New video from Abrella drives final nails in Hoaxtead coffin

We admit it, we’re puzzled.

The ‘new’ video that Abrella have released on their blog and YouTube, consisting of the recording made by Abe’s brother-in-law on 4 September, 2014, contains many fascinating glimpses into the Hampstead hoax…but they don’t play in Abrella’s favour.

As we mentioned yesterday, the video contains a stunning and very disturbing clip of Abe leading RD’s children in a rousing cheer of “Kill the babies! Kill the babies!”

This in itself provides sufficient evidence of coaching to kill the hoax dead.

But there’s more, far more. Here’s a small sampling:

Threats and corrections

Right off, Abe threatens the little girl, asking the brother-in-law (a community police volunteer) whether he has room in the jail to lock her up tonight. “Have you got room in the jail to lock her up tonight? Have you got room, yes or no?…You deserve to be locked up”.

He then prompts the children to start telling the story. When they forget a detail, he aggressively corrects them: “We put on our hand…” “NO. He PUT your hand on.” When they go in directions he doesn’t want them to go, he tells them to be quiet, and takes over the narrative himself.

He grills the children, taking them through the litany they’ve obviously been rehearsing. It sounds like some sort of macabre classroom, with the teacher drilling the children on facts they’ve been taught, and the children chorusing back the answers.

Listening to the children, it’s very clear that they’re trying their best to please Abe: they talk over each other, vying to be first to answer. Knowing what we do now about Abe’s methods of ‘teaching’, this really should come as no surprise: the children know that if they answer incorrectly, they’ll be beaten, burnt, suffocated, threatened with being buried alive.

How big is this thing, anyway?

Abe seems fixated on adding as many people to the ‘cult’ as he can. At about 6 minutes in, the children claim that Ella’s older son is not only a cult member, but ‘does sex to them’. According to Abe, “all three children are involved in this cult”. Later, Abe claims that not only RD’s, but Ella’s own solicitor is also a cult member; he says he doesn’t trust any solicitors, except his own. “But they’re criminal,” he says, noting that they’ll defend him, but they have nothing to do with family court.

Why did they take the kids to Morocco?

According to Abe, he’s aware that he and Ella had no business taking the children out of the UK, since RD has the right to see the children every two weeks: “So we’ve broken the [court] order, but we had to take them to make sure they were safe”.

This is most curious: Abrella have long insisted that they only learned of the alleged cult while they were on holiday with the children in Morocco; yet here, Abe states that they knew the children were in danger, and needed to remove them to ensure their safety. Which is it, then?

Abe’s psychological state

Throughout the video, Abe’s speech is pressurised: urgent, rapid, excited, with frequent repetitions of key words and phrases. He’s jumpy—”Jean-Clement, what’s that noise? It’s bothering me!”—and obviously agitated: “I haven’t had any sleep. It’s my birthday, and I haven’t slept!”

At about 51 minutes, Abe says, “Look at me, look at me, I came from the airport like this!”. He says he has not had time for a shower, although “the mother has time for these things….but this is the children’s welfare”. As we’ve stated in the past, we’re no psychologists, but as we listen to his strangely pressured speech, his frantic obsession with his story, we have to wonder whether he might in fact be suffering from some sort of manic episode.

Inconsistencies abound

As for that story, it keeps changing, as though he’s making it up on the fly:

At about 13:30, when J-C asks why they didn’t just stay in Morocco and report the problem from there, Abe states that he and Ella wanted to bring the children to see Jean-Clement that night, but then leave again for Morocco straight away. This is sheer madness, as is Abe’s apparent belief that J-C has the power to actually conduct the investigation and arrest those involved. And Abe later contradicts himself, stating that he needs to go to Ella’s and get the locks changed. Why would he bother with this if he no intention of staying in London?

It’s all about the fame

As we’ve mentioned previously, Abrella have revealed their intentions and agenda slowly, but at about 29 minutes Abe is quite clear: he states that if Jean-Clement cannot help them with this, he will write a book about it. In other words, the point is to get maximum public exposure. This makes sense in light of Abe’s recent attempts to present himself as a nutritional hemp expert, à la David Avocado Wolfe.

