Everybody loves Bronny!

It seems that those of us who oppose the Hoaxtead promoters aren’t the only ones who feel a deep and abiding love for Bronwyn ‘Humpty’ Llewellyn. Turns out that wherever she lumbers about, Bronhilda just has a gift for making friends.

Recently, we were amused to find this exchange amongst a coven of Hoaxtead true believers:

Bronny luv-1 2016-02-10Ouch! This hardly seems fair, since last we heard, Bronny was living on a very healthy and, er, relaxing diet of beetroot smoothies

Bronny luv-1-1 2016-02-10Peter, we’re sure Bronny appreciates the sentiment, but we think the word you’re searching for is ‘inimitable’.

Oh, wait. You’re talking about Bronwyn. You’re right, ‘inimical’ is definitely the better choice. Carry on!

Bronny luv-3 2016-02-10Uh-oh. Looks like Divad David has a bit of a grievance against the Bronny One. In fact, we can almost sympathise: he’s been on the wrong end of her poisonous diatribes:

Bronny luv-2 2016-02-10Good heavens. You might almost think she thought she was talking to someone she mistakenly thinks is RD! Well, it’s nice to know that we’re not the only ones.

Bronny luv-4 2016-02-10Would that be the flirtatious Saskia Whitfield we see, the one who swore up and down to us that she was ‘only at the church demonstrations to see what was going on’ and ‘wasn’t at all sure she believed in the Hampstead hoax’? And then begged us not to talk about her online because she was searching for a job and didn’t want to be blacklisted as a loony?

By George, we think it is! And apparently she’s now BFFs with would-be kidnap conspiracist Maria MacMahon, too.

Bronny luv-5 2016-02-10Aaaand here comes Helen Mcmenamin, the brains behind Jim, calling Bronny an ‘intellectual bully’.

We have to agree with you there, Helen, only we’d leave off the word ‘intellectual’. Oh, and you’re right, she does make the Hoaxtead crew look rabid…but what’s all this about ‘very H’stead style of nastiness’? That’s very hurtful, Helen. Very hurtful. You have wounded us to the quick.

Bronny luv-6 2016-02-10Oh, there, Helen has won us back over: “The only thing going strong at the moment is hoaxtead and their little trolling crew”. You’re right, Helen, we are. Very perceptive. We see why Jim lets you wear the trews in your family.

Of course, that IPCC complaint thing will have exactly zero effect on the case, but if it makes the Hoaxtead hawkers happy to believe it’s a ‘significant development’, who are we to stand in their way?

Bronny luv-7 2016-02-10Ah, and there’s Angie Fag Ash Disney, putting her tuppenny-worth in. We wondered where she’d got to, as she’d been silent for a good hour or so. As usual, she’s trying to grab centre stage, exhorting the others to pray for Sabine (as if anything could help Sabine).

Then David Howard, who seems to have some strange form of polygraph test-related Tourette’s, pops his head in, yells, “Google ‘Ricky Dearman polygraph test'”, and pops back out again. Wouldn’t be a party without you, Dave.

Angie and Helen get into a discussion over whether Neelu and Sabine’s criminal charges are linked (they are), and how ridiculous it is to forbid two people who’re being charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice from contacting one another. Gosh-darn it, yes! The law is so silly about little things like pre-trial collaboration, isn’t it? Stuffy, you might almost say.

Bronny luv-8 2016-02-10

A little post script about the alleged murders of wholistic doctors and journalists (there are wholistic journos? Who knew?), and how it’s all satanic, blah blah blah…and we’re done. That’s a wrap, folks.

Very diverting, thanks!

Bronny Dumpty

31 thoughts on “Everybody loves Bronny!

  1. He didn’t check out the saloon bar at Biddy Mulligans did he? Bronny can be found propping it up at any hour of the day explaining to weary listeners how Lord of The Rings was a documentary about a satanic cult of little people with hairy feet.

    Someone must have a word with Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is allowing all these brave whisteblowers to spread news of the Cult.

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  2. Yes, you’re right–I’ve heard Bronny can be found at Biddy M.’s most days, when she’s not running around behind Abe volunteering to smell his farts for him.


  3. In all fairness EC, Peter really may have meant what he said.

    tending to obstruct or harm.
    synonyms: harmful, injurious, detrimental, deleterious, pernicious, damaging, hurtful, dangerous, destructive, ruinous, calamitous. antagonistic, contrary, antipathetic, unfavourable, adverse, opposed, hostile, at odds, not conducive, prejudicial.

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  4. You really have to worry about the Aliens from Nibiru and elsewhere when you see who they choose to communicate with : BronnyNZ, Neelu from Planet Zog, Araya Soma and of course- Tory Smith !

    Heaven forbid if the universe is peopled by total nutcases and they are in command of flying saucers,

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  5. I wouldn’t bet on it. She’ll get a slap on the wrist and a telling off, which will then encourage her to go on and destroy more innocent peoples lives.

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  6. I can’t see Sabine being sent to prison, unless she has previous form for the same behaviour.

    Perverting the course of justice does have a life sentence but nothing much will come of the court case imo.

    Shame we’re in the EU or Sabine could have been deported back to Germany.


  7. Any alien crew searching for intelligent life that encountered Bronny, Arya, Neelu or Tory would conclude Earth was devoid of it.

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  8. I had a little chuckle when APD joined it. Typical Angela, wanting to appear informed and bring the attention to her by overdramatizing the situation(5yrs in jail…..is wish).

    Just at the end of that chuckle I burst into proper laughter when the next proper comment was “David Howard Google Ricky Dearman Polygraph test”.
    What is with that guy?…I have seen him around conspiracy sites and other forums for years, banging on about polygraph tests.

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  9. I’m torn on this one. I agree she won’t get anything like a maximum sentence…but I still cling to the hope that she’ll face some form of sentence, even if it’s short.


  10. The no reward, non-feed method really does not seem to work with that guy. I’ve seen his spamming all over the place, no one ever responds, but is he bovvered?


  11. If I told you he’d been posting similar stuff about polygraph tests for close to one and a half decades, would you be surprised? I think he’s used to being ignored. He never suggests “Google Abraham Christie needs a polygraph”! It would be a logical suggestion if he believes they work they way he says. Abraham Christie might want to take positive steps toclear his name of this torture finding.

    I think I read a posting by him where he claims he murdered people who supposedly orchestrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks which were fake government plots, or maybe that’s someone else who believes that, wish I’d kept the link.

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  12. Haha, this would not surprise me in the least. The term ‘monomania’ comes to mind.

    And I’d love to see anyone suggest that Abe take a lie detector test, if only for a change of pace.

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  13. So clouds are now spaceships?..that’s gonna make travelling to work in the mornings a lot more interesting, perhaps they will beam me up one morning. I’ll be sure to come back and tell my story.. 😀

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  14. Great post. That Divad David fella has a wicked sense of humour! He seems to be the only one with any sense on that side of the fence. I think he is just as disillusioned as you guys are with the so called ‘truthers’ and their ultra-weirdness. They’re like a circus of ‘mentally ill monkeys’.

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