Who is really trying to control the Hoaxtead narrative?

For a full year now, Abraham Christie, Ella Gareeva Draper, and their various acolytes and bum-sniffers have tried their level best to flood the internet with ‘evidence’ that they claim corroborates the original videos that Abe and Ella forced RD’s children to make.

It all started, of course, with Ella illegally sharing the original videos with Sabine McNeill, who proceeded to send them to Henry Curteis of The Tap Blog—in the full knowledge that he would push them into the conspiracy ‘alt media’ community.

Since then, Abe and Ella have leaked other bits of information, including the police ABE interview videos, the CRIS reports, the medical reports, the tattoo drawings, the faked diary, and now the Jean-Clement Yaohirou video. While they claim that each of these backs up their story, close examination has consistently shown that all the evidence Abrella has released points to giant gaping holes in their bizarre fantasy.

Why keep pushing out material that so directly contradicts everything they claim to be true?

While questions have been raised about Abrella’s mental health, we believe their strategy of releasing this material has method in it. They are relying on the limited attention span, and the below-average critical thinking skills, of their target audience.

Abe and Ella know that loyal stalwarts like Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Angela Power-Disney, Deborah Mahmoudieh, Neelu Berry, and Charlotte Alton Ward can all be relied upon to look no further than the surface of anything they release; and they’ll happily amplify Abrella’s message to their willing listeners on various social media channels.

Meanwhile Abe, under his many guises (Nemesis, Nemesis Green, Dicky Rearman, Drifloud, Ella Gareeva, Ella Starlight, Hampstead Cover Up, Hermes Mercurius, Papa Hemp, Raw Hempstars, etc.) attempts to reverse the finger of blame. He bellows long and loud that RD is a one-man publicity machine, presumably devoting 25 hours a day, 8 days a week to ‘deceiv[ing] the public’:

Abe-alleges sock accounts-2016-02-17Abe alleges that the ‘Mind Control lackeys’ somehow conspired to conceal the Jean-Clement video, completely ignoring the fact that vast swathes of the thing were directly quoted by HH Mrs Justice Pauffley in her very comprehensive fact-finding judgement.

In fact, re-reading that judgement in the light of the full Jean-Clement video (which had previously only been released in an extremely edited form by Charlotte Alton Ward) completely negates Abe’s paranoid argument that it was somehow ‘suppressed’: (click to enlarge images)

Pauffley judgement-4 Sept video-1 2016-02-17

Pauffley judgement-4 September video-2 2016-02-17

Pauffley judgement-4 September video-3 2016-02-17

Pauffley-September 4 video-4 2016-02-17

In fact, one might say that given the self-incriminating evidence Abe provides in this video, Mrs Justice Pauffley could conceivably have included more very damaging evidence against him and Ella. Even so, we fail to see how this ‘conceals’ the video.

As U Fredericks points out in this YouTube comment, the video shows Abe in a ‘very bad light’.

Abe controls the narrative 2016-02-17As for who’s controlling the narrative, U Fredericks asks, “Where’s Ella’s police interview? The judgement from the two sets of hearings late last year? What happened to the hearing in February?” We’d add, “What about the alleged floor plans?”

All very pertinent questions, which Abe and Ella have completely failed to address. They prefer to rely on the gullibility of their audience, while they insult the intelligence of the vast majority.

insult intelligence

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  1. Thanks. There was a brief glitch involving the teeny-tiny screen-grabs from the Pauffley judgement; I think it’s fixed now, but you might need to refresh your screen.


  2. “Mr Christie then says, ‘So, there’s over 400 adults and they’re all wearing 20 skulls each. Can you do the maths? Over 800.’”

    LMAO! So if you don’t mind, I’ll add maths to my patented list of things that Abe Christie is shit at. I’ll stick it at no. 94, just below lying 😀

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  3. It is such a complicated fantasy that even a clever individual would be hard pressed to stay true to the narrative. A dimwit such as Abraham Christie has no chance keeping it altogether, it falls apart on a basic examination.

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  4. Who controls the narrative?

    Looking at the output of those still pushing this, Abe is being sidelined in his own hoax. They seem to cling to the homemade and police videos as the only evidence they need and see Abe as a threat to the credibility of the thing.

    I’m not really sure how you would describe that, mental block, in denial?

    It’s not really a hoax either, two small children, at least, were abused, they were abused by Abe aided and abetted by their Mother. How can they ignore this, they claim to support children?

    It seems their ………….. is more important than the truth.

    Fill in the blank yourself, I don’t know what to call it.

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  5. ‘Hubris’ comes to mind.
    And you’re right, there’s definitely abuse involved here. I hope that at some point those responsible will be held accountable for that abuse.


  6. He’s alienated and turned against most of his supporters, including Charlotte, Sabine, Opperman, Shurter and Belinda. Recently, Angela described him as “a loose cannon”. Even Guidance sounded like he was a bit creeped out by him in their last interview and hasn’t made a Hampstead video since.

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  7. Meanwhile in the words of the gorgeous Tim Minchin, i have laid a few comments under her video and shared it with cautions, and explanations, in some groups we are getting negative joybursting putdowns if expressing it about his song, and the fund……

    and some headlines of the witchcraft, revengeful, spiteful type from priests wanting to still label and package us, this case has allowed a huge audience created by our enemies, to become their downfall, thankyou to each and everyone, who has added, i was told by one who knows angie and others, that they really do say, that they were MKULTRA’s trained in the vatican, now if they are……………..???..and if they are not…………………. ?????

