Sabine just can’t shut up

Wasn’t it just a few days ago that Sabine McNeill closed her #Whistleblowerkids blog, prior to being arrested for the third time? My, how time flies when you’re having fun.

Seems she’s once again decided to incriminate herself, and has re-opened the blog, where we found this gem:

Sabine-witness intimidation-2016-01-20

Looks like Neelu was right: Sabine’s charges relate to her publication of witness statements, from which we feel confident confirming that she’ll be facing charges of witness intimidation and perverting the course of justice. Thanks to Sabine for confirming the date for her next hearing: 2 p.m. on Monday, 8th February. And then, of course, she’ll be standing with Neelu on 11th July. That’ll be a day to remember, we’re sure.

We’ve noted previously that Sabine and Belinda are facing court costs for their bungling of the Melissa Laird case; the next hearing on that matter is scheduled for 25th February.

Isn’t it just like Sabine, though, to announce on the one hand that she’s been arrested three times, had three sets of bail conditions, and four charges…and then to immediately proceed to breach those very same bail conditions?

Somehow, in discussing the Laird case, she manages to slip in a jab at “Barnet Council—the same one responsible for the Police that didn’t investigate the allegations made by the whistleblower kids”.

Thanks, Sabine, we’re sure the police and CPS will appreciate the extra dollop of evidence you’ve just provided them.

(Note to ourselves: be very, very grateful that we aren’t lawyers, and that there is no risk whatsoever that we will ever have to represent Sabine in a court of law. Sabine’s legal team, whoever you are these days, you have our sympathies.)


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  1. Sabine and Neelu just don’t know when to hold back. I hope the pair of them eventually are behind bars for a short stint.What’s Belinda up to these days?

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    • She seems to be laying low at the moment; we’ve heard nothing of her since her court appearance in December regarding the Melissa Laird court costs affair.


      • Oh of course, silly me, I should have remembered she always distances herself from her friends when they are in trouble..

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      • it wouldn’t have cost anyof them Sabine, Belinda, Bill, and oh so many that now i exist, so why would i need to be sidelined, shunned, ostracised, they have now been spotted and recognised by networks, who realky do know me. They have records, memories, links and i’m guessing the watchers can see the mass attacks, i am certainly feeling alot of security type recognition, cos they are using dirty tactics, to their enemy, they act like the KKK would towards people of colour.

        or any abuser…….i knew the day would come, when i had to face this, or never try to do much again , but as this blog has developed, i am so thankful, to have the back up, to my statements, and so much more on them, than i knew, and best of all, unravelling their tendrils, from the good people like the guy NZ, who ended up saying, ‘why bother’, i tried to warn him, when he linked with Researching Reform, that she was tied in with sabine, but he was new to the net, and really thought a worldwide action could be linked, it can be, if we keep aware of the saboteurs….so he’s gone on the whitelist, but he may have done enough, but there is good info there, and yet again, they have probs used him, quoted as if they know and not shared his site, or recommended him….people know that that is not how i work.
        Bullying that group ! down under, WTF? the survivors have safe groups, and are in close contact, and go very deep, i’ve been in and out for years, i’m just glad i caught them, and enough strong warriors have known John Brown for decades,,,,,,,,,,,they picking on the wrong people, i have given them fair warning, if he wants a fight…………he will get a knock back, and hopefully arrested. Dreamcatchers are a massive and well linked site, and are watching, others are alert, that are so strong, and independent, and that’s really what i want to help with here, to help these groups flourish, and do what that woman does, on that Sex Trafficking Film i shared, i howled thru some of it, i was on the street, trust me, there are records 🙂 perhaps Company Magazine might like to check their archives, and even Marie Clare, i’ve told the story of how they launched the First Breast Cancer Charity with a purple one too, same day !

        The editor changed to pink and we had a lovely chat, she said she’d let people know about the rally.

        What Sharon is doing, she must be on the payrole to do just that, rubbish whoever is seeing through them and discredit, i have it on good authority, , that no such person exists, my money is on Jacqui. Charlotte, i think Child Protection Squads need to take this up, if she’s UK, why is she harming our campaigns, this way, Why is Belinda, Sabine, and all of them, it is important, it has and still is trying to cause damage.