Producing the ‘evidence’

Abe plays some of the homemade videos back for J-C, but unlike the versions that were later released by Sabine, in this version you can hear Abe and Ella coaching them: At about 38 minutes, while the children are describing how they feel ‘weak’ when they eat meat rather than hemp, Ella says, “Say it again, please. Look at me….Look at the camera”.  The child repeats the statement, and Ella says, “Look at the camera…good”.

This brings up a question we’ve wondered about: why were the original videos produced in a series of short bursts, produced in airports and parking lots en route from Morocco back to London? Why not sit down with the children in a quiet place (and according to Abe, his friend’s farm was ‘nice and quiet’), and let the children tell their story, in their own words, with minimal interruption?

The J-C video answers this question: it’s clear from listening to this 3-hour-long epic that the children cannot manage all of the story at once, without frequent prompts and interruptions from Abe and/or Ella. They can do it (albeit as though they’re telling about a story they’ve read, not something that’s happened to them) in short bursts, but not as an integrated whole.

Why release this now?

As commenter Danielle George noted yesterday,

The hoaxer crew are definitely starting to give up the ghost, methinks. I’ve been doing some reckying:

Last blog posts from…

…Eaten Lives Matter: 7th Feb
…Dearman Does Hampstead: 6th Feb
…Whistleblowerkids: 6th Feb
…Cannabis Cures Cancer: 30th Jan

Last Hampstead-related post from Co-Creating Our New Earth: 19th Jan

Last Hampstead-related video from Guidance 2222: 15th January

Last Facebook post from Deborah Mahmoudieh: meh, who cares?

Oh and Alan Wrightson’s blog is now marked private 😀

Meanwhile, Hoaxtead Research continues to get 1000+ views per day and is a veritable hive of activity in the comment threads. Let’s hear it for that nice Mr. Coyote 🙂

And great work, everyone else too!

With their hoax crumbling around them, Abrella must feel under pressure to produce something, anything, to keep the thing alive.

They chose this video because it’s the last weapon in their depleted arsenal. Sadly, it’s not merely a damp squib; it’s a suicide bomb, with more than enough firepower to kill what’s left of Abrella’s grotesque hoax.

Please note: We have deliberately omitted the link to this video on Abrella’s blog. The video contains images and names of both children, as well as of multiple innocent children, parents, teachers, clergy, and business people in Hampstead, so we cannot in good conscience link to it here.


79 thoughts on “New video from Abrella drives final nails in Hoaxtead coffin

  1. Eaten lives matter??? How did I miss that one? What a ludicrous name.

    There are some serious gaffs on that video. I wonder if dildohead pratt threatened to release the tape so Abrella had no option but to post it. I cannot understand why they would do so voluntarily, as they were angry at Charlotte Ward when she released it in its edited form.

    I feel sorry for Jean Clement, having Abe as a brother in law. You can hear a huge sigh of relief after he shuts the door on him.

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    • LOL, yes–I think that’s my favourite bit.

      You could be right that the video was released as an attempt to get ahead of a threatened revelation; or possibly Abrella really are delusional enough to believe that this would swing people their way.


      • Only recommendation for whitelist so far…….. Ringwind touting for Fiona Barnett barnyard, i checked his avatar, so they don’t respect boundaries either, but try to trick me, please people don’t think these people represent anything like the truer survivor networks,

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  2. This, i heard this, in the first videos that i could only find on Angirifan, which i did, having been alerted by something i saw, and realising who were promoting it, i spent the whole weekend, listening to the whole lot, and talking with a rew who had asked me what i thought…….This is why i had no doubt.

    This is why, i have no mercy for people that have helped to perpetuate these, false flags, that they have hurt so many, and on top of that pretend to spearhead child protection uk, whilst fiona barnyard bennett has tried the same down under, that belinda, bill , brian , david , and all on my blacklist, tho it is still incomplete,

    I could easily realise straight away, that few would be able, or want to spend the time, that i did, nor maybe have the experience, that as soon as i heard these, near the end i think, any doubts were gone, hence i was sure of my statements, i was also aware that the instigators of this, must have heard every single bit, and even if they didn’t, there is no excuse for the immense amount of abuse, that has been uncovered,

    I hope now, people will start removing, not only their support, which is clearly happening, but also from the headlining champions, that keep creating dramatic distractions, and soaking up support that is then wasted.

    I am just sorry it took so long.

