BREAKING: Angie releases Sabine video, Part 1

In a move that has put speculation about the release of a ‘confidential’ interview with Sabine to rest, Angela Power-Disney has released Part 1 of her recent Skype call with Sabine.

In typical Angela style, she’s over-egged the pudding, making it very clear why these incriminating videos have been released publicly, rather than to a select group of Hoaxtead supporters.

Published on Apr 12, 2016

Only share with those you TRUST until Sabine and Neelu have court case PUT TO BED…released IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST BY ANGIE 12/04/16 withOUT the 71 year old Sabine’s permission

In other words, Angie wishes to clarify that the decision to release confidential material, with Sabine discussing her (and Neelu’s) trial for witness intimidation, was not Sabine’s, but that she, Angie, is releasing this.

Given that Sabine has already expressed her view that she is being publicly harassed ‘by RD’ (i.e., she thinks this blog is run by RD, and that any time we mention her name we are ‘harassing’ her), we now believe that Angela is releasing this material in a boneheaded attempt to incite further ‘harassment’, which Sabine could use to bolster her defence.

Angela should be aware that if this is her intention, she has placed herself in a very precarious legal position: attempting to pervert the course of justice is a very serious offence, and will not be regarded lightly by the courts. Future visits to the UK might potentially lead to dire legal consequences for her.

We’ve already reported both videos to the police, who will be passing them along to the CPS; that is as far as we are willing to go in any discussion of them.

We would strongly recommend that if anyone wishes to discuss the contents of the videos, they do so in privacy, at least until the court case is over.

Justice UK


56 thoughts on “BREAKING: Angie releases Sabine video, Part 1

    • I have to agree – to the extent where I’d suggest discussion of the content of this video should be placed ‘off limits’. – The motives behind Angie indulging in this apparent breach of the court order are of interest though.

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      • We cannot legislate what people will do off this site, but we can certainly exercise control over what gets discussed here. I am taking the position that in reporting on this hoax, we have a responsibility to remain well within journalistic law, and so until the case has been decided, we’ll be restricting our reporting to the fact that the crime happened and that 2 people (Neelu and Sabine) have been charged. We will also report on any details which are released to the public during their trial, but our job is not to decide whether they are guilty; we shall leave that to the courts.

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  1. Just seen Melanie Shaw comments below the video on Angie’s Facebook page. She’s not having none of it. Good on her.

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    • Yes, I’m glad of that. I know she can handle herself, but part of me worries that she’s stepping into the line of fire of these nutters. I’m glad she’s heading off on vacation for a bit!


  2. My final thoughts on the video extend beyond the content and onto the method of production. I do hope that the CPS enlist the help of a forensic audio analyst to examine the method of producing the video – listening carefully to the first 35 seconds and then analysing the construction of the video sound track with a view to considering the question of, is the recording a contiguous recording or one made up of numerous sound clips edited together?

    Running the video through simple analysis software hints strongly towards the recording not being a contiguous recording but a series of sound bytes rather crudely stitched together.. Even Adobe Editor produces some very interesting results.

    To me the content (script) of the video is an attempt to elicit a response, it would be unwise for anyone to get drawn into that. It is for a Court to decide upon the merit of the videos content (if any)

    Its crude, and has Angie wrote all over it. Again I believe that her first interest is to draw attention away from her own nefarious activities

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  3. Christopher Everard continues to reference Hampstead in his Facebook posts. These two are from today on his Facebook page:
    Christopher Everard
    2 hrs ·

    THOUSANDS OF MISSING CHILDREN – The mainstream media have IGNORED and even, in my opinion, CENSORED the fact that tens of thousands of children from war zones have gone missing AFTER HAVING REGISTERED WITH SOCIAL SERVICES. During the last 10 months, German Social Workers registered 60,000 unaccompanied child refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Eritrea, Morocco and Algeria…

    8,600 of those children have now VANISHED. Hundreds of children under 14 years of age – some so young they need assistance with the toilet and who cannot read, write nor count, have somehow DISAPPEARED AFTER BEING REGISTERED by the authorities. I have so far produced three documentaries about cults who prey on children for THE ENIGMA CHANNEL – and this is a true-life horror story…

