Abe & Ella resort to posting Drifloud rants

We’re sure it’s escaped no one’s attention recently that despite Angie’s frantic efforts to keep Hoaxtead in the public eye, Abe and Ella have gone from ‘low profile’ to ‘virtually invisible’ in the past month or so.

It’s ironic: they were so gung-ho to start with, passing out videos of the children being forced to recite Abe’s deranged fantasies to anyone who’d have them; rushing the kids off to Jean-Clement’s house to do a dress rehearsal and ensure a ‘credible witness’ to their little performance piece; leaving no alt media stone unturned in their efforts to publicise, publicise, publicise!

These days, though, Abe can barely rouse himself to stagger on-screen in that deadly dull panel with Alfred Lambremont Webre; and Abrella’s much-vaunted blog has ground to a near halt.

In fact, the most recent posts have been reprints of Drifloud’s incoherent ranting to anyone who’ll listen (note to Drippy: those who aren’t just trashing your nonsensical diatribes are saving them in a folder marked ‘Evidence’).

Most recently, The Dripster has been obsessing about Mrs Justice Anna Pauffley, who he seems to believe ought to be charged with “Fraud, Perverting the Course of Justice & Treason”:

Date: Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 2:34 PM

Subject: Reporting of Anna Pauffley to Met/UK Police for Fraud, Perverting the Course of Justice & Treason, 30 March, 2016

To the policemen and policewomen of The Metropolitan Police and the other UK Police Forces addressed in this email, as well as to those witnesses – particularly the members of the press – CC’d in this email:

I, Drifloud, am reporting the very serious crimes of fraud, perverting the course of justice and the betrayal of the people of this land – TREASON – which have been committed by Anna Pauffley, a High Court Judge.

NOTE: This is NOT a “complaint” and I am NOT a “complainant”; this is a fulfilment of my LAWFUL OBLIGATION – as a living man – to report a crime to those whose LAWFUL DUTY it is – as PUBLIC SERVANTS – to investigate ALL known and/or reported crimes

Special Constable Jean Clement Yaohirou gave evidence in Court, under oath, at a so-called “fact-finding” hearing in the Royal Courts of Justice, Tuesday 17th February 2015. SC Yaohirou was initially questioned by the presiding judge, Anna Pauffley, regarding the mobile phone recording he made on the evening of 4th September 2014. That recording contained testimony/evidence of two children, xxxxx and xxxxxxx, their mother ella gareeva (formerly Draper) and Yaohirou’s brother-in-law abraham christie. This recording has been made public and can be listened to in its entirety:

As you ALREADY KNOW, the children make some very serious rape and murder allegations in this recording, and they STRONGLY substantiate these allegations with highly-incriminating and graphic descriptions of their named attackers’ distinguishing genital markings. Not long after abraham christie, ella gareeva and her children had left his home, SC Yaohirou phoned Scotland Yard to report these allegations (this is recorded as: CAD 625 5SEP2014 and MERLIN 14PAC169127). He told police he did not report to his own unit at Haringey Constabulary as some police officers from Haringey were mentioned as being involved. The transcripts of the “fact-finding” hearing (transcribed from a recording by Ubiqus, 61 Southwark Street, London SE1 0HL Tel: 020 7269 0370) show that SC Yaohirou was initially questioned about this recording by Judge Pauffley herself, and he explained to her the Metropolitan Police’s response to his concerns regarding reporting the crime:          

All right, that’s enough of that. You get the idea.

Drippy is nothing if not long-winded, so we’ll skip to the crux of his allegations against Mrs Justice Pauffley: he believes that she was lying in her claim that the police had not listened to the Yaohirou recording, and that she ‘knew’ that the likelihood of the children being coached was zero.

Ergo, according to Drippy, the police have an obligation to arrest Mrs Justice Pauffley on charges of treason and perverting the course of justice. Blah, blah, blah.

Then he goes off into a rant about what will happen if the police fail to do his bidding.

Failure to arrest the criminal Anna Pauffley and charge her with committing fraud, perverting the course of justice and TREASON, renders YOU complicit in these crimes, and therefore ALSO punishable by the law of this land.

