Stunning results from Monday’s court hearing

As many of you know, the Hoaxtead pushers had been plugging away, trying to build some sort of public momentum in advance of a supposed court hearing this past Monday, 1st February.

The alleged purpose of the hearing varied from one Hoaxteader to the next, but all were in general agreement that this would be the Big One. The one they’d all been waiting for.

Charlotte Alton Ward stated that she’d heard from Angie, who’d apparently heard from a mysterious entity known only as ‘O’, that due to massive public pressure, the children would not be handed over to RD on 1st February. Bronwyn ‘Humpty’ Llewellyn alleged that Ella would be appealing the August court ruling in favour of RD. Abrella were curiously silent on the matter, but never mind—their acolytes were out there pitching for them.

Monday came and went without any particular fuss or fanfare, but we elected to be patient: perhaps the verdict would take time to filter down to the Hoaxtead rank and file. Tuesday passed; nothing. Wednesday…Thursday…finally our impatience got the better of us, and we sent a team member out on a little reccy mission.

“Comb the bushes!” we said. “Leave no stone unturned!”

What they discovered startled us. Here’s just a small sample:

Abrella's blog contains one entry for 1st February: a 25-year-old report on SRA. Hmm.

Abrella’s blog contains one entry for 1st February: a 25-year-old report on SRA. Hmm.

Surely Angie would have the goods. Yep--if you mean "an old out-of-date post from a blog no one bothers with".

Surely Angie would have the goods. Yep–if you mean “an old out-of-date post from a blog no one bothers with”.

Meanwhile, Bronny was hawking an old video on her blog....

Meanwhile, Bronny was hawking an old video on her blog….

...while Neelu was putting out an APB on an activist.

…while Neelu was putting out an APB on an activist.

Slight diversion here:

Ladies and gentlemen, we present the non sequitur of the year, or possibly the millennium:

Is this some sort of coded password? We can't even.

Is this some sort of coded password? We can’t even.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Would-be child abductor Maria MacMahon was on topic, but had nothing much to say.

Would-be child abductor Maria MacMahon was on topic, but had nothing much to say.

On Twitter, Jim 'You don't scare me very much' McMenamin was full of his usual bravado...and an old blog link.

On Twitter, Jim ‘You don’t scare me…very much’ McMenamin was full of his usual bravado…and a blog link from March 2015.

Sabine 'Leaky' McNeill had moved on to greener pastures...

Sabine ‘Leaky’ McNeill had moved on to greener pastures…

Feb 1-Belinda 2016-02-04

…and Belinda ‘Who, me?’ McKenzie hasn’t been heard from since mid-January.

There you have it, then. It seems our prediction was 100% correct: the much vaunted 1st February hearing was a complete non-starter. Fascinating how all the Hoaxtead hawkers have just quietly changed the subject.

change the subject




41 thoughts on “Stunning results from Monday’s court hearing

  1. Neelu’s referring to that guy Tory Smith who reckons special forces in the US are importing children to be raped by Obama and other pillars of the American elite. He puts a video out almost daily. Extremely disturbing and disturbed but then you get a glimpse of something more when he slips up and starts to ramble about how he ‘didn’t mean to hurt that boy,’ and how ‘he was just watching’ etc etc. Par for the course.

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  2. There have been no updates for some time now (just Abe’s TBMC spamming). Even his staunchest supporters drift off to more juicy causes that they can froth at the mouth over.

    Apart from that *cough* “major” US breakthrough there hasn’t been much new activity for a good three months. The drop off in interest was quite sharp in the last quarter of 2015, which probably triggered Abe’s swap to TBMC and that blip of American interest in December.

    Replying to idiots on YouTube now feels like kicking a puppy, you can feel their desperation at being left in the dark. It is only the Flat Earth lunatics that remain, a bunch of fundamentalist Christians spouting on about how much SRA there really is going on and how this case “proves it”.

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  3. I guess Abraham is too busy with his online seminars teaching people how much ganja (‘hemp’ if he is not talking to Guidance) to feed their children, and printing t-shirts. Ella will be busy with face yoga and meditation….she used to hate the kids interrupting her meditation.

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  4. I think it has. We will maybe hear about the harassment cases as Ham&High follow it, just like HG has appeared on occasion in Scottish papers.

    The number of YouTube views of reposted videos is now so low they complain that YT are fixing the counters, they barely get out of double figures. Even an established Flat Earther that gets hundreds of thousands of views only got 9k views for the interview as his audience isn’t interested, a couple complained about it.

