Sabine’s latest malicious communication

Recently we ran across the following quote from David Wong, the executive editor of Cracked, an online humour magazine:

If you can convince a human that their sadism serves righteousness, you’ve combined the two biggest highs a human brain can manufacture.
It’s the same stew that fuels every hate movement in history.
Cruelty is incredibly addictive, and if you can convince someone their cruelty is saving the world, it’s like telling a crack addict that the more crack they smoke, the more lives they’ll save. All societal boundaries that were keeping the addiction in check vanish, replaced by a chorus of voices telling them that the high they’re feeling is the sign that they’ve done something right.

Not really very funny, but it certainly resonated this morning, when we saw that Sabine had posted yet another hate-filled, self-righteous blog post, featuring the typically implausible claim that the “Temple of Baal (is) to open in Times Sq and Trafalgar Sq on April 19”.

Sabine learned this from this fellow, who looks like a completely credible source of information to us:

Sabine blog-Temple of Baal 2016-04-04

Apparently the Temple of Baal is actually a replica of the original, destroyed by ISIS, and is meant to draw attention to UN World Heritage Week (now, if that’s not an Illuminati plot, we don’t know what is!)(oh, wait, they really believe it is. Forget previous parenthetical remark, please).

Of course, to Sabine and her gang of nutters, this obviously means that child sacrifices are about to take place right out there in public, despite a complete lack of evidence that any such thing ever took place at the real Temple of Baal.

Anyhoo…back to Sabine’s blog.

Sabine-Whistleblower blog-2016-04-04

Aside from the usual shrieking histrionics about making sodomy legal (hint: it already is legal, and has been for years) and making baby-killing ‘lawful’ (another hateful Sabine lie), we’re concerned that once again, Sabine seems to be targeting the children and parents at Christ Church School. In the context of this post, she once again seems to be hinting at vigilantism (“…unless ‘we’ do ‘something’…), and as we know, there are enough remaining Hoaxtead supporters to take her up on this suggestion.

As Mr Wong says in the quote above, “If you can convince someone their cruelty is saving the world, it’s like telling a crack addict that the more crack they smoke, the more lives they’ll save”.

We’ve seen this idea in action for more than a year now, and while Hoaxtead is showing some signs of abating, that’s not much consolation to the parents who’ve been maliciously accused of horrific crimes, or their children, whose lives will be affected as long as people like Sabine continue to dredge their names up online again and again.

At what point, we wonder, will the police and CPS take action against those who perpetuate this kind of malicious communication? The teachers, parents, and children of Hampstead are waiting.


[Please note: While we have decided to refrain from further commentary on Sabine and Neelu’s 8 April court date, at which they’ll face charges of witness intimidation, we feel this article has no bearing on that case, and as such, is an appropriate subject for comment.]

Self-righteousness + sadism



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  1. Whats wrong with these people? they are playing with real peoples lives, I havent watched much footage of the children but one bit upsets me. The boy is on his own being interviewed by the police, its so sad knowing that poor kid never got to go home again and was fostered, it breaks my heart. I hope when they are older they repay all these ghouls. And they are still as fixated on it as ever. RD should sue them.

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    • My thoughts exactly- I hope when these kids get to legal age they haul their sorry arses into court and make mincemeat of them. Ghouls is the right word.

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    • It’s worth considering that the children may be having a whale of a time with people who now care for them.

      They have the opportunity to get to know their father and his family without their minds and bodies being poisoned by a deranged mother who sole intention was to make their fathers life hell.

      There’s a lot to be said for waking up each morning knowing that you are not going to be beaten by a child abuser and starved by your mother.


      • Well said – something not usually considered by the hoax nutters. Foster parents are, in the main, excellent folk with lots of experience with children coming from violent and/or neglectful situations. Wherever they are I know everyone connected with this blog wishes the the very best from life.
        Unlike Belinda, Sabine, Angela and all the other narcissistic, delusional and cynical arseholes. I wonder have they ever done the slightest good for another human being in their miserable lives?

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        • We certainly do wish them the best. And we wish the other children involved–those named by the Hoaxtead crew as being victims of their own parents in the pretend ‘cult’–all the best as well. They’ve all had to deal with invasions into their private lives, in ways most of us could not imagine.


          • Well said, everyone above. Yes, I hope the children are now living normal, happy lives and one that befits their age, which is something Ella and Abe did not do, exposing them to the most disgusting of scenarios and language, not to mention the beatings from Abe.

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  2. It would seem that Sabines latest post on a blog that is registered to her is breaking the law. That is both Civil and Criminal law. How much longer will this be allowed to continue before she faces charges for that?


