Sabine and her imaginary book

Would it come as a terrible shock to find that Sabine is once again bleating about her case, both on Twitter and one of her multitude of blogs?

We thought not.

Yesterday one of our readers pointed us toward this:


Ostensibly about her dear friend and convicted paedophile Brian Pead (now occupying a cell at HMP Littlehey), the blog post in question quickly turns into another excuse for Sabine to whinge about her own self-inflicted legal woes:

Sabine-Pead-prison 2016-02-20Sabine-witness intimidation- 2016-02-20

We’ll just take this opportunity to point out that Sabine seems to be saying that Neelu’s infant niece, who died more than a decade ago, was the victim of ‘satanist abuse’, and that Neelu has somehow been vindicated in this deranged belief by a newspaper. (Note: newspapers do not ‘vindicate’ suspects. The courts do that.)

In fact, Neelu walked away from charges of ‘vexing a priest’ and creating a disturbance at Christ Church Hampstead last spring, because none of the witnesses who’d originally made statements against her could be persuaded to come to court and testify. This is because Sabine and Neelu colluded in publishing their witness statements along with their names and contact information, leaving them susceptible to  public harassment from Hoaxtead vigilantes.

What about that book?

Anyhoo…moving right along, our reader noted that there’s definitely something a bit dodgy about the book Sabine claims to have written in partnership with the man who would become her husband, Ian R. McNeill. Little is known about McNeill, other than Sabine’s claim that he was Assistant Director-General of the City of London in the 1970s; he seems to maintain a rather low profile. Then again, he was once married to Sabine, so perhaps that’s understandable.

Here’s the promotional blurb for the book:

Sabine-book promo-2016-02-20

Note the publishing information at the bottom right: the ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, is given, along with the name and address of the publishing house, Turning Points Press.

Each 10 or 13-digit ISBN identifies a specific book, an edition of a book, or a book-like product (such as an audiobook). Since 1970 each published book has a unique ISBN. In 2007, assigned ISBNs changed from 10 digits to 13. Sabine’s book, allegedly published in the early 2000s, has the following ISBN: 0566 034522.

But when we searched for that ISBN online, here’s what we got:

Sabine-ISBN lookup-2016-02-20

…a book called Learning to use the B.B.C. Microcomputer, by P.N. Dale, published in December 1982. Hmm.

Nothing deterred, we wondered whether Sabine had just made a typo with the ISBN of her book. Surely her publishing house would have some record of the book? Sadly, there seems to be no record of any ‘Turning Points Press’ in London…or anywhere else.

Finally, we decided to Google just the title of the book. Here’s what we got back:

Sabine-book-Google result-2016-02-20

One result. Which took us back to Sabine’s blog.

So. To sum up, the only person who has ever heard of this book and its imaginary ISBN and imaginary publisher is…well, Sabine.

We’re not saying there’s no book…but we’ve  been unable to find any evidence of its existence.

Why does this not surprise us?


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  1. Mr Pead’s book was banned because he published private information about children. Not that there’s a pattern to all this or anything. Bet he didn’t even ask those children.

    Neelu has only very recently claimed her niece was a victim of supposed satanic abuse, and the other lurid claims like semen burns and/or a semen smell are new too. Neelu has published pretty much everything related to the case over a decade. No mention of “satanist abuse” in there. It is a sad story of a terminally ill infant who died of her terminal congenital illness and her parent’s mistrust of the doctors who treated her and belief that there were other causes of their child’s death such as a medication mistake.

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  2. Thanks for the clarification re Pead’s book. Sabine et al have flooded the internet with their version of what happened to him–according to them he’s been persecuted by the evil powers that be, yadda yadda.

    As for Neelu, the linked book about her niece shows distinct signs of paranoia, but as you say, all the satanist garbage is a late addition.

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  3. Okay so it’s a valid ISBN, but it doesn’t turn up in the first legal deposit library I checked, the Library of Congress.

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  4. “Sabine seems to be saying that Neelu has somehow been vindicated in this deranged belief by a newspaper. (Note: newspapers do not ‘vindicate’ suspects. The courts do that.)”

