Sabine wants to look her best for court

Sabine is due in Blackfriars Magistrate’s court on Monday, 8th February at 2:00 p.m., to answer charges of witness intimidation and perverting the course of justice.

And judging from her Twitter feed, it looks like she’s decided to make the best impression possible.

You might recollect that she’s been trying to flog a product called “Bionic Youth Activating System (BYAS)” over the past couple of months. Regular Hoaxtead Research commenter Sassy has written about this pyramid marketing scheme, which even has its own Facebook page!

Anyhoo…Sabine decided to use herself as a guinea pig, and take a look at how it’s transformed her…

Sabine-BYAS 2016-02-06

We’re sure you’ll agree: she doesn’t look a day over 75!

Glad to see she’s retained that ‘eyes brimming over with tears’ look that’s stood her in such good stead for so many years. And does the BYAS method involve drawing circles under your eyes with a felt-tip pen? Amazing.

But perhaps we’re being unfair. As Sabine writes in her blog post on this most wonderful fountain of youth, “Unfortunately, the photos taken with a phone are not good enough to show the difference”.

Oh, you think? We thought it was just us.

Sabine-BYAS 2-2016-02-06In any case, we’re sure that on Monday, the judge will be deeply impressed with this new, improved Sabine. Really, who wouldn’t be?

Meanwhile, of course, we note that her ‘In the best interests of the Whistleblower Kids?’ blog contains lots of helpful evidence for the CPS, including several pages of witness statements that will doubtless exonerate her completely.

Sabine-Whistleblower Kids blog-2016-02-06 at 9.05.52 PMBecause after all, there’s nothing quite like publishing people’s confidential witness statements to ensure that they will feel safe coming forward in court, right? Especially when the case is being followed by a boatload of vigilante nutters who think nothing of threatening and stalking said witnesses.

Anyway, with all of that, we can understand why Sabine would think it might be in her best interests to put her best face forward.

Sadly, it’s the only one she’s got.

53 thoughts on “Sabine wants to look her best for court

  1. Far be it for me to comment on Sabine’s looks when I am rapidly approaching her age, but..and a Very Big But, does she really think the same couldn’t be achieved with some cheap make-up from Poundland?.

    Looks to me like the CPS are intent on not making the same mistakes that allowed The Lotus Princess from Planet Zog to wriggle off the hook. Hope she’s there on the day so she can arrest the judge.

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  2. He Who Cannot Be Named is NOT happy with us and in the video he says we’re trying to kill him and his mates, LOL XD

    By the way, I still say he sounds like Ernie from Bert & Ernie on The Muppets 😀

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  3. Sabine’s best bet is to say as little as possible.

    If she opens her mouth, she’ll make matters worse.

    Least she would if i was one of the Magistrates,..

    Pity i’m not.

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    • For someone who offers herself as a legal representative of the desperate Sabine is legally incompetent in her activities in her own legal case. She has been doing the equivalent of throwing oil onto a raging fire, and she is going to get burnt.

      Question, where is Belinda McKenzie when her friends Sabine and Neelu are in their hour of misfortune?

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    • Her day in court… But then probably the first of many. Now what did the police find on her computer?

      It seems to me that Sabine is there because Neelu spilt the beans that they were cooking something up.

      But it is her chance to go all guns blazing to expose her deep and secret knowledge about things the rest of the world, except Belinda & Neelu, simply refuses to acknowledge. “Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and caldron bubble,” to quote WS in the Scottish play.

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  4. She could always go for the Chris Spivey ‘I’m too sexy for my shirt…’ court appearance chic look;)

    Is it my imagination or does the perpetually hateful state of mind that many of these wingnut conspiracy theorists spend their lives in start to show on their faces after a while?

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      • “Now I have no friends. My relationship with the mother of my children has broken down and my extended family keep a healthy distance”. So at least the rest of the family are not bat-shit crazy bores & loons.

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      • What do I think? I think it’s one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while!

        “Now when a Rock’n’Roll hero is tragically taken from us by Cancer, I cannot grieve as I once would have because as a conspiracy theorist I harbour doubts that NASA has flown him to Mars.”

        Ground control to Matt Taylor!!! 😀

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      • “My cousin who’s a nurse recently received a medal having gone to Africa to aid in the ebola virus out-break. As a conspiracy theorist I’m unable to either send her a congratulation message or even a Facebook like because as a conspiracy theorist I believe the whole ebola virus was a lie and that no one even died.”

        It’s like he’s addicted to conspiracy crackpottery and just can’t pull himself away, despite knowing it’s wrong.

        “There is no turning back and I wish there was.”

        I suspect that this is true of many more conspiraloons out there!

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      • “The world is over-run by body snatching satanist zombies intent on killing us all, raping our children and opening a portal to the Gates of Hell.” ❗

        “I can’t even join in with the nation’s pride and delight that British astronaut Tim Peake made it into space. I’m so entrenched that I harbour serious doubts as to whether there even is Space.” 😮

        “The Dark Ages were brought about with asteroid debris destroying the Arthurian Kingdom in 576AD and that to save his people King Arthur sailed to America in a fleet of 700 ships, whereupon he was eventually assassinated by a native while battling with the Red Indians in Kentucky.” o_O

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  5. I think Sabine is too busy doing amazing detective work to worry about piffling court cases. Seriously, she and her cronies have blown the lid off the whole “thing”. Check it out:

    See! Oh ye of little faith o_O

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  6. Meanwhile, Neelu’s rabid attempts to harass three people in a mental hospital (two staff members and one patient) aren’t going as she’d hoped. They hang up on her 8 times 🙂

    Neelu’s trial for witness intimidation should prove interesting, seeing as she’s merrily continuing to dig her own grave by carrying on intimidating and harassing people.

    And lest we forget that she has previous, namely a lifetime restraining order by the staff of Guy’s Hospital as a result of one of her previous harassment campaigns.

    She’s gonna need all the bionic youth cream she can get her hands on for her day in court 😀

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