Sabine’s new business venture

Oh, those wacky Hoaxteaders!

Just when you think they’ve said it all and done it all, they come up with some new insanity that sends you reeling. Take, for example, Sabine’s most recent blog:

Sabine's new business venture 2015-12-29

We kid you not.

Sabine—yes, that Sabine—has decided to start hawking a ‘Bionic Youth Activating System’ to promote ‘Health, Wealth and Beauty’.

Sabine's New Business Venture 2

Sabine claims she’s a guinea pig for the product: “And thus I am receiving fully fledged face lifter treatments to become a ‘product of the products’ and a model for ageing with grace and beauty”.

We’re sure the results will be stunning.

Sabine--Amazing results!




41 thoughts on “Sabine’s new business venture

  1. Sabine has to put a spin on it: ‘For non-selfish research and software development.’

    Translate: I used to think I was a mathematician and I’ve got some outdated ideas. I wanna pretend I’m still someone ‘special’. Gimme your money! I have needs, and wants, you know! And they cost money! Satanic panic is NOT generating any revenue! Belinda’s financial forecasts were wildly optimistic. I’M SKINT!!! DIG DEEP!!!. This is rather embarrassing.

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  2. I love the smell of desperation. What a shameless, snake-oil-selling charlatan she is. She reminds me of those awful people who tell you they can cure cancer with their own Heath Robinson machine that they carry round in a suitcase. As for bootstrapping…there’s always a bit of a sado-nazi vibe with Sabine isn’t there.

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  3. Sabine does make me laugh, I mean she is and always as been (from what I have seen) a sandwich short of a picnic.

    If she actually dropped this SRA Bullshit with Bell Ender and others then people may take her seriously about the amount of kids who are been stolen by the state (as there are some) but while she is involved in the airy fairy bullshit world of SRA and other bits then no fecker is going to listen.

    She needs to do one or the other not both! Although I do wonder why her bessy Bell Ender or Ella/Abraham haven’t offered to pay her for stuff! I mean its almost the same lines as Abraham was claiming about Hemp/Cannabis oil!.

    They are just as sick as each other and need a spell in a psych ward imho 🙂

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  4. No! She needs to get out of law completely. She is dangerous! She has no comprehension of law, should NEVER be advising anyone. Let her sell beauty products, far safer. People know that is a con, really. Whereas when someone makes promises to the vulnerable, pretends they are knowledgable, they better be competent and ethical. Sabine is neither of these. Sabine is LEGALLY ILLITERATE. I really can’t even find the right expression for how dumb she is. She is a tragic comedy not to be inflicted upon desperate people. Or to be allowed to join forces with malicious people, such as Abrella.

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    • Yes, we laugh at her but in truth, she’s a very dangerous person. The fact that she knows so little but pretends to know so much, and uses that to mislead desperate people to the point where they lose their children…she really needs to be put out of business.


  5. How typical that Sabine McNeill decided to sell more bullshit products to the consumer. There are cost effective basic strategies that boost health, beauty, and thus the opportunity of greater wealth, of which I name two which I recently introduced into my life:
    1. eliminate all caffeine products.
    The science: caffeine signals to the body to produce adrenaline and cortisol, leading to anxiety and other cell destroying reactions.
    2. drink more water.
    The science: all metabolic processes in the body require water; many people fail to drink enough of it to assist their body to function at the optimum level.

    Both the above strategies cost nothing, and will have more impact than the scam products sold by McNeill. In addition, the above strategies are backed by solid science, in contrast to the ignorant idiot claims of McNeill.

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  6. “social club selling” = pyramid marketing. She should go into business with Neelu Berry who has discovered baking soda cures cancer.

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    • Taking advantage of vulnerable children and people’s generosity.

      Now, she is taking advantage of people’s poor self-esteem and mid-life crisis.

      Will her evil ever stop?

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  7. Since we are on the subject of Sabine, I thought I would go and check her out.

    My, my, my. She is feeling very sorry for herself. ‘Forgive them for they know what they do…’

    Seems like getting critical responses to her behaviour might be a tad upsetting for Sabine, after all.

