2012 Satanist Abuse of Children report wasn’t ‘covered up’!

The other day we mentioned that Deborah Mahmoudieh was rabbiting on about a 2012 report called Satanist Abuse of Children, which she claimed was a report issued by the UK Children’s Commissioner. She seemed to believe it had somehow been ‘suppressed’ by dark forces (because isn’t that always the way).

Word about this document seems to be making the rounds amongst the Hoaxtead enthusiasts, most likely spurred by Abrella’s recent blog post (which we’ve grabbed so you don’t need to bother giving them the views):

Abrella blog-report coverup? 2016-02-02All right, let’s break this down:

  1. The report wasn’t leaked. In fact, it’s been available from the Maranatha Community website since it was written in 2012. And our own Scarlet Scoop was talking about it back in August, when Charlotte Alton Ward tried to pretend that it had been somehow suppressed (do we detect a theme here?).
  2. The report wasn’t commissioned by the Children’s Commissioner. It was submitted in response to a call for submissions by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups (CSEGG). If you doubt this, take a look at the link to the document in the previous point. IT SAYS SO RIGHT ON THE COVER.
  3. Even if Mr Gove had read the document and believed everything in it, the document had no particular weight. It was merely one of many submissions to the Inquiry, and it ‘proved’ only that the person who wrote it believed in Satanic ritual abuse.
  4. Abrella are really getting desperate for ‘evidence’ if this is the best they can do.

Here’s the letter from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner that apparently seals the case:

Abrella blog-Maranatha report 2016-02-02

In what way does this admit to ‘Official Cover up’?

There was an open call for evidence into the CSEGG inquiry in 2012. Those who submitted evidence did so with the understanding that their material would not be made public, but would be used to inform the final report. This is how things work in this sort of inquiry: material is presented to the Commission, it is read, and the parts that are deemed useful are incorporated into the report. Claiming otherwise is disingenuous at the very least.

As for the document itself, one of our commenters made these points:

The Maranatha Community essay seems to be an opinion piece rather than a thoroughly researched study. For instance, DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) is hotly debated as being a symptom of abuse. There is no detailed description of studies into the ‘mind control’, or even a good definition as to what it is. It also uses the Missing Persons charity figures to describe that 200,000 people go missing, while clearly trying to imply that they are victims of Satanic rituals, never to be seen again. Yet, those charities explain that over 70% of the people chose to go missing. They are not missing in any real sense, they have just been reported missing at some point. Many return home, others stay away for a whole multitude of reasons. Others have been taken abroad by a parent…etc.

What is interesting is that the Stalley essay was posted on HR, so it is likely Abraham had seen it some time ago. Perhaps he used its claims as a template for the idea of DID and mind control, or just read the same material that Stalley used to write her essay.

Apparently the Maranatha Community have been criticised for equating homosexuality with paedophilia in their attempts to oppose same sex marriage. To me, that speaks volumes about their mind set.

Thanks for this, Dave.

Our impression of the report is the same: it reads like a set of opinions, informed by religious belief.

If the missing persons figures were used deliberately to inflate the numbers of presumed Satanic ritual victims, this speaks to a certain dishonesty on the part of the writer; if they were used unwittingly, then one might be justified in questioning the author’s grasp of the facts.

Either way, it’s hardly surprising that the document faded into obscurity until it was dredged up last summer by Charlotte (and possibly Abrella).

Cover-up? Nope. Just a bit of non-evidence that happens to fit the Hoaxtead pushers’ agenda.

nice try



43 thoughts on “2012 Satanist Abuse of Children report wasn’t ‘covered up’!

  1. Hampstead coverup, #tc33, qabala, extreme ritual pedophilia, Hampstead Heros, Witches of Hampstead

    This was more than a little in your face, double entendre, ‘tongue in cheek’, so to speak, mind boggling qabala spectacle. I’d sure like to know if any of these ‘pretend witches’ were implicated by the Hampstead Hero whistle-blower children.

    As real witches use qabala tools in their rituals this is more than a little suspicious and likely not ‘pretend’ at all. The ‘humor’ was an inside-JOKE on the English people victimized by these demonic players, harvesting our children for a very long time!

    Please see the video here – don’t waste time as it may be censored by YouTube:


    • Robert, this was a joke. I’m going to assume that you’ve never spent much time in the company of middle-aged women–this is most certainly the sort of thing women of my acquaintance would do.

      From your language here, I gather you believe Abe and Ella’s story. I’m sure you know that we don’t swallow that one; feel free to discuss it, and know that we’re respectful but don’t tolerate (or dish out) abuse.


      • I’m afraid Robert spends his time constructing elaborate Zionist conspiracy theories based on the symbolic placement and colour of objects in photographs and movies.

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        • so sort of like coloring in picture books. Suppose it keeps him off the streets. I’m afraid the sound was too low for me & I got confused by all that symbolism.