    Yes and isn’t it interesting how suddenly, the Ham & High is a source worthy of citation when it suits her.

    Sabine – correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t said newspaper “part of the cult” and “infiltrated by satanists”? But hey, if it’s suddenly a reliable source – with the power to “vindicate” people – then does that mean that its other claims are also correct after all? Specifically, that Abe and Ella are child torturers, that the people of Hampstead are innocent and that, er, you and Belinda are charity fraudsters? Cool. Thanks for the update.

    And thanks to you too, EC 🙂

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  5. Yes, how often have they slagged the Ham&High in the past year? I’ve lost count. Now that they like it again, I’ll be expecting a full retraction of all their lies.

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  6. 🙂

    It was a publisher but may be gone now.

    Brian Pead wrote a “whistleblowing” book. The problem is that along with lots of allegations that really I have no idea of the truth of, he published lots of private information about children, including names if I remember rightly. I think that’s what ex-senator Styvret (sp?) did too. He published confidential medical records. As far as I can remember he was claiming that a particular man was a serial killer of mainly elderly people and he was happy to use people’s hospital records to claim that, whatever the duty of confidentiality that patient was owed.

    Yes, there’s a bit of a pattern alright.

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  7. Thanks for the info, Tracey.

    One question – you say Neelu has only recently started with the lurid claims about her niece’s death but didn’t she get herself into trouble for this at the time? Specifically, a permanent restraining order to stop her harassing the medical staff of the hospital?

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  8. My understanding is that the original restraining order was because she and her sister believed that the hospital withheld needed treatment from the infant, and refused to accept the judgement that stated the hospital had behaved appropriately. There’s more to it, but that’s the gist of it.

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  9. Yes, but then it was about claims that her neice’s death was caused by a medical error involving an overdose of a medication and that some of her nieces organs had been stolen/retained. She’s been litigating about it for years. She made serious allegations against hospital staff that were investigated, several times. None of those allegations involved “satanist abuse” or anything resembling something like that imaginary scenario.

    As well, Brian Pead certainly has been in trouble for publishing condfidential information, as well as defamatory allegations.

    The lesson for today is that people make shit up. Some may be mad.

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  10. This is entirely unrelated to any case before the courts however….I believe if the CPS having been unprepared and burnt in a previous case where a woman was charged with say, vexing a priest or intimidation etc (and when magistrates / judges admonish prosecution or CPS they are really saying go away and get your act together for the next case)…said CPS will ensure that if another case is going to court for witness intimidation, pervert course of justice they will well & truly ensure ever i is dotted & t crossed.

    I would speculate further that the previous collapsed case where witnesses did not turn up may actually be used as evidence that they were indeed intimidated & it could prove to be damning evidence.

    However I am just a layman although I have studied Common Law under the great Irish comedian & legal expert Patrick Cullinane QC ( Quarrelsome Chicken)

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  11. I suspect that in such a (purely hypothetical) case, you could very well be right. Let’s hope so, at any rate.

    And don’t downplay your legal education; my understanding is that a quarrelsome chicken is not to be trifled with.

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  12. It’s the new claim by these Cult promoters : if you are one of their crew & get busted for kiddy porn, child abuse, trying to burn someone’s house down you only have to say you are a ‘whistleblower’ exposing child abuse and you are immediately forgiven and praised and it’s claimed you were set-up.

    I think the most recent example was Marianne Faithful claiming she was busted for drugs because the cops wanted to cover up VIP pedo rings despite in the same interview giving a lengthy history of her drug use.

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  13. So I could start, say, a bank robbery career, but as long as I accompanied each heist with a revelation of child sex abuse, I could get away with it? Sweet! Sign me up.

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  15. Sabine has a fascinating piece about EVIL on her website and has come to the amazing revelation that if you put D in front or evil you get DEVIL and put O in God you get GOOD. Of course if you reverse evil & god you get LIVE & DOG.