    Either way, and it’s not much of a conspiracy theory to think that the criminals in the vatican, might try and use foul means to attack, especially some of us, very effective at bursting their bubble. 🙂

    I’ll work on a version of the video for to share more widely without the depressing durge, but it will be a useful tool for training, and raising funds, for survivors, i reckon….

    Anyone studying misuse of NLP might spot some, i think i did, but i am too tired and she’s bad at it,(probs the drink), to get into that aspect too much,

    The amount of loaded trigger words, shame , toxic, she even really does look like my mum when she was angry and i was the devil according to her…… if that’s a coincidence, even so , anyone who works to empower survivors will see this for what it is, again, a good tool for training purposes, in ‘how not to treat a survivor of abuse’.

    i can’t remember where, but there are links from sabine and belinda to psychiatric training at universities, i’ll seach and ask, and the tavistock, given the amount of convicted paedos’ the accounts that look like helpers, that somenow look like to entrap victims, for all kinds of usage, has attracted some serious investigators, and i really do think we should now focus on naming and profiling and collecting and collating evidence…..

    There are many victims of Fiona Barnett etc coming out behind scenes to advocates and we need to make sure silent victims, maybe suffering thinking it is their fault or too scared to go up against them, we are all recieving many messages behind scenes cheering us on, , just wanting to see ,

    Will Angie answer ?, or cry bully? or remove.?………. doesn’t matter to me,

    In Tim Minchins’s words, i said, ‘Angie, if you really can prove that i have bullied or harrassed you, then frickin come over here and SUE ME !!! ‘ 🙂

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  8. A good question would be how come the person who thinks it’s ok to pirate/copy videos hasn’t copied this one, and in fact, why was this not released by code in the first place, like many others by Abrella? Have they had a bust up? What’s going on?

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  9. Good questions–Code has been very quiet of late, hasn’t he? And it’s interesting that this video is so late to the party, when it’s the only one that was actually suitable as legal evidence. The others, of course, could not be used as they were made without any neutral, credible witnesses present.


  10. And in their last interview (the Skype call over a month ago), when Abe went into his embarrassing shouty Ali G-type talk, there were moments when Guidance was audibly uncomfortable. And in neither his comments nor the 8 videos he’s made since then has he even mentioned Abe or the Hampstead case.

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  11. Can you imagine 400 adults dancing around with 20 skulls each? Bumping into each other and the clunking & clinking that would go on?

    Surely the neighbors would complain hearing this ruckus. Oh that’s right, the neighbors were in there dancing themselves.

    Honestly it sounds like a mad scene from an Abbott & Costello Go To Deepest Darkest Africa movie

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  12. just a note of caution on Tim Minchin.

    The person leading the campaign who Minchin raised the money for to go to Rome is David Ridsdale the nephew of convicted priest Gerard Risdale. David Ridsdale himself was convicted of abusing a young boy in 1982 and hid this fact from the current Royal Commission and fellow victims.

    While I’m all for offender rehabilitation the fact Ridsadle did not disclose his conviction to the Commission & other church victims has caused alarm in Ballarat & It’s a bit like his victim is forgotten in all the media talk.

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  13. He was young 18, when he offended, personally i think for younger offenders, or those with thoughts, they can probably be helped with more success, than older child abusers…… its not just about him now, though there are many others effected, i think 15 plan to go, if they can listen to pells testimony, but that’s not confirmed yet, it might be that it all goes to healing for survivors, but whatever happens, it is more than that, i reckon, and that is what i am glad for. The validation, support is having a good effect, on people who have felt and been ignored, for too long… stigma needs to lessen and dissipate, so that it can all be changed, from the right information. I am not seeing indications that money will go towards rehabilitation of sex offenders, but is that looking likely to you or others ? Again though, i’m so sick of the swerving of money, i’m also glad to see more independent groups raising funds,


  14. These mass Satanic orgies might have a bit of credibility if they took place in some remote Scottish valley, but the hoaxers always choose to place them in environments where they couldn’t possibly go unnoticed. In this case a school and a swimming pool in a dense urban area with a mixed population where discovery by outsides would be almost inevitable. Lawrence Pazder chose for his epic finale a graveyard in a Canadian suburb, overlooked by houses on all sides.

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  15. I am wondering if I should open a new front against the witchfinder by bringing in Joy of Satan, these are mainly younger net-savvy Satanists who follow the theistic form of Satanism with a Nationalist Socialistic slant.


  16. Yes, I agree. The children were most definitely abused. They suffered beatings, mental torture, hunger, drugs, etc… all caused by Abrella.

    I’m sure the children have a much more stable and happy life now which is akin to their age. No children should ever have to go through what they went through..and to think their names and faces are all over the internet saddens me.

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  17. I just hope those who are responsible for splashing their names and faces across the internet this way will eventually understand how much damage they’ve done. Not just to RD’s children, though that’s considerable and unforgivable, but to dozens of families whose children will bear the brunt of the Hoaxteaders’ zealotry.


  18. Yes, but it was a graveyard, you see. Eerie. Dark. Full of dead people. Great for the climactic scene in a book full of spectacularly spooky scenarios.

    Practical issues such as ‘all the neighbours would be able to see us out their kitchen windows’ don’t apply in situations like this.


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