Hoaxtead vigilantes advocate kidnap attempt

For months now, we’ve been banging the drum about the dangers posed by the witch-hunters and vigilantes who’ve attached themselves to the Hampstead ‘satanic ritual abuse’ hoax.

Not only do they routinely make death threats at anyone who dares to disagree with their warped perception of reality, but they have been known to openly advocate acting outside the law to right what they perceive as a terrible wrong.

For the past week or so they’ve been working themselves into a particularly frothy self-righteous lather, as today (1st February) is the date that has been bandied about as a ‘court hearing’ to review Ella’s custody of the children. Nothing of the sort is actually taking place, as we know; but that hasn’t stopped the Hoaxtead pushers.

For example, Maria MacMahon (a devoted if daffy member of Charlotte Alton Ward’s Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™) recently hosted this discussion on her Facebook page:

Maria MacMahon-kidnap kids-1-2016-01-31

Paul Cubbon and Bernadette McMaster immediately suggest kidnapping RD’s children: this is the first thought that pops into their heads!

In fact, Bernadette seems to have thought it all out:

Maria MacMahon-kidnap-2-2016-01-31The discussion on Maria’s page continues:

Maria MacMahon-kidnap-3 2016-01-31Darla Hilary throws in her lot with the would-be kidnappers, bringing the total to four.

The lone dissenter, Suzanne, only asks how Maria knows for sure that the children are being abused—an excellent question that she has every right to ask—but the group jump down her throat, silencing her.

Finally, Lee Brookes’ comment: “Dirty f*ckers want cutting up”. Such eloquence!

We were deeply alarmed at this conversation, which has now been reported to the police. It makes us wonder: if Hoaxtead pushers are willing to discuss kidnapping this openly, what are they plotting within the safety of their private groups?

And at what point does the law take a stand against these pitchfork-wielding idiots?



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  1. One of the conspirators Paul Cubbon has a criminal record by his own admission where he posts a thigh-slapping tale of one fellow inmate pouring boiling water with sugar over another to inflict maximum pain.
    That’s as well as the film he has posted of himself filming and driving a truck on the highway. These are potentially dangerous people and need their collars felt asap.

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  2. What they’re all saying is obviously a ‘real and credible threat’.
    The police probably won’t do anything about it though :/

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  3. Disgraceful!!! o_O

    I’m pleased that this has been passed on to the Police, along with the names of the nasty child-abusing freaks who’ve stupidly revealed themselves in their disgusting comments. Thanks, EC.

    And will Facebook still say that this doesn’t violate their community guidelines? Are child kidnap and “cutting people up” ok in their book? Only one way to find out. Do we have the link to the “secret” group’s page?

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  5. What a very disturbing conversation indeed, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. These people must be unhinged if they think that kidnapping the children is the way ahead. No thoughts from them on how the children would feel about being taken away and kept in a cellar somewhere, they don’t care about the children at all.

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    • Exactly. They take the original videos as gospel, not bothering to think that kids who’d really been through that kind of trauma would be showing clear signs of distress; and they plan a kidnap, completely oblivious to the fact that the point where the children began to show real emotion was when they were able to say they didn’t want to see their mother and Abe again.

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  6. yew just looked at his bog, i support that arthur bloke, er i don’t think so , mate….. jeez, i’m very lucky to be in touch with some hardcore activists of old, on this, seeing right thru it, dunno if i need to do owt ? he is like a rat in a maze latchin on the next lie that might work HWWNBN, NO he doesn’t know who i am, but oh, thousands do 🙂

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  7. This development is predictable, which is probably why the care system may still be heavily involved with P and Q.

    I believe that those postings might be illegal under UK incitement laws:

    Kidnapping and false imprisonment laws largely fall into jail time all the way up to life imprisonment:

    The postings are serious enough in my opinion that the police have to investigate them.

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    • Most are, one in Oz another in the USA. I can tell you if this was reported to the FBI they would take it very seriously and haul them in for questioning.

      It could be bravado but when did police have the option to treat a group openly discussing plans to commit one of the most evil crimes : the kidnap of children- as just tough talk?

      What if they inspire someone else to act? How many children are kidnapped in family disputes- dozens. Look at the FBI wanted lists , they are full of kidnapped & missing children who have been taken by a non custodial parent. And we have Abella on the run from police & Abraham Cristie and many times convicted criminal which includes child abuse- who mocks the law and acts and writes as though there was never a legitimate court case and who actively encourages others to break the law.

      I think the very least this group needs is a visit from detectives to determine what their intentions are. We are talking about vulnerable children & and if the police do not act we really would have a case for the IPCC.

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  8. And they’re discussing this in public so if the children go missing the police won’t know who’s door to knock on and who’s collar to feel…..that’s intelligent……

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  9. It’s probably all hot air but there are plenty of nuttah’s around.

    They are so thick they don’t realise this is making matters worse for the ahem mother, but hey, what do they care.

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  10. “37 million churches in the world and I bet that most of them have a cellar”

    So, these people believe the children’s story of being given sweets to keep them quiet while being raped in secret rooms of a church….and their idea is for a bunch of strangers to kidnap them from their foster family and hide them in a secret room of a church and shower them with chocolates and hugs. Wow!

    I hope the police take this seriously and speak to these morons.

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    • Yes. If they truly believed all the ‘raped in secret rooms of a church while being fed candy to keep them quiet’ nonsense, what on earth would make them think this would be a good plan?

      We’re currently waiting to hear about the police response–will update here.

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  11. They are crazy if they think any reputable private detective or security specialist would touch this. They live in another world where they are playing out their twisted superhero fantasies. Some of them might try it.

    Are they seriously suggesting kidnapping children? Using force, violence? Has it crossed their mind that if asked the children would say no, I don’t want to live Mummy and evil Abraham, that’s if they’ve not lost control of their bodily functions through fear.

    This people, is why Ella and the grandparents would have an uphill struggle to see the children even at a neutral venue. Ella has let the vigilantes out who talk the talk of doing stupid, cruel, illegal stuff.


    Kidnapping has a life sentence.

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    • Exactly, Tracey.

      The Hoaxtead vigilante types would say that the children only say they don’t want to live with their mother and Abe because they’ve been ‘got to’ by the cult. I would say it’s because children should not be beaten, kicked, burned, suffocated, nor threatened with being buried alive.

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  12. Has Charlotte suggested sexually assaulting any one recently? That was another serious criminal activity she was encouraging others to do not so long ago.

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    • Yes–the one problem with her various criminal activities is that they were done from abroad, so a bit harder for UK police to deal with her.


      • DG, I tried to find it yesterday on the Hampstead Research page and couldn’t. It was discussed here last year. Charlotte had put up a photograph of one of the teachers at a School Sports day and made remarks to the effect that if any of the hoaxers saw him they should drag him into the bushes, pull his shorts down and examine his private parts. Either I searched under the wrong name (which I won’t repeat on here) the post has been taken down or it was on one of her dead WordPress blogs.


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