    I rang the police on the weekend, i knew what the potential was, and had begun to find out how much harm was being done in Hampstead…….It was a real treat to spend my birthday watching the degrading mob outside the Church, but i did, I had to wait tho, to be more open, but i let enough people know, that could have prevented it from going further and further, hence, some of us sense higher hands, attempting to sabotage the massive shift in conciousness in child abuse,

    I really have found this difficult at times, knowing that some comments were not always justified, and there are limits to understanding for some here, the humour and stamina here, and the integrity has been more important to me, I do though find myself trying to untangle some people assumed as fakers because of association, that i am reaching to, some are very suspicous of me, but then i know the myths that go round, so i don’t blame them……… Melanie Shaw, i havn’t read up enough, but even if she did set that fire, which is horrendous, i agree, but trust me, i have had some seriously bad times, and not always held things together, and hit the bottle, binge wise, so i just don’t judge others, i lived on the street at 16, to save me telling my mum, i mostly stole, i was pretty good at it, but i also sold me, and it was grim, dangerous, dirty, and i was lucky to escape. I became a pretty successful young single mum, then ran a business, bankrupted in my 30’s, and on to breaking down, therapy, my cases against my father, dismissed, so organised a fking, mega amazing march and rally, with just a phone and a few volunteers.

    I thought 2010, with this tool, we could raise it to an amazing level, it was set to do just that, until a week before, i got the email from Truth and Hope, telling me who was speaking, and the whole time taken up, i fought back, otherwise, no other survivors like Michael McManus would have, i was dragged/coaxed up, and only spoke to shut john up, honestly, i couldn’t begin to speak from a position of strength, it hadn’t been the amazing, empowering, healing event, i had promised……….When a survivor speaks, especially the first time, to applause, cheers, hugs, and me too’s, after the shunning, stigmatising, ignoring, that we usually have met, often many times, before, That was the healing, and energy created from that, is incredible……….Those that took the platform, stopped that from happening, they deserve no credit whatsoever, and are not to be trusted in anyway……….. The abused the power they stole, and prevented the empowerment of many.

    I hope the people of Hampstead and their children, can be feeling even better now.

    By the way, Andy Peacher posted on the Anti Corruption Page…….proving that he offers nothing, except spam, doesn’t even read owt else, therefore, unaware of the real deal with any issues related to CSA innit ?

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    • It’s really to your credit that you saw through this from the beginning. We’ve been so happy to have your ongoing support here, especially knowing that you’ve become a target for doing so. 🙂

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    • I now hear Barnyard attended a retreat at Heal4Life the ( very profitable) outfit run by former celebrity agent Liz Mullinar who claims her area of NSW is infested with a Satanic Pedo Cult. Former workers have criticized her methods and there have been many media exposures. Former supporters, actors, politicians etc have now distanced themselves from heal4Life (think John Hemming)

      Heal4Life is setting up in the UK with NSPCC aid. Mulliner born in London discovered she was abused as a child when a psychic told her that her father, a respected Guys Hospital doctor ran a pedo ring.

      Odd that one of Mulliner’s clients also ensnared an Oz TV star (now in jail but appealing) who happened to be the wife of Mulliner’s former agency partner. That wife still runs the agency which handles several top Oz Hollywood stars and Mulliner demanded they leave the agency but they have all stuck with it.

      There seem to be 2 crews : genuine child abuse advocates who do great work and then a second lot who have jumped on the bandwagon. Also sponsored by Mulliner was a former local detective who got fleeting fame by declaring a cabal of Catholic detectives covered up child abuse in the area Mulliner claims a Satanic cult operates. He was roundly condemned in a NSW Royal Commission as an hysteric but sadly he almost destroyed the reputations of some honest coppers including one who had a complete breakdown after his 2 sons were mercilessly teased at school about their ‘satanic pedo dad’.

      So you take a brave position and very necessary one : trying to winkle out the fantasists and empire builders form the genuine advocates. The former risk doing enormous damage to a genuine child abuse investigations.

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      • Yes, I couldn’t agree more. I’m fascinated that the Satanic Panic seems to have spread southward to Australia and NZ–it seems the proponents there are nearly identical to those here, in both personality and methods.

