Angela and Sabine issue death threats…and more

Angie has an unfortunate habit of dropping her friends in the soup, and she’s done it again, this time with a scandalously incriminating video of a Skype call between herself and Sabine. In fact, you could really say she’s outdone herself this time.

She seems to have uploaded the video thinking that it’s available only to her group of Hoaxtead insiders, but it’s public, at least for now. Anticipating that she may make it private once she realises her error, we’ve taken the liberty of making a few copies for safekeeping. We’ve already sent copies to the police.

Our good friends at McKenzies Devils have posted one on their channel, which we’re linking here:

In it, Angela and Sabine conspire and utter innumerable death threats against RD, discuss his children’s possible locations, make allegations against both RD and Ella’s older child, and much, much more.

Here’s the original video link: [https: // H1l3LGMDhMc] Just remove spaces to view.

We have transcribed the entire audio, but we’ve changed some of the names for the sake of privacy. Please note: this is not a perfect transcription! If you find any areas where we’ve misheard a word, please let us know and we’ll correct our version.

Angie: Okay, so I’m going to upload a confidential audio which goes back to the core group of those working on the Hampstead case. This could put Sabine in danger…if it was shared before her court case and Neelu’s court case on the 8th of April, so whoever is sharing please do so with extreme caution.

SabineSo the critical news is..l don’t know whether you’ve heard the rumour that Ella is supposed to be back in the country…

Angie: …I listened to the Webre interview and she pretended to be in a different location than Abe but I thought I saw Abe passing the microphone to her!

Sabine: Whether that’s true I don’t know either, but I don’t know exactly whether….how intimately it’s connected to the other…the children…

Angie: Yeah, I know he’s been seen—before he showed a photo with him and the children at Alton Towers or something, unsupervised….

Sabine: Yes, well, apparently he did get a supervision order for them.

Angie: [groaning] Ohhhhh….On my videos I just released, I had three different comments saying that the children are with their father.

Sabine: Oh.

Angie: Now I don’t know if they’re just trying to call my bluff, when I just released those uncut video interviews, there were at least three comments saying they were with their loving father. I know she has that contact and I know she doesn’t want to get public about that because she’s suffered in the past….

Sabine: Neither has her…I know she asked me not to let it go further than Belinda, therefore I want to be careful, but I believe they’re only in telephone contact.

Angie: He told her on the phone that he’d seen Ricky and Ricky had the kids with him..ohhhh doesn’t that make you sick….

Sabine: [inaudible] at that dinner in Hampstead, with the thirty-plus other abusers who are after Neelu and me!

Angie: [groan] Ohhhh...

Sabine: Ricky is afraid of taking the kids on all on because of  a death threat.

Angela: Oh, many death threats! Many people are after him, not just one—he’d better look out for Anon all over the world!

Sabine: So that’s just the information that I wanted you to pass to Rupert if and when and as he does show up.

Angie: Between you and me, he’s coming…I’m careful about my location as well, but he’s meeting with me, he’s flying on the first of June, then he’s going to gauge when’s the right time to spend a month in Hampstead—probably July…and he said he’s just going to be low profile…

Sabine: Love it…

Angie: …Just go to pubs, mix here, mix there, he says ‘I’ve got a nose like a bulldog, I will get one of the cult to squeal…’

Sabine: That’s terrific, that’s the best—because I now feel like—I don’t know whether you’ll have the time but I’d like to send you my defence statement.

Angie: Yeah, I’ll  see if I have the time—I have my boys here for eight days so I try not to do work work work. They’ve just gone out to a football match so that’s why I jumped on Skype. It might take me a couple of days but I’ll definitely look over it—I think you and Neelu and well, obviously the big thing is God, but the amount of people behind this I think it’s going to change laws, it’s going to change paradigms.

Sabine: Well we started already with the McKenzie friends court case!

Angie: Of course, of course….

Sabine: And I’m confident that we are rising…a winning tide, but it doesn’t make it easier, you know….

Angie: The other thing they wrote under the comments was that the children were with their loving father and they’re getting ready to move to America!

Sabine: Well I’m not surprised.

Angie: And I said…I commented…oh, good luck with that,  America, Anon is onto this case.

Sabine: Well, I’ve got other people in America.

Angie: I just said you can run but you can’t hide. But I don’t know if I even believe them, but I think that possibly Abe is and maybe Ella  a little bit, they’re kind of on the fringe of the cult, and they’re kind of like, a lot of them it’s not like, ‘how do I get into the cult’ but a lot of them are like, ‘how do i get out…without being murdered’.

Sabine: I think in that case we need to define what the cult is…because this Korean mistress or meditation teacher whose photo hangs in her house, in her kitchen…

Angie: And who the children said Ella used to have them pray to the Supreme Master, and if you read into the Supreme Master’s logistics, the children are supposed to meditate three and a half hours a day after the age of eight, and [the girl] confirmed that, saying she could meditate three and a half hours, and so and so the whole thing…it starts off seemingly harmless with yoga, and veganism, and then raw hemp, and then Supreme Master, and then it just goes deeper and deeper, it’s like the Freemasons or the Catholic church—you think it’s innocent but the higher up you go…and i think Ella and Abe were in there, Abe more than Ella, and I think when Ella, she liked the goodies and this and that, but when she got to a certain level she said no, this far, no further, that’s what I hope, but with Abe I suspect he’s been hired, because the interviews I’ve done with the Satanist pope, the Satanist reverend in America, and different times, Abraham knows far too much, he’s saying, ‘Ask if it’s the Ninth circle, ask if it’s the Nine Angels cult, ask if it’s the Frankist one…he knows too much, they’re bullshitting and they’re both holding back. Like, [Ella’s ex-husband] was in the cult, the children, the full Jean-Clement recordings, said that their stepbrother [named] had molested them, or Ella said this or somebody….

