Abraham accuses his niece of being a cult member

For the past couple of days we’ve been scouring Abe and Ella’s latest video release—the 3 hours recorded by Abe’s brother-in-law Jean-Clement Yaohirou on 4 September, 2014.

It’s a rough ride for anyone who cares about children, as Abe is clearly pushing RD’s kids to provide the correct, pre-scripted answers to his questions, and the children stumble over themselves to comply. At one point, Abe can be heard prompting them to yell, “Kill! Kill! Kill the babies!”…exactly as noted by Mrs Justice Pauffley in this section of her fact-finding judgement of 19 March, 2015:

Pauffley judgement-95-96However, this isn’t the only disturbing section of the video.

At about 2 hours and 6 minutes, it sounds as though Abe, Jean-Clement, and the children are in the front hallway of Jean-Clement’s house. One of our team members kindly put together a clip of the interchange that takes place:

It seems that one of the children pointed to a picture, wondering who’s in it.

Abe says, “That’s Jean-Clement’s daughter, that’s my niece…she likes to touch as well“.

Jean-Clement responds, “No, no, no, no, no, she doesn’t”.

In a more serious voice, Abe says, “She came to my house in Marrakech (“to see me”? hard to make out)”.

Jean-Clement, more forcefully: “Noooo”.

Abe (sarcastically): “Oh, I’m a liar?”

Jean-Clement: “Well, how come you never say that?”

Abe: “Well, what am I going to say?”

There’s a great deal of cross-chatter happening here, and the sound quality is bad for a few seconds, obscuring the conversation.

Then we hear Abe justifying his extraordinary statement about Jean-Clement’s daughter: “She used to do it, she used to touch, she used to kill, she used to touch, she used to kill. She used to. I believe that she’s growing out of it slowly”. Then, as if this explains everything, he says, “This is what they do, Jean-Clement. This is what they’re taught to do”.

What does Abe mean by all this?

Is he seriously claiming that he has first-hand knowledge that his own niece is a member of his imaginary cult?

The fact that he seems to think that Jean-Clement’s daughter was involved in ‘touching’ (we assume he means sexual touching) and ‘killing’ speaks to a much broader issue: Abe is clearly expressing his obsession with children doing sexualised, violent things to one another. If he was fantasising about his niece doing these things at his home in Marrakech, then this grotesque sexual obsession must predate his relationship with Ella.

Hardly surprising, then, that as soon as he got his clutches on RD’s children, he began spinning elaborate fantasies about them, too.

We’re continuing to listen to this material, so stay tuned….

Would you like this man to follow and photograph your child?

60 thoughts on “Abraham accuses his niece of being a cult member

  1. There is some sort of strange dynamic going on here between Christie and Clement. I have a daughter and if such a remark had been made about her in my presence, the conversation that ensued would have been entirely different. Perhaps those that have had dealings with Christie are afraid of him.

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    • My reaction would have been to deck this nasty creep but I guess Jean Clement is a gentleman.

      What a horrible man this Cristie is.

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    • I had the same thought. If someone were to say something like that about my daughter, they’d be eating through a straw for the foreseeable future, but J-C tries to brush it off. If I had to guess, I’d say he’s afraid of Christie and the thugs he associates with in London.

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  2. “…exactly as noted by Mrs Justice Pauffley in this section of her fact-finding judgement…”

    Mr. Coyote, you make me floaty. That’s music to my ears! The fruitcake crew – I’m sure you knew – disputed that for years!

    Yes, folks – there it is. After the endless whining from the fruitloop brigade about how every word of Justice Pauffley’s report was a lie, that there’s no way on God’s green Earth that Abe coached the children, that there’s absolutely no way he would ever have led the children in chants of “Kill kill kill the baby”, here he is in all his glory, recorded for posterity and uploaded by…er…Abe himself!

