmoreals”

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  5. It looks to me very much as if these people are taking the complete and utter piss…… Completely inauthentic! Just acting out some sort of live soap opera for the benefit of the internet…… Has that dried up old stripper never heard the word cliché for instance? Talk about over-acting! Jeeze! What’s next? MI5 The Musical?

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      • Rebecca Watson! Quite well known on the Nu-Atheist circuit. Had a famous spat with Richard Dawkins and the men of the atheist movement in general, called them out for their unreconstructed sexism etc. Well worth checking her out, she’s become something of a figurehead, coined the term ‘Skepchick’ and is very active online.

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    • The profile pic was identical to Spiny Norman on Youtube – probably just another coincidence


      • Actually that seems likely, since Spiny Norman was a Monty Python character. Most of the SNs I’ve seen on Google+ use similar avatars.


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