Hey Abe, show us your FLOOR PLANS!

This week we’ve been discussing the video that was secretly recorded by Jean-Clement, Abe Christie’s brother-in-law, when Abe and Ella brought the children back from Morocco on 4 September, 2014.

We’ve listened to Abe coaching the children to shout, “Kill! Kill! Kill the babies!“; we’ve highlighted some of the inconsistencies and self-contradictions Abe reveals; and we’ve revealed a very disturbing bit of conversation in which Abe alleges that his own niece ‘likes to touch too’, and is a member of the supposed cult.

Another puzzling aspect of the video is Abe’s frequent mention of floor plans of Christ Church Primary School and Christ Church itself, which he claims show tunnels and ‘secret rooms’ where the rituals he imagines were supposed to have taken place.

He mentions this about 19 minutes into the video, and from then on periodically comes back to these alleged drawings and floor plans, which he claims back up the children’s stories.

Strangely, though, although Abe and Ella have released other visual material that they insist corroborates the children’s stories, they’ve never seen fit to release the drawings and floor plans. Why not?

Well, unlike the drawings of the tattoos (which were drawn at least in part by Abe, and certainly to his specifications), or the little boy’s alleged diary (mysteriously produced a year after Ella lost custody), the floor plans (if they exist) can be very easily debunked.

The tattoos cannot be disproven, for the simple reason that no matter what an accused person might do to clear themselves, the Hoaxtead promoters could always yell, “They had it removed! They had it Photoshopped! They paid off the doctor!” and so on.

As for the diary, it cannot be proven in either direction, because Ella (thankfully) has no contact with either of her younger children, and will likely not have until they are much older.

However, it would be a very easy matter for any interested party to take the so-called floor plans to the school, church, or wherever, and demonstrate what we all know to be true: none of the alleged features really exist as stated. Simples.

Of course this would call everything Abe and Ella have told us so far into question, but what the hell…what’s one more piece of evidence against these two pathological liars?

So how about it, Abe? Show us your FLOOR PLANS!

tunnel plan

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  1. Goodness me, Abraham and Ella are concealing evidence! Who could imagine such a thing. And oh my, this evidence shows that they’ve gone through the story with the children on yet another occasion, possibly several occasions, and people say the children were coached. How very dare they.

    I have seen people suggest that whole buildings are razed to the ground to look for secret tunnels. That seems totally reasonable in the circumstances.

    Imagine if Abraham releases them, someone did an FOI for the plans already, they could be compared. I’m sure a door in a wardrobe is perfectly possible and would account for all those strange voids on the plans of the school.

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  2. Yes, I think whole buildings could be saved by the simple expedient of releasing the many detailed drawings Abrella have in their possession.


  3. Oh no, I just had a thought. So the recording that Jean-Clement did was secret. Abraham and Ella had no idea it had been done. They would have no reason to be certain that Jean-Clement passed everything on. Could he even remember everything? Yet they didn’t hand these drawings the police, to help the police find the secret rooms? They kept it back? They hid this stuff from the police? Who would do such a thing? For what possible reason?

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  4. Are these the floor plans over which Charlotte Ward kept harassing that poor Christ Church School receptionist? As I recall, she kept banging on about her right to see them under the Freedom of Information Act (even though they’re readily available anyway, LOL). She was convinced they’d prove there was a network of tunnels underneath the school and the church (no doubt inspired by similarly ridiculous claims made in the McMartin hoax).

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  5. Abe is totally stuck for new material to present as evidence. He has turned on the people that initially supported him and now he is stuck with no where else to go.
    Game over Abe and guess what? YOU LOST!

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  6. You may scoff but Lou Lotus the First, Princess of Planet Zog, says every US airport has vast underground tunnels that all link up to each other and Area 51 and dozens of MYLABS (what they ?) where aliens keep kidnapped children. And this is from a reliable source, one Tory Smith of Youtube.

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  7. So if the police had those drawings, then they could have gone straight to a particular feature that is suspicious and it’s absence or presence would be relevant, and they could look for it very easily? Instead the police go to the locked fridge, which turned out not to be locked, and the secret room which wasn’t accessible through the back of a cupboard and they quite unreasonably decided there were problems with what the children were saying. Imagine if the police had those drawings, they could have found even more secret places didn’t exist, thereby proving there’s a cult eating babies operating out of a junior school that involves everyone Ella and Abraham dislike. Like that? If the places don’t exist, that proves there is a cult right?

    I remember a hook was significant. The police visited the school. I’ve had a thought, I wonder if a police officer was asked about this when giving evidence? Who knows, perhaps in the several days that people were giving evidence, it might transpire that the police spoke to non-cult teachers who said that there was no Wednesday sessions of torture and murder and children aren’t having baby meat packed lunches every day. This would therefore prove that everyone definitely is in a cult.