Sabine: No, on that note, I asked—I met [Ella’s son], and I asked Ella whether she had asked him about it, and she said she couldn’t talk to him about it, but she was going to ask her mum to do that.

Angie: But the reason, one of the times the police were called, was because her son was violent to her…

Sabine: No, no, the son called the police when RD was violent to her!

Angie: If you go through all the records, I think there’s three or five call-outs to the police in the previous two years. One of them was [Ella’s son] beating up his mother.

Sabine: No no no no no, i promise!

Angie: Okay, well I hope I’m wrong, good, thank you for correcting me. But I definitely heard, out of the mouth of [inaudible], that the children had said [her son] had molested them.

Sabine: No…

Angie: …and I’m 90% sure I’ve seen…unless they’re forged, I’ve seen police records documenting violence by [her son].

Sabine: I’m sorry Angie, [the boy] said [her son] is in it, and I asked Ella is it your [son], and that’s why, and I met him…

Angie: It is her [son], it is her [son], that’s my sense of it. I’m useless at archiving, I’ll try and find what I’m referring to. I wouldn’t say that lightly, Sabine.

Sabine: And with the police records, I certainly know this, the worst of all incidents, when he tried to crack her skull in the bathroom, and [her son], he was fairly young still at the time, and Ella asked him to call the police, and that’s how the police came.

Angie: I know that, and there was another incident where he attacked her mother, and but there’s, I promise you I’ve seen the police document with the incident of violence from [her son]. I’ll try and find it.

Sabine: Well no, I don’t need to, I just want—quite frankly I don’t want to read, I don’t…

Angie: Okay. Now somebody else said that the children are in foster care in Xxxxx.

Sabine: [muffled] I see.

Angie: Which is right near Xxxxxxxxx. And the last time that…

Sabine: I don’t think that in that case he would have taken the kids…

Angie: He can get them for a weekend, he could. If they’re in xxxxx, they’ve got Cafcass already cooperating, because it’s near xxxxxxxx. The one time Ricky gave his location away, he was in xxxxxxxxxxx.

Sabine: I checked with his IP addresses a number of times, and he was either in xxxxxxxxxxx or in xxxxxxxxxxx.

Angie: Yeah, well this time, this one time he was in xxxxxxxxxxxx, and people were saying he had nowhere to go, he was running out of places to go, and he was spending a lot of time in xxxxxxxxxx with his mother and with his brothers, and then his location IP was traced, to an internet cafe in xxxxxxxxxxx, or an internet location in xxxxxxxxxxx, and so—and he’s too lazy to have those children 24/7. Somebody said to me that his idea will be that they’re in compromised foster care, where he could get them any time he wants, but the rest of the time they’ll get fed.

Sabine: Well that’s true, i think that that’s very true.

Angie: Yeah, yeah, so and the thing about, you know, like I said, they said he’s going to America, and I said he can run but he can’t hide, there’s plenty people in America onto this case. Anyway, I’d better let you go if you’re going to go to yoga, um, it’s five past four.

Sabine: I’m afraid it’s three to four.

Angie: Oh, maybe my…I’m looking at my computer clock, maybe it’s fast. But um no, it’s good to catch up… [inaud]

Sabine: But did you know, his car was registered in xxxxxxxxxx?

Angie: Haha, it’s no surprise to me. xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx, you know, xxxxxxxxxxx, is hugely compromised, you know the Freemason thing and the police corruption is out of control.

Sabine: No, I add that to your picture.

Angie: No, you know xxxxxxxxxxx…I mean for goodness sake, 1,600 people that they admitted to! You multiply that by five, and there’s police officers getting busted in xxxxxxxxxx still, you know, one by one by one.

Sabine: And that is why, I mean, if Rupert comes, I would love for him to go to the pubs that the police go to in Barnet and Kentish Town.

Angie: Well he’s willing to do that and he also said, you know, he could come open-ended, you know, if it only takes two weeks, he’ll come by with me, and and make sure he’s got all his ducks in a row then he’ll go to two weeks. If he needs a month then he’ll go for a month. If he’s onto something, he said that he’ll go to three months, he’s got, he’s coming on an open-ended, because he can do his other work, his internet work, as long as he’s got internet, you know he can work from anywhere in the world.

Sabine: Yeah, yeah.

Angie: We haven’t got the funds in our hands to book a ticket yet, but there’s things in motion.

Sabine: And you think he can [inaud]…

Angie: I hope so, yeah, yes that would be fabulous.

Sabine: Well believe me, I’m not using my front room, so that…

Angie: Yeah, listen, I  told him, I said if you’re genuine, and you’re  coming to help the kids, don’t worry, there’ll be places to stay.

Sabine: Yeah, yeah.

Angie: Okay, all right, talk to you soon then, lovely to chat with you.

Sabine: Very good.

Angie: All right, God bless.

Sabine: And you Angie.

Angie: Bye.

Angie: Okay, so that’s it. And the person that is feeding some of that crucial information has been jailed in the past for being a whistleblower and has children, and we do not want to compromise that sort of information so please regard this as it was given, which is highly confidential material.

And that, we assume, is why Angela chose to broadcast it on her YouTube channel. Whoopsies!



145 thoughts on “Angela and Sabine issue death threats…and more

  1. Well done on contacting the police so promptly! This whole thing leaves me at an absolute loss for words …APD is such a shameless schemer, was this release truly an accident, I wonder? Then again, if you listen to her slurred speech at the very beginning as she introduces the sooper-seekrit call, she sounds VERY intoxicated….so it probably was a genuine eff-up on her part. Of course, all that slurring could be due to jet-lag from all her recent exotic world travels… : )

    Excellent job, Hoaxtead team! A *huge* transatlantic toast from me to you !