    I suggest that we never forget the many things the fruitcakes have called us for claiming Mrs. Pauffley was telling the truth and that this actually happened (let’s just say that putting our heads above the parapet has been enriching for our vocabulary). But I also suggest that we lay back and savour these delicious “I told you so” moments, so eloquently encapsulated by that nice Mr. Coyote 🙂

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    • The more I hear & read about Abella the more grateful I am that we have sane, thorough & intelligent judges like Justice Pauffley.

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    • I think a might hit the roof too, but we were not in JC’s situation. He may be aware of how Abe may react to being challenged, who would Abe take it out on, he had two children and a woman with him. He is also a Policeman.

      As we can hear at the end he was straight on the phone to his colleagues.

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      • I just had a thought there, had abe a flicker of a suspicion that he might have been recorded, clearly he would have edited this, had JC not handed it in ? am i right on that point ?

        Having been around quite alot of sick twisted psyco’s,, perhaps he inserted something that he thought JC would not want to be heard by the police ? it was just what popped in my mind knowing how these rats operate, and think of everything, for self preservation.

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        • Check out the Facebook page (or maybe you shouldn’t) of that hideous creature Angela Power Disney. She re-publishes the children’s videos plus links to..and a blatantly child porn painting..to that demented Australia satanic promoter. Power-Disney needs locking up.

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        • That’s a really interesting point. As you say it’s as if he was trying to incriminate Jean Clement and his family, and thus make sure he had him where he wanted him.
          I haven’t listened to much of this yet but at the beginning Abe commands Jean Clement to go to the school and arrest all the teachers It’s as if Abe imagines JC is his own personal police force and can be manipulated to do his bidding. Its a very odd understanding of how the police operate apart from anything else.
          Thank Goodness JC made these recordings though, they absolutely confirm that the children were coerced. How anyone can believe otherwise is astonishing.

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          • Yes, the part where Abe insists that J-C should go to the school and start arresting people is interesting. He seem to think that J-C is empowered to do this (he’s not), and that he could somehow just put on his spurs and six-shooter and head out to make arrests without benefit of a warrant, etc. It’s strange, as Abe has been arrested himself many, many times. How is it that he doesn’t understand the process?


    • Always happy to oblige, DG! 🙂

      This also calls into question the fruitloops’ insistence that the police ‘hid evidence’. If anyone hid evidence, it was Abrella, who took a full year and a half to release this highly incriminating video.

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  3. “There’s a great deal of cross-chatter happening here, and the sound quality is bad for a few seconds, obscuring the conversation.”

    Yes indeed and I think there’s quite a significant bit just before Abe goes into his “She used to do it…” spiel:

    Abe: “Ask Mutter…”
    JC: “…No, that’s just exploratory. That’s different.”
    Abe: “That’s not exploratory. She used to do it…”

    I’m thinking it’s a strong possibility that Abe sexually abused JC’s daughter but is twisting it round to say that she was a member of the fictitious satanic cult in order to divert attention from himself as the alleged perpetrator.

    I also have to be honest and say I don’t think he says “She used to kill”. It sounds more like “She used to kick” (“She used to kick, she used to touch. Jean-Clement, you’re living in a dream. She used to kick, she used to touch…”). That said, he does then go on to claim that she and other children are “taught to kill” by the cult. And “kick” still supports EC’s theory about Abe having an “obsession with children doing sexualised, violent things to one another” anyway.

    By the way, ‘Mutter’ is the German word for ‘mother’. It appears to be Abe’s nickname for Ella and is also used elsewhere in the recording. In all honesty, it sounds more like ‘Murter’ and may be another language’s word for ‘mother’ (not Russian, though – I checked). Anyhoo, the point is that it sounds like Ella knows about Abe’s alleged sexual abuse of his niece.

    Disturbing stuff.

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    • It is not ‘Mutter’ but Ma***, the name of Abe’s children’s mother, his wife who must have been with him at his house in Marracech.