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        • The KKK is such a weak org and it appeared to be wasting away thankfully. That is, until the recent surge in hostility and blame games in the USA and the racial baiting. Perhaps the KKK will now get a surge in popularity. Keep promoting them by mentioning them that helps them. Let them die PLEASE!!!

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          • I don’t think i have ever mentioned them, and given the Black Lives Matter, campaigns, and campaigns, for many indigenous groups, that i also have deep, longstanding trust, within…..i am very aware, of influences. Akala’s recent book and project on the ‘Empire’, is current, and educational, he did a great debate with our Tommy, ex leader of the BNP, which has morphed, and there have been concerns, mentioned to me, by people who are online warriors, on various important issues, there are signs, that there are raicst groups, also embedded within the child protection groups, and some are appearing to act like vigilantes.
            Though Stinson Hunter, i felt was doing as good a job as he could, there was also an attempted co opt on him, and groups springing up, pretending his vids were theirs, and i was treated with great hostility in those groups, as i posted other stuff, and other main campaigners, also witnessed that.

            I would ask that you relay that message to the relentless chanters of the mantra’s,

            Let the Hampstead Case die PLEASE!!!

            Let the Hampstead Case die PLEASE!!!

            Let the Hampstead Case die PLEASE!!!

            I’ve tended to always talk about abuse, so that light is shone.

            If you think racism died, then once again, as a mother of a child of colour, born late 70’s, who
            worked in sales, hence, met new people daily, the attitudes were clear for me, and the shunning was clear, when many found out.

            Even now, some reveal racism to me, without realising, it is only recently that i shared my son’s young photos.

            I’m quite used to the hoaxters finding ways to try and either put me down, undermine, dismiss, falsly accuse, or tell me off, for something.

            Again, thanks, because, when my mates in all the groups, that are incredibly strong, and true, and linked, well,

            I recommend that sex trafficking film from Gang2TV,


            And tho i mock chissthuns at times, for that Mrs Brenda, i have the most profound, love and respect.

            I was too that girl at 17 on the streets round Kings Cross.

            I escaped being locked out of a room in Finsbury Park.

            As i did, i saw a girl on a bed, being injected, with a scar down her face, i met her eyes, as i got out.

            I was haunted forever, and saved from drugs, which i could easily have got hooked on.

            Instead my binges were food, alchohol and ocd.

            I was a pleaser, and terrified of criticism.

            Fortunately i have come very far from that person, but anyone who has witnessed our conversations, Angela Power Disney especially, and a load of others, in The Hampstead Group, which is open by the way,

            Anyway…….my friends will choke and spit, when they read you thinking i deserve that ! 🙂


          • I’ll tell you who needs telling off,

            All the hoaxteaders who have abused so many.
            Issued curses, death threats,
            even to well know and very trusted, respected campaigners.

            How about a desist notice, so that hampstead children can feel safe.

            How about not putting some peoples families at risk, cos they disagreed and so they have also now been accused of being in some cult, or connected, in some ways.?
            I am the least person, to be admonished, or corrected, or criticised.

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          • I could have used a different example: basically the Scamsters, rely on drumming up fear, anger, revenge, hate, and projecting it onto a group, who are encouraged to do their worst in any arena, or possible way, wiithout compunction.

            Targetting innocent people, loading up the emotional charge, and aiming it destructively at good people, because they get in your way.

            How many groups have been mass attacked.

            Sudden surge in members, and then the Admin/s reported, so that the cult of hoaxes can take over and look as though they are running a big long standing group ?

            How many funding campaigns, and helplines of the right kind, has this been done too ?

            I guess those secret Troll lists, would be useful.

            And of course, also shunning, isolating, ignoring, Survivors, often after building them up, to then smear them, so your schemes can keep sucking in new victims.

            So many have felt the effects, and are now reviewing, their members, affiliations, links to your sites, videos, and hopefully untangle the woven tendrils, that your followers, members, have embedded, as they infiltrate as much of the web as possible.

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    • I sometimes wonder if Belinda drops LSD into the cups at her little Hampstead tea parties to make the guests more suggestible. A lot of people with whom she has contact seem to undergo psychotic breakdowns. Sabine is becoming more and more erratic at the moment.

