Drifloud has a hissy fit

Poor wee Drifloud. It seems we just never give him a moment’s peace.

Always accusing him of one thing or another—lying, committing criminal harassment, sharing illegal documents online in contempt of court, being Abraham Christie…will we never stop?

Of course not.

Here’s Drippy’s latest hissy fit on Twitter. We presume it’s in response to our post a couple of days ago, urging him to piss or get off the pot….

1-Drifloud-hissy fit 2016-01-08

We think this might be some kind of Drippy Manifesto.

You can tell by ALL THE RANDOM CAPITALISATION and the fact that he seems to have broken out his thesaurus and gone all synonymous on our ass.

Also, apparently we’re worldwide now: we’ve been busy ‘murdering innocent people in Palestine, Libya, Syria, the UK, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia – the whole Earth is being raped, plundered  and murdered by them, in every way imaginable’. Wow. And here we thought we were just a blog with a small team dedicated to fighting knobheads and online skulduggery. Live and learn, we suppose.

Here’s the best bit, though: ‘Whoever you are behind your masks‘….

That had us rolling around on the floor of our secret state-sponsored trauma-based mind control ops hideaway, that did.

Apparently it’s just fine for Drifloud (Machs I and II) and his buddies Code/Guidance 2222, ‘Jacqui Farmer’, Araya Soma/Manna, DearmanDoesHampstead…but not for us. Not that it should matter, because according to Drippy, we’re all Ricky in the first place.

Well, never mind. We see that Drippy took a little side trip to Morocco yesterday, so he should be feeling a bit less out of sorts by the time he returns.

Here’s hoping, at any rate.

feeling better



47 thoughts on “Drifloud has a hissy fit

  1. “Drifloud has a hissy fit”

    Really? How unlike him! He’s usually so calm, rational and level-headed.

    And thank Gawd he shunned hypocrisy over the mask thing by posting under his real name of…er…Drif Loud. Or was it Drifloud today? Or Nemesis? Or Nemesis Green, Ella Draper, Ella Starlight, Dicky Rearman, Hampstead Coverup or any of his plethora of other 100% genuine nomenclatures? I can’t keep up 😀

    And shame on you, Mr. Coyote, for “turning your back on the Great Spirit”. Whatever that is. Is it a death metal band or something?

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  2. Another one for the collection 🙂

    This one has almost everything you could want from a classic Christie meltdown – paranoia, mind control, cover-ups, secret agents, sodomy, murder, satanic blood-drinking, cannibalism, snuff movies, a port wine pubendum (which after 18 months he’s still misspelling as the plural ‘pubenda’), disemboweling, birthmarks, satanism, Luciferianism, magyk (which he still mispells as ‘magik’) , drugs, SRA, the New World Order, the CIA, homophobia, dildoes and the customary lecture on how everyone who questions him is RD. In fact, most of Abe’s creepy fetishes are here. All that’s missing is his well worn rant about “Talmudic Jews” but don’t worry, Abe-watchers – I’m sure there’ll be another one along soon.

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  3. I find it very interesting that Abe has now confirmed in triplicate that, indeed, Ella had a very lengthy interview/gave a statement to police – it lasted over an hour and a half, see below. Drifloud (Abe) has helpfully highlighted this in red, for our convenience. Thanks, Drippy. More contempt of court snippets from the fact finding that could only have come direct from Abrella.

    Ella’s released all the other interviews. The only one she’s withheld is her own.

    One can only wonder what she has to hide.

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  4. A question: was he always like this? The man is very sinister but also quite dangerously mad. Says a lot about Ella to have linked with an aggressive & vicious sociopath who doesn’t hide his craziness. Why is he doing this? He will never be able to return to the UK nor will Ella if they don’t want to be arrested for numerous breaches of law. And who does he think he is preaching to? Look at his twitter followers, they are a bunch of like-minded loonies with names like QuantumFluxMachine, Pickled Egg, Coven Bitch and NAKED SHORT KILLA !

    A circular firing squad. Thank God the kids are now safe from his clutches.


  5. I imagine Ella’s interview would have given the police a good idea of what was true and what was not. Even when Ella has Abraham on hand to guide her answers, she occasionally slips up. With the police getting time to speak to her alone, they would no doubt see right through her nonsense. Not only has he not released that interview, they have also not released the full JC recording or the full court transcripts.

    Abraham seems convinced, or at least pretends to be, that RD runs this blog and all the YT accounts….etc due to ego and arrogance. The reality is that Abraham’s ego and arrogance is what stops him being able to admit the truth, and do the right thing by the children. I imagine RD is too busy planning this weekends activities with his children .

    “Rite of sodomy”, I think Abraham has spent too much time in borstal and prison.

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  6. My nominations for the Most Blatant Bull**** of the Week award, in no particular order:

    – Abe’s claim that almost every billionaire in the World has a house in Hampstead

    – HWCBN stating that not one blogger has ever questioned the Hollie hoax

    – Neelu (in her latest Facebook post) stating that Christine Sands, whilst in the church service, witnessed the sacrifice of babies first hand

    – Biddy ‘Buffoon’ Baboon claiming that “only the satanic paedos know my name is Bridget Yorke”, when it’s actually in her channel’s URL

    It’s been a most gratifying week for b*llocks-spotters!

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  7. I kinda
    expect to see Abe to turn up on Jackanory one day telling tales from the huge list of perverted tales that he has concocted.


    • “Pitchforks outside Parliament”

      Finally, she gets how we see her and her ilk 🙂


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