Vigilante Deb throws down gauntlet

Deborah Mahmoudieh, renowned YouTube sputterer and headache-inducing tirade producer, has had it up to here, do you hear her? And she wants us all to know it.

In a recent Facebook post, she lets the UK Authorities know once and for all that ‘(w)e WILL have rights for children in Britain and we WILL make our ARRESTS’.

Deb Mahmoudieh-vigilantism 2016-01-10

Well, then.

We’re 100% certain that the ‘UK Authorities’ find Deb’s Facebook page fascinating; in fact, it’s probably the first thing they read each morning over tea. We know we would!

In fact, here’s a nice message from Deb to those self-same UK Authorities (with the US thrown in, just in case):

Deborah Mahmoudieh-3-2016-01-10Aw, that’s so sweet of you, Debs! Really very forward-thinking.

However, we’re still not sure how the authorities, UK or otherwise, will take to Deb’s threat to take the law into her own hands and start arresting innocent citizens without benefit of the law. As for her promise to lay down her own life to force ‘you all into publicly ADDRESSING this issue’…well, fill your boots, love.

By the way, if you just can’t get enough of Deb’s fulminating, spittle-laden oratory style, here’s a video we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Highlights include her announcement, at 14:46, that “social workers in Britain are taking babies off poor people and killing and eating them”; and her strange mispronunciation of ‘paedophile’ as ‘peedy-o-phile’. Since she claims to be an expert, you’d think she’d learn to say the word, but that’s Deb for you.

Be warned, though: the last 10 minutes or so could induce severe auditory damage, so watch that volume control.







19 thoughts on “Vigilante Deb throws down gauntlet

  1. Social services-they can’t really win can they ?. They failed to take Baby P away but when they remove other kids in danger they get an earful from Deb.

    Sure have tickets on themselves thinking the CIA or MI5 would have time to waste on these nutters.

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  2. I haven’t watched the video yet but I imagine it goes the same way all her videos go. She starts talking at a normal level and gradually gets louder and louder ending with Debs shouting Bastards.

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  3. Yes Debs, i am sure that your friend has lost all of her children through no fault of her own. Pitchforks outside Parliament sounds like a Farmers convention to me.

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  4. Anyone who might be genuinely interested in the issues around child trafficking could do worse than look at the ECPAT UK website. They are the main ngo campaigning against all forms of child trafficking and prostitution.
    But of course idiots like Debs won’t go near the real campaigners, they’d laugh at her.
    She also needs to realise how complicit she is in the continuing abuse of children. Ideas around witchcraft are used precisely to control and frighten trafficked children and scare them into doing whatever their handler wants.
    And where do ideas about witchcraft come from? Oh yes, they’re a modern mangling of traditional practices and fundamentalist Christianity exported to poverty stricken African countries to manipulate and exploit the populace.
    So, you are promulgating the problem Debs with your belief in witches and satan. You’re re-creating the very context in which child abuse flourishes. Well done.

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  5. Thanks to the person who sent me this screenshot. You know who you are 😉

    People have asked Debs several times to provide proof of this alleged CRB check (they frequently ask us to prove that we’re not paedophiles, so surely it works the other way round too, right?); but she has been unable to. That may be because, as has oft pointed out to her, CRB checks haven’t existed since 2012, when they were replaced by DBS checks.

    Oh and I think we all know that she is not, by any stretch of the imagination, an expert on EU law. And in her well worn custom of ignoring requests for proof to support her claims, she remains unable to respond to people’s requests to cite which EU directive it is that she has repeatedly claimed states that children never lie.

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  6. This is her latest “well informed” video rant, in which she’s uncovered a shocking new development in the education system: according to her source, there’s a school somewhere where pupils have to wear a uniform! Bloody hell, Debs – this is dynamite! You’re through the looking glass, luv – don’t stop now!!!

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    • 3:14 – “I have a friend who a few years ago her [sic] son was starting junior school…So before her child started school, she and all the other parents had to attend this meeting in which they were informed [sic] the protocols of their child attending that school. And there were specific uniforms and parents were not allowed to dress their children in anything but the official uniform…”

      Same as almost every other school in the country then, Debs! LOL

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