A musical tribute to Sabine…and more!

This is so sweet you could get diabetes: composer Ed de Boer has posted the first public performance of his Prelude to a New Era, which he kindly dedicated to Sabine McNeill.

The prelude is based on the poem Das Leben, das ich selbst gewählt, by Dominik Wortig.

Sabine McNeill-Ed de Boer 2016-04-21

We heard that Ed was keen to have his composition published here, and of course we’re only too happy to oblige.

So here it is, with a few nice visual touches added to make it a bit more interesting (thanks once again to our friends at McKenzie’s Devils!):

Meanwhile, another brilliant musical talent has produced a video we think you’ll like: our friend MK Ultra 666 shows his gentler side with the tone poem, “The Only Response to Stupidity Was Silence”.

Another stunning melding of music and imagery, with overtones of philosophical musings about the larger meaning of it all….

This one’s dedicated to…well, you’ll see.






11 thoughts on “A musical tribute to Sabine…and more!

  1. Far be it from me to criticize Ed de Booring’s undoubted talent but that was a pretty gloomy composition. I would prefer something dramatic that could accompany the witches’ scene in Macbeth with Sabine, Belinda & Angie howling around a cauldron full of frog’s legs and chicken heads. Oh I forgot the fourth witch- Araya ‘Soho Erotic Dancer’ Soma.The Witches of Eastwick?.

    Araya is first out of the starting blocks claiming Prince has been sacrificed to HM The Queen’s 90th birthday. Is Sabine still using those German wonder products on her face because I have a secret recipe for those bags under her eyes?

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    • The second video tho is a beauty & should be nominated for a Bafta. That was some weird pedo who seduced Angie. Is she referring to her legendary child-like beauty that has mystified reams of young men like Jake & Rupert Q?. What a shock it must have been for the pedo to suddenly find it wasn’t a child he had seduced but an Irish battleaxe. The horror !

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      • And fancy saying her daughter’s father was a Paedophile.

        He may very well be but i’m sure the daughter might have preferred that comment not to have been said to all and sundry.

        Angela really has no thought to who she might hurt.

        Anyway, Paedophile he may have been and Angela saw nothing wrong in attempting to marry him whilst she was pregnant??

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    • LOL! Good on you for catching the first Prince conspiraloon theory–I’d been afraid to look. Ed’s music isn’t much to my taste either, but then I don’t believe Satanists eat babies, so I suppose we differ on a few fundamental issues.


  2. Sadly – Angie has woken up and stirred back to life…

    It’s a shame that she is not supporting Sabine and Belinda at the RCJ this morning. (Instead she’s demonstrating her single figure IQ)


  3. Its obvious that Angie wants to continue the crap – the date of the post she has linked to shows the post as being dated 9th July 2015.

    Not exactly new Angie…

    I am certain that in my dustbin are the wrappers (newspaper) and rubbish from last nights fish and chips – shall I send them to you (Angie) so that you can report it as “news”


  4. Video 1 I associate with the aftermath of a massive disaster, good dedication to Dresden after it was bombed and the witch survived. The second video by MK is a masterpiece of skill and creativity.

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  5. Has anyone played the music dedicated to Sabine backwards and messed around with the speed? I’m sure I faintly heard the words “old bag”

    Have a quick listen to the first video, and then the second one, it demonstrates the “backmasking technique” quite well – it seems very apt for Angie (who likes editing audio)

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