Bronny’s gunning for her Pulitzer

Now that Abrella’s blog is dead, Bronwyn Llewellyn, Writing Advisor to the Terminally Confused, is out of a job. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that she’s begun parlaying her prodigious intellect into her own website, creating blog posts to amaze and fascinate.

For example, who could pass up a post with this enticing headline:

Bronwyn Llewellyn-blog-2015-12-13

It’s not often we see a blog post that starts with a profanity about someone’s presumed sexual habits, and moves straight through demonic possession into a quote from The Bible for Little Readers. And for this, we should be profoundly thankful.

We do have questions abo0ut Bronny’s obsession with what she imagines to be RD’s private moments, but put it down to the fact that her online poop diary (warning, not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach) might have turned off more than a few suitors over the years.

But her clever word-play—”preach from the him-book of bollocks”, that was a real knee-slapper!—is enough to leave one’s jaw gaping in mute admiration of her writing skillz.

Bronwyn Llewellyn blog-2015-12-13-2

Now we’re getting into the Pulitzer nomination zone: “Come March after the court hearing: No little kiddies returning under his roof then. for him to continue to bugger! Awwww…. What a shame RD. Boo-h00-h00…” (all sic)

And that was one of the less sexualised (and better-written) bits.

Far be it from us to attempt a long-distance psychosexual diagnosis on Bronny, but we’d just like to point out that she does seems more than usually obsessed with every possible type of sex act, and the dirtiness thereof. We do suspect that Dr Freud would have had a thing or two to say about Bronny’s sex/shit issues, but perhaps the less said about that, the better.

As for that Pulitzer, though…we hope she’s not holding her breath, waiting for the committee to call.






52 thoughts on “Bronny’s gunning for her Pulitzer

  1. What a jerk! Using mental illness as an insult… I have close friends that have or had mental illnesses. It is not funny; especially when you are wondering if they will die.

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  2. I am planning to make a website: “HAMPSTEAD OPERATION: Privacy is gold”.
    The aim of which is to report these illegal content(RD’s children’s identities) to Google, Bing, Yahoo and Youtube.

    This website will provide resources of how to report images to the corporations, and goals.

    The question is should I use or Which one gives me the most privacy as my real identity needs to be safely guarded from death threats.

    The first goal is to remove all images of RD’s children from the search phase “ricky dearman” in Google Images.

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  3. There’s a lot of projection going on isn’t there. It’s seems she has no insight or understanding that what she says is the product of her own mind…..

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  4. @ Sassy

    I would like to commend you on your efforts in this direction, Sassy. It is very worthwhile work. A website offering guidance and expertise in this area may also be helpful to others in the future. I am sure that RD’s children will be very grateful to you for removing their images, videos etc from the web.

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  5. Good idea and this is important : I have a friend who has had a big win in the court in Adelaide against Google. She is a researcher so it was natural for her to keep detailed records going back years, with which to defeat Google ( she sued them for not removing links to a vile US website that defamed her). It is important – just in case these matters end up in court – to be able to show you have repeatedly asked for illegal content to be removed or for links to be removed both by the hosts and authors.

    Coincidently my lawyer who is a family friend, is also taking out a harassment order against a nutter who is very much like the hoaxteders and who has authored numerous blogs defaming him (he finally acted after his 12 yr old son had a friend at school say “I read on the net that your dad is a crook”). I have been keeping detailed screenshots and copies of all requests to Google (who sometimes act, other times ignore) re the offensive websites and his barrister said this is extremely important as it shows malicious intent (even on Google’s part) . UK laws are different of course but these vile websites can be read around the world.

    Apart from that I may not participate in Bronny”s suggested “coffee and chat” mornings as I am very fond of beetroot and fear where the chat may go. As Bronny lives in the Middle Kingdom wouldn’t it be a blessing if she found The One Ring That Rules Them All, put it on and disappeared.

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  6. It is official…

    These people are crazy!

    Very crazy!

    And transphobic.

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  7. The images are very big and I didn’t wanted them to explode all over the comments. That is why I added the (dot) thing.

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  8. So I have to comment on wordpress sites and ask them to remove illegal photos.

    Ok. Not going to give them my email(don’t trust them) sooo I have to login to wordpress.

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  10. What the? Um…

    Bronny tries to help RD…

    Bronny fails horribly due to pure craziness in her words.


  11. “There is NO-THING about your life that is enviable” quote Bronchial.

    Oh yeh?. RD has 2 beautiful children who he will now share his life with courtesy of the justice system. Sadly their mother doesn’t ( I don;t celebrate any parent losing their kids but the right thing has happened in this case)

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  12. If the hoaxers were honest about Scarlet Scoop’s identity:

    Alias: Scarlet Scoop
    Real Name: Unknown (Highly probable that Scoop is not Ricky Dearman)
    Gender: Unknown (for all we know Scoop’s a genderless alien who used a female human Avatar to throw the hoaxers off track)
    Location: Unknown (well, since the hoaxers don’t actually read this blog, Scarlet Scoop’s location is narrowed down to two countries… Meh! I forgot which ones! I can’t find that post again… It’s not important anyway.)
    Snark level: IT’S OVER 9000!

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  13. We do need to have a central place where a large group of people can hit the “report” button and paste in a standard response as things pop up on YouTube.

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  14. Well, and if that weren’t bad enough, ‘bipolar-borderline personality disorder’ is a non-existent diagnosis. I would challenge Bronny to show me where, precisely, it’s listed in the DSM.


  15. People who talk about sex a lot are usually the ones not getting any. Looking at Bronny I would imagine it has been a fair while since she had her leg over.
    Ah crap now I have the most distressing image in my mind.

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  16. That’s true. We didn’t even get to her comments on her own site (with no one else’s comments in sight, because she shares Abe’s habit of compulsively deleting anything that contradicts her wacky beliefs).


  17. I just found it funny that I saw her pic then underneath it was an advert for Gaviscon 🙂 you just can’t make it up 🙂 tickled me so thought I would pass it on 🙂

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  18. She basically combines two different diagnoses into one. Laymen are not supposed to do that. I think she is clueless about how diagnoses work, that she thinks that she didn’t combine them into one diagnosis and is referring to two. She is supposed to be a mental health worker. This is unacceptable for such a profession. only used one mental illness(psychosis aka psychotic) as an insult against hoaxers while the hoaxers used three psychiatric disorders(bipolar disorder, borderline, anti-social personality disorders) as insults.

    Seriously, mental health workers aren’t supposed to use mental illness as insults, they are supposed to be helping those with mental illnesses.

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  19. Very true, and I should note that when we’ve used the term ‘psychotic’ in our posts here, we’ve tried to stick to the medical definition, and not use it as an insult. I do think that some of the Hoaxtead pushers suffer from delusional disorder, though of course I’m not a mental health professional.

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