Angie discovers terrifying new Masonic connection

Just when you think that Angela Fag-Ash Disney is nothing but an attention-seeking, chain-smoking, fantasy-peddling biddy, she comes up with…well, this.

While she was raising funds for her son’s eye surgery last summer, she posted this:

Angela-masonic coin 4-2016-02-18Oh dear! Masonic-looking coins? And coming from her dear old ma, of all people? Say it ain’t so!

But here are those close-ups:

Angela Power Disney-'Masonic coins' 2016-02-18

Uh-oh. Check out that tell-tale triangle in the centre of the top coin, with the all-seeing ‘I’ in the middle!

And the ‘Unity, Recovery, Service’ motto around the triangle…but worst of all: “To thine own self be true”! We’re sure this must have some sort of Masonic overtone.

Angela-'masonic' coin1 2016-02-18

Here’s the clincher, though: on the flip side of the coin, there’s something that could almost be mistaken for some sort of Masonic incantation:

God grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

The most important clue of all: that strange, stylised ‘AA’ in the middle.

What could it stand for?

Here’s one guess:

Angela-Masonic coin-5 2016-02-18

(Many thanks to Anna for pointing this gem out to us. Truly, it made our day!)

AA vs Masons?

130 thoughts on “Angie discovers terrifying new Masonic connection

        • I’ve collated information, to warn the child protection networks, and had various reactions to it. For many including agencies, unable to unravel the confusion online, alot of encouragement and thanks..

          For some not so familiar with the issue or people, they find it a bit messy, but that is a top investigator, who still has appreciated me bringing this all to light in the way i could, uniquely.

          So the perp video is really useful, to help some people now being targeted as the seek out new victims, followers places to push their failing campaign, pretending not to have been involved,


          • Thanks, Sheva.

            Yes, I knew about your list but wasn’t sure what you were saying you were adding to it. That one’s a little out of date now, by the way. This one’s more up-to-date:

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        • I should have said YOU ARE ! lol 🙂 That shame on you video was another gem, i pity her, and i am also not letting her off the hook, given what she/they were attempting to bring on me…So Angela features, more to let them know too, that we are soooooooooooooo onto them.


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          • Apologies, Mr Tickle, your videos are very good evidence and clarity for friends in other countries, especially downunder, where they are being attacked, still.

            So, your videos are on the blacklist to help people understand who is listed, you Mr Tickle are not blacklisted, the hoaxteaders and other associates are or will be, as i can add more to it.

            Angela’s video when she’s says’ Shame on you Sheva’, and Hoaxtead Hypocrits shown together, have really helped, thankyou, i was mid crisis, popping on here, where they are attacking people in some groups, if i post a comment, and i am not removed, in some survivor forums, that need to be protected from them……

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    • And all this time I thought it was just an innocent aviation reference ! You mean to tell me that ‘AA’ stands for something ELSE besides an airline? This is becoming far too convoluted for my simple intellect…

      Honestly, these people never, ever take a break from unintentional hilarity, do they?

      EC, the ‘important clue’ bit truly slayed me. Thanks to you (plural) for the much-needed larfs !

      By the way, I’ve recently stumbled across a logo that *may* have something to do with evil Mason jars, Jazzy-E (or whatever that hippity-hop Rockefeller feller’s name is) and that chick named Reehannah..I need an opinion but can’t figger out how to post the damned thing. Will keep on a-tryin’…

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  1. Whatever happened to Cannabis Cures Cancer? I’ve made a startling discovery they might be interested in.

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  2. Aww, guys – Bronny doesn’t love me any more 😦

    Disclaimer: I’m not Danielle la Verite. Perish the thought! o_O

    In fact, to be honest, I can’t quite work out whether it’s me or la Verite that Bronny is angry with, lol.

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      • Bronnwyn has outdone herself here. She is even sicker than I thought. The descriptions she gives show she is imagining these scenarios if full technicolor detail, something normal people avoid by looking the other way.

        Reading what she has written here, I would guess it is herself he is talking about, ie it is SHE who really gets off on this material and has a problem with cocaine. I demand Bronnwyn Llewellyn undergo a full drug test including hair blood and urine samples with identity verification at the time of testing by an authorised person. Unless Bronnwyn proves otherwise, I am going to assume she is a very big fat paedophile cocaine addict. She is revolting in every way: Her appearance, her thoughts, her words.

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      • Jeez.. all this ‘Everyone is RD” is really wearing thin now and is boring. It’s about all they’ve got left to say.

        Surely they realise how crazy they all come across accusing anyone who can see it’s a hoax as being RD.
        Their ‘RD count’ claims will only grow and grow as more and more people are now seeing through their game.. and it’s all thanks to them releasing their coaching video, LOL!