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      • Isn’t it funny, too, that APD is ‘90% sure” of pretty much every lie she proffers publicly, lol? It:s also deeply humorous to hear her say that she’s “terrible at at archiving”, when she claimed in a previous video that she keeps painstakingly meticulous records of everything that’s ever taken place in the history of the universe? What a complete buffoon of a human being!

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      • Correction: she’s *useless* at archiving by her own admission in this recording – even worse ! So which is it, Angie? Are you the most brilliant archivist in the history of the planet, or a completely incompetent pathological liar / attention – starved scammer? My vote is firmly for the second option ! : )

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        • I think you need to be very cautious as regards leaflet drop, SV. Couldn’t that be construed as fruitcake harassment as well as inflicting further anxiety on the Hampstead residents who are trying to move on?

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          • Although only a proposal, I don’t think I would even consider doing anything about it until after the likely trial of Sabine and Neelu.

            As to the Hampstead residents, pretending there is no problem, does not make that problem go away. It is better to keep the resident informed, thus through information they can better handle any challenge the Satan Hunter causes them. As to harassment claims by the Satan Hunter, they can claim anything that opposes their own harassment as harassment.

            I won’t move on this proposal unless it has approval of contributors to this site.

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        • I’m not sure there is very much to ‘warn’ anyone about where Rupert is concerned. I really don’t think the world is taking him remotely seriously:

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          • It’s true. Some idiot Yank sits in pubs trying to get Hampstead residents to ‘squeal’ about an imaginary cult? I don’t think he’ll have much luck. I’ll let him buy me a drink though.

            Also: that image is disturbingly realistic.


  2. I’m just astonished at the maliciousness of these people. They are extremely dangerous. Talking of death threats and supposedly tracking RD IP addresses- they would be people who they think are RD- but this in itself is so very dangerous. We have no idea what silent lunatic is lapping all this up. Look how many murders have happened in the USA with lunatics who believe this conspiracy stuff. Schools, theatres, shopping centres and businesses have been invaded by wingnuts who shoot children & adults indiscriminately. Look at the innocents who have been murdered in the UK by mobs who wrongly believed they were pedophiles.

    Now they are encouraging third parties like Jake & Rupert to involve themselves in a campaign of harassment. We cannot even be sure they are mentally stable. They just meet people on the internet and draw them into their web of Satanic lunacy. (on a light note: I can just image Rupert Q on his secret mission to Barnett pubs trying to chat up an off-duty copper !)

    This has been a conspiracy that has been settled in England’s highest court with the perpetrators damned in the most precise terms. Orders have been issued to everyone to cease this campaign yet they just carry on regardless.

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    • My impression is that this hoax is starting to move into ever complicated and dangerous territory. I think it would do no harm that the police devote additional resources to investigating and limiting the spread of this hoax before someone does get hurt. I think Rupert and Jake are the types who can bring others of like-mind in with them. Previously, the hoax was in the hands of OAP’s and loonies, but people like Jake and Rupert can take this hoax onto a whole new level.

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      • Honestly SV? – Rupert is just a ‘poor little rich boy’ who has failed at being a human being. Jakey? – An unfortunate individual with limited mental capacity who is currently sheltered by parents with relatively deep pockets. – I wouldn’t give either of them credit for having ANY standing… Is there really a difference between ‘OAPs and loonies’ and bewildered ‘schoolchildren and loonies’? I’d suggest the former are more of a threat since they have bus passes and therefore don’t have to worry about scraping together the bus fare to attend their infantile ‘protests’! – Or their mummies grounding them!

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        • I can see both sides of this. Rupert and Jakey are both spoiled man-children with self-control issues, but their flailing around could conceivably draw other young, testosterone-laden hotshots to their ’cause’. (Kane Slater, I’m looking at you.) This just underscores the need for a watchdog (yes, that would be this community) to keep an eye open and ensure that all their idiocy receives the attention it deserves.


          • I agree completely. – And believe that all their silly threats and posturing needs to be brought to the attention of the police where appropriate and (more generally) collated for the benefit of all the relevant authorities and future reference. I’d caution against giving them ‘validation’ through inadvertantly promoting the very fear and alarm they seek to cause… These people are just life’s failures – no more no less – where they step outside the law it needs to come down hard on them. Equally well the good people of Hampstead should be able to go about their lawful business untroubled by these lunatics.

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        • Perhaps I am overestimating the threat of Jake and Rupert. I am concerned that Rupert has managed to turn talk into an action of potentially coming to London. Jake is actively networking and gathering a new wave of activists to the Satan Hunter cause.

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          • Yes–and as a UK resident he can and should be called to account for action he takes on UK soil. I suspect that he’ll be receiving the proverbial knock on the door soon.

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          • Maybe he is SV… But who and what are they?

            Sadly, Jakey is of an ‘age and stage’ where his contemporarys are moving on in their lives. – They’re growing up and out of the games and attitudes that suit a middle-class quasi-rebel in their mid-teens. And that perhaps leaves him ( for a while at least) with some standing and leadership with some much younger kids… And/or sets him up to be ‘lead on’ in a ‘Derek Bentley’ style by older miscreants – Angie for instance.

            But certainly – among his peers – he is just the village idiot.

            Is he likely to raise an ‘army’ of imbeciles? – Possibly. But I would fully expect the police to be well-able to deal with such a rabble. And Jakey? Well it might well be that a secure hospital is the best place for him. Bot certainly, he has no ‘power’ and no inflence over anything or anybody that matters. – He IS just an overgrown schoolboy. – The same is true of ridiculous Rupert.

