The fairy story that inspired Hoaxtead

One aspect of this case that many people find completely perplexing is ‘why?’

What in the world would possess Abe and Ella to torture and torment Ella’s children into reciting this insanely improbable, logistically impossible story in the first place? Did they do it for money? For fame?

To a sane person looking into this for the first (or the one-thousandth) time, it just doesn’t make sense.

That’s why we were so pleased yesterday when long-time reader and regular commenter Emma very neatly summed up the underlying dynamics between Abe and Ella which sparked the Hampstead hoax in the first place. We liked it so much, we thought we’d share it with you.

Over to you, Emma!

At 1:26: 02 Ella says: “When the police investigation took place, I did make police aware that I have a lot of evidence: Well, I have videos, I have diary pages, I have drawings, and a few other things [what are those other things???]…”

This seems to tie in with the judgement paragraph below, that shows us that ideas were already forming in JULY…(The Abrella cue-card-script reminds us ‘we suspected, after all’) and, to further Abrella’s aims an evidence ‘bundle’ had then been prepared in Morocco—starting with the indoctrination via violence—in anticipation of the requirements ‘to substantiate their allegations’, to successfully ‘build a case’.

Of course Abraham has much experience in the criminal court system, but did not appreciate the points Sam makes , about the FAMILY court system, in a comment, above:

‘Also they are not very sophisticated. If it was that easy—just make videos full of accusations—anyone could end up in jail. In family court cases only interviews with children conducted under strict circumstances are accepted, after many great miscarriages of justice over the years. It’s the same in all Western countries where those techniques have been refined to get kids telling the truth and not what they think adults want to hear’.

So now we understand why the police did not give much credence to such ‘evidence’, although I believe one officer did watch [the videos], there is an entry in CRIS which suggests this, on p19.

From the judgement:

30. In August 2014, at a time when he was holiday in France, Jean-Clement Yaohirou received ‘phone calls and messages from Mr Christie in which he said he had information regarding the abuse of children. In evidence, Mr Yaohirou said that Abraham “had not been coming forward with specific information” but was “trying to give (him) justification.” Abraham Christie had said that a church, a school in Hampstead and a police station in Haringey were involved. Mr Yaohirou had asked whether Mr Christie “had evidence”. He said, “Yes;” and “that was it for July.”


Here we see A.B.E (Abraham) commenting on his own blog.

“After reading about the psychological warfare you [he thinks he’s talking to Ricky] waged upon Ella, because as a mother (Call it a mother’s intuition), she sensed that something wasn’t right, so she naturally sought to limit contact with you, I feel it is my duty to assist in your downfall“.

A commenter (on Abrella’s blog) picked this up and replied to this stunning admission:

“The last part is interesting because it suggests Abraham’s motive. That after reading/hearing that RD was aggressive with Ella, he feels he had a duty to help her stop RD having access…so coerced the children to lie”.

So Abraham felt, upon probable focussed whining by grand manipulator Ella, (pillowtalk) of her ‘big problem’ (read: grand narcissist wounded ego ‘problem’, having been left by her ex, [how dare he!], who needed punishing for that, forever), that he was DUTY BOUND to right the wrongs she was making up. See: Abraham…was “trying to give (him) justification.” in the judgement para 30, above.

Primitive lion Abe would also, according to HIS pathology, have been worried that this man RD would encroach on his new domain of control, his ‘new territory’. After all, he needed to manage and preserve this new source of income, home…and kids to violate. By his reckoning, the ‘RD elimination programme’ was going to be a win-win all round.

So, Ella would regard Abe as her hero at the end of this piece of ‘work’. The end justified the means. That was the fairy story they dreamt up and told each other in Morocco, and that they would live happily ever after. Probably.



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  1. What is the core of Neo-Nazism?

    While I was checking out the social media of hoaxteaders, I realize that most(if not all) have one thing in common…
    anti-semitism… But why? Why does it exist? Why does SRA attract so much crazy nazis?

    I have found four aspects of the center of neo-nazism.

    1) “Other”, enemy

    2) Ideology

    3) Mental instability

    4) Denial of reality

    Where it all started- History Lesson/Speculation

    Germany: Hitler

    Germany was devastated by World War I. Surrounded by the Allies, they were forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty caused Germany to lose land, disband most of its army, and accept the burden of starting the first war world; which included paying heavy taxes.