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  8. Angela Dizzy-Powder has posted a disgusting, illegal child porn image on her Facebook page. Please can everyone report it and get it taken down? Sorry but I’d prefer not to link it. Thank you

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  9. There’s a new page and site too downunder, Survivors’ Voice Australia, with a site, and all of Fiona’s Filth on it, i’ve done a blacklsit update, also with a warning by one who had supported and helped, alot, and now very much helping to set things straight through networks,

    And i had meant to add that when i was letting El coyote know that the recording and group invasions were occurring, that kathy was so wobbly and unsure of whether to go too public, he totally respected that it needed time, and then there was a flurry of threats on John Browns video, which was great evidence. i have been able to trust that if people wanted privacy, or to not be a target for these vicious gangbullies, then, they often have to keep their precious groups as priority, so that survivors don’t suddenly get another letdown, Thankyou for proving trustworthy and respecting, and being very kind and patient,

    The Cardinal Pell song, Tim Minchin, and the Gofundme page for the Ballarat survivors raised around £130K in 2 days, and still to be added are the proceeds from Tims really perfect song……such a boost for us, and validation, recognition, empowerment and hope, so very happy, that Angelas bucket is still full of holes,

    That a real flag flies so high is the best tonic for us Survivors and Weary Warriors and poison for them.,

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  10. As a follower of the antics of the current Aussie Satanic Cult promoter you might have noticed her story changes by the hour. I have a screenshot of her twitter post a few weeks ago where she said she was told a former deceased Oz PM was “into Asian boys” (he was bi-sexual but his life long partner was an Argentinian man now in jail on drug charges).

    That’s now become he abused her in satanic orgies at Parliament House. On another website she claims this happened in 1968. He wasn’t elected until 1972. Madness.


  11. Erm i just found a vile video in my other inbox sent early december, with a sweet encouraging message, but i don’t know if anyone’s up, or able to stomach it, she gets to something at a bout 4 mins, then just her, her, her, for the rest, but that little bit, is telling i think, and i’m pretty sure it is all technique, alot of repetition, the title, the word repeated, toxic over and again., as well as quite intimate squeamish making detail, and of course poor me,,

    i couldn’t help thinking she might need help, but, well……..she actually reveals alot, so i’m not really sure what to do, but i might blurb it a bit, she’s not well, but her venom, is strong, watch out, wear tinfoil 🙂 or a shield

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  12. He reminds me of when i taught kids to play chess and they were in stale mate but insisted on carrying on, till the bitter end, just so not wanting to lose.

    That vidoe by the way is really depressing, dreary ….


  13. Thanks for sharing, Sheva

    What right does Angie have to preach about survivors when on her own Facebook page she advocates the mass extermination of “hurt and lost” children?

    It’s also interesting that she admits to having a drink problem but doesn’t entertain the idea that this might affect her judgement over cases such as Hampstead.

    By the way, have you noticed how much she talks about herself in all her videos? She’s somewhat self-obsessed, methinks.

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  14. She’s talking here once again about her belief that her sister was murdered by her father. Yet just weeks ago she was claiming he’s a copper and threatening to have him arrest some of us (for the heinous crime of having sock accounts on YouTube). She should start her own bullshit factory – she’d make a fortune.

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  15. What a great flaw plan of Abe. I dedicate it to Ms Singleton who should be applauded for her comment to Angie Fagash.

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  16. The McMartin pre-school was demolished in a quest to find “tunnels”. There were none, apart from sewers and the usual things you find under buildings – not that this has stopped some promoters of that hoax claiming they existed.

    The architect’s plans which the lovely Miss Ward obtained show that there is nothing more than a couple of coal holes under the building. As DG points out, she could have seen them without badgering the school secretary under the FOI Act. Any building that is the subject of a planning application will have plans displayed on the local Council’s website.

    Interestingly, in the conversation Christine Sands recorded in the Church she is told that it was built without proper foundations – which would suggest there are no crypts or tunnels beneath it either.

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  17. It does seem amazing that the floor drawings have never been released. It appears that neither the police or Belinda et al ever received copies. They also have the witness statements in court, which they have never released. As pointed out, it took a year before they released the so called diaries, and other drawings. It absolutely reeks of fraud. Especially the diaries. Abraham claimed the boys diary contained only one page and it was all about ‘tickle time’. No mention of babies, cannibalism, baby skin shoes, McDonalds…etc.
    Yet, in no Morocco video, police video or the Jean Clement secret recording (hours of footage), does either child mention ‘tickle time’.
    Either the diaries were faked completely, or they were Abraham’s early attempts at coercion to provide ‘evidence’ for Jean Clement, abandoned later when the idea of a cult began to build, and he took video footage instead. It is also highly suspicious that they suddenly produce other drawings that had never been released (the dildo hat).

    If anybody that has been supporting Abe and Ella do have serious questions about any of the videos, they should be online asking Abe and Ella for answers. They have nothing to lose by doing so as Abraham has already accused so many people of being in the cult or working for MI5 against them. If they did find the courage to do so, they would gain some insight as to what it’s like from our perspective. That Abraham dodges every question and simply accuses us of being RD. They should certainly not feel they need to apologise for having doubts or be afraid of starting an argument with their fellow supporters.


  18. I’ve just heard back from Facebook that pictures of naked children cavorting amidst a group a presumed paedophiles doesn’t violate their community standards. More to follow on this….


  19. Well found Miss Scarlet Scoop. If the word ever gets out that there tunnels beneath the surface of London then there will be panic on the streets.
    Best to keep this kind of information to ourselves 🙂

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