    The logical and plain fact is that it is the SOCIAL SERVICES who are abducting these children. Plain common sense tells us that if – say – a 6 year old registers at an asylum centre then that child is given food, water and shelter and placed with a foster family that SAME NIGHT… So how come all these registered child refugees then VANISH? I think this more than corroborates the testimonies of the Hampstead whistleblower children who clearly stated that Social Workers were members of cults in London who cannibalised babies and children, who made snuff movies, and who even made sandals and shoes from the skin of children – yes, I know that sounds unbelievable – but the FACTS ARE PLAIN FOR EVERYONE TO SEE. 5,000 children have vanished in Italy alone – again, after registering with Social Services.
    (Photo meme text: “More child refugees vanish. German social workers registered 60,000 unaccompanied child refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Eritrea, Morocco, and Algeria… 8,600 of those children have vanished.)

    Christopher Everard
    38 mins ·
    MUSLIM COMMUNITY FEAR THEIR MISSING CHILDREN HAVE BEEN MURDERED AND ORGANS SOLD OFF BY SOCIAL WORKERS: Chairman of the Central Council of German Muslims, Aiman Mazyek, is devastated that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has allowed aprox 8,000 migrant children to VANISH – every single one of these children HAD REGISTERED at asylum reception centres. Many thousands more who did not register are sleeping rough – it now seems that an organised international cartel are abducting industrial scale numbers of children… 8,000+ are missing in Germany in the last 10 months, another 5,000+ missing in Italy, around 1,000 missing in Belgium – all just in the space of 10 months!
    Aiman Mazyek said “We must assume that many of these children and young people have fallen into prostitution, or their organs were removed”. He stated this at a press conference where he was joined by German federal government advisor John Wilhelm Roerig – but let this now go ON THE RECORD – it is ONLY SINCE INDEPENDENT MEDIA started associating the massive missing children statistics with CULTS and SATANIC GROUPS and CANNIBALISM has there now finally been any mainstream acknowledgement of this massive scandal….. Mr. Roerig admitted that the missing children were registered in asylum homes. He said, “Many guards have easy access to these children and can exploit them”. I would say that ‘exploit’ is putting it mildly – there are absolutely no reports of tens of thousands of shallow graves of child bodies being found – and if such a number were on the streets of Europe it would have been noticed – these children have clearly VANISHED and if dead, then their bodies have been somehow ‘processed’.
    (Photo meme text: Muslim refugees believe that 8,000+ migrant children have been murdered…And their organs harvested!)

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    • Everard is on a lot of people’s ‘radar’ as the bullshit merchant and con man he so surely is. – A thief too as virtually anything you see from him that is properly framed and in focus will have been stolen. – It’s unsurprising he’s still referencing this case; his target audience are complete morons… the only people who would be taken in by this rubbish.

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    • “I think this more than corroborates the testimonies of the Hampstead whistleblower children”

      Er…yeah, of course it does, Chris. LOL

      “Yes, I know that sounds unbelievable”

      Ah! You beat me to it, Chrissie-boy 😀

      “it is ONLY SINCE INDEPENDENT MEDIA started associating the massive missing children statistics with CULTS and SATANIC GROUPS and CANNIBALISM has [sic] there now finally been any mainstream acknowledgement of this massive scandal”

      Oh really, Chris? When did that happen? When did the mainstream media start agreeing with you…on anything? In this universe, I mean, not in that parallel one that exists only in your drug-addled head?

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      • The mainstream media have never agreed with Everard on anything. But he makes claims that they do. It’s hilarious. Everard took credit for the last pope’s resignation and several “people power” revolutions in Greece and Spain. Yes, you read that correctly. HAHA Everard took credit for all those things and many others HAHAHA

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    • And, here’s yet another Facebook post from Christopher Everard that mentions Hampstead:

      Christopher Everard
      1 hr ·

      HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO artists and illustrators drew, painted and recorded what they saw around them – and one of the enduring and common themes were WITCHES, SORCERY and CANNIBALISM in witch covens. Yes, witches eating babies and people. Very famous paintings and engravings hang in museums worlwide clearly showing the relationship between cannibalism and Luciferian witchcraft… There are thousands of illustrations showing this phenomenon. So it is even more unnerving that the Hampstead whistleblower children testified to police in 2015 that they were forced to drink the blood of babies by the cult led by their father – a policeman asked them ‘What does the blood taste like?’ and one of the children answered ‘It tastes like metal’. Which is true.

