Hoaxteader makes death threat on Facebook

Earlier this week we described how some Hoaxtead vigilantes openly discussed their plans to kidnap RD’s children and ‘save’ them from the imaginary evil baby-eating cult.

We immediately passed this information along to the police, and we understand that the Daily Mail got hold of the story (it was making the rounds on Twitter). This led to some frantic back-tracking amongst the would-be child abductors, and the removal of most of the incriminating material.

While this was entertaining to watch, it does not take away from the fact that these people thought it was appropriate—noble, even—to conspire to commit a very serious criminal offence on Facebook.

Now, we note that relative Hoaxtead newcomer Kane Slater recently posted something that looks very much like incitement to murder on his Facebook page:

Kane Slater-death threat-FB.png

We would like Kane to explain to us precisely what he means by wanting “somebody somewhere to try to do something about that large gang of child-rapists and baby-murdering cannibals”.

After all, he’s also posted on his page the names of the innocent parents and children named by Abrella, including their home and email addresses, phone numbers, places of employment…really, anything a potential vigilante assassin might require, should they wish to ‘do something’ about the pretend cult.

Of course we’ve passed this threat along to the police and Facebook, but we find it alarming in the extreme that the Hoaxtead promoters have begun openly promoting violence and serious crimes as part of their strange campaign of hatred.





19 thoughts on “Hoaxteader makes death threat on Facebook

  1. This creep lives in Canada or so he says. Surely his posts are against Facebook rules- accusing all & sundry of despicable crimes?

    Meanwhile in the Land Of Neelu one of her pals has been ‘kidnapped’ by actors (are they members of Equity ?) posing as social workers and sectioned, possibly a portent of what is in store for the Lotus Princess from Planet Zog.

    Why does the state hire these ‘crisis actors’?. Equity rates means they would be paid far more than civil servants. Another waste of government funds?


  2. Kane’s flat-earther mate, kidnap plot co-conspirator and fellow “conspiacy” theorist Kapt Xander has leapt into action to defend him, lol:

    By the way, does anyone know what “day in court” he’s banging on about? Answers on a postcard, please 😀

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  3. The man is an impotent sheep. The shepherds of these sheep such as Belinda McKenzie, Neelu Berry, Abraham Christie and Sabine McNeil are the ones who have initiated the process leading to these sheep making various threats against innocent people.

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    • Yes, Sabine and Belinda in particular got this thing wound up, and then buggered off to mess up other people’s lives. They really need to be held to account.


      • My impression is that this case would not have taken off in the way it did all over the internet had Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie not been involved.


        • I’m uncertain. I think Christie/Draper had their agenda planned and nothing was going to stop them, I’m sure they would have latched on to someone else.

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  4. I have met these sort of people before. After a court case has concluded – not in their favour- they sort of think they can just go back and have another go (apart from appealing). They think they can sit down with the judge and say “look you got it all wrong”.

    They really think they can just have another court case and keep going until they get the result they want. Weird.

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  5. Maybe it is high time the police sent a REAL message to those posting such threats, contravening the judgement and confidentiality of the children and other innocent people that have been named. While they allow it to go on without sending out a real deterrent by charging and – quickly – punishing these individuals. They spread fear (a hate crime?) at one end of the spectrum. I don’t need to spell out the other. The police that sit back thinking it is better ignored should prepare themselves when this kind of thing spirals out of control.

    What if this blog had not picked up and highlighted these comments? How far could it have gone? And now that it has been highlighted, the people making the comments named, how far have the police got? Which branch of officer is responsible for investigating this? I would like an answer: ‘What is being done, please?’

    Whilst this case in (court) reality was over a while ago, there are always going to be those that hold on to this kind of story, despite the fact that no one wants to touch it with a bargepole anymore. Not anyone that values their reputation, even in the ‘alternative’/truther community. That says so much, doesn’t it. Mork and Mindy are a sad joke.

    The stragglers, waifs and strays that remain are unable to research the supposed evidence they are relying on, to critically think for themselves or able to join the dots. They will always exist, they are at the extreme fringes of the population. You would never come into contact with them in real life. And if you did, you would avoid them, in a big way. On the internet all the usual tell-tale signs, the non-verbal cues, are missing. But these people have power – and and are vulnerable – because of their internet connection. The power to communicate and be communicated to. To people who may act on the basis of such communications.

    How can we tell which one is going to be crazy enough to actually put their shoes on and step into the real world and act after reading such messages? Every single person suggesting violence in any form, (kidnapping or child abduction often ends up in death of the child), should be charged with incitement or conspiracy to abduct a child. Send this message out and the internet will be a safer place for all in the real world.

    There should actually be a new DSM classification for these YouTube conspiracy theory/hoax propagators who harass and intimidate innocent people (hate crime) and incite others to violence. A psychiatrist should be called in to do a risk assessment on some of the protagonists in this case. They really are a threat to society and should be treated as dangerous individuals. The Charlotte Ward-type keyboard warriors of the internet are a new phenomenon that the legal world has not caught up with. ‘The destructive potential of the keyboard warrior’ is a paper begging to be written. If it hasn’t been already. New international laws are needed, and fast.

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    • The UK legal process turns slowly, but it is turning. Both Neelu Berry and Sabine McNeill I understand are both facing witness intimidation charges, McNeill will in court this Monday. Witness intimidation charges are serious, and in most cases will attract jail time. Both McNeill and Berry have posted so much material onto the internet that incriminates themselves, that unless the CPS seriously screws up, the outcome in Autumn 2016 is going to be predictable. The brutal reality checks for all these fools are the criminal and civil legal actions in the courts. One should not forget that the children P and Q also have a strong case for getting damages for the terrible damage inflicted upon them by the parasites such as Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie.

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    • I agree 110% (as a certain ex-police officer once said).

      In particular, I think the reason this thing has been allowed to spiral out of control is that those in the legal system, from the police up to the judges, have grossly underestimated the sheer tenacity of belief exhibited by conspiracy lovers.

      There’s much more to be said on this, and as you say, the internet has necessitated an overhaul of a legal system that’s still stuck in the pre-social media mid-20th century.

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