More on Sabine’s (latest) arrest

We’re still awaiting details on Sabine’s third arrest (though to be fair, it’s only her first arrest of 2016…but the year is young yet). While we wait to hear what she’s been nicked for this time, we thought we’d take a look and see what she’s been up to lately.

And lo and behold, there she was on Twitter, blithely violating her bail conditions (no talking about Hampstead: hardly rocket science):

Deb Mahmoudieh-Sabine-Twitter 2016-01-11

Er, yeah.

Here’s a tip, Sabine: accusing the cops and judge of malfeasance and/or incompetence on the case you’re not supposed to be talking about? Kind of a career-limiting move.

Especially when you only just got out of the clink hours before.

The other day, we accused Sabine of growing a brain, but we’re afraid we must take it back now. Clearly she’s learned nothing, and has no intention of doing so.


Vot? Me vorry?



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  1. No mention of Sabine’s arrest from Araya. Just business as usual. Oh and having bigged up Hitler and Idi Amin, she’s now praising Charles Manson!

    Oh and if you scroll a little further down her page, you’ll witness the following amazing claim:


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  2. Sabine quotes para 107 and 108 as some smoking gun. 107 talks about the videos going to storage unwatched, here is 108:

    “I say no more at this stage than that the police and social services inquiry could have taken an entirely different course if attention had been given to those recordings. At the very least, the questions asked of P and Q at interview would have been directed towards other areas of interest.”

    In the context of the WHOLE document “…other areas of interest” is the judge saying that after watching the videos the officers would have quickly concluded that Abe is somebody that needed investigating, not the accused.

    Typical tactic of Sabine and her cronies to take something out of context.

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    • Yes, this has been my reading of that as well: if the police had been a been quicker off the mark, they could have investigated Abe more closely. For all his howling, he should be very relieved they didn’t.


  3. Pookster gave HWSNBN a poke regarding the supposed pre-Abe video.

    “What I do know is that I was told- by an incredibly reliable source- that they HAD spoken with someone else PRIOR to Abe- and that he HAD filmed their conversations.”

    So there you have it. HWSNBN hasn’t seen the video and doesn’t know it if really exists at all, but he has an “incredibly reliable source” that hasn’t bothered to upload it to YouTube or hand it over to the police/Ella/Sabine and blow the case wide open.

    Anybody surprised?

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    • Not surprised. HWSNBN is talking out of his arse as usual. He made the whole thing up. Otherwise why would this not have come up sooner? What possible reason could there be?

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      • Most of what i’ve read there is made up, he copies convo’s and makes assumptions, then statements and casts a judgement, cos he sayso, what a control freak,

        If you want a shill to not look like a shill, wear a tin foil hat, and cause mayhem, amongst what is a very serious commission, with enough problems, and enough survivors gasping for breath and support to keep going, without the wave he and fiona are creating, i had suspected that, but have meanwhile contacted some erstwhile people, some of whom, have had some serious and dangerous problems caused, some similarities with this case, and similar types supporting it and her, same faces from UK that would not desist from promoting hoaxers and hoaxes, and those we identify as being full of it

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    • BTW i forget your name HWSNBN, this is some of us not being on youtube all day long 🙂 i have had an amazing day,

      i have looked a little, what a big fat liar, and so, checking with some very seasoned campaigners down under, i am told of damage caused to victims, and similar overshadowing of the Royal Commission, i witnessed Fiona Barnet gloating in her group, of the attacks led by her groupies, and i see the same UK profiles that refused to desist pushing the hoaxes, both with H.

      I am now aware that two quite big bloggers, Researching Reform and CathyFox are promoting the teams, and in the past have promoted both, i have asked both to remove links, and explained why, now though, i will be raking them out of leads, as i can. Both have alot of good info, but then include the disinfo, and some of us know what that means.

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  4. Sabine looks so comfy there in her nephews flat. I wonder if they are still on good terms and whether he would have her again, should the need arise. I bet he got really fed up with her and that was the reason she returned to the UK, really. It’s one thing having your aunty come visit for a couple of days every other year, but quite another to have her live in, what with all those nasty narcissistic personality traits.

    Sabine now reckons her pension has been refused as she is not considered a resident in UK. Hmmm….

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    • Well, according to the letter Sabine posted some time ago, she was in receipt of Pension Credit a means tested benefit, not State Retirement Pension, a benefit based on National Insurance contributions.

      Benefit entitlement was a large part of my job, I’m a little bit rusty now and without full details it’s difficult to be sure. Benefit entitlement can be complex at the best of times, add in European law and it can become quite a headache.

      A British Citizen returning to the UK and claiming benefits/ services would be subject to the Habitual Residence test, an EU citizen is not subject to this test, but needs to be here exercising a Treaty right to reside if they wish to claim benefits/services in the same way as a resident British citizen.

      I won’t go into the Treaty rights here, it would take too long and I wouldn’t want to patronise Sabine with all her legal knowledge. I sure she must know someone with knowledge of EU law too?

      I guess she must have been out of the UK longer than 13 weeks, hence the need to reclaim.

      Everybody is subject to the above rules, nothing personal against Sabine, no satanic cults making up legislation just to annoy Sabine.

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    • Thanks Sassy, i had a brief look at Sabines original link, but it didn’t give much.

      So thanks for taking the time, i checked out the facebook team, and as i’d thought, yes a pyramid scheme, i’ll check out some more on the business scheme, but they are a nightmare, the whole training is to build you downline, and spread far and wide,

      Angies donation bucket has a massive hole, and this is plan C or D, and the way Sabine abuses her internet and networking skills, is i’m afraid the perfect vehicle and i hope she gets stopped, fast.

      The facebook page so far, is making a strong case, i’ll be looking more, and have asked for a link to a comprehensive guide to info.

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    • here’s the leaders page, yes a massive con and pyramid, and people get sucked into buying shitloads of product all to claw their way to these conventions that actually cost thousands, mass hypno, mind control and psycological abuse, and sets people off to harrass all and sundry to buy it and buy into it, perfect for

      So in a nutshell, this is the very stuff, all the hoaxers/truthers/etcs are apparantly against , lol 🙂

      I;ve warned the scam breaker page, they may get attacked, and said we would help if so, i will, but am not reliably on line, I’ve seen enough.

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