Hoaxer In-fighting: Guidance 2222 v. Mr Ed

One thing about the Hoaxtead hawkers: you just never know what they’re going to come up with next.

We thought we’d take a day off for Christmas, but just as we were tucking into the sticky pudding (which was delicious, by the way), along comes news that our old friend Guidance 2222 has got himself in hot water with American ‘private eye’/conspiracy chaser Ed Opperman over the recent interview with Ella and Abe.

You know we can’t resist a good bout of hoaxer in-fighting, and this was a doozy. Turns out that when Guidance posted that interview on his channel, he hadn’t received authorisation from Mr Ed. That went over like a lead balloon:

1 Opperman-Guidance 2222

Guidance, bless him, seems genuinely confused:

DONT (sic) KNOW WHAT YOUR (sic) GOING ON ABOUT +Ed Opperman what copyright are you on about ed The Abused Children

McMenamin, Guidance - Screen Shot 2015-12-25

Jim McMenamin tries to intervene, trying to explain to Ed that if he truly cares about Ella and the children, he’ll withdraw his objection.

Guidance does some more incoherent ranting:

WHAT? Thats (sic) my show, its (sic) my work, it hasn’t even aired it, its (sic) on your youtube channel mate?….+Ed Opperman i don’t stand under you (sic)

Ed plays his trump card: rather than let Guidance steal his work, he’ll cancel the show:


Jim tries again with the appeasement tactics, but Ed’s having none of it:

Opperman to McMenamin

Do you understand that the show has not aired yet? That now that your friend her (sic) stolen it, it will NEVER air. It will play to a few petty thieves on a small youtube channel until youtube removes it for being stolen.


This show was going to play live tonight on 10 stations then replayed on another 10 stations thru the week. The achieved on another 10 platforms. Millions would have heard it. Since it’s been stolen you guys can keep it for yourselves. That’s my contribution to your cause. Enjoy it. BTW since we all share each others (sic) work now, I’ll be stopping by your homes to steal the fruits of your labor at the end of next week.

Guidance tries to argue that he’s had videos copied and shared, and he’s copied and shared others’ material, and by the way he plans to steal Ed’s fruit. (Please could someone explain to Guidance that his home fruit supply is safe? ‘Fruits of your labour’ is a figure of speech, dear boy.)

Ed is getting fed up at this point. He reiterates that ‘(a)bout 700k people’ (somewhat less than the previously stated ‘millions’, but whatever) would have heard the show, but now Guidance has gone and spoiled it all for everyone, and by the way, he’s a ‘f*cking THIEF’:

Operman to Guidance-f'ing thief

Guidance tries to come back with an ‘i will be watching you from now on’ threat, but he knows he’s lost:


Ed says he’s reported Guidance’s breach of copyright to YouTube. As we know YouTube is Johnny on the spot when it comes to copyright infringement (as opposed to violations of court injunctions and harassment concerns), we can probably expect the Opperman video to disappear from Guidance’s channel shortly.

Meanwhile, here’s the original Spreaker page where the interview originally aired:

Spreaker-Opperman show down

Ouch! We’d be willing to bet that Abrella are freaking out just a tiny bit at the news that their ‘blockbuster interview’ won’t be breaking into the U.S. conspiranoid market after all.

Gosh, that’s really too bad.



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  1. Hahaha, in-fight entertainment at its finest 🙂

    I was predicting a scrap between Ed and Guidance but not in a million years did I expect it to be about copyright. I thought it would be about the last 20 minutes or of each of the two shows, where Ed’s clearly starting to doubt Abrella’s story and is banging his head against the wall trying to get them to answer his questions while they wriggle and squirm like rabbits caught in his headlights . I was convinced that Guidance would turn against him over that, probably leading to his customary rants about Ed being an MI5 operative. Still, it’s early days yet 😉

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    • Oh, give Guidance time–he’s said he’s going to be watching Ed, and you know what that means: within days, possibly hours, he’ll have ‘found’ something very suspect about him. I’d bet MI5 at the very least.

