Has Angie seen the light?

By all appearances it was a busy week for the Hoaxtead pushers, what with Belinda and Sabine junketing off to Brussels to pretend they were contributing to a legitimate debate in an EU Parliamentary Committee, Angie disappearing from Facebook to attend to unspecified business, and now Jake adopting a curiously discreet attitude about his own online posting.

And we were surprised to find this gem on Angie’s Facebook profile when she finally emerged from her ‘appointments’. Odder still that she would tag it to Jake, who we understand has met with police and might be expected to have a somewhat more informed perspective on the matter of online abuse.

Angela-to Jake-re S Creasey 2016-04-22

(Aside: What’s Angie doing reading ‘PoliceProfessional.com’? Perhaps she has met with some officers of the law recently and wants to brush up on her knowledge in order converse with them more intelligently?)

Here’s the text of that article:

Authorities must treat digital crimes the same way as those taking place in the “physical” world, according to a Labour MP who was subject to vicious abuse on social media.

In September 2014, a man who had made repeated threats to rape former Shadow Minister Stella Creasey via social media was jailed for 18 weeks, one of the most severe sentences so far received by a perpetrator of online abuse.

Speaking to the Guardian, Ms Creasey said she believes police and prosecutors do not understand that abuse on social media is a harassment, rather than a malicious content, issue.

“We do have legislation and it was very frustrating for me as a victim who had worked on harassment legislation … I am particularly frustrated with the police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), because I still don’t think they get it,” she said.

“If someone sends you flowers, if it’s someone you’ve asked never to contact you again, that’s really creepy. But online, unless they’ve said they want to rape or murder you, the police and CPS don’t get it.”

The Walthamstow MP believes that telling victims of harassment to remove their online presence as a way of preventing the crime, is comparable to asking women to dress differently or stop going out at night.

“Just as 40 years ago people wanted to define when women could walk the streets, what they could wear and where they could go, it’s exactly the same online. It’s not about the streets, or the technology, it’s about society,” Ms Creasey added.

“We have law that could be used but we have to change the frame of reference about it. It is still very much a case of when this stuff happens to you, you get told: ‘Don’t feed the trolls.’ Why is it up to me to find a way of dealing with it rather than them to stop doing it.”

National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Stalking and Harassment Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan said:“The scale of cyber-crime in the UK continues to grow and we must evolve to meet the treats posed by digital crime. Work has begun on developing online assets to assist victims in capturing evidence and specific risk assessment tools for officers.

“Harassment and online abuse are serious problems and there is more to do, not just for police but the criminal justice system and society as a whole.”

In March, the CPS announced it would be updating its guidelines on social media to incorporate new and emerging crimes being committed online and to provide clear advice to help the prosecution of cyber-enabled crime.

The revised guidelines cover cases where offenders set up fake profiles in the names of others, as well as advising prosecutors on the use of social media in new offences, such as revenge pornography and controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship.

The changes are currently under consultation.

How odd that Angie, who has done more than most to perpetuate the harassment of innocent Hampstead citizens via the internet, would choose this article to send to Jake. Is she perhaps trying to tell him that she’s made some poor life choices, and advise him not to go down the same path?


More likely, she’s just trying to point out that to date, the police response to online harassment has been woefully inadequate, in part because of a lack of effective legislation and case law. This is probably just Angie’s way of letting her young protegé know that he can do as he likes, and the cops won’t touch him.

Poor advice, Angie. Because in fact, as the article mentions, the CPS has updated its guidelines, and those who started this hideous charade are about to discover that the wind has changed.

Go to jail do not pass go

37 thoughts on “Has Angie seen the light?

  1. I think Angela’s got the builders in to do up her place,

    that’s why she’s so quiet of late.

    The message she’s probably trying to send to Jake is,

    Don’t Worry The Police Don’t Know What They Are Doing.

    If that’s the case, i don’t know why she doesn’t just say it to him.

    Ah perhaps because Angela’s not going to take the risk,

    but she’ll gladly let Jake take the rap.

    Probably takes some morbid satisfaction from it.

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  3. Doncha know we are all MI5 agents paid by the state to disable the opposition to the new world order of enslaved sex slaves….soldiers….erm, help me out here folks.

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  4. I reckon Angie has done what so many of these conspiracy nuts and witch hunters do; read the headline and get the completely wrong message without actually reading or understanding the article.

    It would be one hell of a job to police online harassment but if they can make some of these more serious charges stick, then at least it’s a start. And it may make others think twice before engaging in online harassment.

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    • There’ve been a few larger cases lately that have challenged law enforcement agencies to deal with online harassment–some of the fallout from ‘Gamergate’ comes to mind, for example. It’ll take police and the judiciary a while to get their feet under them, but I think it’s happening.


      • There is very much a hit and miss application of the law and it’s sort of understandable – where would they start?. But recall those who named Ched Evan’s ‘victim’ on twitter were fined although now, that person isn’t legally a victim after he won his appeal.
        But surely the Hampstead case really is a high profile case that deserves the attention of the police. High Court orders and an injunction have been issued and many people are blatantly flouting those orders & mocking the law.