    For a split second I felt a bit guilty, seeing that writing. Anyone who read it without following Sabine and her antics up till now might believe SHE is the victim here. I wanted to leave a comment for her, explaining why she is getting the negative attention from people like me. But I knew it would just get deleted, I have tried before. So I decided to leave the comment here for her:

    @Sabine McNeill

    People are angry. Lots of them. You have affected many, hundreds. Do you know realise how deep it goes? Your accusations are wrong. You seem to think you are judge and jury. This matter has been investigated and ruled on. We live by the rule of law. Not Sabine McNeill’s personal law. You think you are above the law. You are not. You are arrogant and narcissistic. You have been warned, gagged. Nothing works. You are like a roly poly stand up doll:


    If you want to stop everything, you know what to do. You say you are hyperlogical: Let me spell it out for you, as I don’t think you are, actually, clever enough to put 2+2 together: Stop doing what you are doing. Stop accusing, publicising, demeaning, hurting, affecting, traumatising people who have not done anything to deserve it. Just stop.

    I’ll go the extra mile, just for my conscience, and spoon feed you: The naughty trolls will go far, far away if you do not provoke a reaction in them.

    The ball is in your court. Don’t complain if you bring it on yourself. You don’t need to be a genius to understand that, Einstein.

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    • It is fascinating that the delusional ones pity the sane and the sane pity the delusional.

      The delusional ones truly believe that they are “awake”, “in the know”. They pity those who can’t “see” the truth.

      Isn’t that just sad? To see someone so wrapped up in their fantasies?

      This is the moment you know that they truly believe what they are doing the “:right”, “correct, and “just”.


    • “Quiet. Hush. Be silent.

      We do not hate.
      We are not victims.

      We have looked at the evidence and made our judgments.
      You have looked at the evidence and made your judgement.

      Everything in this “game” is not a “game”.

      Everyone “playing” is human. Individuals. Ricky Dearman is not involved. RD is not “playing”. RD is healing from harassment. Hush. Quiet. Give the poor man time to heal from the hate. Stop. RD is not here.

      Everyone against you… They, we, I… all made our judgement according to evidence. There is no outrage. Only logic.

      No hate.
      Just logic.
      We have not committed crimes.
      You have committed a crime by leaking sensitive information.
      Any harassment you receive is not from us,
      It is from your victims.

      Golden rule. The golden rule. Have you heard of it? Of course you have. Do not post the addresses, names, private information of Hampstead residents. They are hurting. They are suffering.

      Perhaps you did not mean harm but harm still resulted from your leaks. People are harassing them. People know the names of their children. They are crying. Children are having nightmares. All from your actions. You are innocent but guilty at the same time.

      This is your fault. Hush. Crease. Allow these victims of yours to heal. Do not reveal anymore personally identifying information about them. Please don’t. Please don’t. Don’t.

      “And I have to forgive all those victims who hate us as ‘rescuers’ and McKenzie Friends for not having ‘solved their case’ for them”

      Forgive? Don’t. This is your fault. It is your incompetence that has resulted in this. They have every right to hate you. It is you who should seek their forgiveness.

      I know you are angry as you read this. I know you are think I am wrong. I know you think we are the bad guys. I know you are just trying to hold back the anger. You are trying to turn this hate of yours… this frustration of yours into optimism. Hush. Take a break. Move away from the computer for a moment.


      Do you want to have a chat? Do you want to have a chat with someone you pity so much? Do I want a chat with someone I should not care about?

      Do you want to talk?”

      I commented this on that post.

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  9. Ooo interesting, a head to head between Sabine and Ella. The Bionic Youth Activating System machine, against the beauty nutritionist.

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  10. I do hope she remembers to declare this new income, I wouldn’t want her being treated as a criminal for fraud.

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  11. Well HMRC legally require that she declares this potential source of income within 90 days whether or not she makes any money.

    Maybe better to head back to Germany, oh I forgot benefits that were payable in the EU for 6 months have been reduced to 4 weeks only.

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