Oh, well then. We’re sure they’ll get right on that.

Except that surprisingly, they didn’t! You could have knocked us over with a feather.

Anyway, that necessitated another email from The DripMeister:

Date: Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 11:37 AM


You have failed to arrest judge Anna Pauffley, who has committed FRAUD and TREASON by aiding and abetting the cover-up of child-rape, torture and murder – despite the FACT you possess irrefutable DOCUMENTED PROOF that Pauffley has committed these crimes. You have thus demonstrated that you are not prepared to uphold the law of this land in certain cases which involve members of the judiciary – or your own police colleagues & “superior” officers. Such prejudice and partiality – evidently standard police policy – shows that you are not only unfit to serve the people, but it is also PROOF of your complicity in Anna Pauffley’s crimes.

YOU are aiding and abetting FRAUD and TREASON, and the cover-up of child-rape, torture and murder. You are nothing but common criminals. The proliferation of your kind among the police has led to the situation where not only the police, judiciary and Parliament are infested with child-rapists/murderers, but so too are many other institutions of public trust, including local authorities and even schools. Since it is impossible to distinguish who’s who, it is now essential – for safety’s sake – to regard ANYONE wearing a police uniform, or calling themselves a police officer, as a potentially dangerous criminal, and possible threat to life. Furthermore: ALL UK Police forces and Courts are, IN FACT, corporations and profit-prioritising businesses which enforce corporate policy for their criminal owners (a KaBaal of assorted bankers, royals, so-called aristocrats, etc.). Law-abiding people – LIVING children, women and men – can have NO LAWFUL CONTRACT with a criminal corporate police or judiciary. AS OF NOW, all UK police forces and Courts have NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER over any living child, woman or man. Attempts by any “police officer” or Court official to enforce their FAKE authority over law-abiding people is now a CRIME. All functionaries of the utterly corrupt UK State, have NO authority or say over the lives and well-being of any child, woman or man. And to you COWARDS who were too frightened to do anything about your criminal colleagues: NOW is the time to GET OUT OF THE WAY before it’s too late. Nothing now can prevent what is coming. TORTURE, RAPE AND MURDER OF INNOCENTS ARE NOT TOLERATED BY LAW – AND YOU ARE NOW TO PAY THE PRICE FOR IGNORING THE LAW.

from the living man and conscious living being known as,

Drifloud     April 10th, 2016

We’re 100% certain that the constabulary are quaking in their police-issue boots at the thought of the price they are about to pay for ignoring the law. It could, after all, include yet another letter from Drifloud!

By the way, we don’t have access to any ‘professional forensic linguists’ as they do in the Hoaxtead camp, but to our naïve ear it seems that the Drifloud to composed these letters is most likely the same Drifloud who originally wrote to the IPCC on Ella’s behalf last May: Alan Wrightson.


However, it’s also clear that Drifloud is at least in possession of court materials that should rightly only belong to Ella, as part of her court bundle: in the first excerpt above, we’ve underlined serial numbers and data used to identify documents in court. So it would appear that Drifloud is now, or has been in the past, closely affiliated with Abrella, enough so that they would entrust him with their court papers.

We’ve said for some time now that the Drifloud name has been used by both Alan Wrightson and Abraham Christie; it appears that Wrightson has become their last ally standing, and is still willing to do Abrella’s dirty work for them.

If the police are interested in intercepting him, if only for the sake of their email accounts, they will find him hiding out in Portugal, though we understand he’s been attempting to sell his property there.

Or if you’re looking for a really good time, you can always peruse his Wikipedia page, which we’re certain was written by a 100% objective person who was not Alan Wrightson.

Drifloud-Alan Mad Eyes Wrightson 2016-04-08

22 thoughts on “Abe & Ella resort to posting Drifloud rants

    • And on the subject of Kane Slater, this made me chuckle. He’s realised that the ToothlessGetRuthless videos are a festering heap of monkey splat and that the fight’s clearly lost if Tina Kachina has had to resort to posting them as “evidence”. But look who he’s calling on to be the knight in shining armour who’s gonna turn their fortunes round…

      Good luck with that, Slater, you deluded freak XD

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      • What happens when you give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of shitty toy camcorders?

