Sabine, Belinda travel to Brussels

It’s our understanding that Sabine McNeill’s passport was taken from her, and has been held by police since her initial arrest last summer. So you can imagine our surprise and consternation when we began receiving emails and texts from concerned readers, reporting that Sabine is now claiming to have accompanied Belinda McKenzie on a junket…

Angie Watch: The legal edition

We noted a couple of days ago that things had gone awfully quiet on the Hoaxtead front, but we couldn’t have reckoned on exactly how quiet. In fact, for two days running, Angie has put up a ‘no one home’ sign on her Facebook page:

Q*Bert’s latest GoFundMe: The Vatican Edition

We’re all fed up to the back teeth with Angie hawking Q*Bert’s GoFundMe campaign, with which she hopes to squeeze enough cash from the gullible and easily duped to fly her American friend to London. Once here, he’ll hang out in pubs and attempt to ferret out ‘cult members’, whom he’ll somehow force to ‘squeal’…

Angie and Jake back-pedal

In a complete about-face from yesterday’s video interview, in which Jake assured Angela that he was 100% certain that the proceedings at Blackfriars Crown Court would be adjourned today, both have now said that it’s all still on.