Hoaxer In-fighting: Hamster Research v DDHampstead

It’s interesting how some people use Twitter as a personal message board, as though they think no one else can read their messages to one another.

And by ‘some people’ we mean Hoaxtead pushers. They bicker and snipe at one another quite freely over there, presumably in the deluded belief that they’re invisible to the rest of us.

Surprise! They’re not. In fact, that’s how one of our readers found this intriguing bit of gossip:

HampsteadResearch v DDH 1 2016-01-21

Rough translation:

  1. DearmanDoesHampstead (@DDoesHampstead) offers Jim McMenamin access to the medical report and CRIS report, by sending him to the gory remains of the Hampstead Research blog. (Yes, it’s still up, but it’s stopped producing new material.)
  2. Hampstead Research (@HampsteadR, run by Kristen Elizabeth, a fabric saleslady from Winnipeg) snaps back, “So, you hate us, but you need us…
  3. Jim chimes in, oddly in some sort of free verse, “& just to be clear/Those documents/Do Not belong to you/or @HR, they belong/to the Ella (sic), Abe/& the children“.
    (Note to Jim: there’s a Twitter user named @HR, but he has nothing whatsoever to do with Hoaxtead. From what we can gather, he’s German and not a nutter at all. We’re sure he’s quite surprised to have been dragged into this argument.)
  4. HR answers Jim: “Yes, I never said they belong to HR; I said, find another source. DDH used us, not you“.

Hang on, hold the phone a minute: Hamster Research is under the impression that DDH used them? This is most interesting indeed.

But wait! There’s more!

Hampstead Research v DDH 2 2016-01-21

Ooh, cat-fight! Now DDH is accusing Hamster Research of dirty pool: “Oh, so HR can use our stuff but we can’t use something from your site? Nice!

To which Hamster Research  states, “I won’t play ball; that pre-dates the split“. Hmm. If memory serves, those ludicrously off-base videos were produced in late August. So the split occurred in the fall….

And then the kicker: Hamster Research tells DDH, “If you could openly ID yourself, or at least to Jim/Helen. Done“.

In other words, Hamster Research doesn’t know who runs DDH either.

Well, then. This throws a lot of theories up in the air.

Back in November, Charlotte Ward Alton left a comment on Abrella’s now-defunct blog, sending greetings from “HR…oh, and DDH too”. We took that to mean that if she wasn’t directly in league with DDH, she was at least tight with them. So perhaps the split occurred after that?

Looks like there’s some digging to be done…we’ll let you know when we hit pay dirt.

Rory Breaker


13 thoughts on “Hoaxer In-fighting: Hamster Research v DDHampstead

  1. LOL! Well, that was a fun read!

    The stuff that was taken from DDH for that video was nonsense anyway. That blog is as hopeless at ‘research’ as Hampstead Research was..

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  2. Araya is still promoting Adolf H. as an OK guy (denying he was even a Nazi) and is currently on anti-Communist crusade (I think the collapse of the USSR by-passed her) with the usual claptrap – the UN was a communist plot for One World Government etc etc. When I look at her pictures (she desperately tries to look quite coquettish) she reminds of the snaps I’ve seen of those crazed women who were guards at concentration camps.

    I’m dying to ask her to explain how the Equator works if the Earth is flat and why that giant ice fence doesn’t melt at the equator edges but I think it would just bring a volley of abuse.

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