NEW Video: ‘Police enter Sabine’s flat to arrest her’

Remember when Sabine didn’t go to court last week, and we wondered whether she’d be re-arrested?

Turns out a team of police from Kentish Town, who deal with warrant offenders, actually did come to her flat to arrest her on or about March 9, and one of her friends seems to have been there to capture it on video.

One of her friends comments:

Cruel- Degrading – Inhuman Treatment Torture ! deliberate bullying harrassment in order to create distress, anxiety and anquish intended to cause physical and mental pain, in order to induce a stroke or heart attack Absolutely disgusting treatment by a Goon Squad, they look like a pair of enforcers from the mafia, I feel your life is under threat and you could end up on the Essex marshes, these are rogue sham court bailiffs they have no resemblance to a constable They offer to many excuses it,s Mick and Montmorency scoring of one another

We have to wonder whether they watched the same video we did.

In fact, contrary to any claims of police brutality, these officers seem very calm, even solicitous. They do their best to calm her down, explain what they’re doing, and give her an opportunity to make phone calls and clarify the situation.

Of course Sabine can’t help but retell the story of her previous arrest, claim that this event is ‘triggering’ for her, and launch into a self-pitying rant about how she doesn’t deserve this, but that’s Sabine for you. Never one to bypass an opportunity for a little histrionic venting.

In the end, they ‘arrest’ her, get her to sign some forms, and then inform her she’s no longer under arrest, and leave.

Quite a civilised process, really, but Sabine just can’t help having a little post-arrest whine to her invisible friend holding the camera. (BTW, anyone recognise this person’s voice? He’s not familiar to any of us, but seems to be making a ‘documentary’ about the case.)


The original video of Sabine’s arrest and release has now been removed from the channel where we found it. Fortunately, someone had already made a copy and re-published it. Many thanks to them!


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    • Actually the flat – to my eyes – looks much like many other places that might be inhabited by an ‘academic type’, particularly late in life. – Some place their eggs in a different basket from the crowd. There are a couple of valuable trinkets dotted around the place which suggest some modest squirreling of resources. It looks like the sort of place a retired schoolteacher might inhabit, and hardly a sink estate hovel. – Which surprises me slightly in that it wasn’t bought and paid for by a retired schoolteacher who worked all their life to gain what little they have. We (the taxpayer) fund this modest comfort in, I believe, central London? – Not a cheap place.

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      • Indeed. Isn’t London real estate even pricier than that in NYC? Pretty sure it comes in 1st worldwide, though Tokyo may have surpassed it. Perfect description of her pad, btw !

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    • She looks like she has been doing a bit of stress eating, those hips were not that large before. I notice these things. A few more pounds and I predict her back will be really hurting her. Keep up the pressure, folks! No good pain meds in Holloway! She’ll put on loads of weight when she gets in there, guaranteed. It’s all stodge. No beauty therapies either. Seems Sabine has quite a few men on call, I wonder if she is a secret Dominatrix, that Peter guy that rang, the filmer, hmmm.

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  1. The cloak of innocence don’t fit a sabine…….. One thing should be clear to everyone….anyone hearing those testimonies knew it was illegal to share…..i did, hence i reported it immediately, to all of the relevant authoritities……. and then deleted the lot……. So i have alot of questions….most important one is now what……. now it is clear that anyone sharing them that knew/know about the judgement have committed an arrestable offence, will their be the right responses now ??????………… It is clear to me, having watched these, for so long, and spoken with many others behind scenes who caught on, and have added other puzzle pieces…….they needed these particular child victims, to progress their online presence/campaign, and i think i can make that case, that is my opinion, and it is based on some solid grounds…….Those police were amazing, and perfect, big respect guys ! 🙂

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    • Agreed ! If the majority of cops over here were even a fraction as decent and respectful as these guys and those I’ve seen in other vids related to this case, America wouldn’t be mired in the paranoia and mistrust that’s so pervasive at the moment. If I ever have a brush with the law, I want to be in the UK when it happens !

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  3. What an interesting video.