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        • Can we start a ‘death threat list’ for easy reporting to authorities please? Who, what was said, when it was said, whether it was a single threat or has now been repeated by a particular person, screenshots, clips, (not original URL as those can be deleted by offender) etc? When readers of this blog find something that needs to be responded to by police, can they post under the name REPORT TO POLICE please, that way a search can be done quickly for forwarding to them. Posting them under this heading in caps will make it easy to search for such items of information within the blog by the appropriate police-team. We need to keep tabs on these people, and let them see they are being monitored, that this behaviour will not be tolerated.

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  3. I reported this video to Youtube because of the death threats discussed. Not that I expect them to do anything as we have witnessed how slack they are. At some stage there is going to be a terrible reckoning with Youtube where a terrible tragedy can be directly traced back to videos on Youtube encouraging action. Then we will see politicians wringing their hands in grief.

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  4. I do wonder if Angie posting the video of her conversation with Sabine was DELIBERATE? I think it was and Angie intended to use the conversation with Sabine to take the focus away from the information that was published yesterday about her house purchase.

    It was Angie who phoned Sabine and then Angie tried to lead the conversation in yesterdays video.

    To me it would seem that Angie is desperate to take heat and attention away from herself. I think we are getting very close to fully exposing Angie for what she is. In my opinion she is little more than a fraudster, who will stoop to the lowest depths in order to put money in her own pocket.

    I don’t think that its any coincidence that in the screenshot below, she announces the completion of “The Kenya Project” and the purchase of her house is completed on exactly the same day. She then moved onto collecting money for her sons surgery, again with a very sad story attached to aid the donations coming in’

    Angie is a crook who’s has been caught out by her own ego.

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    • It’s entirely possible that the leak was deliberate, JW–but I’m sure Angie must be aware that in doing this while Sabine’s current witness intimidation case is still in its early ‘plea and case management’ phase, she’s essentially throwing her friend under the bus. I’ll be very interested to see Sabine’s response to having this conversation made public…not to mention sent to the authorities.

      Your research, as always, is very much appreciated! Thank you for all that you do.


    • Who’s to say they didn’t really raise…..the price of Angie’s house? And declared….much much less? I suppose details of income, mortgage and so on would be out of the question, Angie? Since you are sooo transparent and all that…

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  5. if you review the video that Angie posted on 21st January 2016 and consider the evidence that has since been discovered. The rebuttal of Angies claims by hard cold factual evidence paints a different story to what Angie tried to claim.

    Her comments for the video are copied below:

    To save enlarging the image, this is what she says:

    “Published on Jan 21, 2016
    The GOOD news is due to pressure exerted by campaigners and media attention worldwide, the planned handover of the children to the Father they allege abused them and pimped them out to a ritual abuse ring in HAMPSTEAD, on February 1st 2016 has been INDEFINITELY SUSPENDED by Social Services who have them ‘in care’. Also, the INDEPENDENT POLICE COMPLAINTS COMMISSION has UPHELD a complaint by their Mother that the METROPOLITAN POLICE failed to properly investigate the most serious ALLEGATIONS. Speaking out WORKS though the price is high. The price of SILENCE is your integrity JUDGE FOR YOURSELVES”

    And the actual video:

    There is a pattern in Angies behaviour – when the going gets hot, she starts to try to deflect that heat by pointing people to different things.

    I guess she hopes that will take the focus away from her…..

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    • What the hell is she on about? She & her nutcase pals would have zilch knowledge of any present arrangements between social services, the children & the father for good reason. Social services would never allow any information to seep out and and foster carers would be bound by strict confidentially clauses.

      Why is this ghastly woman rabbiting such blatant lies : “campaigners and media attention worldwide”..fucking nutcase chatter on the internet is not ‘”media attention worldwide” & even if there was a scintilla of truth in it this cannot possible undo a High Court Judgement where an appeal was also rejected. The father was exonerated in that judgement.

      Do these creeps really think that if they write IPCC enough times they can change a court judgement?. The IPCC has no authority to criticize or override a court judgement. This woman is either intensely stupid or is deliberately & maliciously trying to stir up hatred toward numerous innocent parties including a father, Hampstead residents, social workers & police.

      Either her frigging brain has been fried by alcohol & cigarettes or she is a cheap amoral con-merchant whose soul motive is to solicit donations.

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  6. In the video where Angie tries to rebuke the consensus of opinion that she is a CHARITY SCAMMER, she talks about her fund raising for her son. She says (at 14:30 onwards) that “She tries to sell her house” and that she tried to get a loan secured against it.

    When Angie purchased the property from the local council she would have been very aware that she was getting it at a discounted price. The discount carried with it a “burden” – a covenant that stopped her selling the house or getting a mortgage on it without the consent of the local council for 20 years after the purchase. With regards the property her claims are farcical.

    She does state in the video that she checked out the orphanage and school before raising money and says that they are very reputable and keep very good accounts.

    She claims that she had been making donations to the orphanage/school for “a couple of years” before she started the “Kenya Project”

    The “Kenya project” started lated 2011. As you will have seen previously in other posts on this blog, the orphanage/school (who Angie has vouched for with regards the accuracy of their accounts) supplied accounts of ALL donations made by Angie. Its no surprise that Angies first (EVER) donation to the school/orphanage was 700 Euros in December 2011. She had made no donations prior to then.

    Later in the video she claims to have raised nearly 11000 euros for the “Kenya Project” .Yet the orphanage/school have only received a total of 8175 euros to date.

    Angies has claimed part of the shortfall was things such as “bank charges” which is farcical as she had free banking for the “Kenya Project”

    So, in July 2014, Angie managed to find somewhere around 29000 Euros to buy her house (in addition to the price paid there will have been extra costs such as legal fees, land registry charges etc). That of course was a cash purchase. The “burden” placed on the property prevents a mortgage being raised on the property.

