Abe and Eilish: Birds of a feather

In yesterday’s report on Alfred Lambremont Webre’s unfortunate marathon video panel discussion, we mentioned Busty McMascara, whose huge tracts of land seemed to fascinate Abe Christie (when he wasn’t texting his cannabis distribution network or reading aloud about manually stimulating the pineal gland).

Turns out Busty has a name. Well, at least sometimes.

Seems she’s also known as Eilish de Avalon (though sometimes she claims to be a witch and/or intergalactic being with a ‘universal name that is not recognised here’) and she’s got a very, er, colourful past indeed.

Eilish de Avalon

First, there’s her habit of dragging police officers down the road at 60 kilometres/hr:

A WITCH told a traffic cop she was above the law because she was “from another world” before dragging him at high speed down a busy street.

“Your laws and penalties don’t apply to me. I’m not accepting them, I’m sorry, I must go, thank you,” Eilish De Avalon said, before driving off with Sen-Constable Andrew Logan’s arm caught in her driver’s side door, the Geelong Advertiser reports.

The officer was left seriously injured in the incident after being dragged nearly 200m.

De Avalon, who also told police she “had a universal name that is not recognised here”, pleaded guilty in the Geelong Magistrates’ Court to recklessly causing serious injury, dangerous driving and driving while suspended, using a mobile phone while driving and failing to stop on police request on February 23.

The court heard the officer feared for his life when De Avalon drove off at high speed with his right arm pinned in her car window.

Sen-Constable Lamb said De Avalon ignored repeated calls to stop and instead accelerated, reaching up to 60km/h as she dragged Leading Senior Constable Andrew Logan along busy Moorabool St, in Geelong.

She stopped only after being forced to slow in traffic and the officer grabbed the keys from her ignition.

De Avalon, 40, a marriage celebrant who is also a self-confessed witch from the Geelong suburb of Highton, had initially been stopped after she was seen using a mobile phone.

“When asked to produce her driver’s licence, De Avalon replied that she did not have one,” Sen-Constable Lamb said.

“When asked why not, she said, ‘I’m a being from another world and don’t require one.’ When asked to state her name and address De Avalon replied, ‘I have a universal name that is not recognised here’.”

Sen-Constable Lamb said that when asked for ID, De Avalon said, “Your laws and penalties don’t apply to me. I’m not accepting them, I’m sorry, I must go, thank you.

“De Avalon began to wind her window up and Sen-Const Logan reached through in an attempt to remove the keys from her ignition. She continued to wind the window up pinning the officer’s right arm to the door frame.

“She then drove off dragging him along with her.”

The policeman suffered serious injuries to his right arm, shoulder and chest and is expected to undergo further surgery.

This story gives her occupation as ‘marriage celebrant’, and surprise! Turns out she likes to co-opt Catholic marriage ceremonies without actually bothering to ask the priest in question:

Father Maguire said he felt like the “devil took over me” when Eilish De Avalon conducted a Pagan Handfasting Ceremony at a Brighton Catholic church.

Father Maguire said he had warned the woman to tone back her scripts for the January 7 wedding but was “taken for a ride” on the day.

Ms Avalon, who was jailed for two months last June after pleading guilty to recklessly causing serious injury, dangerous driving, driving while suspended and using a mobile phone while driving, yesterday confirmed to the Herald Sun it was the first time she had performed the ceremony in a church, but declined to speak further.

Handfasting ceremonies are performed for same-sex couples, opposite gender couples and for multiple partners.

The bride and groom’s hands are tied during the ceremony and vows are usually taken for a year and a day.

At the end of some services, the couple jump over a broomstick.

Father Maguire said he was fuming about the ceremony conducted after his official religious ceremony at St James Church Brighton.

He was also further angered that Ms De Avalon, 40, posted on Facebook: “History in the making this morning in when I conduct a Pagan Handfasting Ceremony in a Catholic church with the support of Fr Bob.”

Fr Maguire said: “She is using me as an endorsement to blow her own trumpet. She took an opportunistic advantage of the parish.

“I was taken for a ride and blindsided. Once in the saddle she took over the place. It was like the devil got a hold of me.

“I’ve never had an experience like that in my 50 years (with the church).”

Bishop Les Tomlinson, Vicar-General of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, said the matter would be looked into and described the service as “peculiar” and regrettable.

“Such a person is not welcomed in the Catholic Church to interfere with liturgy,” he said.

Yes, we’re sure that went over like the proverbial lead balloon.

And like many Hoaxtead/SRA promoters, Eilish seems to feel a fondness for sex offenders: she’s defended Bill Brockbader, who was convicted of sexually assaulting his wife’s 11-year-old sister, and who also claims to be a ‘secret’ Navy SEAL with psychic abilities. Despite the fact that Bill actually confessed to the sex offence against a child, Eilish has defended him, alleging that it’s all a put-up job by the New World Order or the Reptilians or something.

Oh, wait…at about 00:00:13, Eilish clears it all up: she claims she’s a ‘former Murdoch journalist’. Ah, well then. Say no more. We get the picture.


34 thoughts on “Abe and Eilish: Birds of a feather

    • Could have caused terrible injuries to the poor cop. As for ‘former Murdoch journalist” , I believed she worked on a regional paper (he has a few 100) selling adverts.

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  1. Just don’t ask about the Kevin Annett and Eilish De Avalon connection. It’s quite frisky. Much like the other conspicuous relationships she has with the people she needs to influence. Mind you. I could do with some influencing every so often :p


  2. Her name was derived from the area in Australia she is from “Avalon”.

    If you need any info about anything. Just ask Satan’s son. There is nothing I don’t know :p


  3. Beware Eilish, if you want to have Abe you will have to fight Bronny for him. She is probably putting on her knuckle dusters and swimming across from New Zealand even now!

    Epic New Age cat fight with alien assistance!

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    • I would actually pay to watch this. I wonder if there’s money to be made in pitting conspiraloons against one another in a ring? A bit niche, I suppose.


      • It’s been done – sort of. David Icke Vs Jesse Ventura for example. – As a concept it has legs, but needs more development. And possibly a better grasp of visual grammar than Alfred Von-Weeblevision and his collection of inflatable friends can muster.

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    • Bronny’s two-timing Abe. She’s nurturing a major crush on Vladimir Putin.

      By the way, she’s just announced (again) that she’s moving to Sweden. Sweden, a typically northern Germanic country with some of the highest proportions of Atheists and skeptics in the World. I’m sure they’ll welcome her with open arms.

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      • Be fair, though – Bronny’s surpassed herself on the logic front this week.

        She’s declared that if you’re up at 6:30 in the morning, you must be a cocaine addict.

        And she’s been getting in a right lather about someone from Vietnam visiting the post she wrote in French on her blog. She’s been spitting feathers about France having no connection with Vietnam and French not being Vietnam’s second language. Naturally, I kindly pointed out to her that Vietnam is a former French colony and that French IS its second language 🙂


  4. I know her and she is an awful human being. Pretending to do good but all the while an ugly person deep down.


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