    So from the video and Sabine’s own posts in her numerous blogs we can establish the following

    Sabine thought the Court case on Mon 7th March had been vacated but did not bother to check with either the court or her solicitor

    Her solicitor did not think the same as Sabine and turned up in Court to represent her on 7th March

    The Judge issued a warrant against her for her failing to attend Court

    She was visited at home by the police the day before the video was made AND EXPECTED the police to call round to see her (she claims she was not in when they came the day before)

    She gets a friend round to video the expected police visit

    She gets a friend to videos the visit by police – Friend was waiting and ready

    Sabine is issued paperwork to ensure her attendance at Court on 8th April

    There is a discussion with her friend the cameraman at the end of the video

    Her friend has a very strange accent… (Put on?) (talks with Sabine towards end of video)

    Its safe to say it all appears very staged and the anticipated visit was treated as a publicity exercise


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  4. The video does of course offer good evidence of Sabines mobility, hopefully the people having a look at her for possible benefits fraud will get to see it and examine the video in the context of Sabine’s claim for disability living allowance (which Belinda claimed was stopped when Sabine ran from the country)

    Belinda’s post on the blog that Sabine set up for her:


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    • They really are shockingly dishonest people. On her website Sabine posts links to findings in the NSW Royal Commission into bent cops. She infers much but most of it is nothing to do with pedos except this one mention where she fails to provide a link :Volume IV Chapter 5 covers Satanic Ritual Abuse on 17 pages.

      What those 17 pages say is that not a single piece of evidence was found to support claims of Satanic Cults or Pedo rings etc etc and also they roundly criticise the practise of ‘recovered memory’.

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  5. That’s a very tall copper unless Sabine’s door is low. It’s quite normal for police to make an appointment for a matter like this. They would have left a calling card the first time and she would have rung them and an appointment would have been made so of course she was expecting them.

    I can’t fathom her carry-on. I’ve been to court many times as a witness, car matters etc and I would never dream of missing a date even if I was mistaken. This goes to Sabine’s psychological state of mind- almost as if deep down she wished the worst to happen with her “oh woe is me” carry on.

    I’m reminded of the brilliant Irish legal mind Patrick Cullinane QC ( Quixotic Coot) where in his very first case a psychiatrist diagnosed him as suffering from paranoid delusions. Patrick brilliantly turned the tables and claimed that was what the shrink was suffering from. Sabine seems very similar- the whole world is out to get her, not just the Satanist Cabal.

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  6. Good example of Sabine’s rather dodgy research. On her website:
    “But: the Royal Commission into New South Wales Police set an embarrassing precedent in 1997:

    Her link is to a current Royal Commission which has not yet found cover-ups by cops or anyone apart from the Catholic Church’s dodgy shifting around of pedo priests in the 1970s/80s which seems to have been common in that church world-wide. No Satanist VIP cults.

    I know much about the 1997 Royal Commission which was a NSW state RC not country-wide as a friend of mine ran a gay bar and appeared as a witness. One of the more weird claims he had to explain to the Commission was that ‘cottaging’, as one lunatic MP had claimed was a term for men looking for young boys, was actually gay or married men seeking anonymous hook-ups in loos, parks etc.

    And the reason he appeared was to confirm he paid off police over liquor licensing law breaches.

    That Commission found no truth in hysterical claims of ‘boy brothels’ operating , no Satanic cults or any of the claims made by Sabine and in fact it was a Royal Commission into bent police of which there were many but only 2 were found to have been paid off by a very rich paedophile to be alerted about pending investigations and thus he was able to flee for a few years.

    It shows how Sabine picks up a few nuggets and then constructs her own scenario that has little to do with reality.

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  7. One thing I notice about the Satan Hunters such as Sabine McNeill is they love to complicate and confuse everything, the authorities need to concentrate on getting everything right because the Satan Hunter will leverage anything and everything they can to get out of the holes they get themselves in.

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  8. SV – I don’t think its anything to do with what a persons religion is. I think its Sabine (and her merry band) attack anyone who do not follow their own ideals.

    In my mind there are good and bad people of ANY religion, sadly that’s human nature. To me no religion is different or better than another, its down to an individual person rather than the religion that they follow.

    I totally agree with you – often the attackers will use their attack to disguise their own failings and inadequacies.