    I guess it’s possible for one of the bigger conspiratard channels to try posting an update interview on a quiet “news” day, but it is likely that even they can see a lost cause in Abe.

    I’d love to be able to personally witness Abe squirm uncomfortably into obscurity, but preferably jail.

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  5. seemingly ignored by these hemp enthusiasts are the growing laws about smoking / imbibing in hemp and driving a car.
    A recent case in Oz demonstrated that hemp can remain in the system for 9 days after smoking and the poor sod got busted at a roadside drug tested..dismissed by the magistrate but it’s started off a discussion where people say they were merely in a bar or at a party where others smoked dope and then they got busted in random drug tests

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  6. It’s hilarious to hear them squalling that YouTube is no longer working to their advantage!

    And I think the vast majority of even the most rabid conspiraloons can see through Abe: he’s got ‘sleazy con artist’ written all over his tiny self. We’d all love to see him do some serious prison time for his role in this, but I have my doubts as to whether he’ll ever have the balls to show up in the UK again.

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  7. Yes, there’s been a great deal of confusion about the ‘correct’ legal limit of THC in the bloodstream, and its effects on different people. Seems it’s not nearly as clear cut as the legal limits for alcohol: some with very high TCH levels seem completely unimpaired, while others with minuscule amounts in their blood seem completely baked.

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  8. His excuses for being late with his “DNA readings” are better than “The dog ate my homework”:

    “I would like to apoligise for the long delays in completing the readings I am obligated to do. Recently, I got my test results back, and what the DARPA/CIA people were injecting me with was weapons grade Anthrax and that is one of many reasons for the delays.

    Also I have been inundated with x-ray radiation, some kind of chemical that when injected, produces dark purple lesions on me, two DARPA created flu viruses, and the bad one for me reading is the gun they held at my head 102 times which caused me to have 102 brain aneurysms. 21,356 times I have been injected with this weapons grade Anthrax, and it makes things foggy, and I was barely able to operate my computers. In September, the Bush family hired another assassin team from Bellatrix to kill me, and one of the battles was witnessed by my friend Addie.”

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  9. You are heartless EC! The man has been inject with a fatal disease every day for over fifty eight years – no wonder he feels a bit poorly!

    And then the assassins from Bellatrix; they are even harder to get rid of than the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    With the full weight of the Illuminati against him I’m surprised he is still alive and posting on YouTube!

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  10. They seem to have started up promoting Holly Greig again.

    Brenda Mumsy McNamara on fb mentions Robert Green and Ange on Twitter is posting up Robbie Williams ex-Take That as a possible supporter of Hollie Greig/Robert Green.

    Though she does seem to imply he might not be all he seems.

    Reckon he should sue her.

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  11. I’m still curious about what the result was of the hearing that started on the sixth of August. They never said exactly did they.

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  12. Aww, poor old Kane 😦

    And on top of that, we’ve all been picking on him too, it seems. But he’s handled it with such grace and dignity:

    Still, at least he can rely his loyal followers for support…

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  13. Megadoses of Seroquel, Risperdal and/ or a few hardcore ECT sessions, anyone? I’m no licensed online ( or offline) psychiatric diagnostician, but have enough formal studying and, more importantly and sadly, direct experience with people like this under my belt to conclude that this SCREAMS ‘paranoid schizophrenia’…
    honestly, what other logical explanation could there possibly be for this utter madness?

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  14. Are you referring to the charlatan and self-professed fwat urfer ‘wearin’ jism’? That cretin doesn’t even believe in the nonsense he spews…it’s all about attention and money
    (which has been proven yet ignored by his fans), and the guy laughs at his zombified followers all the way to the bank…just as some prominent (past and present) Hoaxtead ‘leaders’ have done and continue to do…

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  15. Totally agree…there’s no effing way he’d ever have the balls to return voluntarily. The burning question in my mind is what, if anything, could legally compel his ( and her ) *forced extradition* back to the UK. Surely there’s a legitimate case
    surrounding this …do we know if any lawyers are currently working on it? I’d be shocked and sickened if not…

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  16. That post certainly sounds like he is asking for any of his supporters to go and cause harm to the innocent people that have been named by the hoaxers

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  17. They didn’t, but that probably tells us that it was in RD’s favour. If it had been otherwise, I am 100% sure we would have heard.


  18. the point is of course- all those like Abella who toke away like crazy are a possible menace on the roads and like drink driving laws that have spread everywhere, may soon find themselves busted and lose their license. Perhaps they call Abe as character witness/


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