Angie becomes her own benefactor

Most of our readers will be aware that for the past four months, Angela Fag-Ash Disney has had a GoFundMe page, in which she begs for people to support her in her dream of becoming a journalist. (Dream on, say we.)

Apparently Angie thinks a cool million euros will do the trick. Until yesterday, she’d acquired a grand total of €33 from four overly generous donors; but yesterday a very, very kind benefactor popped €10,000 into the pot!

Angela Power-Disney-GoFundMe 2016-04-03

Wow! Now that looks much more like it, don’t you think?

It would be very impressive, if it were true.

The sad reality is that Angie is simply resorting to one of the oldest tricks in the scammer’s book: salting the collection plate. This trick is commonly employed by pianists, bartenders, waiters, even the homeless begging on the street: when people see that others have already contributed to the pot, they assume this is the appropriate and acceptable thing to do.

Angie is relying on the concept of social validation to convince visitors to her GoFundMe page that they should, well, fund her. People are much more likely to donate larger sums when they think that’s what everyone else is doing…and Angie would desperately like to convince people that it is.

But where did she get the money?

Wasn’t Angie complaining just a short while ago that she was broke? How could she possibly donate such a large figure to her own GoFundMe page?

Well, just the other day, in one of her Skype chats with Q*Bert, she mentioned having come into a largish sum from her deceased sister’s estate: the figure she mentioned was £20,000.

And then, surprise, surprise! Suddenly a €10,000 donation pops up in the page the Hoaxtead pushers set up to bring Q*Bert to London (more on this to come…).

Angela Power-Disney GoFundMe QBert

And within hours, Angie’s own page was suddenly looking a lot more flush.

But couldn’t she do better by investing the €10,000?

Of course she could. And according to GoFundMe’s own rules, they’ll automatically take a small percentage of the money she earns as a fee for their service. So really, it’s a foolish financial move. But no one has ever accused Angela of being the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Unless…she’s betting that using that over-inflated donation number will encourage enough dupes…er, donors to give generously, that she’ll make it up in the volume. It’s a risk, of course; what if people see through her ruse and elect not to give at all?

But that’s not likely to happen. Angie’s friends have shown in the past that they can be relied on to cough up the cash when asked. After all, she was able to scrounge up enough money to send her son for his eye surgery while she used the remainder for a jaunt to Lanzarote last September.

Is it legal to trick people into donating more?

We don’t know how GoFundMe views this sort of behaviour. That’s why one of our team has already written to them to ask whether self-donation is allowed by their terms of service.

And in the same spirit, JW, one of our regular commentators, writes the following:

It’s nice to be helpful to people, so (in view of Angie’s seemingly poor skills in keeping financial records) I have emailed the Revenue in Ireland with a copy of the screenshot of her gofundme project in order to help Angie be law abiding and pay tax on her income from her self-funding venture.

No need to thank me Angie, I am certain a number of other people would have done exactly the same for you – Oh, I forgot, she does not look at this site….

That’s Hoaxtead Research for you—we’re just full to the brim with the milk of human kindness.

youre welcome


67 thoughts on “Angie becomes her own benefactor

  1. I pity anyone who donates to her Go Fund Me page, to help her be a journalist. Her research into what is a hoax has been pants!

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  2. No, our Angie lacks the journalist’s most important characteristic: the drive to follow the evidence wherever it takes you, and not just accept anyone’s word for anything.

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  3. haha you lot dont miss a thing! Angies trying to convince everyone that you’re the illuminati using your massive resources to make her life hell, Im looking forward to her protoge rupert coming to town kicking down doors! I noticed sabine donated to his fund, do you think the prosecution should be made aware of her continued fixation on hampstead?

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  4. Sadly for Angie her ‘new way’ of journalism, a subscribed newsletter has been around for 200 years or so. What she is really asking for is free money so she can continue a campaign of endless defamation & false accusations against innocent people (and one particular father who she accuses of despicable crimes).

    As for her anathema to advertising and attempting to weave her ‘Christian’ values into that, she seems oblivious to the fact that the venues she now uses, Youtube, Facebook & Google can only provide their free platforms by accepting advertising. And it could be argued that these platforms are (inevitably) destroying print publishing and 10,000s of jobs in the advertising industry.