    In my mind why attack satanists instead of catholics, jews or buddhists? The vast majority of followers of the respective religions are decent people.

    One recurring thought I have had with regards this is that there must be a supreme being who has some part to play in fate. In Sabine’s case that was reflected in it being decided that she would not have children and thus ending that line in the gene pool.

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    • @ JW
      I know the primary motivation of people such as Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill is the making of money out of fear, ignorance, people’s natural goodwill and human suffering. They are parasitic individuals who live off human misery.

      They use Satan Hunting as a convenient cover for their scams, and target Freemasons, Jews, Christians and non-religious people with the accusation of Satanism in order to promote hysteria and publicity translating into donations. Satanists have become the scapegoat for all the narratives these degenerate parasites wish to paint in order to bring in the money.


      The philosophers in Satanism are aware of the inner essence of a thing, the intent or motivation, and the outer appearance of the thing, the form, vehicle or tactic the thing uses to manifest its inner intent and motivation. I know that the essence of Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie is their money making, and the external form or tactic is Satan Hunting. There are different types of Satan Hunter defined by their inner motivation, for instance those who promote religion. You are right that Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie are not motivated by religion, it is merely the materialistic pursuit of money.

      With regards to a God, I am agnostic in viewpoint, I am influenced by presocratic notions of “One” “All” “The Good” and “Logos.” Simply, if there is a God, it is nature, and like nature it neither judges or interferes since it is mindless, but follows its own nature. A river might provide food and water, cleaning and transport, but will kill the fool who throws themselves in the river with lead boots on, because it is in its nature to do that, the river is blind and does not judge. The laws I do respect are the laws of nature, and thus I have great respect for the rules of science and natural philosophy that is based upon the common patterns of nature.

      With regards to karma and fate, I reject the idea that external agencies in nature are judging and interfering in the destiny of the individual. The individual is the agent of their own rise and fall. I have an animistic viewpoint, thus I consider the possibility of reincarnation, and I treat the evidence of past life memory in children with some respect. The patterns of past life memory in children indicate that reincarnation is a natural common pattern, and the deeds, thoughts and experiences of the individual carries over not only in their present life but in future lives. Because of my support of reincarnation I reject ideas of heaven and hell, since in nature the common patterns are spirals and cycles, there are no endings or beginnings, everything is in constant movement and change. Whatever happens to Sabine McNeill she brings upon herself, no external divine agency has anything to do with the becomings or outcomes she faces and will face. In ancient Greek philosophy Justice means becoming, and in the Germanic philosophy the concept of Wyrd also means becoming; it is how the nature of the individual (Logos) relates with the patterns of One (Nature) which Heraclitus calls “the common” determines what happens to that individual.

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      • Very well reasoned and argued – its nice to see an educated reasoned response. Which is much more than I have ever seen in Sabines “because I said so” type responses and comments.

        I do feel that we are all masters of our own destiny and fate. Sabine no less than any one of us.

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    • I can hardly bear to watch her, it’s the same old, same old, all the time.

      She acts in the same way all the time, she’s predictable.

      I have to brace myself before watching her, she’s scary.

      And as for that big arse walking out of the room, well there’s nothing wrong with her mobility…

      She’s a fraud as you say.

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  9. Oh what joy! This blog never disappoints, lol! This was yet another staged event, the cameraman was not there accidentally…otherwise, what is a young man doing hanging around an old crazy woman’s flat? I am still watching it, I must say the UK police are sooo wonderful, polite, they really are lovely. They obviously don’t know the scheming two fingers to the law type and destroyer of other’s lives with wild abandon person Sabine really is, she really does not deserve such kind attention.

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  10. Sadly I don’t think shes gone. The only time she is likely to be quiet is if she is in prison and can’t get on the internet

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    • I just don’t think there is much chance of Sabine being imprisoned, bearing in mind her age and her fake disability.

      We’ve more chance of getting her in an Old Peoples Home and i’m sure they can have internet in their rooms, so that wouldn’t help, even if she was out of London.

      So we’re stuck with her until she throws in the towel…

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      • The Prison act states that a person in prison will get medical care to the same standard as in the community. That is often said by a sentencing judge.

