Bronwyn’s death threats: From ugly to horrifying

We’ve been more or less ignoring Bronwyn Llewellyn lately. Let’s face it, she’s really a bit of a sideshow—actually, ‘sideshow freak’ might be more accurate.

But seriously, folks. Abe and Ella want nothing to do with her, she’s been kicked out of all the online Hoaxtead groups in existence, and she’s alienated even the worst of the Hoaxtead pushers, which really takes some doing.

But in the last few days we’ve had a number of disturbing reports that she’s been upping her death threat quotient again, so we thought we’d better hold our noses and take a look.

Bronwyn-4 2016-03-01

Here’s one of her standard, profanity-laced, tough-gal threats for starters—this is run-of-the-mill stuff for Bronny. Of course, you know the target for her rage is RD, whom she sees behind every door.

In fact, she’s been on a right rampage the past couple of weeks, filling her Facebook page and blog with stomach-churning rants and threats. Of course, when one of her friends suggests murdering RD, Bronny responds with orgasmic enthusiasm:

Bronwyn-1 2016-03-01

(Graham Watkeys, for those who’ve never seen him before, is a member of the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Group™ that was started by Charlotte Alton Ward; he’s also a dear friend of Angela’s.)

Further down in the same conversation thread, creepy homophobic stalker Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy pipes up:

Bronwyn-Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy 2016-03-01

…followed by this horrific exchange:

Bronwyn-2 2016-03-01

We had to stop at this point, because honestly we were starting to feel physically ill.

For all the ranting Bronny does about RD (and she rants about him a lot), we are left wondering: how pathologically twisted must this woman’s psyche be, to enable her to entertain these suggestions, let alone greet them with enthusiasm?

For all she makes herself a target for ridicule, there is something seriously wrong with Bronwyn Llewellyn.

Monsters live inside us

47 thoughts on “Bronwyn’s death threats: From ugly to horrifying

  1. Doesn’t Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy live in the UK? Nothing stopping the cops from visiting him then. I gather death threats are treated quite quite seriously by them.

    I think one of the commenters on hoaxtead knows quite a bit about him, please fill us in, you know who.

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    • Ogilvy is actually banned from seeing his own daughter because years before Hampstead HE TOO coached his own kid to spew a load of filth he had made up in an attempt to frame his ex’s father. HE TOO filmed it on a mobile phone and tried to pass it off to the police. Unfortunately for him he didn’t realise that when you wipe something from a phone or computer the old file isn’t really gone until it’s overwritten. And the police found the old ‘bad takes’ of him coaching the kid on the phone. He was lucky not to be banged up! He only got off with it so as the kid wouldn’t be traumatised.

      He lives on benefits on a sink estate in Aberdeen (he’s unemployable – no trade or qualifications) has convictions for drug offences (he was stupid enough at one point to post up a picture of his disclosure certificate showing part of his record) is a self-confessed stoner and fan of ‘hemp culture’ and to my certain knowledge was very recently warned by the police for harassing/threatening a journalist who was/is onto some of his antics.

      He also seems to be about the last man standing where the Hollie Greig story is concerned and is a known associate of McKenzie – I’ve often wondered if this he’s where she got the idea for the Hampstead scam. Oh! And he seems strangely and comically unable to spell the word “I”! – For some bizarre reason writes “ima” instead. – Nobody I’ve spoken to recognises this as any kind of Scottish slang, it seems to be just some strange “thing” he has. – Maybe it’s a secret masonic code he uses to communicate with the home planet? 😉

      Planet Waster that would be!

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      • LOL! I believe ‘ima’ is North American gangsta slang for ‘I’m going to’ or thereabouts. It doesn’t make Malcolm sound tough, it makes him sound like a wannabe.

        Very interesting about the Ogilvy-McKenzie-Christie connection, too. I did know about his attempt to coach his daughter, but you’re right: it does sound like an early run-through of Hoaxtead…even down to the hemp!


        • Personally I thought it made him sound like a Chimp. Or possibly a direct descendant of Sawney Bean. – Maybe that’s where she got the idea for the baby-munching too? 😉

          He is though ‘under observation’. I do hope he likes Battenburg and blue flashing lights.

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  2. Look, Bronny may well be “pathologically twisted” but may I just say that she is also honest and reliable and a highly credible source of information, as these screenshots show:

    Still up, still going strong 😉

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    • Yep – Bronny is definitely an invaluable source of facts and info’. Seriously, where else are you gonna go to learn that Danielle la Verite, David Shurter, Sheva Burton, Ricky Darman, El Coyote, Scarlett [sic] Scoop and Abe Christie are all the same person and that I don’t exist? Wikipedia eat your heart out:

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      • I love how Abe, Popoola Essien, David Divad (or vice versa), and Jim McMenamin are all…RD!! Really proves our #JeSuisRicky point, doesn’t it? 😉


  3. I get the impression Bronwyn Llewellyn has largely been forgotten and sent back to the benches by her fellow Satan Hunters, and she is having an epic attention seeking campaign to get back in the game. Bronny provides for ongoing entertainment, like watching a drunk bum argue with a lamp post.

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    • I agree, and that’s why we really haven’t wanted to spend much time on her antics. It was just pathetic last fall, watching her try to force her way back into Abrella’s good books…even they didn’t want her.

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  4. Malcom, has been reported to the police quite a few times for death threats, and taking people’s photographs from Facebook planting them on Google and other sites calling them paedophiles.

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  5. Malcolm tried to pull an Abraham, coaching his daughter. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t remove the videos of him actually teaching his daughter what to say before going to the police. In reality, he is a kitten when actually confronted by the people he threatens.

    Angela mentioned something in that Rupert Q video about a photo being taken of RD with the children on an unsupervised contact. That makes these death threats all the more worrying as it just takes one nut case to do something stupid, and there are plenty nut cases in the hoaxteader crew. That’s the sort of real danger Sabine put the children in by exposing them, not that she realises or cares about it.

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    • But I thought Angie was also saying that RD has no contact with the kids? I think she just pulls it out of her arse, to be honest. She doesn’t even blink before spouting another lie.

      Malcolm is a loser, start to finish. A sad case who’s managed to destroy his own life but can’t stop blaming the world for the state he’s in.


  6. Bronny’s call to the women of the world to take up their arms isn’t quite what the Spice Girls were aiming for with their Girl Power movement.

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  7. Malcolm is major league creepy. His ‘topless with bling’ Facebook pic is very Jimmy Savile and he looks like he hasn’t washed in 6 months. And his videos of him harassing and stalking that one particular lady (who I happen to know is a very nice person) are stomach-churning. And I gather that when she confronted him outside Aberdeen Sheriff Court, he absolutely shat himself, haha XD

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  8. Bronny’s only audience is the people that dislike her. Blog stats are for page views; not even unique page views. If you deduct us and all the others that dislike, her from the stats, then add up all the unique visitors; you are left with a grand total of 2 views. And they are… Bronny herself and Malcolm, her creepy little poodle dog!

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