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  2. Ed doesn’t cover himself in glory over the copyright thing. First, he pointlessly tries to get Guidance to see reason (so he obviously doesn’t know him as well as we do); then he throws an embarrassing hissy fit; and then he makes the bizarre decision to bar both shows from being aired on any station, which is akin to a toddler smashing up his toys to stop other children playing with them. Why doesn’t he just report Guidance for copyright? YouTube would take both vids down in an instant and give Guidance a strike against his channel. In YouTube’s eyes, this isn’t anything “trivial” like race hate speech or death threats – this is the heinous crime of copyright infringement!

    By the way, if Ed didn’t want anyone hearing/downloading/sharing his show before it aired, why did he upload it to his YouTube channel? It seems like an odd decision to me. Hardly an effort to “keep it under wraps”!

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    • If I may venture to say, the name and the Miss Piggy photo are a match. Long blonde hair and big nose. You know what I mean. 🙂

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  3. Ed’s Christmas video. If he was doing P.I. work for Abrella he’d be wandering about looking for a place called ‘Hemstead’.

    Not listened to it yet.

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  4. Here’s a delicious thought: as we know, Abe turns against anyone who gets in his way or piddles on his chips. Now Guidance, one of his few remaining supporters, has basically prevented his interview from being aired. Fingers crossed that this could lead to Abe disowning Guidance. That would be a significant blow to the Hoaxteader camp, methinks.

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  5. Ed has a point- he’s interviewed these 2 reprobates and intended to syndicate it (is there some sort of conspiracy network in the States?. I suppose there is all ranting about False Flag shootings and claiming Barack Obama is a Muslim Manchurian candidate) but that’s what he gets from wandering into the pit of snakes who inhabit the hoax.

    Guarantee he will be soon labelled a Cult member and CIA agent.

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  6. HA HA HA nice christmas present for Abrella. They thought they had it made…..I wondered why they agreed to a third hour and when very pressed during irrelevant rambling eventually backed down, (but only managed this for a moment – they are full blown narcissists, after all). Now I know why. The potential numbers of viewers within Ed’s circle would have been very important to them.

    Ed asked some good questions, although there was a lot of stuff he missed, and lies he bought into. The ‘are you really doing the right thing’ question at the end was the best bit, and very revealing of Ella’s attitude.

    In his own child custody case Ed struggled through the various hurdles and the uncomfortable aspects of being involved with services, engaged with them whilst holding onto what was best for his child. He worked with the authorities, did not say ‘fuck off, police’ like Ella, and maintained his relationship with his child and now can enjoy the ‘fruits of his labours’ and more. For Ella it is obviously about pushing her delusions on others, winning and punishing her ex now. She really does not miss those children and I very much doubt they miss the lack of empathy she offered them, either.

    I really wish Ed knew the full story. Maybe he could do an interview with one of us.

    Ed has had a little taste of what we are already very familiar with from Abrella and their followers: Lies, dishonesty, a lack of empathy, blaming and threats.

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    • I agree that he did ask some good questions, but it seemed as though he was also predisposed to believe their ‘this is all a state-sponsored conspiracy against poor little old us’ nonsense. It’s strange, as you say, because he’s been through the wringer himself with his own custody case, and knows how important it is to remain in touch with the children, no matter what.

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  7. In case this gets taken down too on the third ed recording, see link above, ie yt comments

    Lucy Mullins 1 hour ago (edited)
    + Ed Opperman I am glad you pulled the show, as it would be wrong to give Ella and Abraham time and opportunity to reach so many in the USA. I am also glad you are on the fence, which shows that even without any deep research you have found the story wanting. The judgement was not comprehensive and for ethical reasons some aspects may not have been aired in the way we all would have liked. I have left you a comment in your discussion page. Why did the mother do this? Out of spite. Her ex, the father left her, and she, you are right, she is damaged, uber narcissist, wanted to punish him. It was about access, not custody. She could not even tolerate that, and had for years been thwarting the fathers attempts to see his children. After many years of difficulties things were now progressing with a plan by social services to allow increased access up to overnight contact. This was unbearable for her. Instead of looking at how the children could benefit from a relationship with their father, it was all about her.

    Ella complained and whined about the children’s father and his outrageous demands to see his own children. Her new lover Abraham responded: He saw it as his DUTY to help her, he believed her. He blogged this himself on their site. So, a few weeks into this new relationship this perfect match to the damaged mothers ego fuses with it and creates something quite sick. You heard the man, he admitted it: He thought the father was a paedophile based on an overheard skype conversation – by the tone of his voice. Abraham’s warped projection/ perception alone, no content, no actual words, were ever offered as ‘proof’ of these suspicions. This should tell you something.