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        • This is NOT the case…

          The Sexual Offences Act protects both victims and ALLEGED victims. For clarity, that means that protection is extended whether or not any conviction was achieved or even whether or not any assault or attack ever actually took place.

          In other words a completely fabricated story that “Sharon McSham is a rape victim” places the person who fabricated it, and everyone who repeats it, in breach of the act.

          Bear in mind that the purpose of the act is to protect victims and alleged victims from the “shame” or “stigma” of being a victim – something that in many circumstances and cultures could ruin their lives.

          ALL of the children identified, directly or indirectly, as victims in the Hampstead hoax have had their rights to anonymity breached. What sickens me is that the people behind this hoax seem, as happens too often in these cases, to be somehow above the law.

          I looked at that evil bitch of hell Disney’s Facebook page earlier, and she is basically sticking two-fingers up to the law and continuing to abuse those children. – I hope there is a God for her to answer to! May her black heart roast in hell!

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          • I agree with everything you’ve said here, Joe, but I’m not sure which point you’re addressing when you say, “This is NOT the case…”.

            You’re quite correct that not only RD’s children, but the other children named (some with photos, most with addresses and other contact information) have been the victims of an egregious breach of the Act, and so far, not a single one of their attackers has faced a court of law.

            Yes, some have been warned by police and have pulled the offending material from the internet; others have had material reported and removed by Facebook, YouTube, Google+, etc. But for the most part, even though everyone agrees that it’s terrible and ‘something should be done’, the silence has been deafening.


          • It’s not the case that “those who named Ched Evan’s ‘victim’ on twitter were fined although now, that person isn’t legally a victim after he won his appeal.”

            In terms of the right to anonymity the individual in question remains “a victim” as does anyone else who has allegedly been the victim of a sex crime. This is actually the case even if the accused is proved innocent, which is of course a whole other can of worms…

            And yes… As far as the Hampstead hoax is concerned the “silence of the law” has been deafening! As is the apparently “fireproof” nature of people like Belinda McKenzie and, I suspect, certain others who shall remain nameless, at least until some time in mid-July.

            The authorities need to start applying the law as it stands properly, but I suspect that there is really another agenda at large!

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            • Ah, I see what you meant about the Ched Evans case. Now I’m curious as to what other agenda is behind the sluggish response to Hoaxtead. 🙂


          • Not just Hoaxtead as you call it… I shan’t get too bogged down in this; but it strikes me there is a pattern where laws are ignored by the authorities to the point of crisis… Dunblane would be an obvious and spectacular example. Once that crisis has been achieved it is used as a excuse to introduce draconian laws.

            As the direct result of Dunbalne we have some of the world’s tightest gun laws in Britain today (not something I personally have a particular issue with) yet, in my sixth decade, I cannot remember any time when guns were (apparently) more readily available on the streets of our inner cities or so much a part of “thug culture”.

            Friends in the police tell me this is in part because the system that would once have provided them with intelligence; legitimate shooters, gunsmiths and the like have been driven either out of existence or in some cases entirely underground… These new laws seem to have failed us badly! Dunblane could and should have been prevented under the systems that existed at the time. Why wasn’t it? And what is so troubling about the material that is locked down for a century!

            Similarly, matters such as (but not limited to) the Hampstead hoax, and the authorities’ seemingly wilfull failure to act on intelligence and apply existing laws, seem to be feeding a situation where ever-more serious limitations on the freedom of speech will be deemed “necessary”. And, as I have said, I do find the strangely “fireproof” nature of various rogues highly suspicious…

            For clarity, I do not for a moment beleive the rubbish about them being “intelligence services” or the like, but I do fear they must have some sort of tacit “official sanction”, and it’s little wonder the conspiretards imagine them to be spies and the like. Either that or our law enforcers are completely incompetent!

            “Without fear or favour” is a line I once heard somewhere… One that many of those who are supposed to be upholding the law seem unaware of! I cannot fail to question why that is! I seriously fear one of these conspiretards “going postal” and a tragedy emerging; some of these idiots seem perfectly capable of that such is the sheer madness they espouse!

            At which point the stage will be set for the most legitimate whistleblower to be gagged!

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            • [T]here is a pattern where laws are ignored by the authorities to the point of crisis

              Yes, I’ve noticed this as well. It seems as though police fail to apply the law in certain instances, and it makes no sense to me, either. I’ve tended to chalk it up to a combination of diminishing budgets for policing, a sense that ‘some laws are more equal than others’ (street violence trumps domestic violence; almost anything trumps contempt of court, unless a case has reached a certain level, and then woe betide the contemptuous), and a sense that issues like online harassment or malicious communication can be slippery and difficult to prosecute.

              While all of those things may be true, though, I don’t see any excuse for allowing an entire community to be hung out to dry the way Hampstead has. And like you, I fear that some over-zealous vigilante will take things too far, with tragic consequences.