      If you are ever invited into her house claim you’re not thirsty!

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  2. Sabine McNeill has claimed to be a good legal representative of various unfortunates that have fallen under her influence, yet the stupid hag is unable to act without putting her own foot in it when she herself is facing court actions.

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    • It’s a case of the blind leading the even more blind. Sabine and Belinda are both completely unaware of the law, to the point where they’re being penalised by the courts; yet the claim to be able to offer support in court. You’d think those who come to them for help would recognise this and shy away, but I suppose when you’re that desperate you’ll latch onto anyone who promises to help.

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      • Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie are predator-cum-parasites who identify and groom their victims to their own ends. I am glad that Sabine McNeill has come unstuck, but then she is a witless individual who has become a pawn of the clever McKenzie.

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  3. Sabine’s become a tub thumping evangelist as well with this stuff : “In my ‘3d Metric’ Universe I have picked up three avenues of forgiveness from someone who used to be a Buddhist:

    Forgive Everyone Everything.
    Forgive Yourself for having hurt anybody any time.
    Forgive Yourself for having allowed others to hurt you…”

    Sadly she takes no heed of her own 3rd Metric Universe commands,

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  4. Interesting Sabine doesn’t say what court or the time for the hearing on Monday 25th January.

    It may be a public hearing but seems like the crafty mare doesn’t want the public attending.


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  5. Crumbs, just googled my name, again, something, i’ve hardly done, till recently 🙂 it’s a surprise a minute, no maybe daily,……So i see that Him is spouting some kinda satanic warning, but i don’t care, i did go ‘oh shit,’ and a bit cautious when i realised there was a real satanist, amongst the group, but it is a subject that i have looked into and spoken with friends about….. i may try and develop this subject with more sanity on my blog….but i definitely had some contact with a satanist, who was abused within, and now saying he was outting the various one,s….. Nathanial, but i couldn’t really explore all the links, and focus much on it, i tend to keep very clear and simple, i don’t do much ritual or ceremony, but i have friends who do, wiccan, pagan, i ‘ve taken shamanic journey’s, alot of stuff,
    Tbf, i’m more afraid of bible bashers, and i wouldn’t mind understanding it a bit more, i know Mel ve did some interviews and seemed to gain a different view than, it was just evil….in the way portrayed.
    Motherpeace Tarot was one of my bibles, and so was duh duh duh ‘Courage to Heal’, i’ll cover that a bit too, i hadn’t seen the problem, as pointed out on FMS sites, but i had always a clear and concious memory,/
    There is alot of confusion, scaremongering, and mis use, of recovery methods,
    But the FMS lobby and FA, PAS, are very strong, were rooted in paedophiles with influence, when began, and are a weapon, used easily by abusers, to twist cases. I’ve held back from too much discussion, here, because this blog is focussed, but i’m getting a real sense, that eyes are being opened, that is having some important impacts.
    I’m just not prejudiced. I am still learning, and i look at things, even if i don’t agree, but especially if i don’t understand, them……i also was approached by a guy once…..he told me he was a wiccan high priest, and wanted to teach me a thing or too, whilst getting handcuffs out…….He had come for a massage, but i thougt i’d be safe, cos he used to run the cab co. under my flat… just before that over a cup of herbal tea, he had also told me he had a bunch of houses, with women working and he wanted me to teach the girls what i could do ???? when the cuffs came out, and i realised what he expected, i can’t remember, but i roared and through him out with my voice……..the next day, he came back for his fat chunky gold necklace, left behind, and when i handed it to him at the door, he said ‘i knew i could trust you’,

    I changed cab co. But some of those cabbies, i opened up to, about the fact that my hotel owner was a definite abuser, Lambeth clued him in.

    So i do find it difficult to make statements like SRA doesn’t exist.

