Abrella’s acolytes missed the memo

We reported earlier today that Abraham and Ella have switched ponies in mid-stream: apparently all that ‘masodomitic Satanic Babylonian Talmudic cult abuse’ horseshit is out the window now, to be replaced with ‘state-sponsored trauma-based mind control’ (SSTBMC).

Sadly, a couple of Abrella’s Acolytes-in-Chief were standing behind the door when the memo came round:

Angie-missed the memo-2015-12-24

Whoopsies, Angie, you’re out of date. Better start scrubbing out all that ‘occultism and Satanism’ stuff, and get to work swotting up on SSTBMC. There’ll be an exam next week, we’ve heard.

And here comes self-appointed fart-sniffer Bronny, bringing up the rear yet again:

Bronny-missed the memo-2015-12-21

Honestly, what is the point of trying to run an internet hoax, if no one pays attention to your carefully constructed lies?

Abrella, you really need to get a grip on your underlings.

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24 thoughts on “Abrella’s acolytes missed the memo

  1. Hey Bronny, that Pentagram is upside down! No need to worry about that now though.

    Cue yet more videos from Angela about her Mind Control woes and how she can relate to the children…yawn..

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  2. Didn’t Ella say the court case is all over now, done and dusted? Do keep up Bronny! I know Abe and Ella are blanking you and calling you the Fat Con Troll er but that’s no excuse.

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    • Yep. It’s over, Abe even admitted it will run and run because the videos are still all over the internet (and that only shows how much Ella and Abe DO NOT care about the children.)
      All it will be now is a crazy conspiracy theory thanks to his recent addition of mind control into the mix.
      What a joke the pair of them are!

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  3. Abrella have no thoughts at all about what they have done to the children, it’s like they have forgotten that they are real children they have hurt and not just some characters in a stupid hoax. I hope the children are given the best Xmas they’ve ever had.

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  4. Yeah, Merry Christmas everyone, and warm thoughts to the children and everyone who has been affected by the hoax.

    Thanks EC, and everyone involved here in the present and the past, and for giving me so many laughs everyday.

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  5. Happy Christmas kids.

    I am sure your foster parents will be giving you the first proper Christmas you’ve had for many years, no doubt one of many to come.

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  6. After listening to that load of shite on their radio interview any sympathy I had for Ella as some sort of misled innocent has evaporated. I’m convinced Abella a pair of sociopaths who met their Perfect Match. Inadvertently with their bungled conspiracy they saved the children from having to remain in their clutches.

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  7. So to distract myself from a certain troll, I decided to do a blog post about the effects of physical child abuse. That’s better than just moping around. I need to keep on going.


  8. I had a look at the link Angie had posted. The first part is about an Italian woman who supposedly went missing during a time when she was talking about joining a coven. I searched for her on FB and she comes up as still living in the UK and still into gothic, pagan, type stuff. Another example of how these satanic panic promoters could have a negative impact on peoples lives by dredging up old stories.


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