    The Equalities act makes it a criminal offence to discriminate against ANY religion

    It could also be an offence if discrimination occurs because of a philisophical belief:


    Sabine has an injunction in place against her that prohibits her undertaking certain acts. She ignores that (even though the injunction has a penal order attached)

    To quote the injunction:

    Yet Sabine in her latest posting clearly ignores that….

    The Injunction goes on to be more specific to Sabine:

    Yet the video that Sabine links to (on her website) clearly identifies the children, and she also uses their Christian names in her ramblings, so that there can be no doubt

    There is also a link in her ramblings that take you to another page – this again seems to treat the Court with contempt

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      • Thanks, JW.

        And for info’, here’s a timely reminder of Sabine’s bail conditions:

        And this is the sicknote she’s using to claim benefits:

        Says she was a assaulted by the police, which we know for a fact she wasn’t, as the whole thing’s on video.

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        • You are doing a good job of digging all of this up, I suppose that since these people are extreme narcissists and feel the need to make a youtube vid everytime they have a thought it makes your job easier, hang em with their own words!

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    • Sadly I have found in the past on the one occasion I obtained an injunction against a person and a court order prohibiting them from doing certain actions, they simply ignored it after a while. Not only that I found on 2 occasions, police – I always carried that court order with me – were incapable of ether understanding that court order or skeptical that it was real ( another reason I simply loathe those Freeman and their phony orders)

      On a third occasion I encountered a police woman who refused to allow me to enter a property of which I was the lawful tenant and who believed the injuncted person’s lies. Sadly- as this was not something I wanted to do- after serious complaints to police & threats to sue this ended with that police woman being reprimanded and ‘counseled’ but still the person breaching both court orders & an injunction escaped unsanction.

      The sad truth is this : breaches of court orders or injunctions go unheeded unless an interested party pursues those who breach them. Certainly RD has a case and I’m pretty sure the innocent residents of Hampstead could demand action but I reckon they just want peace & who could blame them. I do not think they will ever get it unless they are as tough as nails and take action. The police really must pursue this person or they risk making the entire Hampstead process & the court actions a mockery.

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  3. Sorry, slightly off-topic but just to show you it can be done, check this out. It’s just come in this morning:

    This pleasing news relates to a nasty, libellous, threatening ELM (Tina Kachina) post I reported yesterday (the comment thread was a real eye-opener too, by the way – these people know no shame).

    Don’t give up, folks – we can make a difference 🙂

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    • You can see the headline in a tabloid can’t you? : Residents Terrified After Receiving Evil Voodoo Dolls in Mail. The woman is cracked.

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    • I remember this plan of theirs at the time. Straight away it showed the kind of people we would be dealing with. Pouring pretend blood over broken up dolls,that’s the product of a sick mind

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  4. This “amuses” her? One can only wonder at the sort of mind that is ‘amused’ by baselessly tormenting people in such a vile, disturbing manner.

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  5. Sabine McNeill claims she is a scientist, but I see no critical thinking applied in her posts. McNeill shares the same characteristics of those that destroyed the archaeological ruins in Palmyra: ignorance; extremism; incitement. The proposed UK Extremist Disruption Orders is designed for people like Sabine McNeill. There are many mentally ill people supporting Sabine McNeill, and it only takes one of them with a knife or gun to act on her incitement to cause a tragedy.

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    • Ironic isn’t it : she & that goat in his hat in the video are siding with possibly the most evil murderous cult ISIS who lop heads of men, women & children in public & slit the throats of those who displease them.

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  6. Re. the “do something” remark: confusion over, folks! If you check out the comment thread on the post in question, you’ll see that after Truth1’s customary sleep-inducing ramble about God and psyops and how the sun shines out of Sabine’s Arschloch, Sabine clears everything up for us in her usual succinct, concise and unambiguous fashion. Oh wait…

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  7. Her grammar is all over the shop!

    “Enforced religion”? It’s a blooming archaeological exhibition!

    “Sodomy will become ‘legal'” I cant resist saying “bugger me!” (What are the inverted commas around legal for?)

    ” … over 60 friends…” the number of Hoaxers or Sabine’s age?

    Her mind is going completely, I think she has been eating one of Charlotte Ward’s mushroom omelettes.

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  8. SV might like to note that, in the biblical narrative it is the prophet Daniel who has the wives and children of the priest of Bel put to death. Seems a little harsh as a punishment for deception.