    The German government kicked its money making machines into overdrive in order to pay for the taxes. This increase of money in circulation caused an over-fluctuation of money in the German economy; this resulted in German money being made worthless. Now, struck in poverty, the Germans were understandingly upset.(Mental instability) This set the perfect breeding grounds for Hitler’s rise to power.

    Hitler blamed the Jews-scapegoats- for Germany’s troubles(“Other”, enemy). Jews were hated, harassed and killed. Hitler took advantage of the desperate German people and indoctrinated them(Ideology) with “racialism”( and the visions of the “perfect race”.

    The constructs that Hitler created served as “crutches” for the German people. Germans clang to hatred, intolerance towards jews and race obsessions(Denial of reality) as a distraction to the nasty circumstances that Germany was in.

    Today, there appears to be two subgroups.

    The unwell and the dogma.

    They are the vulnerable and desperate. Unable to handle life, they cling to delusions of jewish overlords and satanic spies. Why? It is because they “have” to. They “need” to. They can’t accept responsibility or accept that life is just unfair therefore they “have” to blame someone else. They “have” to have an enemy; the big bad; to distract them from their own short comings. If they really accept the truth, they will have to deal with their secret demons. Their stitched together fantasy conspiracies is their crutch. Reality is the enemy. (

    These people have an ideology to push and preach. Reality is the enemy because it is the destroyer of their ideology. They strike with rage;even sending death threats; against the police, scientific skeptics, rationalists, scientists etc for those people are the “enemy”- the “truth”. They are true believers of racialism and the Jewish “threat”. Jews and anti-racists are the enemy… the “other”. They must alienate and hate them for that is what their dogma says and they “must” obey their dogma. These people downplay or deny the Holocaust for if the holocaust was true than their side is the evil one; they can’t accept that, they believe that their side are the good guys. (

    Note: neo-nazis are probably(I think) are a mix of both subgroups.

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  2. Then it got out of hand didn’t it. I know some people think Abe is a psychopath. I don’t like to go that far and I’m not qualified to diagnose anyone. But….when you know about psychopaths and how they operate you know they go from one ‘train wreck’ relationship to another and cause mayhem in their wake. Then again so do dope-heads who have no common sense…..

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    • It’s true–and I think many of us have laid all the blame on Abe, and acted as though Ella is almost one of his victims. I tend to think, though, that Ella is not only not a victim, but that she has been a major orchestrator of Hoaxtead all along. Her record of keeping Ricky away from his kids stretches way back. To me, this has been a botched case of attempted parental alienation, writ large in Ella’s handwriting.

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      • I think we can think of this case as a ‘perfect storm’ Not just Ella, or just Abe, but Ella and Abe combined. Abrella. With perfect child actors to play out the fantasy, engage viewers, and mad old ladies Sabine and Belinda to propagate the whole thing via mad people and the internet. It just all got out of hand. And what are we left with, the product of this all? Beyond the children, RD, and all the other unfortunate people who got tangled up in the mess? Maybe a review of laws is needed, and has been shown to be necessary by this case. I hate to say this, but it is true.

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        • I agree. One of the bits of fallout here is that people have become more aware of the inadequacy of the laws around internet harassment and libel. Of course issues like Gamergate highlight those too, but in the UK context I think Hoaxtead might be the ‘flagship’ case.


  3. I personally think that Sabine and Belinda had a load more to do with it than meets the eyes as well.

    I mean look at all the stuff to do with the down’s syndrome girl Hollie Greig, it turned into a money making fest for them 2 witches while that poor guy..Robert I think was his name spent time in person for his believingly Hollie Greig, her family, Belinda and Sabine.

    The same would have happened to Christine Sands of she didn’t flee back to the USA after been told to leave, I think that as far as Sabine and Belinda and co are concerned, as long has they don’t have to take the blame or serve time in prison then they will keep on going, I am waiting on their next victims because its obvious there will be another, I mean they didn’t become millionaires by sitting on their butts and twiddling their thumbs.

    I think that Abe, Ella, Belinda and Sabine all cooked it up together, Abe so he could live his dream of creating his own hemp farm, Ella for her court costs because fighting your ex husband in court costs, and then pinky and perky just so they could do what they did aka pray on people for ‘donations’ and that way no one would ever find out about it, well until I started researching companies owned by them and came across The Knight Foundation which they stated all the donations was going too, so in turn I asked a media friend to do some more digging because it made no sense and well you can see what’s what since.

    This is just my opinion 🙂


    Agent X


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