Video Share: A rare treat

Many of you will recall some of the videos that have come to us from the talented hands of MKUltra 666…we’re proud to present the latest from the Master of the Macabre, ‘UK Online Child Abuse’.

As always, it’s a dazzling and disturbing mélange of sound and image that offers a glimpse into the twisted psyches of the real child abusers of Hoaxtead.

(By the way, anyone want to take bets on how long it’ll be before Sabine starts squawking and squealing about how she’s being threatened online? Bidding starts at one hour….)

Selected previous tracks

The Real Monsters Amongst Us

Pure Hatred

Crucify Your Mind

Ella Draper Face Yoga

Living D0gs and Dead Lions

Sabine Shoots Herself in the Foot

Video-UK Online Child Abuse 2016-03-16



14 thoughts on “Video Share: A rare treat

  1. It’s terrible. I feel guilty watching a grown woman cry. Fortunately she seems to be able to switch off the tears in a flash.

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  2. Great video MK Ultra it is like experiencing a bad acid trip. The music and sounds were perfect as well as the images.

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  3. Just woke up (it’s 3:30 am), hopped onto my favorite blog and found this gem…I went from deep sleep to unbridled laughter in under a minute. This is a masterful gem – hats off to MK yet again! I think this may be my favorite so far, though it’s nearly impossible to choose…kudos and THANK YOU for continuing to shine a spotlight on dim-witted insanity with brilliant absurdity ! The latter always wins out…

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  4. I was wondering when MK was going to make a another brilliant video? Keep up the good work guy’s. MK your video’s are blinding, I love the way you’re message goes over the crazy people’s head… 😉

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