A love note from one of Sabine’s admirers

It’s hard to fathom, but apparently Sabine does have a few remaining admirers. One of them felt moved to send us an early St. Valentine’s message yesterday, in response to our post regarding Sabine’s astonishing ability to twist truth into lies.

We have a rather robust spam filter, so when his love note didn’t go through the first time, he tried again…and again. Such a persistent little fellow! Eventually we took pity on him and decided his sentiments deserved an airing, if only as an object lesson in how to be a complete knobhead.

Here’s the note, from the imaginatively named ‘pedoscum’: Ed De Boer? comment 2016-02-13For those who have trouble with the small print, here it is, in all its hyperbolic glory:

You people get such pleasure out of your blog, don’t you? [Why yes, we rather enjoy ourselves, thanks!]

You love that you defend pedophiles, you get such a sense of power out of what you do… [Ah, we move rapidly into the ‘you defend pedophiles’ trope. Yawn. Nice bit of amateur, if inaccurate, psychologizing though.]

The Nazis thought they were supreme as well y’know… [Godwin’s Law: sorry, old chap, you have just automatically lost the argument.]

I caught a car with a dodgy clutch once. I set fire to it and watched it burn. [Well then. Remind us not to bring our cars to you when they need repairs. Also: subtle, Ed. Very subtle. Almost as good as your faux web address: ‘pedosdie.gov.uk’.]

It is very apparent that you are not in fact defending innocent parents who have been wrongfully accused, and that you are in fact intentionally distorting information on the Hampstead case so that you can cover over the child abuse that went on there. [It’s apparent? What evidence do you have to back up this very interesting assertion? Yes, that’s what we thought. Not a whit.]

They fucked babies and kids! [Again, some evidence would be nice.]

what is wrong with you people? [We assume this is a hypothetical question, since you already seem to have rather strong opinions on the subject.]

you actively support this shit? You’re all revolting… [What shit do you think we support? Lies, perhaps? Harassment of innocent people? Child abuse by Ella’s mental midget of a boyfriend? Nope, none of the above. Sorry.]

You people do nothing but bitch and insult a group of people trying to protect children. [Like family destroyer Sabine, you mean? Or child abuser Abe Christie? Or perhaps you’re talking about child porn afficionado Charlotte Alton Ward and her boy toy Jacco De Boer? Please, try to be a bit more specific.]

Children that YOU ALL abused. [Nope, sorry. Didn’t happen. We know it’s important to you to believe it did, and we can’t take that away from you, but we know, and that’s what’s important.]

I have no doubt all you clever, crafty people are obviously pedophiles, or at the very least pedophile enablers yourselves. [First we defend paedophiles, then we’re obviously paedophiles, then paedophile enablers…you’re really going to have to make up your mind here. What’s it going to be?]

I can’t wait to see you get your just desserts for this. [What, a medal for having to put up with gimboids like you? Yeah, we’re looking forward to that too.]

At least the Nazis believed in something. [Wait, you’re defending the Nazis now? You wouldn’t be friends with Araya, would you?] You people are just sick degenerates, hiding behind your little network, and you the little pedo-troll seo experts. [Yes, we’re ‘hiding behind (our) little network…says the man who’s using a false name and email address, and hiding his IP address behind a proxy server. Do tell us more about that. Plus, what in the name of heaven is a ‘pedo-troll seo expert’? We’re intrigued.]

Why not come back and face a police investigation and a trial? [Sorry, now you’ve lost us. Where do you think we are? You know this blog is based in the UK, right? The police know exactly where to find us, but they leave us alone, as we aren’t breaking any laws. Unlike you lot.]

see how many of you make plea deals then, and start ratting on each other. [See previous comment. We’re not the ones on the wrong side of the law.]

You won’t have protection forever. [We don’t have it now, but thanks for thinking of us.]

you think you’re thick as thieves now, the old networks are crumbling and people like you are stupid enough to still have your heads above the parapets when your friends are fleeing the country and hiding out of reach. [We hereby award this sentence the 2016 Garbled Syntax Award, in the ‘Most Mixed Metaphors’ category.]

I hope all you morons get what you deserve. [Well thank you! We’re hoping for prison sentences for your creepy girlfriend Sabine and her mentally challenged sidekick Neelu, for starters.]

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen: just a small taste of the hate mail that comes our way from the Hoaxteaders. They’re a delightful lot, aren’t they?



14 thoughts on “A love note from one of Sabine’s admirers

  1. We should never have black-balled him. If only we’d let him join when he asked. Jealousy and bitterness are not a good look on him.

    Still, at least his user name is honest – he admits to being “pedo scum”.

    And I think the rest of his hissy fit is what Charlotte Ward would call “self-projection”.

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  2. I say. You there. Mr. Coyote. Yoohoo! What a rollocking collection of raspingly riveting ripostes, my good man. A veritable “one in the eye” for those dastardly cads over the Hoaxville border. Keep howling, good Sir!

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  3. πŸ™„ Well, if this dude really does love Sabine, he’ll have to get past me. I saw the saucy little minx first and it was love at first sight. I’ve been overcome with desire ever since. That Colonel Klebb dominatrix thing she has going on drives me wild and she’s welcome to spike me with her retractable toecaps any time she likes, if you know what I mean. Rawrrr! I even wrote a love song for her and everything. ❀

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  4. Why is that every person that believes in this hoax can only spew insults at us without actually trying to engage us in debate? Is it because they all know that their ‘facts’ just done add up.

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