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      • That’s a few too many ‘coincidences’ with the demonic numerology, symbols not to mention colors tying into the Zion/Sion infrastructure, don’t you think?

        Odds of all that being ‘coincidence’ to an actuary is over 20,000 to one. (More actually, as that’s conservative without doing the crunching.)

        Why the sharpened broomsticks and squares all over the place?
        (Lets not even go into the dick suit on the ‘fire woman’ on high. lol!)


    • Robert, you are probably the sort of person who will see a leaf fall and think sinister forces are at work. You will see what you want to see, but your opinions fail to reflect the empirical reality of the world.


      • That’s the problem with these people. They live in a constant hyper-paranoid state and see connections in absolutely everything.. they swallow each others opinions like sheep and yet call us the sheep.

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  2. We need a satirical term of derision, which describes a person who is so mindlessly enamored of the concept of “whistleblowing”, that they would pointlessly attempt to publicize the most trivial & irrelevant info just because some social authority has deemed that info to be private or “confidential”. A person so stupidly obsessed with pathetic attempts to emulate Wikileaks, that they would post their own name, social security number and credit card info over & over on twitter just because a government privacy watchdog expresses concerns about safeguarding such info.

    I propose “Leak Freak”, for now…but I’m not happy with that so I’m soliciting your own suggestions, please.

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  3. This sort of intellectual dishonesty is another feature of the Troothers (as they are all fixated by pedo satanist elites the term covers the whole range of ratbags).

    The Oz satan loonie who Cross Of Change has had so much to say about and who now attacks anyone who dares question her has done likewise and it’s spread on the net.

    She claims she “gave evidence” before the current Australian Royal Commission into institutional child abuse but it’s a blatant lie. Firstly you have to be invited to appear before a Royal Commission and she never would be. She did however hand in a written submission which any member of the public can do.

    God only knows what they thought of it as it accuses numerous dead politicians and PMs including president Richard Nixon etc etc of organizing hunting parties to murder small children but needless to say, no invitation to appear was forthcoming.

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  4. This goes to show that a little knowledge is dangerous, you need to know all the facts to get the true picture but unfortunately these people aren’t interested in facts.

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  5. Dr Linda Stalley appears to be a Christian fundamentalist, I reckon she would have been one of those “professionals” in the 80’s putting innocent people in jail for SRA.

    Here is an interesting passage from her “The Homosexual Lifestyle From A Christian Medical Perspective”. It is clear that she is using her profession to push an agenda.

    “There is a move by a small but vocal minority (predominantly homosexual) to abolish the age of consent, thus allowing adults to engage in sexual activity with children and already inappropriate influences are being presented in schools under the guise of sex education programmes. This will inevitably cause major damage to the personal development of our future generations.”


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  6. Missing persons figures are often used by hoax believers like the good Dr. but of course the headline figure hides the facts of how quickly people are “found” (in other words go home!).

    70% within 16 hours

    19% within 16-48 hours

    8% 48hrs-7days

    2% > 7days

    63% are “found” within 0-5 miles from home.

    45% went to stay with a friend, met a friend, stayed somewhere they knew.

    58% were not found by the police but by others (mostly friends/family).

    So much for hundreds of thousands of people going “missing” then!


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  7. They really will twist anything into a conspiracy or cover up. I imagine the reason the open call ‘evidence’ is confidential is to allow the contributors freedom from press scrutiny. That is to the advantage of the contributor. The downside is that it allows people like Stalley to write unsubstantiated opinion and try pass that off as fact.

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    • I imagine it is more to protect victims. Charities could say something like “two girls aged 14 at our X youth club have reported being threatened into agreeing to sexual activity with members of a local gang” without putting them at risk.

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  8. By the way : the posts about the alleged kidnap conspiracy on Facebook have been removed. Is this another Hoaxted victory?

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    • I’d like to claim it, but am not sure if it was removed because we complained, or because the original poster realised she was incriminating herself.


    • We know, what would have got everyone really excited in the hoaxtead camp is graphic descriptions of the rape of children, particularly if this included the children’s identities.

      My medical records are private, that doesn’t mean they’ve been covered up.

      Go and ask Ella for her police interview, she’s covering it up.

      Difference between private, and covered up?

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  9. There were some inconsistencies in the submissions to the call for evidence. Whereas some submissions chose to only fill out the multiple choice questions, others chose to submit information in prose or did both. Some submissions did not follow the pre-set questions.

    From page 100 here

    Click to access If_only_someone_had_listened.pdf


      • My guess is they didn’t respond to the pre-set questions. I’ve seen responses to calls for evidence myself, in prose, where the response to the questions says that the question is wrong and here’s our response to what you should have asked but didn’t LOL.

        This “Satanist Ritual Abuse of Children” report includes among their very sparse evidence press reports of INDIVIDUALS ACTING COMPLETELY ALONE convicted of offences. I’d call that out of scope, just a teeny bit.

        They go on about mind control and programming techniques too.

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