    In the UK family courts (perhaps US too) it is an unfortunate thing that mothers or carers who try to restrict/stop access by the non resident parent tend to ESCALATE their attacks and accusations against the non resident parent. I believe this was the genesis of what transpired in Morocco. I do not believe the children behaved inappropriately, sexually, rather, that the sexual accusations were planned and premeditated by Ella and Abraham against the father. The story that the children were touching each other was a necessary fabrication and prelude for the planned accusations against the father. Ella backed up – did not protect – since she was a party to the brainwashing – Abraham when he intimidated, harangued, ‘badgered /it became acrimonious’ – his own words. This extract from the retraction interview can give you a flavour of what was going on: Steve is the police interviewer.

    …this is illustrates the very real struggle the children had to put up to Abraham, unsuccessfully. It is from the police interview. Steve is the interviewer.

    Steve: ‘So has anyone ever put anything in your bottom?’
    Boy: ‘No’. (shakes head vigorously)
    Steve: ‘Nothing?’
    (Boy confirms Steve’s ‘nothing’? by continuing to shake his head, indicating ‘No’.
    Steve: ‘And have you ever seen a plastic willy?’
    Boy: ‘No, I never even seen one in my life, seen one’.
    Steve: ‘How did you think of that idea, was it you that thought of it, or…’
    Boy: ‘No, no, yeah, I am the one that thought of it, when he found out of us touching he said, he said ‘yes they put real willies in my bottom’, Abraham said, ‘yes, he said they put real willies in your bottom’, and then I said ‘ no they don’t’ and he said ‘yes they do’ and I said ‘no they don’t’, and then he said ‘don’t argue,yes they do’, and then he says, then he says, ‘they all have plastic willies don’t they?’, and i say ‘no they don’t…’Boy continues this with circular hand gestures:‘Yes they do’,
    ‘No they don’t’,
    ‘Yes they do’,
    ‘No they don’t’,
    ‘Yes they do’,
    ‘No they don’t’…indicating the to and fro/arguing between him and Abraham – congruent body language, again.Steve: ‘Ah, ok, so no one’s put any plastic or real willies in your bum?’
    Boy shakes his head, no, confirming Steve.
    Steve: ‘And I heard that from the doctor one of your ears is hurt, as well.’
    Steve: ‘How did that happen?’
    Boy: ‘It’s because he slapped me really hard.’
    Steve: ‘Who slapped you?’
    Boy; ‘Abraham’.
    Steve: ‘When did he do that?’
    Boy: ‘In Morocco when, um, he slapped me, he slapped me, as hard as he could’. (emphasises ‘hard’)
    Steve: ‘Why did he do that?’
    Boy: ‘Because he said ‘You’re lying, I’m lying, I’m lying, I’m lying…’

    (N.B The inability of the mother to protect the children FROM ABRAHAM’S ABUSE is the reason given for the emergency protection order/social services taking children into care. Let’s get the details right here, see how Ella lies?) YOU ARE RIGHT, IF SOMEONE LIES TO YOU ONCE, THEY ARE LIKELY TO LIE TO YOU AGAIN. Well done, Ed.

    I believe what happened next was that Abraham fell head first, right into his own paranoid creation. He is right, the children are highly intelligent and probably highly intuitive. Abraham has a history of child abuse, 64 charges 37 convictions including firearms, violence and deception. The children started trying to survive the interrogations and fed back what he suggested in an attempt to avoid the beatings. Do you know the boy had a pierced ear drum? Fresh, with blood, at the examination. I think that when Abraham and Ella heard the embellishments/reflections of their own paranoid beliefs by the children, which were informed by ‘what goes on down the rabbit hole’ beliefs, the whole thing spiralled out of control and veered into total madness. When you look into the claims and examine just a sliver of it, it is all logistically impossible.

    As the police looked into the claims they uncovered evidence to the contrary and much intelligence on Ella and Abraham that informed their investigation. If you look into the medical evidence, that too is very flawed by virtue of the doctor having been emotionally contaminated by hours with the mother who was present throughout the examinations. The children continued with their brainwashing-lines as they thought they had to go back home to Abraham and Ella later in the day.