      Of course, witchery is the favoured religion of the Elite and thus the Hampstead whistleblower children were abducted and snatched from their mother by Social Workers, never to be seen ever again… What I have discovered researching a new eBook and for my film SPIRITWORLD, is that universities have been strenuously publishing one book and research paper after another, after another which POKES FUN at the idea that witches being cannibals.

      The OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, no less, have published a research paper ridiculing the idea that witches eat babies – one line reads; “The witch from Hansel and Gretel represents the persistence within European culture of the terrifying fantasy of being cooked and eaten, and one of the most important ways in which the fantasy continues to be embodied and reproduced. The critical stage in the cultural fabrication of such witch figures as cannibals occurred between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries”. No. Oxford University have that deliberately wrongfully interpreted. There are modern day child survivors of cults who cannibalised adults and children… And hundreds of thousands of missing children and millions of missing people. There are tens of thousands of Satanists and weirdo cult members and it’s time to start calling a Spade a Spade.

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      • Everard would benefit from conducting his research using reliable factual sources, rather than just reading ‘Hansel & Gretel’ whilst pissed out of his head. Just a thought.

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        • I agree. But, he won’t ever use factual sources. Everard has found a niche market that believes in crazy conspiracies. And, that market provides him the cover he needs to hide his deviant crimes.

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  4. The ‘part 2’ video contains more obvious examples of clumsy ‘editing’… My guess is she’s cut the ‘video’ in Windows Movie Maker (or some other ‘toy’ editing program) but hasn’t figured out how to render it out – this is why we’re being ‘treated’ to the crude picture of the wall as she’s re-recording it via some crappy home video camera or something… She IS probably stupid enough to imagine that this would mask the non-contiguous nature of it even if the file was analysed.

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  5. Breaking… Lucy Wood’s e-book has been chopped. Although I did not get a response to my complaint about the book, the site appears to have acted and deleted the e-book.

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  6. IC – You are nicer than me – SHE IS STUPID… No question of “probably”

    A friend of mine has just ran the MP4 file through some software (he works for his day job in IT forensic science) He says after 30 minutes he had discovered 39 breaks (edits) in the audio. He said the file can be ripped apart and doubts the CPS would even consider its use as prosecution evidence. My thoughts are that it probably has a similar value as a defence exhibit.

    However considering it at as something used as an instrument in an attempt to pervert the course of justice might be a more appropriate consideration. I understand that there are several authorities on that in recent years.

    I bet that Angie did not for a second consider that as a risk factor to her cunning plan (did I spell cunning right – not certain if it ended as “tish” instead of “ing”

    File Analysis:

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  7. I’m amazed by the number of people who seem to live in an alternative reality and the hoaxteader hoaxers has a large number of them.

    They dismiss things like High Court judgements out of hand (and ignore a failed appeal) and believe (with no proof just internet chatter) that anyone who does not accept their weird views are part of some great organised Satanic cult that runs the world.

    The fact is the very rich, powerful corporations and politicians have no need of ‘cults’ riven with Satanic pedos. They already have power and influence. There may well be some very bad & perverted people among that lot but this mantra that from the top down, everyone is in the cult including police, civil servants and lolly-pop persons is so incredulous that to believe such nonsense makes you wonder how these believers negotiate their way through life with such bizarre beliefs.

    Simplistic thinking rules their life : the fact a lot or people go missing is trotted out as proof of their Cult. The complexities of why people go missing (and ignoring the fact that the majority who do go missing are found within a few days) is not questioned. It’s a black & white world with no variations in human behaviour.

    It’s a make believe fantasy world that exists in their minds (but scarily there are so many) but they still go about everyday life. You can’t step outside your front door without using facilities brought to you by the so-called Cult yet they seem weirdly ignorant of this. And when you scrape the surface there always seem to be an Evangelical “Christian” underneath convinced Satan has returned and walks among us. If you do a Google search on the Temple Baal you will find 100s of Evangelical websites hyperventilating about the fantasy that the NYC & Trafalgar Square proposed mock-up of this ruin was to open a portal for Beelzebub & his fallen angels to re-claim Earth. It’s a Hollywood horror film happening in their minds ( they are now crowing that organizers have put this on hold as an achievement but if they can open a portal for The Devil via some Styrofoam copy of an old ruin, why couldn’t they just stick it up in the country unnoticed and let Lucifer walk through without the drama?)

