That worm turned quickly: Abe v Ed

When we saw that a spat had erupted into a firefight between Ed Opperman and Guidance 2222, we predicted that it’d escalate fast, but we had no idea just how quickly!

All of us, that is, except for loyal reader Danielle George, whose first guess turns out to have been right on the money. But more on that in a minute.

First, a few shots of Ed getting progressively hotter under the collar:


That is one very unhappy camper, there.

At first, it seemed that Abrella were going to go the Neville Chamberlain route and try for appeasement.

Abrella-re Opperman-2015-12-27

Dear Ed ,
We trust you are well, and recovering from the Christ Mass Holy Days. Thank you once again for conducting such a great interview. We have already thanked David for kindly introducing us .
We are concerned with the misinnerstanding that appears to have transpired. We can assure you that we did NOT send 2222 a copy of our interview with you and we certainly would never have done so before the agreed date of airing. That would have been disrespectful to say the least, particularly after the work you have put into recording such an interesting and informative interview. You told us that you were going to air on Friday Christ Mass Day. Why would we jeapordise the show going out to thousands of your listeners with such a betrayal ? We admit that we were a little excited to have been offered the opportunity to guest on your show, and we did tell one or two friends who were arranging interviews with us that we would record your show first, as you were ready and eager.
2222 is an extremely talented young video artist whose integrity we can vouch for. His seeking out the video on your YT channel and posting it without consulting with you has regrettably offended you,however there really should have been a way to resolve this amicably. We are not looking to apportion blame, just seeking truth and a way to resolve the issue. In Child abuse cases, particularly this one, the rulebooks have been discarded in favour of helping the children and other victims of this scourge. Many consider videos re child abuse to be ‘fair game’ to republish.You obviously feel different and your feelings should be respected.
It’s a shame that you and 2222 couldn’t have resolved the issue peacefully. We have suggested he remove the video, but feel that the damage has been done . We apologise for anything we or any of our supporters may have done to inconvenience you, or cause you to lose revenue, but we don’t feel that we can be held responsible for the actions of others. Ed this case for some strange reason, because of the children possibly, or any combination of the numerous anomolies has taken on a life of it’s own and is something of a poisoned chalice to those whose intentions are ignoble. We trust you and your intentions and feel certain we can resolve this misinnerstanding.
ella and abraham

Rough translation:


We have no record of what Ed might have said in private to Abrella, whether on YouTube or via the Hoaxers’ ‘super secret’ Facebook group, but by this morning the worm had very definitely turned:

Abrella-re Opperman-disinfo.png

Ed Opperman, who was introduced to ella and abraham by David Shurter, now exposes himself as a disinfo agent, by attempting to discredit the case, the children’s supporters, and ella and abraham by claiming that the video was “leaked” by parties other than himself when in FACT he posted HIS version of the interview on HIS YT channel on the 22nd of December, 3 days before the agreed airing date, the 25th of December.He claims that ella and abraham leaked the video to Guidance 2222. His copy and the copy that 2222 uploaded are one and the same. ella and abraham’ have a recording ,which has yet to be published & which can easily be distinguished from his copy by the clarity of ella and abraham’s vocals on their copy due to their use of a new microphone.

Motive : to obfuscate/muddy the waters and discredit ella and abraham, and the children’s supporters in order to cover up the State sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control Programmes infesting schools and pre schools/nurseries across the world, the Axxxx and Gxxxxxx’s testimonies have exposed. After listening to the interview he realised that he couldn’t air it, hence the theatrics. Ed Opperman claims to be a Detective. Well detect THAT Ed.

Our diagnosis: the honeymoon is definitely over.

But Danielle definitely called this one first, on 26th December:

Danielle George-prediction

Dani, the 2015 Prescience Prize goes to you!









31 thoughts on “That worm turned quickly: Abe v Ed

  1. It’s funny that people like David Shurter are meant to be clued up on this stuff (yes, yes I know they are clueless in reality) but it takes them all year to figure out that Abraham Christie isn’t all that he appears to be.

    I guess the clue should have been his criminal record for dishonesty that has been pointed out by the judge that they don’t believe because she investigated the claims in “only” 11 days.

    They really think that a judge needs to be actually involved in the weeks of initial police and social services investigation to make a judgement.

    Guys, that’s not what a judge does you idiots!

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    • Fair point well made, Anon. More and more Hoaxteaders are, to use their own favourite phrase, “waking up”. And strikingly, what they’re waking up to is what we’ve been telling them for nigh on a year!

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  2. I wonder how long it will be before David Shurter is also called a disinfo agent now he has called Abe and Ella out and sided with Ed in video no 4. Well worth a listen.

    Seems like even Angie is having her doubts about the case·

    Angela Power-Disney 2 hours ago
    Well done guys…. I am glad the reservations about Abe were given voice…

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  3. …and an extremely talented video artist? He does not even make his own videos. OK I forgot the ‘you eatin’ babies’ one. Not exactly talented, no. Rude, definitely, yes.

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  4. It all does sound rather corporate – ‘Ed this case for some strange reason, because of the children possibly, or any combination of the numerous anomolies has taken on a life of it’s own and is something of a poisoned chalice to those whose intentions are ignoble’ – they could be talking about a copyright infringement of T shirt artwork or something. Mum and Mum’s partner are supposed to be exposing an horrific deadly satanic cult. If I personally thought children were in such danger, I wouldn’t be able to keep my composure. Anyway, hey, well done Dani! You must be clairvoyant!

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  5. Haha, nicely done, EC. And thanks for the mention. What an honour!

    By the way, with that screenshot you’ve also confirmed something else I’ve been suspecting. I’m seeing Miss Piggy whilst you guys are seeing Tilly Devine! You must have all thought I was losing it when I said I was seeing Miss Piggy. I hope this clears things up, lol…

    Mr. Coyote’s screenshot:

    What I’m seeing:

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  6. Child Abuse videos should NOT be considered as fair game, and generally are not.
    I often share videos and add them to playlists in order to raise awareness but never nick a video and share as if i made it……..
    i have made a couple of exceptions, with regard to highlighting Angela Power Disney’s real attitudes, as she has chats with Belinda and Sabine that was a while ago, and given they have consistently broken rules, moral codes and so much more it looks to me that Angela is desperate to raise that cash and realises she needs to distance, whilst maintaining some dignity, now ambushing new victims, to use to promote herself as some kind of expert.
    BTW, i’ve been unwell but have clicked on most days, thinking it would be quiet given the holiday season but aware that Abrella, and others would try and make the most of people perhaps not noticing their newest tries for newer audiences.
    I thank each and everyone of you that does keep an eye on their dirty dealings, so that they remain in our spotlight, hopefully, to stop the harm being caused, and prevent this from being possible to so easily happen, in the future.
    The attitude portrayed by all of these people sickens me, on the one hand claiming to spearhead CSA awareness, on the other thoroughly disrespecting those of us that work sincerely and are as horrified by false allegations, as by the real picture, that despite these hoaxers which discredit us, without compunction, truthes are still emerging and bringing about change.

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    • Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell–we’ve missed your face around here!

      And yes–each time someone puts out a false accusation of child abuse, it hurts those who haven’t reported yet. It damages the credibility of an entire movement that’s fought long and hard for recognition.


  7. As Cilla would say ‘Surprise,surprise’ little man Abraham has yet again fallen out with a supporter of his that could have provided Abe with the publicity that he so obviously craves from fruitloops in the States. But good old Abe has blown that opportunity and is now quickly running out of people who believe him & want to provide him with airtime.
    Oh well Abe lad, another big fail to mark off on your plans for world domination.

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