    More alarmingly if you rearrange Sabine McNeil you get LESBIAN MINCE. Are we on to something?

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  16. Or as a portent of what may be in the future : rearrange Sabine McNeil and you will get Nice Bailsmen. She should hope.

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  17. Sabine also quoting the Scriptures. Is she now referring to the hapless citizens of Hampstead with this one?:

    “Blessed are you, when men shall revile and persecute you and say all kinds of evil things against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you. Matthew 5:3-12”


  18. Sam, I’d approach the story about Marianne with caution. The Express, where I believe it originated, has its own agenda when it comes to such stories. Marianne has always been critical of the Police’s behaviour during those notorious drug busts, as have many others, including Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Mick Jagger and even the judge in Mick & Keef’s subsequent trial.

    Ironically, Marianne is also critical of how the press treated her at the time and one of her loudest critics was the Express!

    I would also argue to my dying breath that not only is the Express an extremely unreliable source but also that it is in no position to preach about child abuse, seeing that their proprietor Richard Desmond, quite apart from being a bullish sexist arsehole, also owns the Daily Star (no shortage of teen tits there) and a whole bunch of grubby porn channels, with shows often starring “barely legal” young girls.

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  19. Sabine (and presumably Belinda) are claiming to be in Court (again…..) on 25th Feb

    “Belinda McKenzie and I will be in the Royal Courts of Justice before Justice Simler on Thursday February 25th to defend
    on behalf of ‘victims’: the right to have representation;

    on behalf of McKenzie Friends: the right to act voluntarily without being charged ‘costs’ that Public Servants incur by hiring private barristers;

    on behalf of Litigants in Person: the right to have a witness and Friend of the Court and not just ‘professionals’ who may turn out to be rogue and corrupt.

    If you want to join us in the Public Gallery, hopefully making legal history, please check for the court number and time the day before on this link.

    Why bother to drag us into court, when we fill an ever widening gap between those who pay for Legal Services and those who can’t get them for whatever reason?”


  20. her original interview was in Time Out and although the Mail /Express completely made up her Elm Guest House quote she did say the drug bust was to cover for ‘VIP Pedo ring” – something she neglected mention during the last 50 years.

    As the interview was to promote upcoming appearances it was incredibly bad taste to try and use child abuse for her own advantage.

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  21. Its obviously playing on Sabines mind as her latest post (in the link I posted today) is mentioning the 25th hearing before Justice Simler


  22. Sabine McNeill might have become confused and thought the Hitler book Mein Kampf was her own work. I think she might be getting senile. She is getting old.


  23. The most effective way to get Sabine to open up is to stroke her ginormous ego (whilst subtly taking the piss for the sake of your own sanity):

    So she’s “preserved her positivity”…as well as her gullibility 😉

    And as a result, she has revealed an interesting little snippet about writing to the Home Secretary today. We’ll have to keep ’em peeled for said letter (which she will inevitably upload) – I for one would love to know what’ll be in it, particularly if it breaches her bail conditions (and let’s face it – it will).

    PS: “Am making progress on my scientific front as me most empowering news.”
    Huh? Anyone?

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  24. From

    “Publishers shouldn’t reuse ISBNs, but sometimes they do. It can also happen that the ISBN is misprinted: I have a book with a different ISBN on the cover than the one given inside the book, I suppose one is a misprint”


  25. My apologies on behalf of WordPress–for some reason it takes unreasonable dislikes to certain comments, and must be wrestled back into line.


  26. It certainly is illegal to make recordings or take photographs in a UK court. If anyone attends, please just report back later.

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  27. Is he still alive ? I’m also wondering about this unbearably gifted man’s ‘film production company’, and am tempted to ask a friend of mine who lives in Hampstead if she’s ever heard of him. She and her husband run a small (wait for it…) film production company !

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  28. That’s what I was wondering. I’ve never known whether Sabine was a widow, divorcee or both. Her retention of his last name seems to suggest no divorce…then again, I’ve never officially readopted my maiden name as I want to share my kids’ surname. She has no kids, though…sorry, rambling now !

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