              And I think that cases like this (or the recent Operation Midlands debacle) serve to denigrate the role of legitimate whistle-blowers, who will now have to battle even more systemic inertia and disbelief.


          • The longer these people are permitted to run roughshod over the rights of the children, and the longer they’re allowed to harass and terrorise an entire community for their own sick entertainment, the more empowered and emboldened these people feel, and the more damage they’re likely to do. It’s too late to wish the police had acted swiftly and come down hard on the hoax-pushers; the moment has passed. But whenever I see a Hoaxtead vigilante make a video of himself playing ‘target practice’ with a rifle and a picture of RD’s face; or when I see them discussing kidnapping RD’s children, I wonder: exactly what will it take to provoke the kind of police action that should have been set in motion when this thing first started?


  5. Well I don’t know what’s happened to Jake yet but I hope he now realises that the police do take online abuse seriously.

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    • He seems to be continuing to post on his Anon #OpHampstead page on Facebook, unfortunately. Perhaps the police aren’t aware that this page belongs to him, but he’s admitted it in the past. Like many of his fellow hoax-pushers, he seems to believe that as long as one wears a plastic made-in-China mask, one can get away with pretty much anything.

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  6. Let me get this straight. You call a community of innocent people paedophiles and baby killers and you breach a Court Order by publishing pictures – and when there’s an online public backlash you say you’re being harassed?

    I’m beginning to think I’m just too sensible for the internet.

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  7. Facebook responded to a report by deleting a comment Jake or whoever else might be admin on his page made to me, after deleting my comments and blocking , just like a proper truther. Compared to some i’ve reported, it was mild……… F…k off Sheva, I am hoping that this is a good sign and that other reports will be more effectively handled.

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    • I hope so, Sheva. We’ve been having some success on Facebook lately with having blatantly harassing posts removed. It’s still not what it should be, but it’s some progress.

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      • What do people think, a well worded petition aimed at the platforms, pointing out the key errors that allow for a case like this to become viralised, and asking their tech wizards to come up with solutions to control this kind of sick virus…..surely they can, and also maintain freedoms, in fact, it takes some controls to maintain freedom.

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        • The platforms tend to claim that the offending material doesn’t violate their community standards. However, we’ve found that in some cases (such as where material violates the court order), some of the platforms will block certain posts from being shown in the UK. This isn’t perfect, but as about 90% of the interest in Hoaxtead continues to be limited to the UK, it does help.


        • Perhaps a well worded petition should be started by some of us demanding police enforce the law in respect of Hampstead and that the real victims, children, a father, Hampstead residents , social workers, police be protected from the on-line harassment by so many hoaxers and that British authorities enforce the High Court orders and injunction.

          Ideally a Hampstead or Barnett resident should start the petition. Of course people who sign may then be subject to harassment from these vile creatures with accusations they are Satanist child killers unless they can do so anonymously.

          This may then draw media attention. Tabloids like the Mail,Express, Sun and Mirror are in such desperate competition & one may pick up the tale. Surely the Ham & High would write up the story.

          I’ve worked in the media for years (on the advertising side) and you get a pretty good insight as to how the popular media works.

          The Hampstead case in my view is quite unique in that it has been very high profile with the reports after the High Court judgement was issued and the very damning wording of the judgement. Yet a bunch of people have been allowed to break the law repeatedly without sanction.


  8. Off topic so take this off if you want….but……do you remember that tuneful ditty ‘The earth is flat, it is no round’? This is Morecambe Bay Community Primary School more or less proving that the earth has a bit of round to it. Of course the entire staff and pupils at said Primary School might all be in the Illuminati but somehow I doubt it.

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      • Oh please yes!
        I’ll give her that some of the curve seen above is because of the fisheye lens…but come on…if the earth is flat why don’t we fall off the edge when we get to the outer bits? I’ve yet to hear a flat-earther rushing to answer that question.

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        • Araya ‘Soho Erotic Dancer’ Soma has an explanation for that : the Illuminati have guards at the edge of the Ice Wall who turn back would-be sailors trying to reach the edge. There must be an awful lot of them though to cover all that territory so you would think there would be a Whistle Blower Ice Wall Border Guard to expose this…come to think of it I might rustle one up myself and see how far the tale spreads.

          This is a terrible shame because beyond the Ice Wall Earth extends forever and ever and ever with beautiful gardens and so on. Araya knows this.

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    • Meanwhile in a Galaxy far far away…Lotus Princess has posted a link to the latest from the famous Tori Smith who has been under such enormous pressure from people wishing him to read their DNA so he has had to stop doing it. Not only that evil aliens have been attacking Tori for his work in exposing child abductions…why they just don’t send an Alien hit-man is a mystery but who knows how they think?
      Tori can tell which planets and solar systems your soul has progressed through as you reach this plane of existence….actually it’s all too complex and high brow for my tiny mind so you have to watch it yourselves to get the full info. Mind you I only lasted about 2 minutes.


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