Handling toddler tantrums: Some advice for Twitter

Drifloud is at it again…or rather still.

He’s thrashing about on the floor, kicking and screaming and pounding his tiny fists…because Twitter has banned his account due to his ongoing targeted harassment of those he believes were involved in the imaginary ‘Satanic and/or trauma-based mind control cult’ in Hampstead.

Twitter has responded by agreeing to review Drippy’s case:

Drifloud-Twitter 2016-02-05

Frankly, while we realise that agreeing to review appeals is in line with Twitter’s policies, we think it’s a mistake.

As every parent (or anyone who’s ever encountered a screaming, out-of-control toddler) is well aware, the very worst thing you can do is give in to the tyke’s shrieking. It just encourages them to believe that they can get what they want by kicking up a stink, and we think Drippy’s already sufficiently convinced of his own omnipotence.

Case in point: Drippy responds to this olive branch not with gratitude, but with more squalling:

To Twitter staff,

This is not just about a suspension of a “Twitter account: this is a very, very serious matter, which centres around the rape, torture and murder of children in Hampstead primary schools, North London, England. EVERYONE is obliged by law NOT to hinder anyone who is making public – in order to warn the public – of the very real danger their children are in. The police have been notified and have done absolutely NOTHING, as many police are involved and actively engaged in covering up these crimes. Read what I have said in the communication to you a few minutes ago VERY carefully. BE AWARE: trying to silence those who are revealing these crimes to the public is actually aiding and abetting those committing/covering up these crimes, and is UNLAWFUL. Twitter “rules” are not allowed to break the law.

from a conscious living being,

Drifloud     5th February 2016

Funny, isn’t it, that while his last missive emphasised that the legal system only applies to Drippy inasmuch as he allows it to, this one attempts to call upon the full authority of the law? Ah well, that’s Drippy for you.

And really, while he’s in this hysterical state, it seems wrong, somehow, for Twitter to engage with him at all. Even if it’s only to attempt to placate him with a form email.


12 thoughts on “Handling toddler tantrums: Some advice for Twitter

  1. Trying to silence those who are revealing completely fabricated “crimes” to the public is not actually aiding and abetting anyone!..and is not UNLAWFUL, Drippy!

    Twitter rules do not to break the law,….you are a massively deluded imbecile, Drippy. 😀

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  2. It’s all par for the course with these loonies. Flat Earth enthusiast Araya Soma positively shakes with anger that no-one “has the balls” to take on NASA’s moon landing hoaxes etc.

    From the safety of her own living room and sitting at her computer.

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