    My take is that children have been used, abused for zeons and within every religion, and the guy above was probably not a true satanist, but using it…….actually, El, not sure if you should leave this here, there would be reports at the time, and happy to hand this over, with details of where. but see, people like that are probs amongst the other side,

    So, no they do not know me at all 🙂

    I digressed, here’s the link to Community Care magazine, and i’m amazed that my comment got through, and very pleased 🙂

    see we still have professionals in our life, i’d love to see their faces when they read his latest LOL.
    But given i have bent there ears for decades, now…….. they do kinda know me, quite well, and alot have been as kind as possible. Some tho, quite cruel. Some ignorant,. Alot hands tied.

    And i have always pointed out that this needs sorting, i’m not alone, and it’s gonna bite you all on the bum, and so on……. but even with my online presence, until now, i havn’t written much about it, for my sons sake, so as i keep say #spotthedifference.

    Those other lot, clearly new i was in need of support, but i guess i got on their shun list waybackwhen.

    Left to flounder, many times, flounder still at times, i’m quite, effective anyway, somehow.

    Thankyou to all the angels met. Some of this is my fault, i did put out a call, and see it as a spiritual battle, to protect children’s innocence……… but not like what they have turned it into. i’ve rambled again.
    i’m not so isolated anymore.
    Oh by the way, another friend Kay Ebeling. She’s reporting thousands of hits, but no donations, i hope it’s not them. but increased interest…She is a real journo……. and another seeming to be sidelined, whilst they shout as if they know stuff. I’m hoping it is good increased interest, she lives simply, and deserves to recieve some money, she really has put out a wealth of work. Freely and unable to work, many survivors are struggling with serious injury, and getting older. As cutbacks are made, survivors may still not get the help, so i would like to be part of setting up a fund for independents and good stuff, not alone, and with people who can make sure, it’s all kosher..

    Anyway, i’m really sorry that my holding back may have let them run amok, some things are still only becoming apparant, to me. Kay may be sidelined because, like John well it’s those really evil lot, in that dome

    That’s always been my plan……but properlike.
    Feeling happy for real 🙂

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      • thanks, i had that advice from someone else i asked about it, i am lucky to have friends of many kinds, so i can ask, when out of depth.

        but i think that was used at one point to prove i was satanist, his like button is on my blog, i only just noticed, i havn’t figured how to remove them yet.

        he did spook me out, i watched vids and stuff, but i didn’t just switch off cos of subject.


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    • Thanks, Sheva–you raise a lot of really interesting stuff here. I’d say for starters that you should have no worries about SV in this group: he’s a lovely person with a very intelligent and ethical approach.

      As for the book The Courage to Heal, it’s cited as being problematic and leading to the proliferation of false allegations. I have a dear friend who’s been a psychotherapist for years, and I asked him about it once. His take: he says he’s seen that book used as a manual for real emotional healing, and he’s also seen it used to shore up false memories. He seemed to think it had more to do with the leanings of the therapists who used the book, than with the book itself.

      I’m glad this place has helped you feel less isolated; you’re working hard, and we really appreciate it.

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      • i forget, that i mostly have used it and found their workbook really useful, again tho, back then, we really needed a book like it. I moaned to a friend oneday, having read a few books, by then, watched some documentaries, or oprah, i moaned that i had learnt enough, of how grim and huge it all was, but how to heal ? She popped the book off her shelf, and i was hooked, it began, because a woman ran a creative writing class called ‘I never told anyone’.

        That is a writing subject, that just began to unravel people, and she took it from there, if you read the background, i’m rusty, it was alongtime ago.

        There is a really good facebook group, ‘overcoming sexual abuse’, based on it’s teaching, it does take courage to heal, and that is the beauty of it, but i can see how it could be misused,

        I do at times, just not get into all of the debunking, on this side, but as a survivor at times, it can be offensive, and unfair, from my perspective.

        Like most things, as i keep saying, it’s not what you do or use, it’s how and why, motivation, intent, based on ???

        I know that more therapists and professional eyes are on this, and i’m glad to now, say a bit more, because some are jumping to conclusions if that book is recommended, say by socail workers, as if that means they are encouraing FA’s.

        I recommend that book, and it will always be valueble.

        Those misusing any techniques, laws, loopholes, techie ways, opinion, and abusing vulnerable groups, are the problem.

        Not a book,

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      • Alot of people are shocked to realise how i’ve been treated.

