Abe/Drifloud don’t like it up him

The other day, someone sent a rather surprising picture to a member of our team.

It shows Abraham Christie, self-proclaimed King of the Raw Vegan Hempatarians, having just tucked into a healthy vegan meal…of chicken and chips. Abe looks not entirely pleased to be having his picture taken, but then hasn’t that happened to all of us?

You know, that thing where you preach vehemently to anyone who’ll listen about how they ought to be living their lives, and then get caught out doing the very thing you rail against? I’m sure we’ve all been there.


Just Abe?

Ah, well.

In any case, somehow the picture made its way to Twitter, where we’re sad to say that it was not at all well-received by (of all people) Drifloud. It seems that despite Drippy’s loud insistence that he’s not Abe, this photo somehow hit him in the dangly bits, because within hours he’d retaliated.


Apparently, to exact revenge for the sin of outing Abe/Drifloud as a flaming hypocrite, he decided to go tit for tat, and post the pictures of a few of the innocent victims of his and Ella’s ludicrous hoax.

Proving once again, we presume, that Drifloud really is Abe…which we’ve been saying for ages now.




31 thoughts on “Abe/Drifloud don’t like it up him

      • yes but is it a hamburger ? Remember Abe is now a disinformation agent for the Cult so I reckon he’s chomping into a baby imported via DHL. That symbol on his jacket looks decidedly Satanic to me.

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  1. Oh God, have you seen their latest effort??.
    It’s back to Mork and Mindy again but this time there’s a very fetching photo of Abrella in their matching ‘Free the Hampstead 2’ t-shirts.
    I can just imagine them flogging them down at the beach.

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    • Have a look at the comments under the “When Should We Stop” post, Anna!
      We discussed the above video on that one. 🙂


    • Never before have so many plain ordinary insane & deranged persons been able to shine so brightly since the advent of Youtube & internet radio stations where any old ratbag fruitcake can become an “investigative journalist” preaching to other nutters.

      The Rite Of Sodomy – seems to be an Abe fixation. And what about Abe’s claim for the use of a dildo ! To open the Third Eye!. My neighbor runs a sex shop in Sydney and I must pass on this knowledge as a selling point for his vast collection on sale. Although apparently they sell pretty well already. But maybe the customers already know this and buy them as a religious instrument. Live & learn. Never too old to.

      Yet another matter-of-fact performance & not exhibiting a scintilla of distress that usually accompanies a terrible family break-up.

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      • Yes, I think we’ve all given up on the idea that Ella should ever display an iota of distress over having lost her beautiful children.

        As for this new and interesting use for dildos, I think it speaks more to Abe and Ella’s own interests than to any more generally known or suspected practice.


  2. Lol, brilliant. This highlights the big problem for Abraham. He wants people to become more aware of the case, but the more people become aware, the more of a spotlight will be placed on him. You can bet that Abraham has made many enemies in his life who would love to expose all his wrong doing and hypocrisy.

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    • He’s really a despicable little toad, isn’t he? I’m sure you’re right that there are many who’ll enjoy seeing the spotlight turned on him–and not in the way he wants.


  3. By the way have you noticed the butterflies on Abe’s cup in that sad attempt at an arty photograph?

    Most of the Satanic Cult promoters reckon the butterfly is the sign of the Satanists. Wonder what that weirdo anngirfan will say? He / she reckons it’s how satanist pedos identify each other.

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    • crikey there are butterflies on Ella’s cup as well. I think we are on to something. After all Abe knows an awful lot about that old phony Alasteir Crowley / dildos / Third Eye !!

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  4. I’ve also seen conspiracy theories that say the butterfly is a symbol that female paedophiles use. I guess the meaning changes depending on the story they are trying to push at the time.

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