    The so called medical evidence has been debated at length. It is INCONCLUSIVE. Consider the claims: Hundreds of incidents of buggery over many years. Do you really think the evidence would be inconclusive? Really? A virgin with so many paedophiles raging rampant? There is much you won’t understand about this case as not everything is available and what is is very skewed ie released by one side only.

    Ed, you posed very good questions: Why run, really? I will tell you: A fear of the truth coming out, that is, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. That is enough to run from, a fear of prison. Any other mother who thought her children were in danger would have stuck around. That should also tell you something.Lastly, it was not the government mind control agencies that took down the website of Abraham and Ella, but due to requests by hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com to Wix, the hosters, to remove content eg images of the chidren, that contravened a UK high court order to protect their identities. These were put up by the mother. So that any old paedophile could recognise them in the street, or so they could be taunted at school by their classmates with what was on those videos. That should also tell you something.
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    Roly Skeptic 1 hour ago (edited)
    The name of the place is Hampstead and it’s in London. It’s like Brooklyn is to New York.

    You say that Judge Pauffley wrote a ‘Custody Order’. It’s not a Custody Order but a Court Judgement based on ‘fact-finding’. I’ve done similar work to you and I’ve also read 1000’s of Court Judgements. I’ve read widely about this case, simply because I’ve worked in the Courts and found it interesting. I have no problem with the Judge’s findings which I believe are accurate I should mention that I’m not naive enough to believe that ritual abuse doesn’t exist. I’ve spent enough time in courts and prisons to know that there are some evil people in the world. Having read about it though and having listened to numerous interviews and podcasts etc I just don’t believe it happened in this case.

    You mention the medical report. The final medical findings were that the injuries to the children were within ‘possible normal variant’ meaning the findings were comparable with children who were not abused. It has since emerged that Ella had been giving the children enemas and this might explain the minor damage the doctor observed. I don’t want to be graphic but if what the children originally said was true, and they’d been anally abused for years, there would be no doubt would there, because the injuries would have been severe. You also have to ask yourself why a mother, who one would assume bathes her children, would never have noticed anything.

    The police wanted to question Ella presumably about a few things, including the uploading of confidential police interviews to the internet. I think it’s reasonable of them to ask about that. Rather than be questioned she fled the country. Even if she’d been arrested (which might not have occurred) she would have been bailed, and she could have continued to fight for the return of her children. She chose not to do this. She has described herself as being ‘exiled’. We should remember this exile is self-imposed.

    This wasn’t a custody dispute. Ella had custody but had been messing about with the father’s legal access to the children for some time. I don’t know either of these people and perhaps she had reason to act as she did. The point is though that she then got a new boyfriend who wanted to back her up, and he has a criminal history, which I’ve read includes violence. I’ve read he has a recent Police caution for assault on his own son. If this isn’t the truth Abraham is free to come here and dispute it.

    If you listen to Ella and Abraham’s other interviews they don’t sound concerned about the kids at all. It’s all about the conspiracy crap they believe in. When it comes to the ‘conspiracy’ surrounding this case I’d ask you to consider why the children are still in foster care. If their father is so powerful and connected to people in ‘high places’ why didn’t he get custody at the last Court hearing? Surely someone in his position has the cards stacked in his favour? Apparently not.

    While we’re talking about the father I should note I’m not writing in his favour. Relatively little is known about him, other than a load of speculation. He did a TV interview and some people have said he must have been ‘connected’ to do this, but my understanding is that Ella was invited to do an interview too, but declined, as she dislikes mainstream media. Incidentally Ella and Abraham told you that the father went to Los Angeles to learn about ‘mind-control’ etc. They didn’t tell you that he is an actor and goes there to find work. They forgot that bit. 🙂

    Re trolling – what you have to appreciate in this case is that lots of innocent people (including children) in Hampstead have been targeted in their homes, schools, churches and on the streets. The street level abuse went on for quite a while and was terrible. Those on the ground in Hampstead argue that the targeted people are neither Satanists nor child abusers. Basically the situation has generated a lot of anger both on and offline and people are basically fed up of Ella and Abraham being given air time. Many people (and I’m one of them) are also concerned about the welfare of the two principle children who will soon be old enough to be surfing the internet and will be exposed to all this nonsense. They need to be allowed to get on with their lives and grow into adults without constant reminders.