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      • Of course I meant the former TV actor in jail was the *husband* of Mulliner’s former partner ( senility is kicking in early).
        Now I hear that the accuser of the actress from Prisoner (or is Cellblock H in the UK) who was found not guilty on appeal of abuse also attended a ”retreat’ where memories surfaced.

        The Satanic Cult stuff is everywhere now and the Evangelicals seem to have a big hand in it.

        Kudos to the genuine victim advocates but charlatans are everywhere.

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  4. I can’t believe he was stupid enough to allow this in public domain.

    I told him before “Abe, darling, look while you are wanting to do this case then you need to keep all the self incriminating stuff to yourself”.

    But does he listen? Nope! Oh well he will pay for it now, especially now the truth is out, even I can’t save him! Nor can our leader Satan!

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  5. LOL! I’m just having a chuckle and some old videos.. but I love the way Neelu describes Belinda to Constable Wolfendale to help him spot her in the crowd of hoaxters.. take a listen:

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  6. 3 cheers to the unsung hero of the Hampstead case, Jean Clement Yaohirou, for taping this vital piece of evidence. His really was a special help.

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  7. But imagine this…

    There is STILL several hundred, if not thousand or so papers/documents that went to court, that we have not seen, nor probably never will, that blows apart these two EVIL Child Abusing Peoples absolutely vile, stupid, backward, empty and down right sick story, out of the water.

    This one from JC is but…..just one of them 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • I’m intrigued by the line “you vitamin deficient limey pervert”. He castigates us for not getting enough vitamins in the same breath as criticising our love of citrus fruit. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t :/

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          • He says he’s doing what he thinks is right–fair enough. But before he does that, he might want to actually look into what’s really been going on, and stop assuming that everyone who debunks or disbelieves the hoax is one person.

            As for angry comments…welcome to our world. How many death threats have we endured since any of us started speaking out? Personally, I’ve lost count.

            I’m afraid I have to give poor Rupert Zzzzzz two thumbs down.

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          • His anti-Brit stuff goes into overdrive towards the end. And the blatant hypocrisy of his whining about “ad hominem abuse” and “insults” is jaw-dropping.

            He’s kinda like a David Shurter but worse in a way, as this Rupert dude keeps claiming to be a comedian! Even Shurter isn’t that arrogant, LOL.

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          • Rupert’s ignorance over the Britain (or “England”) thing is incredible and his hypocrisy is palpable.

            He says that anyone who complains/moans/protests is showing their guilt…and he says that in a 44-minute rant in which he complains/moans/protests throughout!

            And he spends the entire time intermittently insulting people and moaning about ad hominem abuse!

            Then at 35:26 he builds up to a climactic anti-Brit tantrum, in true Mahmoudieh style! And his number one gripe about Brits – and I swear I’m not making this up – is that our porn isn’t hardcore enough for his tastes!

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  11. Today I received these comments on one of my videos on my channel. My channel is entirely devoted to exposing Christopher Everard and getting him arrested for him crimes. One of Everard’s many crimes is that he has child porn on his computers. I found these comments odd, to say the least. The comments seem to be coming from “Abe and Ella.” It seems odd that “Abe and Ella” would like my videos that expose Everard since Everard keeps perpetuating Abe and Ella’s lies. I have blocked this channel from commenting on my Youtube channel. (I think they might still be able to comment on the thread. If they do, I will copy and paste it and screen grab it and then remove the entire thread) These are their comments:

    Hampstead Cover Up 6 hours ago
    The TAP is regularly used by agents like Jaqui Farmer/Charlotte Ward, Sabine McNeil etc. to leak intel and post disinfo.
    Love the bit near the end where you talk about blowing the whistle on established Truth Movement “Gurus”. We experienced similar when exposing Brian Gerrish, Shill Baloney, The McKenzie Coven including Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeil AND Jaqui Farmer. We have also outed Americans David Shurter, Ed Opperman, and Australian Fionna Barret, and many who had been taken in by them (as we were initially) were upset at having their belief systems challenged. Slowly but surely these agents are being exposed. Well done. Ella and Abe , Hampstead Cover Up.
    Show less