      And it could also be ‘kiss’. Hard to tell, but whatever the k word, the rest is very clear: JC tries to defend his daughter as best he can, saying ‘it’s just exploratory’….Abe realises that he has just revealed himself, and tries to backtrack, smoothing it over: ….’I believe she is growing out of it’, and they both quickly move on past this bombshell, JC doing the only thing he can to preserve his daughter’s dignity.

      The conversation is jaw-dropping, and as you say, EC, it proves without a shadow of a doubt that Abe was entertaining his dark fantasies well before he ever met RD’s children. He watched young girls in their sleep, imagining what it is that turns him on. He really is a disgusting little piece of shit.

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      • I think it is in an Alfred Webre interview that Abe or Ella say that he (Abe) ‘recognised’ aspects of RD’s children’s behaviour, from own experience, as his niece was sexually abused. I apologise for discussing this person here and see identifying details have been edited out of the tape. I hope that if she were to read this she would understand it in context. It is necessary to lay bare the machinations of Abe Christie’s warped mind to try to prevent future harm to others.

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        • It could be that Abraham Christie is aware of something involving his niece that her parents have put down as age appropriate behaviour, and Abraham Christie is insisting it’s something sinister, just like he did with Ella’s two children. He has some warped ideas as we all know. That’s why J-C responds as he does. Sick, sick man for insisting his niece kills babies. It is clear to me that Abraham drags anyone and everyone into his perverted fantasy.

          How anyone with even half a brain can listen to this recording and support Abraham Christie I don’t understand. And certain people have listened to it and still supported the disgusting pair.

          The judge’s point was that if the police had listened to this recording at the outset the police would have realised the coaching and all the rest much before they did. If anything, it allowed Abraham Christe and Ella Draper to escape scrutiny for too long.

          If Ella really was going to be in trouble for taking the children out of the UK and the children missing contact with their father, how convenient to have something to justify that. Shows her up doesn’t it! All the insistence that there was no dispute in their contact with their father is a pile of steaming bull.

          And Ella’s lack of concern about her eldest, she cannot justify it and continue to insist the whole sordid tale is true.

          If this tape contains a recording of a clip of the children being played, one that wasn’t part of the tranche that was released, then that shows the recordings had to be done again and again and Ella forwarded a selection. It is also clear the children were not speaking spontaneously and freely, that it was grotesquely stage managed.

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        • Judge Pauffley did not include the remarks about the niece in the judgement. She may have thought it ethically sensitive material that needed to be left out. It may be a good illustration of one of the many instances where evidence was not presented to the public, despite its importance.

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      • Thanks for the clarification on the ‘Mutter’ thing, Emma. So Abe’s ex was with them in this recording (made post Marrakech)? He directly addresses her in the other section of the recording, just before he launches into his “Kill the baby” chant.

        It’s definitely not ‘kiss’, by the way. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve now listened to that same clip with my old-school super-large Sennheiser headphones turned right up and pressed hard against my ears. Abe in eardrum-splitting stereo – it’s an interesting experience o_O

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        • No, Abe says ‘ask M****’ as if M**** was there with him at the time his niece was visiting in Marrakech, as if to say: don’t believe me? ask so and so, she was there, she saw it too etc.

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          • I know but to reiterate, I was referring to the bit in the other video, just before he launches into his “Kill the baby” chant.

            1:09 – “One moment, M**** ”

            Is this just me being daft?


          • And yes, he does call Ella ‘mum’ on occasion. In other words, Ella ‘mum’ is referred to in the present, as the recording is being made, as opposed to the reference to ‘ask M****, she was there’ is someone who was in Marrakech, in the past. Both begin with M but they are different people.

            As to the k word, it could be ‘kicking’ as Abe seems to go on to say ‘in her dreams, she used to kick, she used to touch’. So this was when asleep. Quite how Abe equates kicking in sleep and touching one’s own body, as is perfectly normal unconscious behaviour during sleeping, to cult activity, is beyond me, though.

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      • Perfectly logical follow up from Christie, ‘she’s growing out of it’. Touching and killing, just the sort of stuff one grows out of. Sorted!