    On the other side the case has been supported by a range of people, many of whom are (sadly) damaged by the abuse they suffered in their own childhoods. There are also those obsessed with conspiracy theories and those who are clearly mentally ill. There are at least two main players who have connections to bogus charities. On this side of the fence there’s not a lot of discernment or fact checking and a lot of wild assumptions based on questionable sources. It doesn’t surprise me at all that these people would steal your work and think nothing of it.
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  8. People like Ed really pi$$ me off, he knows that this is b0ll0cks and pulled the show under some pretence of copyright infringement. Of course it has nothing to do with the so-called “trolls” pointing out gaping holes in the story or not wanting to make himself look a complete pratt for believing the story.

    What he could do is some investigation past the nonsense he’s read on supporters blogs and tear the interview apart, but of course that wouldn’t go down so well with his fruitcake target audience now would it, so it’s better to kick the interview into the long grass and forget about it.

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    • It’s surprising that someone who bills himself as a ‘private detective’ cannot be arsed to go look into some of the more obvious lies that Abrella have told, isn’t it?


    • He’s not put himself in a good position has he.

      I must say I was surprised too that he didn’t do more background research so that he could actually ask more pertinent and in-depth questions. When I read he was a P.I. I thought he’d do some proper research and see right through the pair of them.

      And Wow, they overwhelmed him didn’t they! Did he struggle to get a word in edgeways or what!

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      • LOL! It was like trying to swim through a tsunami of gibberish–had to give him credit for sticking to his question, but you’d think an experienced person such as himself would have recognised horseshit when he heard it.


  9. This demonstrates the two main types of people who “believe the children”. Those truly mad witch hunter types with an obsession on child abuse, and those who recognise it will get them viewers and listeners.

    I believe Pauffley described the groups as either evil or foolish, or something like that.

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  10. Ed is now removing perfectly ok comments. So make what you will of that. Found this there:

    Non Mus 21 minutes ago
    Stay away from this case from now Ed. Here in UK this case has caused a lot of distraction and infighting.
    I stayed away from it but eventually decided to listen to a few interviews etc.I have concluded that Ella and Abraham are not reliable and frankly,I can’t bear either of them.
    You are correct Ed, the children are in foster care and do not seem a priority.
    A comment here made a good point; if their biological father is so powerful ,why hasn’t he been given the children.
    I like you Ed and am sorry you got burnt by this fiasco.
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  11. It’s a good job we don’t have to do those radio adverts in England isn’t it. Can you imagine. ‘Sponsored by the Ramsbottom Annual Blackpudding Throwing Championships’. ‘Brought to you by Bolton Butties. Teatime isn’t the same without them.’

    We just never sound cool do we. 😦

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  12. Anonymous asked: “…is there some sort of conspiracy network in the States?. I suppose there is all ranting about False Flag shootings and claiming Barack Obama is a Muslim Manchurian candidate…”

    Yes, but not quite as Opperman implies or as Anon. is imagining. I don’t want to say much more about this, giving unwarranted publicity to pseudo-journalist scumbaggery. It is all about making money from blatantly making sh*t up, or recycling other people’s made-up bullcrap. Fortunately, the conspiranoid industry has largely collapsed since President Shrub left office – there is very little audience left in North America, perhaps 100,000 obsessives and a similar number of “curiosity” seekers.

    Opperman is an INFIDELITY PI, that’s all. Rummaging through computer & phone logs for evidence of spousal cheating. He is NOT a felony crimes or forensic investigator.

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  13. I question Opperman’s private investigative skills considering he was on one of Chris Everard’s internet radio shows and Ed never realized he was talking to a conman (Everard). In fact, Everard was claiming to be a victim. It’s good for a laugh. You can’t make this stuff up.

