Clear the decks, Bronny’s having a major meltdown…

It was brought to our attention yesterday that Bronny ‘Dumpty’ Llewellyn seems to have been having some sort of breakdown over the past day or two.

No, we mean even more so than usual.

But we think we might have uncovered the source of it. Yesterday evening we received a plain brown envelope from one of our readers, containing the following note:

Bronny meltdown note

What could this mean? We set off to find out for ourselves. First stop: Bronny’s Facebook page.

Oh, my.

A word of warning: much of what Bronwyn says in these posts references her violent, vile abuse fantasies.
If you’ve suffered sexual abuse, please proceed with caution.

First up: one of Bronny’s deranged rants about RD, who she is convinced is stalking her (contains graphic sexual violence):

Then Bronny issues a warning about Danielle LaVerité, who apparently has been engaging in aggressive blocking/unblocking behaviour. The horror, the horror! Why must everyone pick on poor Bronny?

Bronny v DLV-1

This is where our anonymous correspondent (above) comes in. They considerately inform Dani LaV of Bronny’s hate-fest.

Danielle, naturally, responds in kind:

DLV vs Bronny

Which sends Bronny spiralling off into a complete loss of emotional self-control:

Bronny v DLV-2

By this point we’ve really lost the thread, if indeed we ever had it: Bronny now seems to think that RD is both Danielle George and Abraham Christie, and that he might or might not be from ancient Rome. She’s also convinced that he’s the one with the mental health problems.

Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, we closed Bronny’s page and backed slowly away from the computer.

Honestly, wouldn’t you?

Bitch fight

105 thoughts on “Clear the decks, Bronny’s having a major meltdown…

  1. Backed away slowly from the computer…bahahaha!

    Like every other hoaxer, she’s losing the plot spectacularly.
    Call me sadistic but I take great pleasure from watching all their meltdowns play out online. 😀

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  2. Hahahaha! Quick everyone, hide! Bronny’s coming!

    Seriously, is it just me or does she bring back memories of Mrs Trunchbull in ‘Matilda’?

    And she’s still going strong:

    And God forbid she should put aside her pathological hatred of Divad David and move on:

    By the way, I bet she’s glad she blocked me from taking screenshots of her FB page. How’s that working out for her, I wonder.

    And as for Mrs. Trunchbull (which, impressively, was picked up by my spellchecker when I wrote it as ‘Trunchball’), lest we forget what Roald Dahl’s initials are. Oh my God, we’re through the looking glass, people!

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  3. Indeed. If only they hoaxers knew how many of our undercover agents have penetrated their ranks 😉

    By the way, I’m assuming that in her rant above, Maria is Maria McMahon and Helen is Helen McMenamin. But do you know who Cynthia is?

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  4. “It was A who said that she felt she deserved to be locked up and we had reminded to her that she would never have killed the infants had her father not forced her to. In explaining this to J.C. I made an ‘insensitive’ (to some ) remark regarding having space in the jail. All concerned knew it was a joke, meant to lighten the heavy atmosphere.”

    Sooo, threatening a vulnerable 9-year-old girl with prison was a joke! Ah, I see. That’s ok, then!

    As for “All concerned knew it was a joke”, that’s odd, as I can’t hear any of them laughing in the recording. Funny old World o_O

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  5. You must remember BronnyNZ recently won the bar tab at Biddy Mulligans and had a glorious night of boozing with the local Hobbit community but one meanie slipped something sinister into her drink and she’s transforming into a fully fledged Orc.

    What else could explain her attacks on that lovely Danielle la Veritie, pal of Chris Spivey & other gentle souls?

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  6. “Abe, as usual, has gone ‘delete happy’, lol..he won’t accept questions. He’s gone crazy deleting comments under this video and even deleted one which supported him and he’s left a comment pleading for the person to come and comment again.

    Yep, when you end up deleting criticism and questions and plead for comments of support you know the game is over, Abe! LOL!”

    ~ Tork Girl
    LOL! 😀

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  7. Angela too. Her latest Facebook share is titled:

    ‘The Manufactured Invention of the Beatles, Stones, Grateful Dead and the Birth of Rock n’ Roll by the Tavistock Institute; A Jesuit Corporation.’

    Nuff said?

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  8. Now c’mon Mr Tickle, you know you can’t ask Abe questions… 🙂

    When the Police eventually get to ask him questions, I bet he’ll sit there bumbling “’re an RD sock, RD, you’re RD.”

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  9. Yes, I’m sure she’ll look back and laugh at how her mother’s boyfriend beat her silly, threatened to bury her in the desert, and said she ought to be in jail. That’s just the kind of thing happy childhood memories are made of.

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  10. LOL! I wonder if Ella will release videos of this epic moment into the public domain, and then claim Abe’s the victim of state-sponsored trauma-based mind control? Can’t wait!