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    • Abe suddenly becoming chatty is yet another example of how little support he has. He now has nothing better to do than reply to our comments and that is interesting. The guy is so desperate to be the centre of attention that he is now chatting to us as his supporters have vanished!

      It’s all good though, as even the lurking few supporters can see what a basket case he is, ranting about TBMC and liking to hear sick stuff that has come from his own mind.

      You’d think his *cough* many supporters would be watching his YouTube channel and telling him how wonderful he is, yet the comments section is tumble-weed.

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      • …and his ‘blockbuster’ video that was supposed to revive interest in the case has yet to hit 1,000 views in the week it’s been up. I suspect most of those came from us, as we combed through the thing for further evidence of his madness (if any were needed).

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    • I wonder how long it took Abe to come up with that ‘Yes I liked it because it graphically described the scene’. What else can he really say?

      It’s like a thief that has been caught red handed stealing out of the pocket of his victim on cctv: ‘Yes, I just wanted to show the victim how a thief would steal out of their pocket, for their own protection’. Go tell your version to the Judge, Abe! Ooops! She heard it already. And guess what she said?

      I am really angry that people like Abe and Ella and their supporters are not ashamed of themselves even when the truth is so evident. They even have the audacity to try and point the finger at others. It’s unbelievable, really.

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        • Exactly, since he exhibits every hallmark of sociopathy known to man…possibly/ (probably) exacerbated by comorbid conditions such as bipolar disorder, not to mention drug use to further fuel the delusional mania. There’s no pesky conscience obstructing his remorseless depravity; with no empathy, how can he possibly care who suffers, or to what degree? It’s all about him, period.

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    • a long long time ago I went to see an act off Kings Road in London- an Aussie singer called Duffo and he came on stage with loads of dildos attached to his jacket.

      Now I hear he does a David Bowie tribute act. So there’s proof right there of your Masonic Satanist Cult and it’s been around for decades.

      I wonder if Duffo knows who I can apply to to be a paid shill ?.

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    • I think there should be a video of the Hits of Abe Cristie on Youtube. With him chanting ‘Kill Kill Kill ‘would be a good start, a theme that could be regularly repeated..with accompanying pictures of Abe of course.

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    • Bronny and Abe have a great deal in common, when it comes down to it. Both really enjoy their violent fantasies, both like to believe they can control their ‘armies’ of followers, and both are so far up their own arses that they can see their own tonsils.

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    • What a charming trio of ladies and they say women are the gentler sex. These three obviously didn’t get the memo.

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    • 1) Is ‘erade’ a verb? I’m overtired but don’t think so;
      2) As for the ‘alpha draconians’ and the ‘arhons’, all I can say is: 😂😂😂😂😂 ( five ‘craughing’ emoticons way the f*** 👍)!

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    • Yes, you can tell that one person is another person because the first person follows what the other person says and they both say mean things about the other other person (mean things that happen to be both true and funny, but that’s not the point)….and if you could follow all that, congratulations! You are now qualified to understand what the everlasting f*ck Bronny is ranting on about.

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    • “What more proof do you need??” at the end of any of their comments always makes me laugh…one iota of ANY proof would be a pretty good start.

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  3. Hi, could you just put a trigger warning, on any lurid details, like Bronny wrote, this is one of the things, that makes me really thing, and i have it, that tracks are being followed, this is a big network of the worst kind, at some levels, basically alot of jackels, that like throwing their weight around, under various guises, have been involved in crime at many levels joined up, in various circles of interest and influence,….

    To save investigators time, would it be possible for someone to help collate death threats, and other relevant headings, or point me to them, i still havn’t read all.

    I feel really stupid. And i also know that it is not the first time, that i have found myself in a difficult, potentially dangerous situation, and really not know what to do………

    I wrote recently, that i had heard those videos, at the start of my knowledge of this case………

    I knew no one else would get to the end…… I smelt that was purposeful……… So i alerted the police….
    I expected them to have known, i wasn’t clear enough, and i guess i should have kept the downloads, and released them, or somthing……… but hang on, weren’t they the first thing, the police had ?

    I know early on, i also alerted other online, child protecting, internet reporting systems.

    Anyway, i could do with some help, to form a good letter to take to …………brain freeze that minister on about facebook, with it’s secret groups……. i briefly tweeted, and i can make a case that Facebook has certainly been aware, alert to this and pressured from alot of cause campaigns, petitions, for years, 6yrs ago, we worked out out to take pages down, and went out and did it, but i had been shown by an American, that it had to be done the right way, and no engagement, because they can be very, very dangerous.