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  14. U Fredericks 1 hour ago (edited)
    Hello Ed. I am the person who reported Abraham Christie’s website to wix and the person who did report what was claimed to be a forensic analysis. I was told the analysis wasn’t put through the ethics process as should be the case for legitimate research. The forensic analysis person wasn’t independent and it wasn’t an expert report. He’d hosted Abraham and Ella on a radio show and had been involved in the case in other ways. I’ll let you work out whether he declared these connections or not in his research paper that he presented at a conference. The timing of reporting of the website was nothing more than me deciding to do it because I believe children who people are claiming are victims of rape should not have their images and identity published. Abraham believes it’s because he published mind control conspiracy stuff up there, it isn’t.

    It is a shame in a sense that their website is gone, if you had visited it you would have seen a still from the videos taken by Abraham Christie and Ella Draper used as the main image. This was taken before the children were seen by the doctor and before social services involvement. Ella’s daughter is clearly injured with a cut or abrasion on her chin. This is one of the injuries Ella or Abraham is now claiming happened in foster care. The girl attributes it to Abraham at the medical. I can’t get my head around someone who would use a metal implement to hit small children across the head in this way anyway. I did notice that Abraham claimed to be scared of Ella’s daughter but admits hitting Ella’s son. Even his self justification doesn’t make sense. Never mind that these are two children they claim have been dreadfully abused.

    You are right I think, the way the judgement was released was unusual. It wasn’t a custody hearing, it was a fact finding hearing and those do happen when there have been allegations of child abuse that haven’t been admitted to. Naming the adults involved in a judgement is unusual, but not unprecedented. The case is publicly available.


    The doctor did get completely demolished in the stand. She wasn’t able to convince the judge. There’s a good reason as far as I can see. She used discredited methods and was unable to even convince her peers some of the physical findings existed and she then submitted a new report. I hope you have seen that one. I wouldn’t want a situation where whatever a witness claims is allowed to stand totally unchallenged and it isn’t unusual for a doctor’s evidence to be treated this way. There are even situations where there are two experts who give different expert evidence. There are cases where people are acquitted or convicted by juries when experts give evidence which points to someone’s supposed guilt or innocence. I do understand why people focus on this aspect. It seems strange that a doctor says something appears to have happened, then a court says it didn’t.

    Ella also has a third child that she has claimed has a cult father and cult step mother. He lives or lived with his father, not his mother Ella. According to Ella and Abraham’s story, her eldest son is a victim, and is being groomed to be in this claimed cult himself. She comes across as utterly unconcerned for his welfare.

    I know abuse and murders happen, I just think this case is something other than that promoted by Ella and Abraham. The chances of there being not one, not two, not three, but many dozen serial killers operating out of a small school is slim.

    Maybe you’ll look at the case with different eyes, or maybe you’ve washed your hands of it.

    I was interested to hear them preparing the ground for these tattoos not existing.

    Your interview is the most probing they’ve had. They’ve avoided pretty much any questioning, whether it is police, giving evidence in court or in interviews. I think they deserved more probing questions than they were given, but I don’t like them of course.

    I know it’s unlikely I’ll persuade you of anything. Opinions are pretty entrenched whether people think it’s a hoax or not. Either way, the children have been dreadfully abused.
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  15. Biddy Baboon and Butlincat2 have uploaded the Ed Opperman Hampsteard videos, obviously not no 3 tape, where he says Ella and Abraham are very damaged individuals and some other other not very flattering things. At least he has seen what they and their followers are made of. No manners, threats, lies, cheating.

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    • Yeah I dropped an email to Ed with the links to them. Hopefully he has a growing realisation of the bullet he just dodged and will quickly distance himself from the case to save his “reputation” (not that I had ever heard of the guy).

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      • None of us had– he seems to think he’s famous, so perhaps in some circles that’s true.

        Thanks for letting him know about Biddy Baboon and Butlincat–LOL.


    • It was indeed. Not sure I agree with his characterisation of us as ‘extreme’, but it’s clear he’s starting to question what he got himself into, and that’s a good thing.


      • I’m certainly extreme, extremely peed off with what Ella and Abraham get away with.

        There’s definitely sometimes trolling in comments.

        It’s a pity he hasn’t seen the creepy video guidance uploaded of him harassing a woman in front of a young child. A few mean comments on a YT channel pale in comparison.

        He won’t be able to give it up. Ella and Abraham were a recommendation from David Shurter it seems, someone he apparently admires and does work with often.