    In 2015 Angie was campaigning to raise 25000 to send her son to have stem cell treatment in America. Whilst I feel sympathy for her son, I also feel a little suspicious as to the extent of his abilities. Angie obtained carers allowance for him, that is given for a person requiring constant care. The Irish rules for carers allowance are even more stringent that the rules in mainland Britain. Giving her sons prowess on a football pitch, playing with fully sighted players raises some questions in my mind as to his need for constant care.

    Her son (to his credit) is clearly embarrassed at his mothers activities with regards raising money in his name. That is evidenced by his demeanor in the numerous videos that Angie has posted.

    The open letter (its posted elsewhere in this blog) that Angie sent via a facebook posting clearly shows the difficulties between her and her family, with that in mind, and cross referencing the dates of the purchase of her house it seems unlikely that they funded her house purchase.

    In her video (that is at the start of this thread) she clearly identifies Rupert’s intentions on visiting the UK, which is anything but to have a holiday. The UK Border Agency are now very aware of both Angie’s videos and Rupert’s own. Its going to be very tough for him to gain to the UK as a tourist, and very unlikely if he declares to the UKBA his true intentions. The difficulty he faces is explaining his comments in his own videos, and those of Angies. I doubt we will see him in the UK anytime soon.

    Angie would have been better investigating in the services of a good lawyer. Its very likely that in the near future she is going to need one. Her activities and the various suspicions have been passed to numerous authorities. Whilst the wheels of justice turn slowly they are turning with regards Angie.

    Her latest video was perhaps the final nails in her own metaphorical coffin, She will not be paying the price with her life (which the drama queen of Oldcastle claims is at risk) The price to be paid is most likely her liberty.

    Sorry Angie, this is not harassment, its simply exposure of your activities.

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      • The facts are simple, we know how much she claims to have collected (and some dates of those collections from her face book postings) and we know how much the “The Kenya Project” received and the pattern of receipt – the two don’t agree.

        The shortfall has been enough to entice the Irish Authorities into looking closer at Angies affairs. That will obviously include bank accounts, paypal accounts, social media accounts. Angie will need to explain an awful lot, including her income to the Revenue.

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        • Hopefully, if it can be proved she acquired it by fraudulent means, , her house would be confiscated under ‘proceeds of crime’ laws. (assuming that Rep of Ireland has similar rules to UK) That would be a sweet moment, especially for those of us who already despise those who buy up social housing. (twenty nine grand for a house…bloody hell, no wonder she jumped at it) And isn’t the house she films from these days a different one? The kitchen looks different. Perhaps she has tenants in her bought ex-council house? Finally, didn’t she once claim to have D.I.D (used to be called multiple personality disorder) what’s the chances she say all her ‘alters’ did the dirty work and she has no memory of any wrong doing, lol?


    • Rupert is flying to Ireland so the Irish immigration people need to know. i wonder if the plan is to get him to ‘walk through’ to the UK without declaring himself.

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  7. So, rubbish mother Ella thinks her son has been a victim of rape, and she can’t even be arsed to talk to him about it urgently, or she did and is lying to Sabine, or she doesn’t think her son is a victim of anything because she knows what the children say is not true.

    That Sabine and Angie are in a dark, dark evil place. They themselves are the type of people they rail against. Time will tell if that scumbaggery has resulted in criminal offences.

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  8. Why would anyone relish the fact that someone has received death threats or that they are aware of numerous death threats against a person either in the UK or USA?

    What impact would that have on children knowing their father was being threatened or if the worst happened & he was murdered? . Can you imagine the distress this would cause children?

    I think the way these two discuss these death threats in a matter of fact manner & in almost gleeful fashion is more evidence of sociopath behavior. Sociopaths can mimic normal behavior but eventually give themselves away by their inability to maintain that normal empathetic behavior. The other give-away is that for all their chatter- it’s basically always about them. Sabine’s mantra is always that these so-called Satanists cause her endless grief in her life. Angie’s talk always gets back to her & her so-called achievements. It’s always all about them.

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  9. Speaking of death threats, here’s John “I don’t do death threats” Taylor to clear things up for us. Oh and look, he’s grassed me up to Angela. Bless 😀 Pretty cowardly for a supposed stuntman, isn’t he.

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  10. Bravo to everyone contributing to the outing of these malicious dangerous liars! McKenzie Devils, wonderful detective work. EC, thanks to you for all your efforts and good writing.

    . I am sure this will be the final nail in the coffin for Sabine who shows herself here as the continuing enabler, encourager and backer ‘I don’t use my front room’ of continued harassment and danger to innocent people who have already been investigated by people with intelligence, as opposed to these dimwits who are nothing but fantasists.

    LOL at the screenshots of Angie’s comments at different moments showing nil comments vs her lies….it is so interesting to see how these people lie so easily make up shit, and how annoying for them when they are outed for what they really are!

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  11. I do wonder if there is any truth to Ella visiting the UK. Abe and Ella have been very quiet as of late.

    It’s worrying and disgusting to think that people are recording sightings and supposedly taking photographs of the children with their father. With all the nutters connected to this case it could pose a real danger. It demonstrates exactly why the children should never have been exposed by Sabine. She is a truly wicked and ignorant woman.

    Maybe Rupert is a tad over exposed for pulling off an undercover operation. After all, the cult is well connected and he has been on several videos warning them of his arrival. I wonder if he will be arriving via Heathrow, along with all the African babies locked up in the hold. Perhaps he will attempt to sneak inside for a look. I can just imagine Rupert with a raincoat, brief case, glasses, fake moustache and British accent, going undercover in the Hampstead public houses. A particular scene from the movie Trainspotting springs to mind.

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    • LOL, his ‘English accent’ could land him a role in Mary Poppins.

      Yes, I’ve been wondering what Abrella are up to. They’ve been uncharacteristically quiet lately.


