Sunday video fun

This just in, from one of our regulars: the newly revised official list of Hoaxtead Wankers is up!

Many thanks to TICK F*CKING TOCK…and of course, to Roger.



22 thoughts on “Sunday video fun

  1. Lol ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hadn’t seen that Charlotte photo before, doesn’t look much like the earlier images we had of her, or is it just the short hair making her look different? Where did you find it?


    • Perhaps, Sassy, I’m not sure a Scarlet Satire is the way to go but that’s just my personal opinion. Also, be careful with your spelling and grammar if you can and there’s no such word as “irrevotable” which you’ve used in your title for instance.


        • You make a lot of great contributions, Sassy, and your work is much appreciated. But if you don’t mind me asking, why so much focus on Scarlet Scoop? I gather she’s been keeping a low profile for a reason and has posted almost nothing under that name in a good 4 months. On Friday you posted a comment teasing the Hoaxtead hawkers over Scarlet’s identity and now you’ve made her the focus of a (presumably ironic) blog post about her being a baby-eater. What’s the thinking?

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