    At one time, i would often have friend requests, and an asian guy would have a knife at his throat……

    So i tried to get them to follow her protocol, if they were going to go paedohunting. No engagement, screenshots if possible, report to IWF explaining that you would get it taken down, if not already, in a week……..This was hard, given what we saw at times, and we also advised people did not look more than necessary………

    So, given how enormously this was alllowed to run, no matter what anyone did, i think it’s time to put a very serious online petition together.

    The platforms, and whoever runs things, only has to make a decision, create poloicy, and change this…..
    Surely it wasn;t rocket science, for them to notice the many groups and accounts, who were consistantly reporting on obvious groups of paedophiles, without shame on facebook. Surely with a report like that which was usually 50 people to take something down, asap…..They could find a way, to alert the authoritties, why did that not happen, before now……That minister is calling for what i said 6 yrs ago….alot….One guy, got so angry he even took me down to prove it was easier to take me down, than a paedo or group, ………trouble is, i that was at the time a massive setback, and i couldn’t get it back,

    I’ve got quite alot of collating and publishing, as grammatically and legally correct as possible, that Child Ause Whistleblower, Amanda Prosser, is actually a VIP real life as reported on ‘Wake Up World’.
    She has real and unique evidence.

    She is acting on this and will be advising of what legal and civil cases can be easily made.

    There are so many groups, of various kinds, that have been infiltrated, attacked, wrecked, taken over, used,,abused,

    Internet safety, is a hot topic…… but they are putting the onus back on parental controls, kids knowing the difference, and being warned…..
    The onus needs to be on internet controlls when it comes to child abuse…..there is no excuse, to allow this, and stopping it does not need to effect free speech…..this issue is different, and we need child centred approaches to everything, including when a parent or anyone is accused by a child……remove that person immediately……..investigate swiftly and there are often glaring, obvious signs, often reported in horrific detail later, so then another angry knee jerk response happens, usually more children taken, more quickly, into ‘care;, but removing the child rather than the abusing partner, is all on the non abusing partner, not easy, especially if groomed, manipulated, controlled, so the accused in a live situation, should immediately be taken somewhere else, neutral, to allow investigation, until either charges or release, and then all child centred to work with the child and parent, to support them to reover from trauma…….Instead, they have been as in DV putting it all on the victim.

    This case is an example of so much that is wrong, and really can, i think help to move things forward, with more sense, and help to avoid, controls of the wrong kind, while stuff like this is still not being addressed.

    It’s just helping create more victims, to allow this to continue……

    All that is happening on CSA is pretty shambolic, and that is becoming more evident…..

    This has shown up, various gangs, and teams online conspiring to cause harm, distress and commit crime, or make money from victims, as petition sites are used to collect email addresses and such.

    Children could be more protected……This issue warrants special, focused consideration, treatment, central to any decisions, that will effect them.

    Like school dinners, and stuff.

    There is going to be alot of opportunities to teach, and collate information, to educate and keep the internet free and also free of child abuse, we need just that committment, just like the Pope, being called to immediately now, release all files, and remove all priests from any involvement with children, NOW…that have been accused of or is suspected……that means told and ignored, everyone knows, but nothing happens, survivors do their best to put pressure on, or go to safe groups, and gain strength to tackle, and do alot,,,,,hence the Roayl Commission, and why John Brown is recording, and Kathy and others attacked are very good at spotting wronguns, and taking action, or often just kicking em out,

    These are also infiltrated, and as i find them and say so, there is a backlash, and in the past, i am blocked and they push their message and get big numbers and look as tho they are in charge.

    Kathy mostly tho, gives emotional support, and knows what’s available to point people in the right direction, so all of the people including me, have varous reasons, because we are very effiective.

    And alot of us, were keeping too much to ourselves, regarding this, for various reasons, they managed to isolate us, and make us feel helpless to report online, in various ways.

    So i need to also put some things together and help create teaching tools and wake people up, i groaned the other day, to see a tweet regarding Norma H. training in how to help survivors deal with the effects of abuse, no she doesn’t, never did, and if she did, how come none of us got helped then, and either lost our children, or nearly did……how come victim blame is the order of the day ????

    Survivors need to teach some vital skills to any people working with people in supportive roles, and the right now priority is children now, of course…..

    Whats the problem ? Why wait when it is happening online and things can be done quickly.

    Now i understand why John Taylor rang me, and said ‘Sheva, i’m sorry, you must hate me…’, i said no, and why would i ?……….

    There are a few times that there has been suspicion on my part, and iit can all be proven, or investigated, or rings, like with what happened with CAPS.