    What I find fascinating – in a scary way- is that these people must have always been around but the internet has now allowed them to link up and egg each other on with their fantasies. I suppose it’s much more fascinating than their hum drum lives but It will all end in tears.

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    • I agree it’s fascinatingly scary. I find wilful stupidity hard to comprehend. Take the missing person thing. It’s so easy to disprove and yet if you do they just accuse you of being a shill or ‘one of them’ or some other rubbish. I can never decide if this due to some absolute inability to allow for contrary facts to enter their fantasy, as to allow them in would inevitably lead to the whole thing crumbling, or if some of them are just mischievous, in the wicked sense, and fully aware that what they are promulgating is utter shite. The latter is the one I can’t stomach; blissful ignorance is almost forgivable but those who are intelligent but refuse to utilise it correctly I cannot bear nor understand how their deception doesn’t make them go mad, the cognitive dissonance is so great.
      There’s really no excuse for ignorance in this age of information..the truth, as they say, is out there.

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    • The World is becoming more like the film “Idiocracy” and it is frightening.

      Weirdly I was thinking about this stuff on my commute to work, how police can be taken in by “experts” in SRA when it has been researched and SRA doesn’t exist etc.

      The issue will be one of lack of training and exposure to idiots on the Internet, your average copper will not have peered into the rabbit hole like we have, they don’t hang around YouTube conspiritard videos and so when faced with an allegation they may take it at face value, no matter how unlikely it is.

      Look at Dr Hodes and the way she was taken in by Ella Draper, all those years of university education and medical training, yet she lacked the common sense to recognise her own confirmation bias and spot a mental mother having a go at the father. She dug herself into a hole to save her reputation and the judge rightly gave her a kicking in court over it.

      Universities should offer a degree in common sense and it’s a degree that should be highly valued!

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      • I completely agree. I think everyone should be exposed to a course, perhaps titled ‘Media literacy and common sense’, to help them pick their way through the minefield of fantasy, delusion, lies, trickery, and the odd nugget of truth that comprises much of the internet these days.

        One problem with policing is that they’re expected to know a great deal that’s outside their purview. I’m reminded of a woman I knew who was being harassed online by a vile specimen, who was threatening to rape and kill her. The threats were coming in via Twitter, so she took her phone to the police to ask them for help. The officer she spoke with listened sympathetically, and then said, “What’s a twitter?”

        It’s understandable: no one can know everything, and police have to be aware of a great deal of stuff that you or I would not even think of. But to me, it underlines the seeming helplessness of the cops when it comes to issues like Hoaxtead.

        As for Dr Hodes, I have somewhat less sympathy. She is a professional who routinely does forensic examinations on children, and yet she somehow ‘forgot’ that she was meant to examine the children with a view to finding what was there and reporting on it, rather than hearing from Ella what she should be looking for, and going off to search for evidence to confirm Ella’s story. That is a huge blunder, and one that has created all sorts of misery for many people in the past year.



    Dear Angie, Sabine and Belinda, (Its known that you closely follow this blog)

    Just to let you know, various documents including copies of websites, copies of videos, twitter posts and Facebook postings have been sent to the guys mentioned in the image below this morning. Those documents include the Court Order and judgements of Judge Pauffley last year.

    Click to access gareeva-dearman-2015.pdf

    Rupert’s comments have also been reported to them (he is of course an American Citizen)

    Now, you might think that reporting the matter to the American authorities in such a manner is of no significance to you because of where you are domiciled. That would be a wrongful assumption.

    Facebook is regulated and based in America, it would seem better to have Facebook look at the matter and numerous posts linked to the matter.

    You Tube is also regulated and located in America, again a holistic look at the issue rather than at single incidents seems appropriate.

    It is a fact that the American Agencies share information and watch lists with various other countries. The American Authorities are also very proactive with regards child protection. Facebook and Youtube have been quick to react after the involvement of the multiple agencies listed in the above image.

    Just thought it was only polite to let you know.

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  9. On a more humorous note, The link to a meeting of Angie, Belinda and Sabine was sent to me this morning. Thats one of the meetings funded by the “charity” collections of the Knight Foundation.

    The big question is – are they washing Tina’s clothes in the pot?

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