Abe & Ella are having a bad day

In the ongoing saga of Abe and Ella’s up-again/down-again blog, we’re happy to announce that it’s definitely down. And we heard from the lovely folks at Wix that Abrella’s account has been blocked, which should put a small crimp in their plans for internet domination, at least for the time being.

Meanwhile, we note that Abe/Drifloud (as opposed to Alan Wrightson/Drifloud) seems to be meeting with some difficulties in his lame attempt at a Twitter campaign:

Drifloud Twitter 2015-12-14

What’s all this, then?

  1. Apparently Abrella’s blog was not taken down through our efforts and Wix’s kind cooperation. Nope, it was the UK State, MI5, MOSSAD, and the Tavistock Institute!
    We hate to break it to the paranoid androids chez Abrella, but if sinister forces really wanted to silence them, we’re pretty sure they’d choose a more reliable method, if you take our meaning.
    Also, we thought we were supposed to be Ricky Dearman? We do wish Abrella would make up their alleged minds.
  2. Drippy Abe seems to think that the blog was closed down because of the IPCC report? Because…the IPCC might be suggesting that the evidence against Abe should have been investigated more closely back in September 2014? Um, sure, okay. Whatever you say.
  3. Drippy Abe cannot seem to understand that Gerrish and Maloney have blocked him. We can’t think why.
    Oh, wait, yes, we can.
    It’s because Abrella accused Mssrs Gerrish and Maloney of being part of the whole Belinda/Sabine MI5 coverup thing. But this was back in early August, so we expect that little fact vanished in a puff of cannabis smoke some time ago.

So, yes.

Bad times all round. Blog broken, Twitter fails galore…it must really suck to be Abrella these days.

All together, everyone: “Awwwwww……”

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38 thoughts on “Abe & Ella are having a bad day

  1. I love the name for the tag team Abrella. You know you are in trouble when even UK Column want nothing to do you. Now just a case of seeing where Abe tries to pop up his ugly little head again. He must be so peeved about his blog being shut down yet again. Great work folks.

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  2. LOL congrats, Ella and Abe will be scratching around now, wasting time, planning their next dismal failure, I suppose. in some ways I have to admit it is very entertaining to watch their stupidity and consequent demise. Of course the translation by you is very helpful with the mirth, EC. Thanks.

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    • Thanks, Mark! You’re right, their ridiculous flailing does have a certain amount of entertainment value. I do wonder, though, what it will take to make them throw in the towel. I suppose it’ll end the way the Hollie Hoax didn’t. There’ll be a few desperate hangers-on, and the rest of the world will move on and go about our business.


  3. Yep, even Bill Baloney and UK Colon want nothing to do with Abrella!
    Guidance 2222 is now officially Abe’s last remaining lapdog 🙂

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    • Not true, Sarah, with all due respect. His last Hampstead video was posted just 3 weeks ago and his 9 subsequent videos contain various references to Hampstead. He’s also been extremely active in the comment threads, ranting about how a number of Hoaxtead Research regulars have been arrested (even though not one of us has, because we haven’t committed any crimes) and about how we’re all going down eventually (LOL), then blocking anyone who dares to question him and referring to them as “trolls and paedos”. So yeah, Guidance is still very active, still Abe’s lapdog, still a knobhead.

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    • Guidance 2222 is also still wanted by the Police, for publishing the names, addresses and telephone numbers of innocent Hampstead parents, teachers, social workers etc. And also for that random woman he shouted extreme abuse at in her back garden in front of her terrified toddler. He’s a nasty piece of work and he’s going down.

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    • It does seem that way, doesn’t it? Of course it doesn’t help that so many of them flee abroad at the first sign of the cops. Abrella, Sabine, Belinda, Charlotte Ward Alton…they all seem to have an unerring ability to evade justice.


      • The arrest of Tiny Magical Creatures gave us all hope, though. Surely, it can only be a matter of time now before they get around to Guidance. And we have most of the jigsaw pieces now to enable a positive ID. Tickety-tock 🙂

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  6. You do realize that you’re going to the fiery pits of hell for your blatant lies on this case…right? How can you live with yourself knowing that you’re protecting people who literally eat babies and stick dildos up tiny asses?!


    • Lizzy, while you’re here, perhaps you can answer a question for me.

      I ask this in all seriousness: Why is it so important to you to believe that these children were abused by a satanic cult?

      And please don’t try to tell me ‘because the kids said so’ (because when they were safe from Abe they immediately retracted the story and said they only did it because he tortured them).

      I really want to know what it is that makes this story so attractive to some people.


    • Oh Loopyloo…the medical reports would have detailed dreadful damage if anyone had done what you so crudely said..but there was only a normal variant which could have been caused by constipation.
      Get your facts right before letting your fingers run wild on a keyboard and making yourself look like the demented conspiraloon you are.

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