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      • Let’s face it some commenters are more extreme than others and even if the milder ones descend it might seem a bit intimidating to have us bunch of us ‘know alls’ appear out of nowhere. I think he’s underestimated the level of anger, frustration and…er….knowledge that’s out there about this case.

        If you’re reading this Ed, you need to know that some on the other side have called for people in Hampstead to be ‘strung up’ whereas all we want is (a) the kids to get a good outcome and (b) the good people of Hampstead to be left alone by the vigilantes, both on and offline.

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        • I know, people sometimes use the word troll when what they mean is people who say things they don’t agree with.

          Guidance is showing his fmotl colours in the comments. Eg:


          ‘i dont stand under you’

          And if I’m not mistaken Guidance claims it is his show.

          Guidance 2222 1 day ago (edited)
          +Ed Opperman WHAT? Thats my show, its my work, it hasn’t even aired yet, its on your youtube channel mate ?

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  16. Guidance 2222 1 day ago
    +Ed Opperman F YOU I DONT STAND UNDER YOUR COPYRIGHT and your the theif trying to make money from it to be honest there was only a few knew things most i have allready covered or has been covered i dont have to listen to you preaching and if you came a bit better i might of done what you wanted but the way your going about it F you you dont own this Hampstead case you became part of it AND THE RULES HAVE GONE OUT THE WINDOW WAKE UP

    Guidance 2222 1 day ago (edited)
    +Ed Opperman in that case why dont i just say this show is the same as a show i did 6 months ago with the same subjects it would not make sense with this child abuse Hampstead case to do that as the word needs to get out you dont make sense and you are working for the same people we fight
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  17. David Shurter 3 hours ago
    Look- just because you like something doesn’t mean you can claim it for yourselves. Ed is a professional- and what he decided to do with his work is up to him. If you guys don’t like it- then do your own interviews. But thinking that you are justified taking someone elses work and sharing it is wrong. Ed is a good guy- and is trying to help. However- if this is the support that is behind all of this- I can see why no one is taking an interest. Bullying and such offers such a creep factor that no one is going to get involved if this is an example of what is waiting for them when they do. Again- if you guys have such issues- DO YOUR OWN INTERVIEWS AND AIR IT. But thinking that other’s work is yours is ridiculous.

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  18. From Ed’s page

    Reply · 1

    pookster78 57 minutes ago
    Just to clarify some other information.

    Abraham was not just in trouble in his youth. According to the CRIS report, Abraham has convictions for offences against his own children. There is also a police caution in 2014 for assaulting his own son, just months before he met these children. That was investigated by the same officer that interviewed these children.

    The Jean Clement recording was a secret recording. Jean Clement also advised the police to take the children into protection until it was investigated. Quite possibly because he is aware of the above.

    The parenting courses Ella talks about, were part of National Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children, and Children In Need plans that she was made to attend. That was due to a neighbour (not anonymous) complaint that the children were outside crying on regular occasions, and because the school reported that they were stealing food and raiding bins. All when neither Mr Dearman or Abraham were on the scene.

    While Ella claims that the reason for her sons dirty underwear was due to RAD, the RAD was only found in the girl.

    Social services were against taking the children at first. On the 11th Sept the children told police that Abraham had been hitting them. It was then that the police gained an emergency protection order. The report does not say that Ella could not protect the children from the abuse in the school. It states that she couldn’t protect them from Abraham.

    The medical report found scars and cuts on the children’s heads, legs, torsos and the girls chin. Plus a perforated ear drum with healing wounds and dried blood in the ear canal on the boy. All injuries were attributed to Abraham. The children also say he held his hand over their faces so they couldn’t breathe. Kicked them in the privates and threatened to bury the girl and leave her to die.

    The fissures on the anus were later amended to a possible normal variant. Further, the new guidelines (2015) for the Royal college of Paediatricians, contributed to by Dr Hodes, would mean that Dr Hodes should never have reported RAD. Pauffley was correct in her decision.
    Ella took a pen and paper to the children and asked them to write a letter stating that they wanted to go home. The Appeal judgement states that they refused. Ella was then invited to a meeting with social services to discuss the ground rules to contact. Ella didn’t attend. According to the appeal letter, Ella was asked to attend the court, but she ran away. The court offered the chance to appear via video link, but she refused. The court then had someone ask questions and cross exam the witnesses on her behalf. In short, the court bent over backwards to give her a chance.