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  11. She’s discovered that Paul McCartney was replaced after he died in that rumored car accident. Which was really an amazing piece of good luck because replacement Paul has produced same damn fine music over the decades.

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  12. He’s really working the room! He could use some new material, though. Could be a new opening for any budding scriptwriters. I hear that Sabine’s looking for new money-making opportunities.

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  13. “Amongst 1800 of my Fb Friends, there are likely to be a number of other sock puppets along with various agents, informants, and collaborators…”

    😉 Hehe, if only she knew just how many!

    Big shout going out to the Hoaxtead Undercover Posse! You know who you are.

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  14. It’s pretty clear she has the beginnings of Orc-ism after her drink was spiked at Biddie Mulligans by a vengeful Hobbit who is a paid shill for RD.

    What poor Bronnie doesn’t realise is that the Cult have tracked her down in New Zealand and RD not only has many sock puppets but is able to split and inhabit different physical bodies. So she will find herself increasingly surrounded by RD sock puppets at Biddie’s bar looking like everyday patrons. Only by increasing her intake of Beetroot Enemas and Wacky Baccy will she be able to spot the RD clones.

    But there is even more woe in store for Bronny The Orc. Other well known RD sock puppet Araya Soma has discovered BronnyNZ is not a flat-earther. Araya makes Danielle le Veritie seem like a nun by comparison.

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  15. You’re through the looking glass, Sam. Don’t stop now!

    And as for Araya, she’s yet another hitherto hardcore hoaxer hasbeen who has high-tailed it off the cause.

    PS: EC, can I have an alliteration high five?

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  16. By the way, from some comments she’s made on Facebook, it seems Bronny may be the next high profile player to walk away from Hoaxtead. She said she’s been trying to turn her back on it since October so she can finish writing her book (LOL). The one snag is she must have posted about 30 articles about Hoaxtead since October but let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    On a related point, have you noticed that Araya’s gone ‘hushstead’ lately too?

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  17. Bronwyn Llewellyn @BronnyNZ lives in Hamilton in New Zealand, so postings that might make local citizens aware of her might produce positive results in curbing her blood lust.

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  18. She does realise she can now be reported to Facebook for not using her real name, right? LOL

    Facebook will allow pics of naked children, death threats, and the most blatant calls for racial hatred, but heaven forbid you don’t use your right name over there.

    And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a little report to make….

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  19. Funnily enough, that did cross my mind, lol. It would be a delicious slice of irony, wouldn’t it.

    I’ve also reported all her FB posts (27 about Dearman in the last two days), for what good it’ll do.

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  20. And she’s still insisting that Danielle la Verite (or ‘Veritas’, as she hilariously spells it) is RD’s sock and not a real person, despite her multitude of well known video monologues, haha! XD

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  21. “Normal people get pulled up immediately if they try to make a second account on Facebook. That’s because Facebook uses ‘Cookies’ and these track your IP address – Facebook knows immediately if an account (a false identity) that you’re trying to create, comes from an IP address that you’re already using. They STOP you during the set-up…”

    Really, Bronny? Oh dear, perhaps you’d better tell Araya and Angela about that, both of whom have more than one Facebook account. D’oh! 😉

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  22. Does she still have her blog post with me named as Ricky Dearman, hence meaning i was put in danger, given the level of witchuntery, encouraged vigilantism, and the other blogs, that have conspired ever since Belinda targeted me alongtime ago, as someone to denigrate, ………?

    I was assured by one of the Whistleblowers of weight, also targeted by Angela Power Disneys’ ‘Sister’, Fiona…….Downunder, that yes our calls and things were being listened to, and tracks followed, but that as, we were not comitting any crime, we had nothing to worry about.

    Cyberbullying is a crime, and there are experts out there, quite serious about tackling it.
    Quite able, to follow up, on the leads as this viralised toxic case and the teams, promoting it, are becoming identified, and watched, there will be more serious actions, which i am sure will be blamed on our masonic friends…..or the wizards, or the witches, or the jews, the zionists and illuminati generals, and the Truth movement, who are also awake, and cover the various subjects on all of the alternative views, medical, legal, and promote love in the world, as the solution, peace, and compassion…….

    Well, because Hampstead False Flag, in which two children were indeed abused, has now become our weapon, to destroy groups, that make a mockery of all that is good about internet freedom, and are a danger to that too.

    I’m hoping we can find solutions to curtailing the activity cultivated within this network, of dark, doings without losing the freedom that can create so much good…..that is a challenge, raised.

    Someone posted Fiona’s Filth the other day, in a closed ‘safe’ survivor forum, i commented, ‘disinfo’, and asked why it was there, and it was at the request of one of fiona’s victims, but by then an Amber someone from POMIC facebook page, had posted proof that i was a satanist using the ‘dearman does hampstead’ blog, The admins were then plagued with inboxes from them, and this is how they scare and confuse groups, that have no idea of all that has gone on…….It is all being cleared up, but we are still dealing with fallout, and the betrayal felt by some is pretty big, for some, who were also purposefully triggered and have important evidence, remember some survivors have had their testimony stolen..