    “The narrative of Bel (14:1–22) ridicules the worship of idols. In it, the king asks Daniel, “Thinkest thou not that Bel is a living god? seest thou not how much he eateth and drinketh every day?” to which Daniel answers that the idol is made of clay covered by bronze and thus cannot eat or drink. Enraged, the king then demands that the seventy priests of Bel show him who consumes the offerings made to the idol. The priests then challenge the king to set the offerings as usual (which were “twelve great measures of fine flour, and forty sheep, and six vessels of wine”) and then seal the entrance to the temple with his ring: if Bel does not consume the offerings, the priests are to be sentenced to death; otherwise, Daniel is to be killed.

    Daniel then uncovers the ruse (by scattering ashes over the floor of the temple in the presence of the king after the priests have left) and shows that the “sacred” meal of Bel is actually consumed at night by the priests and their wives and children, who enter through a secret door when the temple’s doors are sealed.

    The next morning, Daniel calls attention to the footprints on the temple floor; the priests of Bel are then arrested and, confessing their deed, reveal the secret passage that they used to sneak inside the temple. They, their wives and children are put to death, and Daniel is permitted to destroy the idol of Bel and the temple. This version has been cited as an ancestor of the “locked room mystery”.”

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    • that’s really an allegory isn’t it?. It’s all about Angie Power-Disney’s £1M GoFundme scheme. Just switch the characters and you have Angie feasting on the donations meant for the African kiddies. Or buying packs of fags.

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    • This is the Treasury’s response to such nonsense:

      “Her Majesty’s Treasury

      30 September 2010

      The Freedom of Information Act provides a right of access to recorded information, rather than requests for advice and explanation; so this is not a valid request under the Act.

      That in itself is not a reason to avoid your question. However, before I answer your question I should stress that I am not a practicing lawyer, nothing I say should be relied upon as legal advice.

      Nonetheless, you insist on a clear answer and I want to be helpful. The answer to your question is NO.

      Chapter 11 bankruptcy can strictly have meaning only within the US legal system, since the Chapter 11 in question is Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code. Moreover, as I understand it, chapter 11 circumstances apply to corporate entities who are unable to meet their debt obligations and have to negotiate a restructuring accordingly. The UK government has never in recent history been unable to service its debts or its borrowing requirements. So I don’t think the analogy is in any sense meaningful.

      Paul Morran | Information Rights Unit | 2/SW, 1 Horse Guards Road, SW1A 2HQ “

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      • No, actually I think it’s quite certain that Neelu is (as they say in Glasgow) ‘Properly mental’, ‘oot hur tree’ and ‘hepped up on goofballs’.

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        • Ironically ‘severe mental impairment’ would qualify her for council tax exemption under Redbridge rules (each council is a law unto itself with council tax exemptions) but she seems to not accept her condition or be willing to recognise its consequences, which is, of course, the catch 22 of mental incapacity.

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          • There seem to be a number of factors in Neelu’s unfortunate case which will only be tackled if and when matters reach such a pitch that some authority is forced to intervene. – By which time she will be (if she is not already) ‘beyond repair’.

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    • poor Neelu is over-excited about that letter where some poor council worker, probably driven to distraction has buggered up the dates. What is shows is that Neelu owes back council taxes and is in dire straights. Now I feel sorry for people having to pay council tax and it’s pretty bloody hefty but the only way to fight it is to organize politically, not issue liens etc.

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    • You know, whether or not she does time for her upcoming charges, one of these days she’s going to get arrested for this sort of thing, and all the Patrick Cullinane legal expertise in the universe isn’t going to save her.


  9. Karen Johnson emailed me earlier – she has asked that I pass on her thanks to all of the contributors to this blog – she says without your work Angie Power-disney would have continued scamming without being exposed.

    It would seem that Angie HAS NOT made any contribution to the children of the school and orphanage ran by David Chisoli from her 20000 windfall. Hardly surprising.

    Karen has asked me to post this screen shot of a communication that she had from David Chisoli earlier this afternoon. Thank God he did keep records, perhaps Angie did not expect a man in Africa, working mainly from an old broken smart phone with poor internet connectivity, to ever keep accurate records and thus her scam and theft of funds would have gone undetected.

    Sadly Sabine, Belinda and Angie are all of the same ilk. The only difference between the three of them is that Angie is not so clever and got caught.

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  10. I have just read through Karen’s Facebook exchanges with Angie

    Angies words to Karen in their facebook message exchange rings in my ears. In reply to Karens comment ” If you have scammed the orphanage, then may I return your biblical words and say May God have mercy upon your soul.”

    Angie has nothing to fear of course as she HAS NO SOUL

    For Karen’s own safety and her fear of any retribution from Angie she has given a number of people her face book login and password to allow them to archive the contents of her account, which has now been done.

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  12. So Truth1 gets an email notification every time someone posts to Sabine and the email details the comment in full – even if Sabine doesn’t publish the comment? Have I got that right??

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