        YouTUBE! – With the emphasis very much on on the ‘tube’! (For viewers in Englandshire and beyond this classic-Glaswegian insult – pronounched ‘choob’ – alludes to the phallic and vacuous [archaic] nature of the individual at whom it is directed)

        Raising, in this context, the vexed subject of production values and narrative structure on this visually-illiterate wankfest, has caused one of the team here at the Chambers’ to literally fall off their stool laughing! Kane – if you think ‘Hampstead Research’ was doing anything but digging a hole for itself ‘properly’ then you are even more stupid than your ongoing support for this fairy story would immediately suggest!

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  1. So someone with the name Drifloud is demanding the Rozzers take action. I can picture them now falling about the canteen laughing.

    When you have resort to discussing something with Alfred Lambremont Webre, the Most Boring Truther on the planet, the game is up.

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  2. I have this crazy idea, the police didn’t actually listen to the entirety of the recordings, probably just minutes, but enough to know they needed to seize it as evidence to be possibly listened to at a later point. The Judge wasn’t wrong. As part of the investigation the police didn’t sit down at an early stage and listen to the secret recording and watch the home videos, if they had it would have looked bad for Ella at an even earlier point in the investigation.

    Obviously, Ella and Abraham felt so strongly about those home recordings that they didn’t provide them themselves.

    I love the freeman on the land lower case naming convention and general total fuckwittery. Legal team my arse.

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    • Yes, that whole ‘legal team’ thing was a bit of a laugh, wasn’t it?

      And I think you’re most likely correct that the police seized the Yaohirou recording early on with a view to using it as evidence; it’s a pity they didn’t delve into it more deeply at the time, or Abe and Ella might be behind bars right now.


  3. Is Drifloud one of the people in the group below?

    The overall style of the document quoted at the start of this thread seems remarkably similar to other documents published by an easily identified member of the group in the photograph:


      • Oh, sorry, missed one: the fellow in the red and blue shirt is Lee Cant, who assisted Neelu on her latest harassing phone call in which she dissolved the Borough of Haringey.


        • Ha, Cant by name and cant by ‘hypocritical and sanctimonious talk typically of a moral, religious, or political’ nature.

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      • I think that Drifloud was originally invented by Wrightson, who used the name to write to the IPCC demanding an investigation on Ella’s behalf. He sent a copy of the email to Charlotte Alton Ward, who gave him lots of pats on the head for being so brave and clever. (That didn’t last, btw: Wrightson had some kind of episode in which he believed that Charlotte was psychically attacking him above his right eyebrow [no, not kidding, wish I were], and flounced off in a huff.)

        Over the summer, the Wrightson Drifloud sent multiple harassing and libellous bulk emails to all the named parents, teachers, and clergy, as well as to the police. They would have been funny if they hadn’t been so ugly.

        Then, last fall, we began to notice that Abe had begun to use the Drifloud name, and seemed to have access to the Twitter account–Abe and Wrightson have very distinct writing styles, and a couple of times Abe actually called himself Drifloud on the now-defunct Abrella blog (the one on Wix, which we had taken down).

        Starting in about December, though, the Wrightson Drifloud seems to have reasserted his right to the name, and now seems to be fully in charge of the Twitter account. He does seem to have access to all the legal documents that Abrella possess, which leads us to believe that they are, or at least were, working very closely with one another to promote the hoax.

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  4. In typical conspiracy fashion, any inaccuracy or mistake is taken as a lie. Which is strange because Drifloud has written dozens of inaccuracies, even once those inaccuracies have been pointed out.

    Thinking back, Abe and Ella have always used other people material on their blog…etc. If it’s not an interview they don’t seem particularly interested. One of the only things I remember them creating were the obviously fraudulent diaries and drawings, which suddenly appeared about a year after the videos.
    I guess that’s what happens when they alienate just about everybody who was supporting them, including some of the video/radio interviewers, such as EdOp.

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    • You’re right. Sad (for them) that they’re down to quoting Drifloud’s sputterings now–they seem to have given up even trying to sound legitimate.


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