Who took Abrella’s blog down?

It’s an endless source of amusement to us, watching the Hoaxtead pushers scramble to try and point the finger of blame whenever anything goes wrong with their cunning plan.

For instance, despite the fact that we were quite clear about why and how Abrella’s blog was taken down (it was us…yes, all three times so far), they seem immune to reality, and keep making hilarious guesses as to who did it.

Yesterday Abe/Drifloud spouted his frankly ludicrous theories about MOSSAD/MI5/Tavistock Institute on Twitter, while Bronwyn took a different tack: apparently she’s convinced herself that RD is behind it all:

Bronwyn-re Abrella's blog takedown

Let’s deconstruct, shall we?

  1. Ella’s blog is backNo, Abrella’s blog was back…briefly. Now it’s gone again. Ah, well. Sucks to be them.
  2. TRicky D.Man of Hoaxtead got Ella’s blog taken down on December 7, 2015. Why must these people insist on profoundly unfunny ‘word play’ and alternate spellings that make no sense? Never mind, don’t answer that. At least she spelled ‘Hoaxtead’ correctly. And while RD has nothing to do with us, Bronny’s at least right that we were behind the takedown.
  3. It’s great that Ella and Abe found a way for it to get reinstated. That’s a matter of opinion. We think it’s great that we found a way to get it un-reinstated, for good this time.
  4. We get harassed constantly by RD. Do they? Do they really? In our experience, the harassment and death threats flow very consistently in the other direction. And we’re not even sure RD follows this blog, let alone any of theirs. We’d love to see some evidence of this ‘constant harassment’.
  5. It’s a huge personal sacrifice…RD is relentless. Now we’re straying into the realm of delusional fantasy. Relentless in what way? What does he do, exactly? Does he show up in their dreams and call them naughty names? Does he think bad thoughts about them, which they can sense at a distance? Inquiring minds want to know!
  6. You make it worth our while being out here with our butts to the breeze. Oh, thankyouverymuch, Bronny. You would have to go and put that image in our heads.

Er…would you excuse us, please? We just remembered we have some urgent business to attend to….last one to the toilet’s the rotten egg!


30 thoughts on “Who took Abrella’s blog down?

  1. Blaming RD is a total denial of how many enemies they’ve made along the way and I’m talking amongst the internet general public who are just sick of this Satanic panic bullshit and all the nonsense and misinformation that’s spewed about social workers etc.

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    • Denial–yes. I had to laugh yesterday when I saw Abe/Drifloud trying to tweet messages to Gerrish and Maloney, who’d clearly blocked him. It would be fun to make a list of all the erstwhile friends Abe and Ella have alienated over the past year, as they try to maintain control of the hoax they created.


  2. For the sleuths: Following on from yesterday’s comments: Notice perps no 10 on the current wanted poster on the right hand bar of this page – he is in the group outside the church in this video. Now I know code’s identity has been suggested to be white, but keep an open mind. Put headphones on. I can distinctly pick out code’s voice – at ca 3.30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl8bTCVkLz4&feature=youtu.be.

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  3. I made a image for RD. It reads: “I hope you get your children back RD!” with chibi RD and two chibi kids.
    Do you want me to add a “Love from hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com” to annoy the hoaxteaders?

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    • No offence but…thing is….I have no idea if RD should get his kids back. I’ll leave that up to the authorities who I DO trust to make the right decision. I have sympathy with RD in the sense that his name has been pulled through the mud by vigilantes.

      I want whatever is best for the kids and I want justice to be done for the innocent people who’ve been slandered and abused and that includes RD. I have no idea how he or the others have coped with this. I just hope the police stay active when we and others report incidents where the law has been broken.

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  5. Poor old Bronny. The sound of sheer desperation. “Ooh, pleeease support my blog and spread my amazing insights far and wide. Pleeeeease! Everybody’s picking on me. Waaaaaaaaah!” XD

    PS: 115 followers! Way to go, EC!

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    • I read the first one the other day, and was stunned by the parallels with Hoaxtead. Will have a good look at the second–sounds fascinating.


    • Interesting articles, with Pozner getting an insight into the world of conspiracy nuts, and Phelps getting insight into the world outside her cult. I have come to see the conspiracy community as some what of a cult. Reading some of the things those people wrote to Pozner is disgusting. As with the WBC the conspiracy cult members ignore reason, logic and counter arguments. As if they want, or as someone else here wrote, they need, to believe what they believe. Only on rare occasions do they see the human side, as Phelps did, and rethink what they are doing. I have seen that with some 9/11 “truthers”, but never with a Sandy Hook hoaxer.

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        • I was also interested in the role of social media, in one story in a good way, one not so much.

          This struck me dumb in it’s sheer callousness:

          “Wolfgang does not wish to speak with you,” her note said, “unless you exhume Noah’s body and prove to the world you lost your son.”

          I have actually seen similar said to people when they say publicly their relative or friend died in an event the conspiraloons latch on to.


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