Happy New Year to all our readers!

It’s hard to believe, but as 2015 grinds to a close, it seems that the core organisation of Hoaxtead pushers is in disarray, Abe and Ella have been discredited by their own side, Sabine and Neelu are looking down the barrel of some serious charges, and Belinda and Sabine face hefty fines for their legal bungling.

In other words, the stage looks set for a stellar 2016!

Here at Hoaxtead Research, our team would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone here for their support, their shared wisdom, and all the laughs we’ve enjoyed along the way.

This blog has grown from a tiny blip on the radar in May to a real going concern with thousands of visitors per week, and we are acutely aware that we owe it all to you, our readers and commenters. We wish you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year, and we look forward to opening the ‘book of 2016’ together.


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61 thoughts on “Happy New Year to all our readers!

  1. I’m just about to head out to enjoy my evening and the countdown to 2016!
    Thanks EC, I wish you and everyone else here a great evening.. and a very Happy New Year when it arrives!

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  2. A happy and prosperous 2016 to you, Mr. Coyote.

    Opening the creative doors to you was an excellent decision, I reckon. You’ve done us all proud. Three cheers for the Coyote and bollocks to the Roadrunner!

    Disclaimer: that’s not a death threat, Abe – it’s an anthropomorphic metaphor.

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    • LOL, thanks so much, Scarlet, and a very happy and healthy New Year to you, too! You left me some big shoes to fill, so I only hope I’ve done it well enough.
      (BTW, how did you ever manage in those 5″ spikes? They’re a bitch to walk in, so I ate them instead. You know how coyotes are.)

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  3. Hoaxtead has grown into the number one source for accurate information on the Hampstead hoax. No matter how nasty & downright threatening the hoaxers have become towards us all, Hoaxtead has never sunk to their level preferring to print facts rather than threats.
    Well done to El Coyote & Scarlet Scoop & all of the clever well informed commenters.
    Hoaxtead truly is a blog to be proud of and continues to be a major thorn in the side of the hoaxers.
    Well done Hoaxtead you deserve a pat on the back and a glass of Champagne.

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  5. I’m in Oz so we have already seen in the New Year but Happy New Year to all..and most especially the aggrieved citizens of Hampstead. I hope 2016 outs an end to the vicious slurs and libels dished out by a motley crew of fanatics. And I hope the main offenders feel the full force of the law.

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  6. I am planning on making a puzzle game called: “It’s okay to be gay”.

    I wonder what the price should be? Unity has a legal thing where it says I can’t make more then $100K with the free version. So perhaps I could have a donation jar instead.

    I hope I will make enough to hire a lawyer.

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  7. Sassy

    Is your game in any way a reaction to comments made here in reaction to the David Shurter interview? I don’t think anyone here suggested it is not ok to be gay. Those comments were not anti-gay, in fact if anything they endorsed differences in sexuality by suggesting that these are things that cannot be ‘cured’. Decisions can be made about whether to act on them with other people, that is what Shurter was trying to say, I think. Personally, I think the concept of a fluid sexuality is helpful as it opens up possibilities and does not close them down.

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    • No, it is a completely separate thing. I was planning to make that game before that post.

      P.S: I think everyone is secretly pansexual.
      Pansexual is essentially a “fluid” sexuality where sexual attraction is not limited by any biological sex however the sexual attraction can vary between person to person and time.


      • E.g: During the teen years, a pansexual male may be mostly attracted to females but later in life grows to be more attracted to males.

        Thus the pansexual may believe that he is straight when he’s a teen, only to find out later that he is actually pansexual.


  8. Happy New Year everyone! May the two innocent victims in this sickening case have a wonderful 2016. I hope that they had a good Christmas, filled with joy. Fear is hopefully behind them now, and forever. May their wishes come true this year.

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    • I hope the children at the centre of this issue, as well as all the other children who were inadvertently dragged into it, along with their parents and teachers, and the affected clergy–in fact, all the victims–have a new year free of the lingering effects of this ridiculous hoax.

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  10. I also hope the two children at the centre of this fiasco are recovering. The two children are avoided by me in an attempt to leave them alone, they have been the focus too much, elsewhere, already. I do not want to add to that, really. I have faith in the UK system, even though they have, on occasion got it wrong in the past. Statistically that is inevitable on a country wide scale. SS have a very difficult job, often dealing with ‘difficult, damaged people’ (where did I hear that, recently?)