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  5. Well said, Sam. Her idea of journalism isn’t even worthy of the muckraking red tops. It’s merely a very thinly disguised way to continue harassing the innocent for her own purposes.

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  6. Yes-she’s the gift that keeps on giving indeed ! Could that large donation be just a BIT more painfully transparent, yathink? And I know it may be a low blow to speculate on any potential psych diagnosis (although she wears her DID /PTSD badges with incessant pride), might she be somewhere on the autism spectrum? Mild Asperger Syndrome, perhaps? I only wonder as anybody with typical social skills/savvy would avoid publicly ‘disclosing’* a recent windfall a mere 2 days before (most likely) depositing half of it into one’s very own GoFundMe campaign ! A real enigma, that one…
    Big kudos to JW, btw!
    *she’s managed to make me abhor the verb ‘disclose’ in all its forms…thanks for that, Ang !

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  7. I think she’s a complete fraudster now.

    She’s had so many mental health diagnosis’ probably because each time she goes to be mentally health assessed she comes up with another story.

    I’m not going to believe another word she says any more has since she made the comment about being hunted and thought it was “lol” yet she claims to have been hunted as a child and urinated on by men.

    The woman is a fraudster and much more besides.

    Didn’t know she took some of the funds raised for her son to go on holiday to Lanzarote though.

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  8. Angie trying to weave “Christian” values into her self promoting scams is not washing. Many times before there have been people who have claimed to have “Christian” values and have had issues when people have found themselves ripped off.

    A good example of “Christian” values is the case of Norman Gidney in the UK. At face value Norman Gidney was a prominent and very active Christian, yet now there are numerous people left in poverty in their retirement when the pension fund they thought would provide them a pension disappeared.

    And the other side of Mr Gidney:


  9. Norman Gidney, and Simon Gidney (his son), were the sole trustees for the lost pension funds.


  10. Mine too, you can count on it being some kind of scam.

    Maybe, it’s so she doesn’t have too much for social security benefits perhaps?

    Otherwise, she’d have to stop her benefit claims is one of the reasons probably.

    I think she’s going to be donating to Africa soon, if not it might be a good idea, though sitting on the money, for what is it, 5 years, won’t make her not guilty of giving them the money she raised at the correct time.

    Take it there’s been no evidence of the African Children receiving all of the money raised.

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  11. I don’t think anyone with any sense can take her claims to be (or even aspire to be) a Journalist seriously…

    She is, from her actions and behaviour, clearly lying through her teeth about her past training as she doesn’t even know the basics of the craft. And it’s not as if she intends gaining an education in it! – She’s not taking herself off to the local FE college to begin the long long journey t’wards gaining the trade!

    Salting your own plate Angie? – Stupid move. That’s now taxable INCOME that The Revenue will be taking into account – not to mention the commission GoFundme will take. You DO really seem to imagine that folk with money go there by being as pig-shit thick and wilfully uneducated as yourself don’t you? But in truth, the only people you’re likely to fool are the dirt-poor and stupid. And that, angie, makes you the worst kind of thief, because you’re stealing these poor deluded soul’s trust.

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  12. And are we buying her story that the money is a sudden windfall from a dead sister rather than money she’s allegedly embezzled from a charity scam? The timing of said “windfall”, just as people were starting to raise uncomfortable questions about her fundraising activities, is astonishingly convenient. Maybe she could add evidence of the source of this 20 grand to the list of screenshots which she seems inexplicably incapable of obtaining from her free online bank statement.

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  13. Is anyone buying Angie’s story that this money is a sudden windfall from a dead sister rather than money she’s allegedly embezzled from a charity scam? The timing of said “windfall”, just as people were starting to raise uncomfortable questions about her fundraising activities, is astonishingly convenient. Maybe she could add evidence of the source of this 20 grand to the list of screenshots which she seems inexplicably incapable of obtaining from her free online bank statement.