      • Did anyone ever keep an eye on their new online venture, ie the nutritional stuff they swiped from a book they read? Did they ever sell any ‘tickets’ to their live webinars? I think we should all chip in and offer them a sum for a live interview, sure that will tempt them to come on out wherever they are. It was only ever a matter of time, how long that relationship would last. If it is not over, it must be pretty bad by now.


      • Did anyone ever keep an eye on their new online venture, the nutritional webinar, or ‘info swiped from a book we read’? Did they ever sell any ‘tickets’ to them? I think we should all chip in and offer them a paltry but unturndownable sum for a live interview, I’m sure that will tempt them to come on out from wherever they are.

        It was only ever a matter of time: How long would the relationship last? If it is not over, it must be on it’s last legs by now.

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    • It doesn’t matter which UK airport he arrives at. Will definitely be pulled in for questioning. He is on video claiming he would like to try child sex to see what it’s all about. These are not things you joke about.

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        • Its on the video with Angie where he wears that stupid fuckin hat, he also says kids think he is a giant bunny rabbit, classic grooming technique.

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        • I think it was Rupert’s idea of a joke but I didn’t find it funny. Saying kids cozy up to him just sounded like another boast to me. Apparently he’s good at so many things.

          p.s. Do you think he’d let me stay in his apartment while he’s in England? I’m planning on a trip to Virginia to do some investigating while he’s away. There’s this downtown bar…..

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        • Yeah, DG, he mentioned it when he said that Trainspotting left him wanting to try Heroin and The Wolf of Wall Street left him wanting to try Cocaine. He thought it was funny to joke that watching the Hampstead children on video had made him want to try sex with a child.

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          • Thanks, Jake and Karnevil.

            So Rupert admits he wants to try sex with children, Angie boasts about beating her own kids with metal sticks, Abe admits he beat A & G with spoons, Belinda says that’s ok, Abe and Lisa Vunk both agree that parents should be allowed to beat their kids “to keep them in line just like animals”, Maria McMahon and her mates are caught planning to abduct two vulnerable children, a number of them have posted child porn on their blogs and Facebook pages and they’ve all broken child protection laws by publishing A & G’s faces online…..but WE’RE the child abusers?!

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          • You know, it surprises me that the other Hoaxteaders haven’t picked up this ball and run with it. They’re so intensely focussed on ‘nonces’ and paedophiles, you’d think they’d be all over this.

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          • Yes and it’s on Angela Power Disney’s video ‘The Hampstead Cover Up Bottom Line’ from 26.37 onwards for anyone wanting to see him in full delusional flights of fancy; it follows from him posturing about the case and declaring it needs some muscle brought to it (from him I guess) he’s such an insufferable twerp. It’s funny how his arse fell out after this video when he realised he might actually be in trouble. Other than his vid from a year ago and the follow up one about comments he’s not linked to any of the Skype chats with old Ange on his own channel. I don’t think he’s anything to worry about, just another bored stoner who hasn’t bothered to read the facts in the case properly and thinks the Pauffley judgement carries the same weight as a magazine article. His ignorance is shocking but he’s easily knocked down too.

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          • When he announced on video “Listen, I don’t give a shit about these kids.” I was gobsmacked. Why Angie would happily give half her inheritance to him after hearing that beggars belief.

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    • Actually Dave, we hear Rupert is already preparing for his visit, and has had his tailor make suitable attire for the trip. – Like any visiting alien (illegal or otherwise) he has done his research carefully, and will blend in perfectly…

      …A few of us WERE wondering if Rupert was descended from the Starchild?

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  12. Thanks for downloading a copy, ‘Mckenzie Devils’. It means the Police can take the time to listen to this next week, without fear of it disappearing off YT over the weekend.
    …and thanks EC for the transcript!

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  13. Angie: “Between you and me, he’s coming…I’m careful about my location as well, but he’s meeting with me, he’s flying on the first of June.”

    Between you and me!…yeah, Angie and the world wide web!

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  14. It wouldn’t surprise me if Angela Power-Disney was happy to have Rupert Wilson Quaintance III arrested, detained and deported as a ‘martyr’ to the cause.

    Of course if he is deported he will also have to deal with the FBI back home once they were alerted. They don’t child abuse lightly either.

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    • I wouldn’t doubt that for a second Sam. – A ‘martyr’ is a golden asset to these con merchants. And if for once Angie can link herself to something that actually DID happen… I’m sure she imagines this is something she can milk to death.

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    • If rupert ends up in a british prison he will not like it. He is on video saying he dosent give a shit about the kids and would like to try a kid in the A. He will have two choices,, 1 go on a wing and get boiling sugar water thrown in the face or 2 go on the numbers where he will share a cell with a paedo or a grass. Have fun Rupe!

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  15. Its win win for Angie, Sabine and Belinda, with someone else left taking the punishment for an act that they have encouraged.

    Rupert is being setup to fail.

    Is Angie really so stupid to think that all known routes into the UK are watched and monitored closely, with the information that has been passed to the UKBA during the last 48 hours, does Angie seriously think that they will not be altered when Rupert gets on a flight out of America? Irrespective of where the first stop is or the subsequent stops to try to avoid detection by the UKBA.

    If Rupert intends to come to the UK then his best chance of ever getting here is to be upfront and tell UK Immigration exactly what he intends to do whilst he is in the UK. Mind you that might be difficult for him, he and Angie have published so many posts and videos (which have been copied and sent to the UKBA) that its going to be very very difficult for Rupert to explain all of that away.

    Angie – google “UKBA watch list” “e-borders” and “information sharing – UK and America” it might burst a bubble for you (or rather pop a zit….)

    The article below is part of a press announcement in 2011, it might help you stop making yourself look a total and utter prat Rupert / Angie.

