In-fight Entertainment: Angie takes on Abrella

Seems Angie did a series of interviews with Abrella, but somehow kind of sort of might have forgotten to mention that she was recording them at the time. By accident.

Strangely, Abrella were very, very unhappy with her. Not that they’re control freaks or anything.

To her credit, Angie fights back…resulting in what we think are the best Hoaxtead videos we’ve seen so far:

A few notes: the interviews were conducted back in June 2015, so this isn’t exactly current. However, that doesn’t stop it from being hilarious.

Especially in the second one, where she tries to empathise with Abe’s inner conflicts about being a) mixed race, and b) short. You really couldn’t make this up. We swear.

And Angie states that she’s conflicted about publishing them, so we suspect once she realises we’ve broadcast them, they could be rather short-lived.

So…gather ye rosebuds while ye may! Off you go, now!

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  1. Agenda v Agenda. It makes one wonder what was said in the deleted interview that Abraham was so determined to have deleted. I also wonder if Abraham threw this kind of hissy fit when he discovered Guidance had secretly recorded their conversation. Isn’t it strange that so many people feel the need to secretly record them.

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  2. I think Angie has had toooo much therapy….it’s why she goes there, lol. Fascinating.

    Important question: What has happened for Angie to release these videos, right NOW? Has she had a moment of awakening, experienced a moment of cognitive dissonance in what may yet become a prelude to her worldview on the Hampstead case crashing to her feet? May she yet come and join us here on Hoaxtead? All will be revealed… time, I am sure.

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    • I think the main issue is that Angie has all the self-control of a rutting rabbit. She’s been harbouring her rage at Abe for all these months, and now it must come out.

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  3. hello, none of you know me but i support you. I think it is a travesty what happened and how easy it was for a few freaks to saturate the internet with propaganda and ruining lives. these people seem to be experts on this. Usually they say these things about royals and politicians, now they do it to everyday people who have no protection.This is very bad because anyone could be next. i hope neelu and mckenzie go to prison where they belong. neelu is now a follower of tory smith who is very deranged. neelu comments under the name lou lotus.

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    • Thanks, KG. I’ve taken the liberty of changing your sign-in name, as one thing the Hoaxteaders do is track down and harass anyone who opposes their views. If you prefer that I change it back, I certainly can, though.

      I agree completely that an important reason to put a stop to this thing is that this kind of hoax could be aimed at anyone next. It’s a real witch-hunt, and once people have learned that they can get away with it, they will not think twice about targeting whomever they please.

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  4. Angie is a right one to comment about race.

    People of her age, are well aware that using phrases such as “caste” are not used nowadays in describing people of mixed heritage.

    I wonder what her great nephew who is mixed race thinks about her comments?

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  5. I think it would have played out like this:

    Abe wanted all the people he hated stripped and examined for the non-existent tattoos, just to humiliate them all which would satisfy him.

    When no tattoos were found he would’ve made a play about chastising the children for telling lies about that aspect (telling them that it was part of the ‘game’.)

    I’m only mentioning this as I’m watching one of Angie’s newly uploaded videos where they talk about so-called ‘evidence’ which wasn’t ‘investigated.’

    He wanted them all STRIPPED.. then he would’ve just explained that part away..

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    • Oh dear. I’ve only just glanced through this. I understand mistrust of the authorities could lead people to initiate something of the sort, but this sort of thing will do people who’ve suffered from CSA no good in the long run.


      • I know. It really seems as if one young man hasn’t felt able to tell a soul, and he ends up with these idiots to advocate for him. They seem to have presented the paper in the House of Commons somehow.

        This also worried me on their website:

        “4. Will you report/disclose what I share with the Tribunal with Police?

        All submissions made to the UKCSAPT will be kept in the strictest confidence. If you are the victim of abuse (past or ongoing) and have not reported it to the police we encourage you to go there first.”

        Surely if they received information that suggested someone was at risk of being harmed, was actually being harmed, or perhaps they were at risk of harming themselves, they should have a duty to inform the police or social services. And if they would do that, they should be upfront about it.

        It really makes me furious.

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        • Yes, they really do have a duty to inform, and a duty to tell those who disclose to them that they will inform if necessary. Very shoddy indeed.


  6. Angie has found a new friend. At 1.49 she states the whereabouts of the children. Whether she really knows or is blagging to make herself seem important, I’m not sure. But how on earth has she escaped from any charges so far? Is it just that she’s in Ireland?
    Haven’t watched this all the way through yet but thought the ref to the children needs a response. I will flag the video…but we need more if we’re ever to see the back of Angie.

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    • Sorry but I for one am boycotting Rupert (and I think some others on the team are too). He’s just a whiny ill-informed attention whore and Angela is too stupid to realise he doesn’t give a shite about the Hampstead case; he has said as much himself, plus watch how often he prises the word “trolls” into the conversation and how uncomfortable he looks when Angie starts banging on about mind control etc. He was just using her to try to provoke us but sadly for him, it didn’t work. And his interview has now been upstaged and buried by Fagash’s subsequent 6 videos about her falling out with Abe anyway:)

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    • “But how on earth has she escaped from any charges so far? Is it just that she’s in Ireland?”

      Spot-on, Anna. And Angie admits this herself in one of her Abe interviews (no. 5, I think), when she announces that she’s moving to Lanzarote because Spain doesn’t have an extradition treaty with “England” [sic].

      I’m not sure why she feels so vulnerable to arrest in Ireland, though. As you say, I think being in Ireland is exactly what’s spared her so far!

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    • I’m 100% sure that Angie is just trying to sound important re knowing the kids’ location. As far as we’re aware, there’s never been any hint as to where the children are located. It makes sense that no one would announce this, due to the kidnap risk.

      I don’t know who that Rupert chap is, but he sounds like one of the typical US-based hangers-on…ill-informed and mainly in it for the publicity hit.

      I agree, it’s important to flag the video; as for Angie, I believe there are now charges outstanding against her here in the UK.

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      • Sorry, feel very embarrassed now as, going through his old videos and comments sections it seems you were all very aware of him already. Things move fast round these parts, there’s always some new critter scuttling out from the walls, can’t keep up with ’em!!
        Agree that report and ignore is good policy. He seems to be thriving on the novelty of the attention. Like they all do really.

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        • No need to be embarrassed! It’s hard to keep track of all these knobheads–I often have Abe to double check to be sure we haven’t already covered something before I write about it!

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    “uplifting + powerful presentation of #UKCSAPT report at house of Commons tonight”

    What on earth is going on? I am not intending to denigrate the people who told their stories to these jokers, but have you seen the UKCSAPT’s reading material? They want this, it’s one of their recommendations “Thus, the NCA might be an appropriate body to take on the role of investigating organised and ritual abuse”.

    There’s this quote “One professional goes so far as to describe ritual abuse in the UK as a “holocaust”, hidden by disbelief and denial”.

    One professional was prosecuted for libel, two people were prosecuted and convicted of harassment of the people they made allegations against. That should be a big red cartoon size claim that things may not be quite what these people claim. Obviously there is the posssibility of a miscarriage of justice, but still.

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    • Oh good grief. How often must we state: there has never, not once, been even the smallest shred of evidence found of ‘ritual abuse’ in the UK. There’s plenty of child sexual abuse, it’s a very real and difficult problem, but ‘ritual abuse’ just is not a thing.


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