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  15. Agreed, ICNY. And may I add to that that she clearly cannot speak 5 languages as she claims? Putting aside the fact that she can barely manage her first language of English, in her latest video rant she utters a couple of French phrases with an accent that makes her sound like she’s auditioning for a walk-on part in ‘Allo Allo’; and a Spanish phrase that sounds like she’s trying to read from Google Translate whilst struggling with constipation.

    I really do feel mean,
    Making Angie feel the brunt,
    But she’s not so much a cunning linguist,
    As a lingering c[Notice from WordPress: your word limit has been reached]

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  16. She certainly does and when the authorities really go to town with her scams they will probably unearth masses of information we aren’t even aware of yet.

    Angie’s only saving grace will be that she’ll be dead before they uncover all of it.

    Doesn’t she claim to have COPD?

    Isn’t that fatal?

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  17. Yes, we need to see the evidence of this £20,000 inheritance from her deceased sister.

    She has elaborated and fabricated so much, that she is just not credible.

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  18. I have received an email from Karen this morning. She has received a breakdown of the amounts received from Angie Power -Disney. to the orphanage in Africa.

    Dec-11 700
    Jan-12 600
    Feb-12 300
    Mar-12 100
    Apr-12 175
    May-12 100
    Jun-12 150
    Jul-12 200
    Aug-12 100
    Sep-12 340
    Oct-12 100
    Nov-12 100
    Dec-12 500
    Jan-13 1000
    Feb-13 0
    Mar-13 0
    Apr-13 170
    May-13 120
    Jun-13 200
    Jul-13 400
    Aug-13 0
    Sep-13 200
    Oct-13 200
    Nov-13 0
    Dec-13 200
    Jan-14 0
    Feb-14 200
    Mar-14 100
    Apr-14 0
    May-14 275
    Jun-14 400
    Jul-14 100
    Aug-14 100
    Sep-14 100
    Oct-14 100
    Nov-14 100
    Dec-14 0
    Jan-15 50
    Feb-15 50
    Mar-15 50
    Apr-15 50
    May-15 100
    Jun-15 100
    Jul-15 50
    Aug-15 0
    Sep-15 0
    Oct-15 50
    Nov-15 0
    Dec-15 75
    Jan-16 50
    Feb-16 60
    Mar-16 60

    All figures are given in Euros.

    The total amount donated by her to the school / orphanage between November 2011 (when she made her first donation), and today is 8175

    Bank charges for the transfers and currency conversion, have not been deducted in the figures above, so the actual amount they received is less than above.

    Now Angie claimed to have collected 10884 upto 1st July 2014, (in her facebook post of 1st July 2014).

    The orphanage / school received a total of 7030 by that date. So that gives an evidenced shortfall from what Angie stated had been collected as of that date – of 990 plus the questionable expenses of 1775.

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  19. The admission is her downfall. The burden of proof in a Criminal Court would be upon her to disprove the amount that she claimed in a public announcement.

    It would seem that she faces an uphill battle to disprove that claim. Perhaps an “accountancy error” but an error none the less and an error that casts doubt on the credibility of any claims by her to have collected a lesser amount.

    Then throw the issue of “bank charges” into the cooking pot (for fraud) and its not looking good for Angie

    Is this the pot?

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  20. That, I suspect, is where her knitting would start to get ripped out. – How ‘confused’ are the ‘donations’ with her personal accounts? How much cash was REALLY collected? And can she account for every solitary penny? – These ARE the things The Revenue will want to know!

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  21. With self professed claims of a free account for the collections being donated by the bank, her claims to have confused donations with her personal funds are somewhat restricted in their scope.

    Its not just the Revenue but also the Police who will want to know

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  22. The key thing for me is your last paragraph. It seems funds have gone to Kenya, but not as much as she was claiming by the relevant dates. It seems very odd that she gives in dribs and drabs like that, presumably incurring some sort of charges at one end or the other with each transaction, rather than in a lump sum. Usually, when I have been involved with this sort of thing, people raise a large sum than send it all at once.

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  23. – And you do THAT to minimise the administration costs and aid transparency. Really her actions suggest two things to me – firstly that she was donating under her own name and thus misleading the charity, secondly that she wasn’t forwarding everything she collected. Why else would she obfuscate matters so?

