BREAKING: Hoaxtead kidnap conspirators backpedal madly

This just in: Would-be kidnappers Maria MacMahon, Paul Cubbon, and Bernadette McMaster have been madly attempting to cover up and deny their recent threats to kidnap RD’s children, following publication of their plans on this blog.

In addition to being reported to Barnet police, discussion of their conspiracy made its way to Twitter, where we understand reporters for the Daily Mail picked it up and asked Ms MacMahon for comment.

Her immediate response was to delete the conspiracy-to-kidnap discussion on her Facebook page, and warn her co-conspirators to do the same, or face the law.

Maria MacMahon-FB-backpedal 2016-02-03Maria MacMahon-FB-backpedal2-2016-02-03Ms MacMahon alleges that she ‘didn’t see this coming’, as though she somehow thought that discussing a kidnap plot in full public view would somehow be ignored.

Maria MacMahon-FB removal -2016-02-03

While the comments have been taken down, they have already been forwarded to police, and are still available to view on our original post (linked above).


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  1. Brilliant work El Coyote and presented very well also. Isn’t it great how these people think they can say and do what they want without any consequences. Then as soon as they’ve read this blog and had a phone call from the police and press they suddenly start running around deleting things and saying ‘i didn’t mean it’ and ‘i was only joking’.
    You weren’t joking and you knew what you was saying and that makes people like you angry and one of you may just be stupid enough to attempt kidnap and that is why you must be stopped.

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    • Thanks, AF.

      I think the key here is that the Hoaxtead pushers don’t stop to consider that they are not talking about hypothetical symbols here: they are talking about real, live people, and their words will have consequences.

      It’s almost tempting to feel sorry for them, as this thought had obviously not crossed their minds when they had that lovely discussion about stealing someone else’s children…but they said it, and that’s serious.

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      • Funny notion of ‘compassionate’. Ach well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Are these people just bored d’you think? Maybe a good war would sort them out.

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        • I think some are genuinely convinced they’re being compassionate, as they’ve swallowed Abrella’s story whole–they’re not bad people, necessarily, but they seem to lack the ability to see when they’ve been scammed.


  2. Maria says “I have been blogged about by those accused by the children.”

    Who on earth does she think El Coyote and Scarlet Scoop are? Baby eating Satanists?? LOL! So she is now typing out libel on FB regarding the authors of this blog..

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  3. They accuse all and sundry of all manner of vile crimes without a scintilla of proof because some nameless blogger decided a dead or living person is a cult member who routinely murders children.

    Then they openly discuss kidnapping children on a forum read by millions of people daily & get a shock when there is blow-back. I don’t what to think of them except to ponder: how do they get through their daily lives being so stupid?

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  4. Oh, I am so pleased this blog exists. I would so love to be a fly on the wall when the police knock-knock on their doors. What did those idiots really think, suggesting this? I mean, really? How were the children going to live, get fed, receive emotional nurturing, schooling, all on the run? These people are absolute loonatics.

    I am so happy you guys picked this up and highlighted it for all to see, displaying the utter madness of such people for all and sundry to see, forever and a day. LOL, even they seem aghast at their own sheer stupidity in writing such things when reading it back on these pages. ROFL.

    So amusing to watch although it is really shocking and seriously frightening to think they would even think of doing such a thing as suggesting to plan the the kidnap of a child. Or two. Legally it’s called CONSPIRACY to kidnap. Can you imagine that being read out in the cold glare of a British courtroom? Wigs an’ all? OOOOH.

    And they profess to care! As for Maria Macmahon: ‘I wish I had a mother who loved them and wouldn’t let them go’ – what planet are you on Maria? Ella not only let them go she legged it when she heard she was about to be taken down to the cop shop for questioning. Every other person can manage a little trip like that, but not Ella, the great mother. Look at what her priorities were: Control, not her children. Great mother, ha. Everything she has done shows she is a bad mother: Starving her children, pushing them out onto the balcony in underwear, left crying, watched her new boyfriend beat the children up, intimidated them, threatened them, sexually exploited them for his own gratification. And she enabled him. Shame on her!

    Waiting with bated breath for the next installment: ‘Police lock up would be kidnappers, refuse bail’.

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    • I have heard rumblings that the police are well onto this, Mark. I hope we’ll hear about it, whichever way it plays out.

      Amazing to think that these people truly believe that it’s all right to discuss conspiring to kidnap children online. What do you think they’d do (or feel) if they found out that a few people were, say, discussing whether to rape and murder one of them? You know, just casual-like. Of course, they wouldn’t actually mean it–it would just be for a lark. Nothing to call the police about! What a dreadful overreaction!

      The lines are burning up right now over on the Sooper-Seekrit Facebook Groop…you can practically smell it! LOL

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      • Their public talk kidnapping children seems to have seriously backfired upon them. If there are arrests and charges, I have no sympathy, they are the agents of their own misfortune, and abduction of children is a serious issue.

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  5. Is stupidity a mitigating factor when you’re in Court? Doubt it. If I were them I’d post some flat-earth stuff or stuff about aliens right away so I looked crazy. 🙂

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  6. They would do well to remember that many people faced charges for making stupid posts during the London
    riots a few year back. Some of them claimed that they didn’t mean it, or that they were joking. The line the police took is that even if they didn’t mean or it, or were joking, they could incite someone else to actually do so.

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