    I am not alone. Kellie Cottam came to her realisations too late, I am sorry this happened. Despite what she may say elsewhere, Angie also has good things to say about social services. She describes how brilliant they were when they helped her during a crisis, here: https://youtu.be/WJGFkrAlfHI?t=8m54s. She engaged with them, she had a good outcome. She did not fuck off out of the country and leave her kids to it. She did what a mother should do, that is, she stayed and managed.

    I think Ella ran away purely to avoid the discomfort of further police interviews, court hearings and assessments where the truth of the ugly mess she had co-created with Abraham would come out. And the consequences of that.

    Sabine seems to think there are no cases where social services need to step in and take children away. She seems to think it is one giant conspiracy, a cover up. Crying ‘coverup’ seems to be the new generic defence in the absence of any other suitable or proper argument. The term ‘Hampstead coverup’ is such an attempt.

    UK law rightly emphasises that the best place with a child is with their natural parent. In such high profile cases, agencies will be even more careful than normal to make sure everything is safe. They will be afraid of backlash.

    The children’s own, undirected wishes will be paramount and the deciding factor, ultimately, if all other requirements are met. The other side don’t understand the processes that will have been going on in the background. I know this through my work. Thorough assessments, and, from indications, therapy for the children. The fact that not all material is available for all and sundry to see, online, is something that does not need explaining here. The fact that certain information will have been redacted or withheld is not rocket science given that Ella has been releasing every other document for the world to see.

    And what we must not forget is that there are many, many, more victims that have been left wounded by the Hampstead case. Not just the two children right at the centre of it. Many will need therapy trying to come to terms with the shock. Some will be able to do that more easily than others. Others will only later realise the impact the case has had. It might leave them with an indelible legacy they will have to struggle with for a long time.

    I wish all of the people who have been touched by this case in some way peace and resolution for 2016.

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    • Well Happy New Year to Kellie Cottam as well and I hope whatever family troubles she is having that they work out best for all. No shame in being taken in by a bunch of loony fanatics and more power to her for realising what they are.

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  11. Sabine says on the linked blog to that tweet, her very own site: (https://punishmentwithoutcrime.wordpress.com/2015/12/31/negligence-and-misfeasance-private-law-remedies-against-propublica-bodies-csainquiry/

    ‘Child Protection Resource’ What an interesting site that came my way thanks to Len Lawrence, victim turned starfighter par excellence…

    Sabine is so excited:

    …From our point of view as the threatened breed of McKenzie Friends, hence ‘branded’ also as McKenzie Angels, here’s what matters:

    Key Legal Principles (Link to article from Child Protection Resource Website)
    Bringing Proceedings for contempt against a professional (Link to article from Child Protection Resource Website)
    Bringing Public Bodies to Account (Link to article from Child Protection Resource Website)
    Data Protection and Freedom of Information (Link to article from Child Protection Resource Website)
    Judicial Review (Link to article from Child Protection Resource Website)
    Negligence and Misfeasance (Link to article from Child Protection Resource Website)
    Claims under Human Rights Act 1998 (Link to article from Child Protection Resource Website)
    http://s18.postimg.org/5a2imgdxl/sabine_phillimore.png (Link to article from Child Protection Resource Website)

    Unfortunately for Sabine, she has not checked out the writer of the blog she so heartily promotes here

    Our very own S Phillimore!

    Who, on other pages of the very same site, condemns Sabine:

    http://s11.postimg.org/66vixwd1f/sabine_by_sarah_phillimore.pngS Phillimore blog

    http://www.childprotectionresource.org.uk/tag/sabine-mcneill/S Phillimore blog 2

    http://s24.postimg.org/8zewl7e6d/phillimore_tweet.pngS Phillimore tweet

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    • Also, you’d think that as a so-called ‘legal helper’ Sabine might know about Sarah’s remarkable resource already, and refer people to its pages rather than using Sabine and Belinda’s patented ‘lose your children’ techniques to ensure that parents fail to work with the courts and thus wind up, like Kellie Cottam, ‘going down the rabbit hole’ and losing their kids.

