Neelu is treading on thin ice

All you Neelu-watchers out there will likely already know that she’s had a bee in her bonnet for some time now about a ‘missing social worker’ named Carol Woods. Lately, that bee has been buzzing ever louder, driving poor Neelu to distraction. Not that it was a long trip.

Here’s Neelu last week, claiming that Woods (apparently an ex-social worker) had “witnessed children being stolen by crimes and criminals in public services, from loving parents, routinely….social workers with fake CV’s (sic) ‘tampering with client files’ backed by ‘police who are heavily involved'” and so on and so forth, yadda yadda yadda. The usual: run-on sentences with lots of gratuitous all-caps.

The best part: “She was kicked out as a Level 3 social worker and child protection officer (whilst the fake social workers continue with their crimes) for blowing the whistle on their fake CV and crimes – so ACTORS being hired as social workers folks – these public servants are not who they say they are”….

Neelu-Carol Woods-1-2016-02-07

Somehow, it never occurs to Neelu and her ilk that if their paranoid fantasies were even remotely true, it would be a great deal more economical to simply bump off the troublesome whistleblowers than to go to the expense and training involved in hiring fake social workers (or police, or Oyster card inspectors, or what have you) to keep up some sort of warped pretense.

Neelu-Carol Woods-2-2016-02-07

Yes. Totally plausible. According to Neelu: “The full story of how local authorities section under the mental health act (sic), whistleblowers who speak against theft of children by hired actors and social worker imposters – Carol blew the whistle that a cleaner in a childrens (sic) home, who gave sexual favours to Lancashire’s Freemasons became Carols’ (sic) manager – and deliberately neglected children known to be suicidal – who committed suicide – and stole baby from loving mother – returned by Judge – thanks to Carol”.

Phew. That’s quite a story!

But wait! There’s more!

Neelu-Carol Woods-3-2016-02-07

Oh noes! Somehow, Carol, this paragon of virtue in the midst of a strange world full of suicidal children’s home cleaners-cum-fake social workers, has been apprehended by (fake?) mental health authorities and is being held in a (fake) secure unit on heavy-duty (fake) antipsychotic medications.

You know how we know? Because a blog about fraud and freemasons said so, that’s how!

Quite seriously, we hope that someone informs the hospital that Neelu has been putting out the name of one of their residents, and advocating that people harass the hospital itself. Keeping in mind, of course, that Neelu already has one lifetime injunction against another hospital that she subjected to years of libel and harassment.

Neelu-Carol Woods-4-Angie 2016-02-07

Of course, no story about suicidal children’s home cleaners-cum-fake social workers etc. could pass the notice of Angie Fag Ash Disney. Heaven forfend!

She puts her tuppence in: “Time for the honourable not yet compromised #ARISTOCRACY to rise up and overthrow this corrupt government in the UK? This kind of insanity can SURELY not continue?? For goodness sake, how does one effect a peaceful coup d’etat?”

Let us pause on this. Is Angie, who claims the aristocracy is riddled with paedophiles and murderers, really asking them to stand up and overthrow the government? Seriously? And is she really asking how to organise a coup d’état? Surely there are people in authority who might frown on such a notion.

And now, back to sanity: our own Danielle George points us to a video in which Neelu records one of her infamous phone calls. (Remember her classic call to the IPCC?)

Carol Woods-via Danielle G 2016-02-07

This latest video on behalf of Carol Woods, the completely sane real social worker who thinks the world is inhabited by fake ones, is available here, but honestly the sound quality is so awful that we’re not sure why Neelu bothered posting it. She and a friend (Lee?) make three calls to the mental health facility where Carol the Not-At-All-Mentally-Ill person is currently being held, and speak to two staff members (we think) and one patient. They get hung up on a total of eight times, which has got to be some kind of record even for Neelu.

And as Danielle points out, Neelu is skating on perilously thin ice here: she’s already been charged with witness intimidation alongside Sabine in the Hoaxtead case, and calling mental health treatment centres and trying to, well, intimidate and harass staff members there is hardly going to win her points in court.

As for Carol, we hope she finds her stay beneficial, and her treatment helpful. If anything, we wish someone could convince Neelu that she should do the same.

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25 thoughts on “Neelu is treading on thin ice

  1. @Angela Dizzy-Powder
    Not that I’m totally dismissing the idea of leading a coup d’état from abroad, Angie, as it worked out fine for Charles de Gaulle and the French Resistance. But trust me, luv – you’re no Charles de Gaulle and it really doesn’t suit you to be sitting half-naked at your computer in Ireland, smoking fag after fag and calling for us to overthrow the UK government. In fact, there is very little you have in common with Charles de Gaulle – and just so you know, there are no proposals to name an airport after you (despite your perpetual flights of fancy).

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    • Charles de Gaulle had some big armies backing him up too, not just a rag-bag of knock-kneed, knackered old nosebags who take advice from eight foot butterflies. Just sayin’.

      I wonder who these bastions of decency in the aristocracy actually are?

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      • They should act quickly; I’m sure it’s a limited-time offer from Angie, who’ll soon discover that they’ve perpetrated some gross indecency that she feels compelled to tell us about.


        • I believe Neelu is being abused by various people who are encouraging her in her delusions. The videos she made with Belinda, where Belinda gives that creepy little smirk as Neelu elaborates on her bizarre conspiracy theories are really rather disturbing.

          Unless Belinda McKenzie is herself insane, she is completely immoral. She encourages a mentally ill woman down a path that could land her in jail, just so that she can gain publicity and funds for her pseudo charities. It is hard to imagine how heartless you have to be to do that.

          The best advice anyone could give Neelu is to stop posting things to the internet, get away from your weird new age “freinds” and seek proper psychiatric treatment.

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            • Highly unlikely. She sees nothing wrong with her own thoughts and behaviour; it’ll be up to others around her to step in and help.


          • Yes she encourages poor Neelu who really does have issues a doctor should be dealing with. Belinda gives the appearance of being a sociopath in that she seems to have nil empathy for other people’s woes but can mimic emotions, nod sympathetically at the right time etc.

            The fact she publishes long screeds about her own daughter’s problems re-enforces this. At least to me.

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  2. I checked out the case of Carol Woods, the witchfinders are crawling all over her case. She offers a rambling account of a conspiracy that she, her mother, other members of her family and various people she knows are being impersonated by other people, generally one of her ongoing themes.

    She seems to be mentally ill in my opinion.

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  3. Again we see how incompetent the Satanic Cult of Illuminati Freemason Rothschilds etc etc yadda yadda who have manipulated world events for centuries including the Jewish plots- the Russian Revolution and WW2 (to derail that nice Mr Hitler).

    They failed to put their operatives and crisis actors in place at Youtube & Facebook ! Heads should roll! (feed them to the lizards)

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