Sabine, Sabine, the self-pity queen

The Hoaxtead crew have been off their game lately.

Just yesterday morning we were lounging about Hoaxtead Research HQ (in a secret tunnel in Hampstead, do drop by for a cuppa any time), wondering what was up: Abrella have done pretty much zilch with their blog; Neelu and Bronny are off on some sort of UFO-watching binge; Angie is doing her usual rants about paedophilia and non-stick cookware; and none of the other usual suspects have done anything noteworthy over the past week or so. Honestly, it was all getting a bit boring.

We were cheered yesterday morning, though, when one of our team forwarded us Sabine’s latest self-pitying mass email. Really, there’s nothing like a good dose of Sabine’s self-absorbed misery to perk us right up.

From: Sabine K McNeill <>
Date: Friday, 12 February 2016
Subject: [meetup-group-XyMKXoBe] News from a Hounded Deer

“News from a Hounded Deer”? Seriously? Such pathos, right there in the heading!

Dear Supporters

Astute observers will have noticed that after the mother and I had fled UK jurisdiction, the first two Police victims among supporters were Christine Ann Sands who produces [a blog that shall remain nameless] and Neelu Berry with a total of four arrests. Charges varied from the initial ‘vexing a priest’ which she has been cleared of to currently ‘perverting the course of justice’. Hence she’s applied to dismiss her case which will be heard on Feb 26th in Blackfriars Court.

‘Police victims’? Surely you mean ‘criminal suspects’?

And say what you will about Christine Ann Sands, at least she had the sense God gave geese: she pled guilty, paid her fine, and high-tailed it back to the USA. Unlike Neelu, who claimed she’d done nothing wrong, and then managed to breach her bail every five minutes. Surprisingly, the police didn’t take kindly to this, and kept re-arresting her, in hopes that she’d get the message.

Joke’s on them, though: Neelu is blessed with a thickness of skull that renders her impervious to even the strongest hint. Much like Sabine, actually.

I have been arrested three times since I returned on 03 August 2015. My last arrest was after midnight on Sunday 10 January, with entry forced into my flat – presumably with a master key or a copy, after Police had searched my flat twice and seized electronic property. Hence I am licking wounds, while trying to make sense of experiences AND going forward.

The police have a master key to Sabine’s flat? Really? Perhaps we’re overly cynical, but somehow this seems just a tad unlikely. We’re thinking her landlord let them in, in hopes that he’ll be rid of his troublesome tenant if she moves to Holloway.

Also, the thought of Sabine licking any part of herself, wounded or otherwise, leaves us feeling a bit queasy.

After all, Belinda and I are also taken to court by the Home Secretary – on Feb 25th in the High Court – after we assisted Melissa Laird whose son was taken off her by Barnet Council, the same one responsible for the two Hampstead Children! I re-visited the initial document to count Police (16 stations and 20 individuals) and 66 children…

Shocking fact: Melissa Laird and Ella Draper both lived in Barnet, both abused their children, and both had them removed by Barnet Council! Do we smell a conspiracy here?

No, we smell an accident of geography.

But never mind: the point is that Sabine and Belinda are being persecuted by the Home Secretary! They’re being made to pay the bill they racked up because they insisted on an unnecessary judicial review, against the advice of lawyers involved in the case. But heaven forbid that Sabine or Belinda should actually listen to Real Legal Advice. No, they’d rather do it their way…until they get dragged into court to pay the price, that is.

Other McKenzie Friends, Angels and supporters have been victimised, harassed and bullied big time, too, mainly online. NO ‘innocent abuser’ would be as aggressive as these ‘cultists’ are…

Question for you, Sabine: what on earth is an ‘innocent abuser’ when it’s at home?

We won’t bother trying to explain that we’re just a group of people who are offended at your moral and intellectual dishonesty, who won’t stop until you’re behind bars. We know you won’t get that. So sure, call us a cult. We’ll just smile and consider the source.

In terms of going forward, Belinda and I visited Jeremy Corbyn MP who was very interested. Hence I produced these three pages on Children’s Rights First:

Hmm. Is Jeremy Corbyn really interested in what Belinda and Sabine have to say? If so, we really need to have a word with him. Any volunteers feel like helping us set him straight?

Also, anyone want to play ‘Spot the Bail Breach’ with the link Sabine has provided?

And we shall meet again at the Theatro Technis! I’m not publishing the date yet as I don’t know how many shills are still on this list…

More than one, Sabine. And that’s the only hint you’ll get from us.

March 7th is my next court hearing in Blackfriars Court at 9.30am.

It is indeed! And we’re very much looking forward to it. The closer you get to becoming a guest of Her Majesty, the happier we will be.

Having been ‘gagged’ by bail conditions, I can only email. But writing is my ‘de-traumatisation therapy’. So I can send you lots of documents, should you want to know more.

Documents? Sure! Send them along! We’ll be happy to pass them to the CPS; we hear they’ve been making quite a nice little collection.

