Hypocrite Sabine encourages ex parte communication

Sabine’s blogs are just so full of fail that sometimes it becomes difficult to know where to start deconstructing them.

For instance, yesterday she posted one with the catchy title, ‘Need for thorough consideration of #Satanist #ritual #abuse #SRA of children: review of court cases, police, legal procedure & meetings with victims‘.

It’s basically a rehash of a 2012 report, prepared for (surprise!) the Evangelical Christian Maranatha Community, who firmly believe that Satan is a real, physical presence on Earth, and that he must be vanquished before Christ can make his triumphant return. Cue the trumpets.

Unsurprisingly, the report’s conclusions mesh perfectly with Sabine’s own beliefs.

She knows she’s not supposed to discuss Hoaxtead, so instead she highlights the bits that she feels pertain to the case:

Sabine-blog-SRA report-2016-01-24

Police indifference…lack of competence…influence exercised by the abusers over some of the police….

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more!

And just in case you fail to take her meaning, here’s her response to a comment praising the report (and Sabine)(and presumably Jesus):


You see, this is part of what makes Sabine such a poor choice as a McKenzie friend.

She’s actually encouraging Anne to get herself into a boatload of trouble, by engaging in third-party ex parte communication with Mrs Justice Pauffley. This is a pretty big no-no under the law; it amounts to attempting to prejudice the court, and courts tend to frown on such things.

Should Sabine not be aware of this? She should. Then again, she should also be aware of the rules regarding confidentiality of court materials, but that didn’t stop her from broadcasting illegal videos and court documents across the internet. Not the brightest spark, our Sabine.

One of our readers commented to that effect:

SabineDoesBerlin-comment-2016-01-24Will SabineDoesBerlin’s comment ever see the light of day? Unlikely.

And yet, Sabine is perfectly willing to approve comments like this:


‘[P]unished with death…tortured and burned at the stake…forever damned to hell….’

How very Christian.

Sabine’s grasp of Jesus’s message of forgiveness and love (not to mention her complete ignorance of Old Testament laws regarding marriage and sex) seems almost as shaky as her grasp of the law.





23 thoughts on “Hypocrite Sabine encourages ex parte communication

  1. Sabine is obviously hoping to share a cell with Neelu. Does she not realise that she is saying these things publicly?

    Foolish woman. She really seems determined to be a martyr to her misguided cause.

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  2. I would hazard a guess that not one of those nutters that spout vitriol have ever received threats from those that don’t accept the lies of Christie and Draper. Of course they sometimes abuse each other but hey that is to be expected. Perhaps it’s lack of intelligence or some such but like the main protagonists they don’t seem to have the capacity to see themselves as others see them.

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    • Some (Angela Dizzy-Powder included) have claimed that they have received death threats from us. I’ve repeatedly challenged them to provide a link to or screenshot of just one death threat that just one of us has issued to any of them. Not one of them has ever been able to do so. You guys should be proud of your level-headed approach 🙂

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  3. Maybe Sabine’s logic is that, as she is in a very deep hole already, if she keeps digging vigorously enough she can escape to Australia. She is about half way there by my reckoning!

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  4. Making information available to the unwary is a potent way of undermining support for witchfinders such as Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie. I have a new dedicated site:

    I also have a domain called mysatan.net which is sitting doing nothing, which I can bring into action to coordinate campaigns from Satanists to hit communications, income and recruitment activities of the witchfinders.


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