    The link between Hampstead and Downunder is important, and thankyou all, for helping me to break their grip and hold….. …….

    Some people now realising are confused by the pisstaking avatars, and some of the fun poking, and freaked by Satanic Views, and this gives rise, to me being reported as working with some satanist,,,,,

    People have witnessed me outreaching to hundreds of groups, and my facebook pages, group and posts all over the place are testimount, that i share alot of groups, and events, etc, with no other agenda, than to help the info get out, and to the right places……There is no pecking order……I wonder if Belinda, Sabine, Angela, Deborah, Bronny, and all others, will ever get off their haughty high horses, and hang their heads in shame, because they really should……………..

    I’m not into baying crowds, but i do know quite a few who would love to throw rotten tomatoes at some of you, and i don’t blame them, me ? i’d love to ask some questions, and get some honest answers…… but i’m not investing any hope in that……. suffice that we are winning through, and there is nothing left to throw at me, that you havn’t done already……..


  23. Well that’s funny, cos not one person on my blacklist has come forward to comment, defend their position or refute the proof carried on my blog…….it has been appreciated and shared by the networks without pecking orders, to groups around the world, cybercrime teams, and so on have been watching, and stuff is happening, with another big thanks for the evidence hear and committment,

    Bronny, you put me in danger, why ? did you name me as Ricky Dearman ? what did i do to deserve that ?
    Remembering that he is not proven guilty of anything, but you know full well, that that will unleash the mobs that will use that to intimidate, harrass, and denigrate my work………how did you all think that might work for survivors ?????

    By the way, my blog is through the roof ……. i did have a Ringwind Avatar trying to slip a fiona promo site onto my whitelist, not even the guts to try and convince me honestly, underhand, as ever, Sabine and belinda promote hampstead and downunder fiona barnett, why ???

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  24. Deary me, Dearman, Dearman, everyone is dearman, including me, and all of us, blimey, the amount of work gone into this, the very different people with different ideas on some things, and the very deep respect shown to me by the nice El Coyote, and Snake Logan on Google Plus and the care shown by others, when they realised how effected i was being, and why i was winging it, with my public name, ….

    There have been times when victims of the horrible hampstead and horrible down under false flag flyers have confided in me, and i have had to keep schtum until, they were ready to reveal it, publically, which for some is not going to happen, but they are being helped, confidentially, those of us, that have stepped forward, are evidenced to have worked llongterm on the issue of child abuse…..

    that default dearman argument is pathetic, as is the ‘dearman does hampstead’ site, much overused to confuse…… alternatively reported by belinda, deborah, angela, as having forensic proof that dearman has…………all the crap they have accused him of, …..and to also bully and deride whistleblowers like me….. it’s not difficult for people to follow the leads, and put the pieces together now…..

    your toast with marmite, Bronny. NZ Hamilton is alerted to your online stench.

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  25. Excellent question, Sheva: I suspect it’s all about promoting their belief about how the world is run. They think it’s run by some sort of cabal of satanists, Masons, Zionists (by which they really mean Jews) and shape shifting reptiles. All very strange.


  26. Thanks so much for your kind words, Sheva. I think you’re right that anyone who looks into this will see what’s what and who’s who. The DDH site is pathetic–their strange assumption that everyone is RD is laughable, and their ‘proof’ amounts to some desperate guesswork based on wishful thinking.


  27. I reckon the real RD probably hasn’t been near social media for months. There might be some fake profiles on Facebook, but they are no more RD than I am. Bronny keeps on libelling the poor man and it just makes her sound more and more insane.

    What the f*** does “KonTroll” mean?

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  28. I agree, FS. I suspect the real RD is too busy living his life to spend much time harassing the likes of Bronny. What would he get out of doing such a thing? Her usual shit & abuse, certainly nothing more.

    I do wish these Hoaxtead diehards would try to engage their brains, such as they are, before opening their mouths.


  29. Wikipedia has a lovely photograph of the “Pukete Sewer Bridge” in Hamilton NewZealand. You can just imagine, Bronny sitting on that bench as her beetroot-coloured turds flow gently overhead.

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  30. I certainly hope RD has been able to move on, and I hope that the kids have too.

    By the way, here is Bronny’s usual shit:

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  31. crumbs, i just read my post back, a bit badly written, i hope it makes some sense….but i’m not sweating it, i’m enjoying the recent tumbling of their dominoes, except for the fallout, where some people have been really hurt.

    I keep pointing out, that my writing, and ineptitude with tech, is pretty rough at times, compared to the articles here. 🙂

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  32. Indeed, FS. In fact, I don’t think RD has or wants anything to do with social media. I seem to recall it’s not his thing.

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