        Age will not be a bar to sentence

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        • I can see both arguments here–prison or no prison for Sabine–and although I do hope she has at least a short stint, I doubt it’ll smarten her up. I think the only thing that will stop her is a bar from posting on the internet…and even at that, she’ll try to find ways around it. She is a toxic individual.


  11. Of course sabine won’t comment about abuse with the links she has to terrence ewing roger gleaves and keith hammerton

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    • Good heavens no! Besides, according to her, those were all stitch-ups of perfectly innocent people, didn’t you know?

      The Satan Hunter rule is: people are guilty if we say they are. People are innocent if we say they are.

      The other Satan Hunter rule: those we accuse are guilty until proven innocent. The inverse applies to us.

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  12. It will be so funny to see Sabine not be able to do a staged performance in court, bring out the violins, explain irrelevant details, ask detracting questions, and see her have to simpy answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I hope the judge is really stern, I bet on it, they will not entertain her nonsense like the police are doing so here.

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    • I think it is going to be a hoot for those that watch the double comedy act of Sabine “waterworks” McNeill and Neelu “respect my authority” Berry attending court together.

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    If you listen carefully to the voice at around 53 minutes into the video below (the sound quality is not good) the man sitting next to Neelu would seem to be the same person as the cameraman in Sabines flat on 9th March.

    A quick examination of the sound recording through a voice identification software package (Easy Voice Biometrics) gives a 86% probability of the two voices being the same person

    The video below was recorded on 5th November 2015

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    • Nice work, JW, but sorry, I’m not seeing it. The one in the arrest video seems much younger and slimmer, his hair seems longer and a different colour and he appears to be wearing different glasses. Sorry, just my initial thoughts – others might disagree.


      • I did look long and hard at the image of the person – is it longish hair or a scarf around the neck giving the illusion of hair?

        I agree about the different glasses, but many people have several pairs (I have four) The common factor is the need for glasses.

        To me its the voice similarities that are a good clue


      • To me, the person in the enlarged still from the Sabine arrest video looks like he’s wearing a scarf and dark glasses. In fact, while the smaller version reminded me a bit of 1960s Bob Dylan, the enlarged version is more of a 1980s Roy Orbison. 🙂


        • Yes – David Efthyvoulou. Curiously enough best pictured here, complete with red plaid shirt.

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          • I’ve just spoken to a friend of mine who is quite expert with electronic imaging, particularly video. He points out that the material has been shot with “some stupid toy camera or a phone”. As such the colour accuracy is “crap”. But, if one grabs the still into Photoshop and makes some basic adjustments to brightness and “colour saturation” it apparently becomes clearer that the man in the mirror might well be wearing the red plaid shirt, and the same tan trousers! – So it makes sense that it’s his hair and his arm in shot later on.

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          • Almost certainly David Efthyvoulou – His voice from the youtube posts of his compared to the voice in the recording in Sabines flat returns a 97% probability (using the forensic voice software) of being the same person.

            Well spotted ICNY


    • That man is Dr Rainer Kurz, a child psychologist as he explains at the beginning of the following video. Great tip though about the voice identification software. Could be useful in the future. Thanks!


  14. Is it wrong that I am laughing at this video? Amazing her skill of crying without tears. It’s not nice to feel harassed is it Sabine?

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  15. INTERESTING – the video has now been removed, it obviously touched too many nerves. How many of us downloaded a copy first though!!!

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        • Thanks but I’ve fixed it now. I thought the facility had gone but then remembered it involved RealPlayer and seemed to disappear (along with loads of other things) when I upgraded to crappy Windows 10. I’ve now updated my version of RealPlayer and hey presto, the facility has returned! Too late for this video, though, sadly.


    • The other consideration is that the person that I think was the camera man was the poster of the video

      https: …… ……….. uTjdZcB9iuY

      I think someone is a little panicked

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  16. A fellow Satanist has written about Satanic moral panics in Africa:

    Africa is a growing concern to me because they have such a backward superstitious attitude to witchcraft and Satanism reminding me of seventeenth century England, promoted by Christian evangelical groups. Those who come from Africa to UK and bring their beliefs with them could provide ammunition to Satan Hunters in claiming there is ritual or Satanic abuse going on.


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