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  24. This video kills me: Angie gets a boyfriend. First thing her neighbours do is warn him not to lend her money. Truth.

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  25. lol. Don’t lend her any money. So poor Angie had a less than stellar reputation in her home town long before Hampstead happened.

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  26. small town Ireland : “brutal brutal character assassination”.. “guilty until proven innocent..”. So no irony there from Angela Power ( as she is in this video). Rupert Q..are you taking notice ?

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  27. Watch the video below where a “solid citizen” warns her prospective lover not to lend her any money.

    At the end she claims her husband ran a business and it went bust leaving her with an unexpected debt of £100,000 which she eventually settled or so she claims. Yet she also claims in another breath that she did the book-keeping, the VAT and so on..and then claims she didn’t know the business was going bust?. So not a book-keeper and not a journalist and sounds like she can’t add up either.

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  28. She can’t use charges as an excuse, as she herself categorically stated that for the purposes of her Kenya fundraising, she’d been given a free bank account with no charges.

    Also, if this money had come from fundraising, it would not have been coming in in perfectly round numbers like that!

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  29. Maybe she’d find folk would be less inclined to think badly of her if she told the truth…

    “Well educated”? Every day we’re presented with more and more evidence that she’s an unread wilfully non-educated bubblebrain who imagines everyone around her is as stupid as she is herself!

    She picked up bits and pieces of work ‘editing’ and ‘publishing’? Tied to her other claims of being trained as a journalist these are obvious lies; for the simple reason Angie – YOU VERY OBVIOUSLY DON’T UNDERSTAND THE BASICS!!! – There are real professionally-trained people out here who can spot you a mile off as a fraud! And there will be folk in your own community to whom you stand out as what you are… A bludging, delusional, self-aggrandising fraud who just cannot be trusted! Seriously Ang, if you want to do some good in the world away and chase the doggers off your own back green and leave the real world to the grown ups!

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  30. “chase the doggers off your own back green ” lol. Picture it. Angie arrives with a torch & the dogging chap’s eyes light up.

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  31. Been doing a bit of digging. What with being chased by aliens, married to an American gay faith healer named Quentin de Chalmont-Mymms, and living in a tiny house in Sausalito across from the laundrette – if nothing else, our Angie’s lived a colourful life!

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  32. When I first read a comment suggesting Angie placed her own money into the fund, I felt the very slightest bit sorry for her, as I perceived it as a desperate and pathetic thing to do. I didn’t really think about it as a way to entice others to donate, but you are absolutely correct, it is another scam tactic. Sadly, she may even be using money her sister worked hard for, wasting it on herself and bringing Rupert to the UK.

    The fact that more than one person warned the man she was dating about lending Angie money, speaks volumes. Especially as one of those people supposedly knocked on the mans door to tell him, rather than a passing comment in the street or pub. People tend not to go to that extent without good reason.

    The worrying line is….”thought i’d gossiped our personal…” and then she doesn’t finish that sentence. That suggests there was some sort of financial hand over and the new partner thought Angie had told people about it.

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  33. Yes, I heard that too. She kind of trailed off, but the sense was that she’d already borrowed from him (or something) and he was angry she’d told anyone.


  34. You’re right, of course. I’m taking her at her word that money came through from her sister, though given the habitual lies that come out of her mouth, there’s really no reason to believe that.


  35. There does appear to be a human being with that name:

    “Quentin de Chalfont-Mymms: The basis of the work I do is entirely metaphysical and non-physical in nature. Using a spiritual approach, I conduct healing through an energy of consciousness. In some cases healings are instantaneous; in other cases healing may come more slowly. I meditate and create a state of focused spiritual awareness and teach my clients to do the same. I work with some clients in person and others at a distance. I have studied the works of Mary Baker Eddy and proceed on the premise that Divine Love is the healer.”

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  36. Hahaha! So…he made it up, or else used an amalgam of his parents’ names. No wonder Angie liked him–he’d appeal to her snobbery and her wish to look like ‘temporarily financially embarassed royalty’.

    BTW, her other ex-husband never spelt his name ‘D’Isigny’. Just saying.


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