        I don’t need to prove a thing.

        They have provided most of the evidence, their attitudes towards me, and treatment, has shocked many warriors on this issue, some whom inspired me, some who i did the return, many who have been cheered on and cheered me on.

        When they see some of the falsities about people like me and john, then our worldwide recognistion, becomes more serious, than theirs, if that makes sense.

        I earned my rep and cred.
        with every ounce of my being.


  6. The costs of the Melissa Laird case are about £5000 in total. Not the sort of money you would want to throw away lightly, but I would think a sum that Belinda could fairly easily raise if she needed to. She could have a whip round among her three sons who have high paying jobs, or sell that great big house – and still afford to live somewhere very nice. As long as it is Sabine that is threatened with jail and not her she doesn’t seem very bothered. I wonder if she will visit her friends in prison?

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    • Belinda could find £5000 at the drop of a hat. She’s just very careful with her money, doesn’t like spending it.

      I mean she is a pensioner at the very least getting a steady income every week. Then she’s got the tenants paying her each month.

      Then there’s the Iran Aid Millions.

      She’s loaded.

      £5k is zilch to her.

      She just doesn’t want to pay.

      Then she’s got the home/yacht in France.

      Bet her name is all over properties in London.

      I don’t buy it she has no money.

      She needs to cough up and be done.

      I hope all this is incurring extra costs, that’ll teach her.

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      • Belinda McKenzie is wealthy by way of inheritance, plus other sources. She underwrites a lot of campaigns. She is clever, letting the mentally ill and the weak-minded take the fall for her.

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        • That’s one of the things that annoys me about Belinda.

          She is letting Neelu take the flak, who obviously has something not quite right about her and yet Belinda doesn’t discourage her.

          I know Neelu isn’t Belinda’s responsibility, but i think morally Belinda should discourage her.

          After all Belinda’s daughter has mental health problems, so it’s not like she doesn’t realise.

          It’s just so wrong, Belinda allowing Neelu to carry on this way.

          I hope Belinda and Sabine have to pay the costs and some.

          I also hope it’s not designated that it’s paid 50:50 each.

          No better way is there than people to fall out over money…

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          • Very true, it’d be brilliant to see them tussling over who had to pay the bill.

            And yes, if Belinda had even an ounce of human decency, she’d have discouraged Neelu long before now. However, it serves her purposes to have her foot-soldiers out doing her work for her, and deflecting attention from herself.

            I know that her brother is quite a prominent figure in non-fraudulent charity circles, and it’s sometimes occurred to me that perhaps Belinda is motivated by sibling rivalry. Whatever motivates her, though, she must be made to stop.

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          • Belinda McKenzie is intelligent enough to realise Hampstead is a hoax, a fabrication of the minds of Ella Draper and Abraham Christie, but she uses the hoax to advance her own shady ends, whilst allowing the mentally ill and weak-minded to obliterate themselves in her cause. I think the Hampstead hoax, one way or another, will bite Belinda McKenzie on her arse, no matter how clever she thinks she is.

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  9. It’ll be more than £1.4 million as Zoopla won’t know about all the secret rooms.

    Angie can go stick that in her pipe and smoke it, going on about Belinda has no money shopping in Tescos and having a battered old car.


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    • Of course, she won’t allow that one. Meanwhile, here’s an example of the kind of comment she DOES allow:


        • And the Bible does say “Thou shalt not kill”, right? That is one of the 10 Commandments, isn’t it? I didn’t dream that, did I?

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        • Also seems to have missed the reality of laws concerning sexual behaviour in the Old Testament. Sex outside marriage wasn’t punishable by death. There’d be no point to all the discussions about how the couple should marry if that was the case, and the about the amount of any dowry. Adultery by a woman – kill her slowly and painfully – by a man – meh, no problem really as long as the woman he had sex with was unmarried. There was even, gasp, polygamy, and even gasp, surrogacy without the turkey baster and with actual sex. Abraham anyone?

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          • That’s okay, these morons also think the Talmud is the Jewish ‘holy book’. And that the Ashkenazim aren’t really Jewish, because…well, they said so. They’re big on bible thumping. Not so big on actual bible reading or understanding.


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