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    • Interesting info’ JW! The fact that Rupert is supposedly coming over here on an open-ended ticket will be enough for them to stop and question him.

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    • Recall the alleged journalist Leah Mcgrath Goodman (since discredited over her Bitcoin tale) and another heroine of the fanatical child abuse mob was refused entry with that crowd hyperventilating that it was an attempted ‘cover-up’ but the reality was that she had lied on her visa application & claimed to be a tourist when she was working.

      If Rupert doesn’t think Border Control communications are state of the art and that US & UK immigration share information then he is more naive than we think.

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  16. I’ve just been shown Angie’s facebook page where, YET AGAIN, she is riding a coach-and horses through the Sexual Offences Act and – more seriously – denying the little girl in the Hampstead hoax her rights to privacy and to move on in life. – I find it particularly disgusting that someone who themself claims to have been damaged by past abuse should ‘work’ so hard to ensure that another innocent child is condemned to lifelong suffering and inescapable stigma. – But of course, being a fraud in so much of her life, Angie can have no understanding of these things. And I suspect a small child is just ‘fresh meat’ to her as she rattles her can.

    I am equally disgusted that Facebook does not immediately and permanently close the accounts of those who break the law in this manner – one reason why I personally will have nothing to do with them.

    – The individuals concerned are absolute vermin!

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    • I must say I’m flabbergasted looking at her FB page. She is bizarrely shameless. Rabbiting on about cyber-crime (us) and there she has committed a criminal offense yet again posting images of a child abuse victim & also in breach of a court injunction.

      She is mad, bad & dangerous. Check her lunacy re- her passport ( how is she going to travel to the UK?) & suggesting it’s a government organized crime. Quite apart from her scams she is a fucking lunatic. I think the police should be informed that she is likely to be at the court for that case. She has brazenly committed a criminal offense by identifying the children. She should be arrested.

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      • An interesting point – Judging from Jakey’s ‘anonymous’ page he seems to be labouring under the illusion it’s just the court order that prevents publication of the children’s identities and that ‘somehow’ the fact he’s uploaded to a foreign-based service places the material outside the country…

        For the benefit of this hypocritical little fuckwit and his kind:

        1) The main reason for not identifying the victim – or alleged victim – of a sex crime is to protect THEIR privacy and afford THEM the opportunity to recover from their trauma without the ‘victim’ label. – It’s been found that carrying that ‘weight’ increases the likelihood they will be targeted again… There is also the point that lurid tales of sexual abuse are viewed by some perverts as a form of pornography.

        So – Jakey and Angie – let me spell it out for you; by continuing to identify the childen you ARE sexually abusing them as well as breaching their human rights.

        2) It’s not (JUST) the court order that makes naming these kids illegal. – Whoever they are and whether the matter has been to court or not, victims or alleged victims of ANY kind of sex crime are protected by the SEXUAL OFFENCES ACT… Naming such a person means YOU have committed a sex crime Jakey and Angie – and the rest of you bloody ghouls!

        3) Breaching the court order JAKEY places YOU in contempt of court; the court order was a ‘belt and braces’ measure to clarify matters for idiots like YOU. – that’s in addition to you being a grubby little sex offender. The locus of the offence is within the UK – doesn’t matter where you uploaded your ‘porn’ to you incredibly-stupid and ignorant little freak!

        I sincerely hope it’s only a matter of a VERY short time before the police catch up with you and drag your ignorant little husk into custody… You’re a child abuser Jakey, for the reasons explained above, you’re a child abuser. And the treatment YOU deserve is no different from any other nonce!

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      • I cry fake! She’s read on here that we’re onto her for not having travelled and that she made up the story about having her passport (and later her handbag) stolen, so she’s gone to the airport to report it – and film herself doing so – to cover her arse. I mean, seriously, who the hell waits two days to report being robbed and who the hell films themselves reporting it? She’s wasting valuable police time and I hope they don’t let her get away with that.

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        • I’m inclined to agree… The individual who let me see Angie’s Facebook page today is an ex-cop, albeit one that left the police many years ago. His instinct is that it’s HIGHLY unlikely whoever is behind the front bar will be in a position to leave it – because that’s their post for the shift! I’m told the Garda, all UK forces and many of the former colonial forces operate so similarly that those transferring from one to another virtually just have to change uniforms!

          And, as you say, with a passport and a supposedly highly prized bag gone missing – who wouldn’t be round at the Police station immediately they discovered the theft? – Similarly, if she’d spoken to a Garda at the time, they’d have taken a report; NOT just told her to go to the station! – For some bizarre reason this lie about having been abroad seems awfully important to her.

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          • “For some bizarre reason this lie about having been abroad seems awfully important to her.”

            – yes, it is very strange. Do you know when exactly she first started mentioning being abroad? Would be interesting to link it up with what else was happening/being said at the same time. She is very keen for it to be known that she was overseas for a particular period of time – an attempt at an alibi?

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          • Just a thought –

            Covert recording of a police officer is pretty much frowned upon throughout the world – filming any Irish Police officer (both North and Southern Ireland) AND PUBLISHING their face on the Internet Is regarded as a no-no. Something to do with not helping the bad guys identify faces when the Officer is not on duty and in civilian clothes. Perhaps Angie forgot (after living in Ireland half her life) that historically many police officers have been targeted by terrorists such as IRA, PIRA, RIRA, that is both in the North and South. People are understandably cautious with regards this.

            Why would Angie blatantly ignore this? I’m leaning towards thinking it was stupidity on her part, However I do wonder if it was because she thought it a guaranteed way of getting attention?