    Deb C 3 hours ago (edited)
    +Hampstead Cover Up I’m sorry, but I don’t believe Abe and Ella’s story. From what I’ve read about Hampstead, the whole thing seems like a hoax concocted by Abe and Ella. And Abe appears to be the one who abused those children. That’s how it seems to me. And Christopher Everard latched onto this concocted hoax to cover for his own serious crimes of having child porn in his possession. Everard did this to make his followers think he’s some type of “researcher” rather than the criminal deviant he is.
    Show less

    Hampstead Cover Up6 hours ago
    Thank you for making this video Deb C. Ella and Abe, Hampstead. You may contact us on

    Deb C3 hours ago (edited)
    +Hampstead Cover Up I’m sorry, but I don’t believe Abe and Ella’s story. From what I’ve read about Hampstead, the whole thing seems like a hoax concocted by Abe and Ella. And Abe appears to be the one who abused those children. That’s how it seems to me. And Christopher Everard latched onto this concocted hoax to cover for his own serious crimes of having child porn in his possession. Everard did this to make his followers think he’s some type of “researcher” rather than the criminal deviant he is.
    And, no I won’t be contacting you Abe and Ella or whoever this is.
    Show less

    Please let me know your thoughts on this. It seems very strange to me. Thank you so much. Take care, stay safe.


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    • You’re right, Deb, this is very strange indeed. We know that Abe & Ella are desperate for attention now, and we can only think that they’re getting to the point where they’re trying everything they can to get people to continue noticing them and their sad little hoax. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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    • I’d love to know why he wanted you to contact him and Ella, Deb!
      I wonder what they had in store for you and what it was they wanted to get you involved in. Thanks for letting us know about it here.

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      • And, another Facebook post from Christopher Everard today:
        Christopher Everard
        3 hrs ·

        THE INDUSTRIAL PROCESSING OF HUMANS: Sounds horrible – and it is vile – the thought that thousands of people – many who are children – are ‘minced’ and ‘disposed’ after having been abused. Could you ever think of a more horrible thing? But that’s what is happening – and there are whistle-blowers everywhere who testify that CULTS and COVENS are making ‘human stew’ of people who they abduct and sexually violate… For example, in Hampstead, two children told the police that members of their cult were managers at fast-food chains who ‘processed’ the meat from sacrificed babies. “Daddy eats baby meat every day” one child told the police.

        SO WHERE IS THE PROOF? Well, let’s have a look at the statistics: Every day, 13 million CCTV cameras track us. We’re PIN-tracked on everything we buy, and video-taped by ATM cash machines, Facebooked, GPS-tracked by our smartphones in real-time, Google suck our internet search histories every few minutes from our browsers, and yet 275,000 BRITISH PEOPLE GO MISSING EVERY YEAR. That’s 30 MISSING PEOPLE EVERY HOUR – and they are only the ones who are REPORTED. There are estimated to be another 2,000 HOMELESS PEOPLE and run-aways every year who vanish into thin air.

        This is the equivalent of the entire population of Plymouth being spirited away… The British government deliberately does NOT have a computerised tracking system for children in CARE HOMES who ‘run away’. Some of the Missing People are actually eventually found – but the police admit that there is a ‘core number’ of long-term PERMANENTLY LOST PEOPLE which grows by 20,000 every year! Even in the age of electronic snooping and tracking, the people’s credit cards usage, browsing and smartphone calls dramatically and suddenly stop. Again – its never reported on the mainstream news, and the police are ‘too busy’ to search for these people.


        • So the fact a number of people go missing every year across the country is Everard’s proof that there is a cannibalistic Luciferian kiddy-fiddling cult operating out of a North London branch of McDonald’s? Well, who can argue with that? I wish him all the best with his career as a detective. Or to put it another way: good luck with that, Everard.

          As for 275,000 people going missing in the UK every year – yeah – of course that’s correct, Everard. You didn’t make that up at all, did you? After all, you cited a really reliable source for that eye-popping claim, didn’t you. Well, a source anyway. Oh wait.

          And as for his point that we can’t go anywhere or do anything without being caught on CCTV these days – and maybe I’m being stupid here – how is this proof that the crimes he accuses us of HAVE been committed? Wouldn’t there be video evidence of our heinous deeds? If anything, he’s just proven our innocence, for which we should be grateful, I guess (thanks, CE).

          This beady-eyed fruitloop appears to be excelling in the art of shooting himself in the foot. All that feather-spitting Jew-hating venom he spouts must be addling his brain.

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