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    • Thanks for checking this out so thoroughly, HDH. My listening set-up here is pretty primitive, consisting of a pair of semi-decent earbuds…so I could only report what I could make out.


      • Oh of course, Mr. C. It was by no means a criticism of your excellent – and much appreciated – work. I just thought I’d raise the question. In fact, there’s quite a lot muttered in the background on these recordings that could be very revealing if we ever figured out what they were.

        Jean-Clement, if you’re reading this, do please get in touch!

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  4. What the hell is going through Abe’s head when he says “They have babies for packed lunch”? Charlotte and others have claimed he’s been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder over the children’s “revelations” about being forced to eat babies. Yet here he is casually joking about it!

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    • Yes, we didn’t even get into that portion of the clip–but we know from various witnesses that the children were constantly hungry, as they stole food from other children, and dug through bins for remnants. To them, perhaps ‘eating babies’ was a good made-up excuse for why they brought home their salad lunches every day! It would get them into far less trouble, apparently.

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  5. That’s very disturbing indeed. I really think this man should be locked up. And I share the first commentator’s concerns about the other male, although I presume the recording was made by him and therefore he was letting the convo roll on.

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    • He seems to be both highly disturbed and highly manipulative. I don’t know if he believes any of the things he says, I would guess he doesn’t; he just takes a childish glee in telling lies and forcing other people to accept them as facts.
      He reminds me of a little boy I knew at school who would come out with some piece of erroneous information and insist it was correct, no matter how much evidence to the contrary was presented to him, just because he knew it was incredibly annoying. I hope he grew out of it; Christie would seem to be stuck in an infantile mindset, mainly because he is surrounded by people, especially children, whom he can bully into accepting anything he says.

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  6. Abraham needs locking up and the sooner the better. He is obviously a danger to children and listening to him chanting with the children puts shivers down my spine.

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  7. “She came to my house in Marrakech (“to see me”? hard to make out)”

    I think he says “She came to my house in Marrakech and she touched (my bottom?) or (the bottle?)“. I can’t make out the last words but he certainly claims that there was some touching.

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  8. Emma makes an interesting point about the niece kicking in her sleep. When I was very young & we went on holiday once to the seaside I had to share a bed with my brother who said I kicked so badly during the night he refused to sleep in the same bed again.

    So it begs the question : how would the creepy Abe know his niece kicked while asleep unless he watched her for hours (it ‘s not a regular thing, more like tossing & turning every few hours. Or was she in Abe’s bed? Ewww..what a horrible man !

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  9. I remember someone on Abe’s old blog bringing this up. They were asked to provide evidence numerous times but always dodged it. Turns out they were telling the truth.

    You would think with so many people being accused of being in the cult, and/or children behaving sexually around Abraham, that his supporters would have reason to pause and reconsider.

    It’s very disturbing in light of what was later found on Abraham’s phone, that according to him he is surrounded by children who like to touch. That when it Is suggested that it is normal exploratory behaviour, Abraham insists it is more than that. That the children have been abused by adults. Abraham thinks that of JC’s daughter in the past. and goes onto think it about Ricky’s children.
    In this video he describes that he knew an adult had to teach them, again not accepting that it maybe normal exploratory behaviour.

    On a side note, I found the part where the children describe Ella buying the Mentos quite interesting. Abraham jumps on it and states that he will have the children tell him about it later. Hints of his controlling behaviour over Ella (just as Araya described him to be with his ex). After all, he has only known them a few months, what business is it of his if Ella wanted to buy her children sweets.
    It’s difficult to work out if he is suffering a manic episode, or is fully aware of his bullshit.

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  10. I don’t think for one minute that Christie believes those kids were abused. The accusations are his method of grooming. Perhaps that has been a successful MO for him in the past.

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  11. Angela Dizzy Powder will never admit that she was wrong about anything as it would hurt her pride to do so.
    I’ll be keeping an eye on her fund raising schemes in the future.

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