    After Ella ran away, the police raided Abraham’s flat and found a mobile phone containing child sex abuse images. Abraham is claiming the children stole the phone and gave it to their father. That he gave it to police and they planted it. The children say they never stole his phone.

    The question that came up was “if coaching, then why make it convoluted”?
    You only have to listen to Abraham talking about ‘state sponsored trauma based mind control programme’ to get an answer. This started out as a satanic cult but he has imagined the rest and is now pushing a story involving the so called NWO. It is most clear when he tells Ed at the end of the first interview that they will do another hour, if they are allowed to talk about the state sponsored mind control programme. Abraham laughs about it. What exactly is funny about children being raped and forced to commit murder of babies?
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  19. Since this Guidance 2222 creep has only had a little over 100 views I suggest again that only one Hoaxreder check out these nutter’s rantings to stop them getting higher ratings.

    Curiosity got me though and I had to laugh out loud at one comment left :

    Kim Lawrence 1 day ago
    “And I do believe Belinda us working hard for the truth re this situation ”

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  20. I have an old friend who is a licensed US Private Investigator in California, Nevada and New York (you are licensed by the state there but can operate throughout the USA). He is originally from the UK and we correspond regualrly and he says after quick search of data bases – which he can lkegally do in his profession – shows no Ed Opperman licensed to operate as a private investigator in any US state.

    He could of course be licensed under another name but there are also privacy laws that prevent any US PI disclosing any information about clients without their signed agreement and all US PIs are required by law to disclose in which state they are licensed in all their correspondence or advertising when they are interviewing someone or seeking information.

    Unless of course you are self appointed.

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  21. more to come according to my source- it seems Ed is most certainly not who he claims to be and is a legend in his own series of websites authored by himself & made to look like news websites.

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          • More strange Ed claims. He seems to infer he can trace emails, search phone records etc.

            While the police or government agencies may be able to in the US no-one else can and to do so can incur very long jail sentences. I know my PI pal says he is always being asked to do such things but the penalties are so severe he gets pissed off with people asking him.

            Opperman claims to be able to ”scour’ dating websites etc etc. What on earth does he mean? Anyone can scour a website but to try and obtain personal restricted info of members etc- even porn sites- is called hacking. 10 years just there if caught,

            I’m smelling a rat.


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  23. Message from Ella & Abe to Ed Opperman on Youtube:

    Dear Ed ,
    We trust you are well, and recovering from the Christ Mass Holy Days. Thank you once again for conducting such a great interview. We have already thanked David for kindly introducing us .
    We are concerned with the misinnerstanding that appears to have transpired. We can assure you that we did NOT send 2222 a copy of our interview with you and we certainly would never have done so before the agreed date of airing. That would have been disrespectful to say the least, particularly after the work you have put into recording such an interesting and informative interview. You told us that you were going to air on Friday Christ Mass Day. Why would we jeapordise the show going out to thousands of your listeners with such a betrayal ? We admit that we were a little excited to have been offered the opportunity to guest on your show, and we did tell one or two friends who were arranging interviews with us that we would record your show first, as you were ready and eager.
    2222 is an extremely talented young video artist whose integrity we can vouch for. His seeking out the video on your YT channel and posting it without consulting with you has regrettably offended you,however there really should have been a way to resolve this amicably. We are not looking to apportion blame, just seeking truth and a way to resolve the issue. In Child abuse cases, particularly this one, the rulebooks have been discarded in favour of helping the children and other victims of this scourge. Many consider videos re child abuse to be ‘fair game’ to republish.You obviously feel different and your feelings should be respected.
    It’s a shame that you and 2222 couldn’t have resolved the issue peacefully. We have suggested he remove the video, but feel that the damage has been done . We apologise for anything we or any of our supporters may have done to inconvenience you, or cause you to lose revenue, but we don’t feel that we can be held responsible for the actions of others. Ed this case for some strange reason, because of the children possibly, or any combination of the numerous anomolies has taken on a life of it’s own and is something of a poisoned chalice to those whose intentions are ignoble. We trust you and your intentions and feel certain we can resolve this misinnerstanding.

    ella and abraham

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