    Death threats are serious, and also will help, say in some cases with us campaigners, until John Brown caught Laurence Coghlan,

    Because they prove that whoever they have accused of being either a cult member, or paedo, online…is in real danger……a massive conspiracy of cyberbullying,, so i find it really difficult, i have no files that would make sense to any but me, bur files collated as evidence and to then produce procedures, is what is ongoing, and given that they attracted 4 million hits, ……..they have created a lot of victims, as i spoke with some investigators, pennies dropped, i was advised and encouraged, thanked, and well,

    And so whatever role or skill people have thrown at being online gangs for fraudulent, criminal, malicious, reasons, will be charged, seriously…… That was why showed Angelas message to me, i can’t remember the timing, but i must have really pissed Angela off, probably because their exciting event fcough, ….wasn’t, except for Kellie Cottam…..and they could manage to keep up the farce and illusion, once i made it clearer, it ia clear that they have managed to convince, alot of people not to come near me…….and when that was breaking down, the heavy duty accusations, came on me, as it was happening in tandem, downunder, by Angela’s sister, fiona…….someone said she is a damp match…….. thing is, her vdeos were code, to tell people where to go, what to do next, same as belinda, and sabine, then the various key people get their accounts and gangs to go do whatever, groom, swarm, spam, etc……They did this to both the Anti Corruption page and Child Abuse Whistleblowers, big fatal mistake, because they are real life experts, in lots of ways, and spotted me, on Johns thread, and then it is clear, Angela and Fiona were conspiring to behave that way towards some of us…..whilst others targeted the groups, that we were either too busy, distracted or worn down to moderate effectively, especially if division was working…..

    So we are pulling some teams together to help keep groups safe guardian angels online.

    And then there is the whitelist so that the good things developing can be helped and supported to do so, in ways that will bring change……it’s possible,

    We did a good move the other day on Survivor voice Australia, this from fiona who has done more with her nasty vile mate to help to put some of us in danger, so high suspect… i put myself there, and just tagged a few people happy to be strong, and no mercy approach and linked to investigators, too, so. that was it, , the page went silent……i slipped up with POMIC, and was blocked, but without engaging, we did good, and it also gave me an opportunity to alert Tim Minchin, that now they were even stealing his traffic and there fore, these slimy legion, will even try and steal from the Ballarat Survivors, and were also putting negative comments everywhere, to try and kill the hope, strength, validation, shown…..

    I really do reckon that they have bitten off far more than they are going to enjoy chewing.
    Angela this is not a threat, and you must know the evidence left online of the planning and tactics, employed, and my pc has been checked…..that means, they know everything….and know that when i say that Bill Maloney, Penny Pullen, and others were planning the takeover of that rally, 2010….i really do have it, and now they are pushing another false flag, very handy for people who want to call us survivors names,…..and that is why for real, many really do think they are paid to do just what they accuse us of doing, and create bad impressions, and events online….illiosion, drama, like we’ve discussed before.

    And then there are false accusations, and mind control techniques like NLP, misused, abused, and creting cases, and careers, fortunes have been made for decades, yet nothing works, ….there is no excuse now, for it to be so wrong, and this is where the internet can do what it was set up to do, free more people, educate and help,

    Anyway, i work for the NWO.

    We need a New World Order, but not like wot they say…..while bringing it on……

    Eclectically and Freely Spirtual, with depth of ancient pracices, savage, tribe orientated. Wild, but not Feral, Peope welcome,

    Co creating, takes the ability to co operate, co munnicate,

    Empowering, Ethically,

    Watch out for them looking for fresh meat, as we close them down, by making our presence felt,

    I forgot to say, that dearman does hampstead is blamed as being ricky deamans’, and the one that picked on her, proving that she and they release info, in certain ways, to agitate the bullies, and troops,
    Constuructive criticism, is very welcome.

    It’s a while since i needed to care about me Gramma !

    🙂 Sheva,


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  5. Gaw on, Abe – you tell ’em! LOL

    Oh and thanks for confirming that you’re Drifloud after months of vehemently denying it.

    It’s the way he always knows about Drifloud’s tweets and keeps saying the same things that Drifloud does. I’m not reading too much into that, am I?

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  6. “Personally i think that Abe is great with the children & proves himself to be a straight talker & his honesty just shines through”


    What the fuck have i just read? Sometimes i fear for the future of mankind and it is people like James McMenamin that install this fear in me

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    • Yes, very good point–I wonder whether this reflects the typographic styles that were popular when AA and the 82nd Airborne were founded?


      • That would make sense. The division was founded in 1917 and there’s a definite art nouveau vibe going on in that insignia, just bordering on art deco, which was starting to evolve out of art nouveau (or was at least influenced by it) around that time and which gained popularity in the 1920s.

        Sorry to bore you all but I’m a sucker for art deco, I’m afraid.

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