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    • She’s shared that disgraceful post from Jake’s page. i reported it when he initially put it up and was told that it doesn’t violate Facebook’s community guidelines. Don’t give up, though – we’ve seen that it can be done – most recently from Gabriella, who got 5 Eaten Liver Splatters posts taken down and got the psychotic child-abusing psycho an FB suspension.

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  17. A sort while ago I noticed the rather strange post she has recently put up, where Angie is at the the Dublin Airport Police talking to a female officer BUT COVERTLY recording the conversation.Why she felt the need to do that God only knows?.

    The Airport Police have been informed, they are not happy about Angie making covert recordings of them at the airport. They have said they will pass it onto their colleagues who are investigating her activities.

    Incidentally, what Angie says happened with the Police and what is recorded is different (No surprise there)

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  18. I can’t see any good reason for Rupert to come to England and get involved with this Hampstead case, none at all.

    He has no kudos, what do these people supporting it think he is going to be able to do that they can’t?

    I don’t understand this at all.

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    • Best-guess is they’re setting him up to be arrested – at which point he becomes another ‘martyr’. – And of financial advantage to them.

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    • I don’t, sorry, no. I’ll ask around though, somebody else might know. – Maybe it’s an ‘alter ego’?

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  19. Translation: “Waaah waaah boo hoo da big girls are picking on me again not fair not fair waaaaaah…”
    Am I close?

    And don’t even get me started on the dishonesty and blatant hypocrisy of Angie whining about non-existent harassment when she’s one of the biggest, most pernicious harassers around.

    Who the fudge is Mary Green, btw? New one on me. ❓ ❓ ❓

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      • Yes–we’ve had it vetted a number of times, and are acutely aware of what we can and cannot do. When we are concerned that something might be illegal, we err on the side of not publishing. Caution is our middle name. 🙂

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        • Moreover, if this blog is illegal, then so are Private Eye, the Onion, the Spectator, Mock the Week, Have I Got News For You, Spitting Image, 2DTV…I could go on. And I won’t list all of their genuinely illegal blogs and pages which contain a wealth of libel, death threats and child protection breaches.

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    • That ‘legal team’ again.

      Strange ethics they have. They switch from mocking the law and it’s enforcers (accusing them of murdering babies) to demanding their assistance as their ‘servants’ to covertly (I would say illegally as well seeing it’s on private property) recording them & then insulting a PC who is trying to assist.

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  20. Has anyone seen the video of kevin annett in new york giving Ban Ki Moon an ultimatum? He has a week or so to kick the UK, Canada and the Vatican out of the UN or be tried by an ITTCS grand jury (annett in his dads trailer) for treason. Could Angie be using Rupert as a smokescreen to get Annett over? Could she be hoping to get the two of them to tour the UK? Annett is trying to flog his new book and is quite active now. Neelu has also spoken recently about sneaking him in as well. Expect Angie etc to release loads of bullshit to hide her sleight of hand. Her releasing That voice recording with Sabine was no mistake.

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    • In all honesty I don’t think she is that well connected. Contrary to what the loons might imagine, ROI Border control is a bit more complex than Seamus O’Lunacy armed with a Rolodex and a length of rope barrier… Likewise the UK borders have at least half-a-dozen folk watching them at any one time! 😉

      Annett would only have to show his face and the police would lift him quicker than a clapped-out Cortina blocking the gates og Buck House! – No, as others have pointed out, this is more of a deflection tactic to draw the heat off Angie.

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  21. From the Disney lady.

    This amazing policewoman tracked the handbag with ‪#‎PASSPORT‬ and other things for hours on cctv then personally walked the pera meters of the entire airport to see if the bag had been emptied then dumped. There ARE good coppers smile emoticon
    Was it
    1. A flash mob eastern European professional robbery team or
    2. Orchestrated government harrassment (remember ‘burglary’ last June of laptop camcorder driving license??)

    Oh dear!
    There is a third option. Visit an airport. Leaving your bag at airport, tell the policewoman where it is! Jobs a good’en.

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    • How long does it take to get a replacement passport? Only time I lost mine it took 6 weeks with non-urgent travel. I was always terrified of who might find my passport and use it for nefarious reasons. Is Angie setting up a scenario where her passport is used & she can deny it’s her?


    • Aw. Too bad, so sad.

      I love how the conspiraloons rant on about ‘free speech’ without having the slightest idea what it actually means. Free speech has nothing to do with the ability to spout hatred at whomever one pleases; it’s simply about having the ability to express ideas or beliefs without intervention or restriction by the state.
      Although Facebook is very large indeed, it hasn’t yet qualified for statehood. In fact, it is a corporately owned platform, and can ban Jason Streatham’s sorry ass at any time, for any reason.

      Now, if only they’d ban a few more of his ilk.


      • He should talk- looks like he’s gorged on McDonalds too many times. Of course these nutters have no idea of who actually owns all the facilities or the companies that manufacture all the goods and services they use.
        McDonalds for instance pay appalling wages in the USA which are so bad workers need a second job to live.

        If they were real renegades they would have to live in a forest and survive on berries seeing half our goods & services come from corporations with less than stellar ethics but most of us just want to live as best we can.

        These conspiraloons are such rebels all their activity is confined to surfing the net and posting insults & libels on Facebook. If there really was a people’s revolution I reckon they would be hiding in their Grandmother’s basement.

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      • Indeed, EC. Anyone who thinks that free speech is absolute has obviously never heard of the laws relating to race hate speech, incitement to violence, malicious communications, defamation, slander, libel, harassment, PACE, official secrets, child protection, perjury, data protection, breach of the peace, public order, confidentiality…I could go on. I would explain this to Jason and his fellow hoaxers too but they’re too busy promoting free speech by telling us to “shut the fuck up”, threatening to have us killed for expressing our views and trying to get this blog shut down because they don’t like what we say. So no hypocrisy there, then.

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