As for being gagged, it’s not stopping you from writing about Hoaxtead on your blog (above)…so we’re really not sure what you’re whining about here.

Yours in the spirit of protecting child rights ‘with a vengeance’,


Oh, Sabine. You never let us down, do you? You combine arrogance and self-pitying angst with an utter lack of self-insight…we really don’t know how you do it. But we wish you wouldn’t.


22 thoughts on “Sabine, Sabine, the self-pity queen

  1. Haha, the idea of Christine Ann Sands as a sweet innocent victim has given me a right old chuckle to start the day. I think someone needs to point Sabine towards the word ‘credibility’ in the dictionary, as she’s just completely blown hers. Oh wait – she never had any to begin with, so that’s ok.

    As for Sabine, I see her more as a dreary hound than a hounded deer.

    Great post, EC 😀

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  2. “NO ‘innocent abuser’ would be aggressive”

    Not sure I follow Sabine’s, ahem, “logic” there. But if it’s true, then the members of her “team” who have been posting us hate mail and death threats day in day out for the last year must be major league abusers. And by the way, how many more bleedin’ times are we gonna have to make this same obvious point about hoaxer hypocrisy before those knuckle-scraping twunts get it? Self-awareness really isn’t their strongest suit, is it?

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  3. Is Corbyn her local MP?. She & Belinda probably just attended a regular constituent surgery. It’s their lot as an MP- see the nutters & the sane alike to soothe their nerves. Typical Sabine, she infers she had a meeting at the Houses Of Parliament , I don’t think so. These hoaxteders really annoy with their intellectual dishonesty.

    Has the Princess from Planet Zog laid crystals around the court Sabine will appear in or is she still caught up the imminent arrival of the Planet Nibiru ?. An event totally missed by the scientists who just discovered the ‘gravitational waves’ and the galaxies behind the Milky Way. Very remiss of them to miss Nibiru.

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    • Well, Jezza is the MP for Islington North and Sabine lives at 21a, Goldhurst Terrace, London, NW6 3HB. Off the top of my head I’m not sure whether that would come under Islington North. Perhaps someone can fill us in. Keep that address to yourself, by the way – that’s Sabine’s private information.

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    • they probably wandered into his constituency office and were told that he wasn’t their MP. To Sabine that would be classed as a ‘meeting’. I do not believe he would meet them in any other way. Corbyn would be aware of what happened in Hampstead & that the High Court had made a decision. There would be no joy for him in meeting with a pair of dangerous nutters quite apart from being very busy. She lies endlessly- why would she be telling the truth about this?

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  4. Sabine should really be a character in Little Britain. Many aspects of this case have comedic potential, although I say that with some guilt, knowing the tragic consequences this event has had on many families and individuals.

    An unannounced bomb hit ordinary people’s lives, and a living nightmare unfolded. We will never be able to understand and acknowledge what something like this really means, in all its minutiae. Threats, fear and disruption are but broad brushstrokes trying to describe the reality of the nightmare that ensued, and most likely continues in the long term.

    A permanent sense of anxiety and mistrust must have taken the place of the sense of stability and security that was possible before. Who could have imagined being the victim of such a hoax? Of being taken hostage in such a manner? IFTTT – ‘If this then that’ – If this was possible, then what other bad thing may be lurking just around the corner, too? No resolution or restitution will ever be able to compensate for the damage done here.

    Despite that, I take some solace from the fact that the law of unintended consequences applies, always. And that the old adage; ‘evil begets evil’ operates, too: The children will no longer have to live under the tyranny of a madman, enabled and reinforced by an uncaring (evil?) mother. Others will also come recognise the positive aspects of the case in future, even if they are indirectly linked.

    Abrella will be suffering, even if they don’t admit it: Abe openly admitted to sensing the ‘psychic energy’ of those that hate him online. They are aware that anything can happen, yet. They might still be the subject of extradition warrants. All in time. And meanwhile they will worry. Worry, worry, worry. Vague feelings of anxiety can sooo spoil a tropical paradise garden.

    The stress of the impending court and possible Holloway stay will also have its impact on Sabine and Neely, however impervious they seem to reality. I am hopeful that these kinds of negative effects that will be happening, invisibly, in many forms, punishing all those that have been unjust, reckless and irresponsible in this case.

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    • Yes to all of that. Wouldn’t it be good if Abe’s indulgence in Hemp brought out paranoia in him. He needs a real dose of true paranoia.

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  5. Sabine and her friends have accused people of rape, paedophilia, infanticide and cannibalism. Harassed them online, at home, by phone, at church and at school and plastered their details over the web for the world to see. Yet, if they protest aggressively, they are an “innocent abuser”?
    All while Sabine et al support a real child abuser in Abraham Christie.

    It’s good to hear the police ‘raided’ her flat just a month ago, it shows they are still taking this seriously.

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