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  12. Hahha, yes I discovered this last night, have replied to her comment and suggested anyone contemplating getting involved with her visit this site.

    She is either very stupid or didn’t bother checking out my blog before she offered me her congratulations on my ‘excellent’ site. Probably both.

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  13. Seems to me like Christ Church School Hampstead and the local community have not changed all that much since the 70s… in a world of apparent constant change Hampstead always stays the same.


    • Yes, Aaron – Hampstead is still a wonderful place to live.

      And Christ Church School is still one of the best in Camden and run by a team of dedicated and caring teachers and support staff. In fact, it’s one of the top 20 schools in the area for English and Maths and has been rated outstanding by Ofsted.

      Moreover, the Hampstead community is a proud and steadfast one which has stood tall this year despite the relentless onslaught of slander, intimidation and harassment from conspiraloons, Bible-thumpers and hoaxers.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I’ll leave you to go back to your illegal video featuring the children’s faces and confidential, sexually explicit abuse testimonies, where you appear to be struggling in your debate with Jack Burton.

      Oh and watch out for those ‘helicoppers’ 😉

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  14. Coyote – interesting tweet, about “Drawing On Childhood” and the foundling museum. There may be an oblique connection to the whole baby-eating cult mythology, with those early Christians rescuing abandoned infants?

    Here’s another oblique tangent for you to contemplate:

    Hampstead residents plan to pay for private policing. I wholeheartedly support that idea. Now follow me, follow…
    Municipal police forces supposedly arose coincident with the rise of modern capitalists. Supposedly, their primary purpose was to protect the private property of these wealthier residents, particularly in the face of populist radical movements such as the communists who advocated very radical ‘sharing of the wealth’.

    Now, recall that the early Christians practiced a type of social welfare that we call “charity” – they pooled their resources to provide for the needs of the less well to do in their community. Their own mythology said that Christ and his disciples practiced an even more radical proto-communism, similar to that which the Essenes are alleged to have practiced – they held EVERYTHING in common.

    After the death of Christ, to fulfill the commandment that they “spread the good word” amongst all the nations, the disciples supposedly embarked on evangelism journeys that took them far away from their wives and families for years at a time. Obviously, they couldn’t also be expected to simultaneously “wait tables” for a living. So they appointed some of their number to stay with the wives & families, earning a living in some manner and providing social & economic guardianship based on their proto-communism. These persons were called Deacons. One of these Deacons was named Nicolas.

    One of the early Church Fathers was a man named Irenaeus. He wrote one of the first rants against alleged heretics within the various Christian communities – “Against Heresies”. In this series of books, Irenaeus fingers a group called “The Nicolaitanes” as having introduced and popularized wanton libertine-ism in certain communities. These are supposedly the same cult condemned in the Book of Revelations of Saint John: “But this you have, that you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate.” The founder of this Christian libertine-ism was supposed to have been Deacon Nicolas, who was alleged to have introduced wife-swapping or the HOLDING OF WIVES IN COMMON.

    A psychotic level of paranoia, that everyone who isn’t sufficiently “god-fearing” will necessarily take up holding spouses in common and engage in unrestrained wife-swappery, pervades all Judeo-Christian-Muslim writings from the earliest of days. Who knows why? But it is the sin of all sins, for the authors of these religious texts.

    But these rumors and allegations about Nicolas also reflect a tension in the early Christian communities, between the “haves” and the “have nots”. The wealthiest of early Christians may not all have been comfortable with the idea that they ought to “open their chests” to all of the Brethren, all of the time. Some may have found The Christ’s supposed proto-communism a bit threatening even. It seems likely, that some of the wealthiest patrons of the early communities might have encouraged rumors to the effect that “holding everything in common” necessarily leads to the supreme sin of holding spouses in common as well – “so, hold on now! let’s just practice a bit more restrained version of this idea…shall we? we wouldn’t want to succumb to NIcolaitian-ism or anything like that…”

    And naturally, once the Emperor himself became a Christian, this “charity” thing really would have to be played down – or associated with some unsavory cultic practices – because there’s no way the Emperor is going to share out all of his wealth among the newly forcibly converted masses of troops under his control, and their families, and the entire nation…so it’s no surprise that an orgy of rumors about, and writings against, antinomian libertine heretics appear within the next generation.

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